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Seth Rich “Investigator” Rod Wheeler Exposed As A Fraud


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This doesn't mean it was absolutely a messed up robbery. Jimmy Dore, Malcolm Fleschner, Graham Elwood as well as Jordan Chariton review on the current episode of Aggressive Progressives. View the full Aggressive Progressives episode below:

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Jimmy Dore, Malcolm Fleschner, and Graham Elwood for today's Aggressive Progressive. Jordan Chariton skypes in. The trio discuss Roger Aisles, Wikileaks, and also even more to enrage any type of sane Progressive.

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  1. Posted by Magellan, at Reply

    Can’t wait for HA Goodman, Insane Progressive and their troll brigade to make a dozen videos about the new Hillary-sellout Jimmy Dore. 3-2-1… GO!

    • Posted by Sprax, at Reply


    • Posted by mr patrick, at Reply

      Magellan ha’s trying to hard.he has no clue what he is. but yeah, he’s trumps lapdog via Judical Watch

  2. Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

    Sounds like a putin’s false flag to me.

    • Posted by MrPayneful, at Reply

      ToBe Fair hillary sheep.

    • Posted by MrPayneful, at Reply

      lmao you believe the clintonian redscare nonsense? sad.

    • Posted by Dead-Owl 911, at Reply

      +MrPayneful​ I don’t care if its true or not its a political tool that makes the republicans look bad and keeps the democrats from devising policy proposals. A well spoken independent could organize and take both parties out while they are weak with relative ease. All the putin shills/Greens/Dem exit people aren’t Machiavellian enough to understand the opportunity you have been given.

  3. Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

    _Anyone who continues to push this fake news story after it was so thoroughly debunked is proving to the world they have a transparent POLITICAL AGENDA or are a SOCIOPATH. In either case, they should be taken off the air because they are either blind to the damage they are doing to a murder victims family or don’t care, showing a profound lack of judgement and common decency._ — Brad Bauman, Seth Rich family spokesman, 05/2017 (caps mine)

    • Posted by Dukagjini, at Reply

      Idk if you know this but Bauman is a Democratic PR guy, who has an agenda and is probably a hack.

    • Posted by mer city, at Reply

      diva artist exactly the thinking they want

  4. Posted by WoahItsKimber, at Reply

    Its so shitty this guy turned out to be such a hack. I jumped on this story to back up something I believe to be true and it completely backfired. There are definitely a lot of new details that are fascinating but this guy’s reputation overshadows all of it.

  5. Posted by RigelOrionBeta, at Reply

    Seth Rich could have been the DNC leaker. That doesn’t mean the DNC killed him. That doesn’t mean there wasn’t a botched robbery.

    You can’t jump from one conclusion to another without concrete evidence.

    • Posted by Sprax, at Reply

      “shot execution style on his hands and knees
      still had his wallet and watch on him.”

      And, similar incident happened in Newark before with MS13 gang member. Doesn’t mean the DNC killed him though.

  6. Posted by Lolly Logan, at Reply

    Assange has lost all credibility.

    • Posted by Stranger Happened, at Reply

      *Assange’s credibility is perfect:* right in the same old interview and in his statement he has outlined that Wikileaks is interested in resolving the case of Rich’s murder as all potential whistle-blowers see a person who can be a leaker in this case being killed. Whether Rich was actual leaker or not is irrelevant at this point in terms of how detrimental this case is to the cause of Wikileaks. This is why Wikileaks has offered the money to resolve the case, to make sure that it has nothing to do with anything more nefarious than a botched robbery, to calm down all possible leakers. Especially when the likes of Podesta are talking about punishing leakers.

    • Posted by mer city, at Reply

      lolly logan how? prove one this he leaked that was false….ill wait

  7. Posted by Center Left Kylo Ren, at Reply

    “My name is HA GOODMAN and I’m an author columnist and conspiracy theorist”

    • Posted by Darkpool, at Reply

      Center Left Kylo Ren 😂 FR, I hate his snarky intro. The guy used to be decent, but now he’s gone off his rocker.

    • Posted by narutodssunny, at Reply

      Center Left Kylo Ren na man he speaks the truth Ro Kana takes corprate money. He even admitted it on the Tim Black Show.

    • Posted by Teflon KC ಌ Sood81, at Reply


  8. Posted by Dukagjini, at Reply

    Jimmy look at Kim dotcom, supposedly he was involved, knew Seth Rich and has evidence which is going to prove this story true! Look at his twitter, he’s credible! FYI, he’s one of the biggest tech entrepreneurs. He’s a multi-millionaire and government’s have been after him too, because he’s fought for internet freedom!

    • Posted by Dukagjini, at Reply

      Keep believing the Russia BS. I’m simply pointing out the interesting news of this story. If you don’t think that this story has relevance, you are wrong. The way he died, the laptop, Julian Assange and WikiLeaks retweeting the story, Assange hinting in interviews back that it “Seth Rich” was their source,etc,etc., it’s just leading to more questions. Now, supposedly from reddit, Seth was a Bernie supporter. Look at all sides, and stop trusting the government so full-heartedly.

    • Posted by Bill Kerner, at Reply

      Kimdotcom is a liar and a terrorist. He takes orders from Putin and Julian Assange. All 17 intelligence agencies have confirmed it.

    • Posted by Dukagjini, at Reply


  9. Posted by Carlton Palmer, at Reply

    Isn’t this the Russians covering their tracks? This is what they do.

    • Posted by Carlton Palmer, at Reply

      +mike hawk What? 🤔 I haven’t deleted anything! How much does the Russian government pay you? 😅

    • Posted by mike hawk, at Reply

      Carlton Palmer well i have the comment notification with the first sentence, but the comment is not in the thread. apparently i gave you too much credit. seek help, you are seriously sick in the head.

    • Posted by John Bergman, at Reply

      Email notifications tell all — even if you delete comments here, Einstein!
      Carlton, go bury your face in Hillary’s moldy snatch.

    • Posted by Carlton Palmer, at Reply

      +mike hawk I never take anything you Russian trolls say seriously, I just enjoy the fact that you’re all so sensitive!

    • Posted by Carlton Palmer, at Reply

      +John Bergman I literally do not know what you’re talking about! Go and bother someone who cares 😅

  10. Posted by sesom07, at Reply

    Julian is no Prisoner he can leave the embassy any time. He would have seen a judge sure. But he was no prisoner. Why pushing this false narrative? Greetings to St. Petersburg.

    • Posted by Oprah2020, at Reply

      And people living in Western Berlin under the cold war was free to leave anytime, oh wait no they got arrested.

  11. Posted by Homeboy Chris, at Reply

    Julian Assange is compromised by Russia. Are you not figuring that out yet? Putin probably had Rich murdered so his lackeys could use it to push their political agenda.

    • Posted by Tl Howard, at Reply

      I see no reason to believe Assange “is compromised by Russia.”

    • Posted by Nikola Marjanovic, at Reply

      Hahaha, I think Russia did 9/11. Oh wait… We blew ourselves up.

  12. Posted by Charlie Hawtree, at Reply

    Democrats deserve to die, get ready for civil war.

    • Posted by vanhouten64, at Reply

      LOL, bring it on, weakling

    • Posted by West Winds, at Reply

      #Charlie Hawtree: And potato heads like you don’t know the difference between a Liberal and a Neo-Liberal (which makes you sound stupid).

    • Posted by Dwayne White, at Reply

      Charlie Hawtree Democrats deserve to die?… Really?… You know, I have always found it fascinating how the pro-life party is all about killing some people off; prisoners; Muslims; people coming to steal your TV and now, Democrats. “Life is sacred… but not that sacred.” It must truly be hard living so conflicted all the time.

    • Posted by Charlie Hawtree, at Reply

      +Dwayne White It’s quite easy, when you know who your real enemies are.

  13. Posted by James Morris, at Reply

    OK, I watched this and still trying to figure out how Rod Wheeler is a fraud. I must have missed something.

    • Posted by Dezmond Deeppockets, at Reply

      James Morris you didn’t they are trying to cover for the murdering Clintons.

  14. Posted by june Montchaikul, at Reply

    Jimmy ……. please stop listening to Cenk please!!!!!!!

    • Posted by oswarz, at Reply

      What is it about Cenk that you don’t like? I truly don’t understand. Give examples, please.

  15. Posted by jmtnvalley, at Reply

    Wikileaks never sits on material? Then why didn’t Assange release the emails during the primaries? Hmm? Wikileaks is taking a serious hit in regards to its credibility with this issue.

    • Posted by Allanvideohq, at Reply

      jmtnvalley Wikileaks has to spend weeks sorting the emails into a way that people can work with. There were THOUSANDS of emails to catalog and sort into a readable formatting.

    • Posted by D Knight, at Reply

      jmtnvalley On the one hand, yes it takes weeks to organize a few thousand emails into some readable format.

      On the other hand, they sit on information until a time when it’s most damaging to parties involved.

  16. Posted by Steve, at Reply

    It’s pretty obvious that Seth Rich was murdered for being a whistleblower. This shouldn’t be a partisan issue.

    • Posted by NicKingPapiChulo, at Reply

      +Trumpeteer what evidence do you have that Hillary and her people killed this man as a matter of fact what evidence do you have he’s the one who gave the emails to wikileaks?

    • Posted by Steve, at Reply

      Sources in the FBI say they have evidence that Seth Rich was in contact with Wikileaks. Why was Wikileaks offering a reward for information on his murder if he hadn’t been in contact with them? Plus, the narrative makes a lot more sense than Seth being shot in the back during a robbery while no items were stolen.

    • Posted by Trumpeteer, at Reply

      Logic. Look up H.A. Goodman and watch his videos about this subject instead of propaganda TYT. Also, this video /watch?v=NhRw39wMUPk

    • Posted by Adam Gellar, at Reply

      Steve How the hell is that obvious? There’s no evidence.

  17. Posted by Guy Kendal, at Reply

    Young Turds have lost all credibility.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply


    • Posted by postman1782, at Reply

      Chad Austin Because Paul Joseph Watson, Rubin Report, and the Next News Network told him so? That is his subscriptions.

    • Posted by Trumpeteer, at Reply

      Paul Joseph Watson has more credibility than TYT so what is your point with that comment?

  18. Posted by Sage & Fool, at Reply

    Why not join tyt in fighting against corporate democrats? Because when push comes to shove tyt falls in line and supports corporate democrats…if they’ll endorse Hillary Clinton they stand for nothing.

    • Posted by Chad Austin, at Reply

      How and when have they endorsed Hillary Clinton?
      I haven’t seen one person on this network say she needs to be in politics.

    • Posted by Mark Grgurev, at Reply

      A few of them voted for Hillary. They didn’t endorse her.

    • Posted by 888strummer, at Reply

      TYT STRONGLY supported Hillary from July to November. They have no credibility. They rail against the establishment while strongly supporting with Hillary, so they lost all credibility

    • Posted by Mark Grgurev, at Reply

      I watched the same videos you did. They were anti-Trump videos.