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Senator Joe Manchin Interview with Cenk Uygur on The Young Turks


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Cenk Uygur meetings Senator Joe Manchin (D-WV) on The Young Turks. Inform us just what you assume in the comment area listed below.

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  1. Posted by Sabre2Dance, at Reply

    Respect for Joe Manchin on coming on TYT. Obviously I don’t agree with what he says, and he may be lying through his teeth. One could say he has balls.

    Thanks for the interview though Cenk!

    • Posted by Marco D, at Reply

      You respect him for that? Really?

    • Posted by Sabre2Dance, at Reply

      The bar is quite low for US politicians, I admit. 😛 But I would like to give credit where credit is due.

    • Posted by Marco D, at Reply

      It is low because we allow it to be low. Joe is a liar. I have absolutely no respect for him.

    • Posted by Sabre2Dance, at Reply

      The majority of politicians lie / stretch the truth. It’s a step when they don’t hide from journalists. He could have easily rejected the interview like many others. Now he’s in the spotlight and we can judge him on his words.

    • Posted by randomnobody playthrough, at Reply


  2. Posted by John Long, at Reply

    He kept calling him “Cenks”… wonder if it was on purpose lol

    • Posted by Nova King, at Reply

      John Long totally on purpose…

    • Posted by L B, at Reply

      “Sorry, Janks.” LOL

  3. Posted by Scott Takala, at Reply

    His name isn’t Cenks

    • Posted by Kaname Tōsen, at Reply

      Scott Takala but your name is scotts

  4. Posted by Brent Sherry, at Reply

    10:18 “You’re showing me something I’ve never seen”

    I just loled so explosively I spat all over my screen.

    • Posted by Arjun K V, at Reply

      Give this man an oscar.
      I just loled so explosively looking at YOUR comment that I spat all over MY screen.

    • Posted by Nalidus, at Reply

      I know. It’s the most blatant lie that Manchin could’ve ever said.

  5. Posted by Buddy St.Andrew, at Reply

    I’m Canadian the only time I hear of other Canadians going to the US for healthcare is from American politicians, I’m sure it’s happened but I’ve never met anyone whose done it.

    • Posted by France Filiault, at Reply

      Buddy St.Andrew This is the guy who said that Canadians have to enroll in a health program in order to get their sp coverage. lol

    • Posted by b234098324, at Reply

      When you don’t have facts, make them up. It’s part of being bought and paid for by the lobbyists.

    • Posted by Wolf of the Twin Cities, at Reply

      It’s bullshit to let the plebs know those dirty cucks in canada are suffering

    • Posted by Zia Usmani, at Reply

      Without insurance, one would go bankrupt for even a simple medical problem or hospital stay. If one had tens of thousands of $ and there was a cure that you needed to save your life that is only available in US one would do it. Otherwise, who will leave free healthcare in Canada or any other country to spend a fortune in the US.

    • Posted by TheMadmage, at Reply

      Only wealthy Canadian who don’t want to wait for an elective procedure or want to see the “top doctors”.

  6. Posted by Adrianpn, at Reply

    This was a decent interview. I respect Joe Manchin for at least coming into enemy territory and answering questions. I personally don’t believe as a senator you should be able to say “I’m still looking at” any MAJOR issue. Single payer is a major issue that already has a bill in the house of rep. that you could look at and understand how its funded, etc. He should be able to answer that question whether he supports it or not. If I was his opponent in the primaries I would hit him on this. “Are you not smart enough to understand this issue senator or to stay up to date with what the country wants?

    • Posted by France Filiault, at Reply

      Adrianpn That because his daughter is I believe, CEO of a pharmaceutical company. He will never want to understand what SP is. The fact that he lies about the Canadian system is a clue.

    • Posted by popp007us, at Reply

      Adrianpn it’s called pandering. He is fully aware of TYTs audience, and a no answer would have defeated the purpose of him coming on. Single payer does not eliminate free market solutions it institutionalizes access to healthcare as a right for all by providing a public option. Mancin knows this. He just doesn’t see healthcare as a right.

  7. Posted by Kiki Hill, at Reply

    Cenk is so amazing. 😍

    • Posted by My Name, at Reply


    • Posted by DeathDOer01, at Reply

      My Name CHUNK YOGURT.

    • Posted by Jess G., at Reply

      Chunk Yogurt, LOLOLOLOLOL!

  8. Posted by Kadeem H, at Reply

    The case he mentioned about the young child in the UK has nothing to do with cost. The doctors just don’t think that keeping him alive is in his best interest because of the disease he has.

    • Posted by Kadeem H, at Reply

      How am I wrong they want to take him off life support because he has a genetic disorder and is being kept alive by machines, also the doctors are not making claims that he will die on the plane journey but rather that the experimental treatment will not work and that every moment he is alive is painful to him. Regardless my point stands it is not that the NHS is refusing to treat him because of cost but because there is nothing they can do for him

    • Posted by samwiseshanti, at Reply

      Kadeem H ok i guess i misunderstood you- the controversy isnt about the nhs withdrawing treatment though that’s very normal the family have been in and out of the news for about a year trying to push the USA trip through.

    • Posted by France Filiault, at Reply

      Kadeem H Yes, the human rights court in Britain refuse to take the case so that tells you that the child is in bad condition. It’s a sad story.

    • Posted by Kadeem H, at Reply

      Yh all the experts agree the boy has no chance, but the sine the vatican and the US president got involved the case got reopened. The doctors in the UK even showed that the doctors in Italy had no expertise in the field and had not published anything relating to the condition. It is sad and if I was the parent I would probably be doing the same thing, but there are times when a parents wishes are not in the best interest of the child and this is one of them. They should just spend the last few days with their child instead of in court. The latest development is that they are going to measure the circumference of his head and if there is no change form the last measurement then hat would prove his brain development had ceased

  9. Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

    He’s not a Republican. Come on. We have to keep this fact based. Joe Manchin votes alongside Bernie Sanders apx 55-60% of the time. The Republican who votes alongside Bernie Sanders the MOST is Rand Paul at 12%. It’s not even close. He’s not a Republican at all. Republicans are worse on almost every issue compared to Joe Manchin.

    • Posted by France Filiault, at Reply

      Kyle Ruth He rallied against a democrat for a republican! ! wtf are you saying?

    • Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

      Manu Leach Like minimum wage, card check for unions, Obamas credit card reforms, Dodd frank, etc ?

    • Posted by Kyle Ruth, at Reply

      France Filiault I would have to look at the record of the Republican. In 96′ it’s possible the Republican was very moderate. Bob dole was pro choice then and there were conservative blue dog democrats around as well.

  10. Posted by Ron Porter, at Reply

    Manchin bullshitted his way through most of this interview. And answered yes to things he knew would score him points for his re-election down the road. He’s gotta go!

    • Posted by Manu Leach, at Reply

      Ron Porter hopefully justice democrats can use clips from this when he votes to contradict everything he said in this interview

  11. Posted by Shea Ferguson, at Reply

    Start getting Jimmy Dore to do these interviews

    • Posted by Sandernista, at Reply

      Shea Ferguson
      Lol, i like Jimmy but hed probably start spitting on him or beating him up

  12. Posted by Ali Sandler, at Reply


    • Posted by Justin Lacek, at Reply

      Ali Sandler

      I know right

    • Posted by David King, at Reply

      Ali Sandler Was wondering when someone would pick that up,Nice one! But typical of ANY polotician they never give a Direct answer…They like to dance around the bushes a while first…and that is a LONG dance

    • Posted by Brandall Flakes, at Reply

      Ali Sandler *janx

    • Posted by Justin Lacek, at Reply


  13. Posted by lauriesproject, at Reply

    There’s a reason this guy is a Senator. Just listen to him blatantly lie throughout this entire interview, and you have to admire how smooth and polished he is. He doesn’t miss a beat, never stumbles, so convincing.. gee, no idea who my donors are, gee, those bill just ain’t detailed enough, etc. Such a crook but sooooooooo charming and convincing. I know he’s helping to destroy the country but he’s so darn folksy and friendly.. and somehow agrees with me! Let’s go have a beer! All these guys are dangerous!!!!!

    • Posted by France Filiault, at Reply

      lauriesproject I don’t believe in sp, we need to know the pros and cons even though I’ve been a politician for a long time and seen how ridiculous our system is, Im going to spew lies about Canadians coming here for care even though extensive research proves otherwise. I haven’t bothered doing my own research or spoke with thousands of doctors for SP because this is what republicans. ..I mean democrats do for their doners, or for my daughter who works for big Pharma -Joe Manchin

  14. Posted by Tom Will, at Reply

    So I’m 2 and a half mins in, and right now all I know is that I might have liked his granddad and he doesn’t like answering questions.

    • Posted by Tom Will, at Reply

      2145 no body is saying you get single payer healthcare without raising taxes, they’re saying raise taxes on the wealthy and collect the taxes corporations should rightfully be paying.

    • Posted by Tom Will, at Reply

      24.40 f@#k right off Manchin, you don’t get to use Charlie Guard as an argument against a single payer system. He’s not been denied health care because of costs. He’s being denied healthcare because the only treatment available has never been tested on a human before, and has at best a 2% chance to stop his deterioration, which would still leave him blind, deaf, severely brain damaged and in pain for what could only be called existence cuz it sure as hell couldn’t be described as a life. It’s a tragic set of circumstances and you don’t get to use it as political fodder especially when you can’t even remember his name, so f#@k off.

      I’m getting a little irrate at this point if you couldn’t tell

    • Posted by Tom Will, at Reply

      27.40 did he just throw shade at the UK for the second time in 10 mins?

    • Posted by Tom Will, at Reply

      30.30 No not only in America do you have the chance to get a promotion, ffs listen to yourself pander it’s pathetic.

    • Posted by Tom Will, at Reply

      And finished, sorry for so many posts but I felt like sharing my fairly meaningless thoughts as I watched.

  15. Posted by Punch A Nazi, at Reply

    I’m not saying this guy’s grandparents didn’t have a positive influence on him or that he hasn’t struggled in life. But those rich people who have never struggled & try to use their grandparents struggles as their own get on my nerves.

    • Posted by Social Liberal Pepe, at Reply

      Punch A Nazi Commies that think that its okay to physically assault their political opponents as long as they call them a Nazi first; but would only ever do so when they were in a large group outnumbering their enemy get on *my* nerves because they’re dishonorable and cowardly.

    • Posted by Mike Gonz, at Reply

      I’m confused…are you agreeing with her?

    • Posted by edwardvondoom, at Reply

      Social Liberal Pepe leave it to a conservative to defend Nazis.

    • Posted by Social Liberal Pepe, at Reply

      edwardvondoom Nazis have a right to speak too; sweetheart. No one has a right to physically and violently assault someone, no matter how mad their words may make them however. And can you not read? I’m *not* a Conservative; rather, I’m as my name might imply, a Social Liberal.

    • Posted by Social Liberal Pepe, at Reply

      Mike Gonz Oh, I agree with her 100%. On this at least.

  16. Posted by Donald J. Trump, at Reply

    I didn’t know Cenk was mispronouncing his own name this whole time. It’s actually Cenks. Thanks Joe

    • Posted by Jaida Westmoreland, at Reply

      Donald J. Trump I hear jinks LMBO!

    • Posted by lexington wolfcraft, at Reply

      Almost. According to Manchin it’s pronounced “Janks”

  17. Posted by lexington wolfcraft, at Reply

    Joe Manchin is really good at avoiding questions by talking about “hard work” and his grandparents. I detest people and politicians that sidestep questions. “Janks”(Cenk) could have pressed him even harder, in my opinion.

    • Posted by troy johnson, at Reply

      I got the impression that Cenk wanted him to dig his own grave, hence him not pressing harder. I think Cenk has faith that his audience can detect bullshit when they smell it, and this guy(Joe) is full of it.

    • Posted by troy johnson, at Reply

      Than again, maybe Cenk did go too easy on him and I’m just trying to rationalize it in my mind.

  18. Posted by Vasilijan Nikolovski, at Reply

    He’s excuse for being corrupt is “Oh I’m not corrupt, I’m just too stupid too know that I’m corrupt and don’t know in who’s pocket I am”

    • Posted by Relaxing Topology, at Reply

      This is the interview summary.