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Should Casey Affleck Be Banned From Oscars?


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Thousands have actually authorized an application for the Academy Honors to bar Casey Affleck from the Oscars. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section listed below.

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" It's rarely a tense moment– as well as intended to be a wondrous one, at that– when one Oscar champion passes the golden sculpture to another, component of among the Academy Awards' most endearing traditions: the previous year's acting victors providing the existing year's honor in the contrary sex's category.

That's simply one reason in 2015's Ideal Actor discussion was so incredibly uneasy.

That topic would certainly be the claims of unwanted sexual advances versus Affleck, as well as her displeasure with the fact that as opposed to making him deal with consequences, his market– her market– appeared to be fulfilling him." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Nic Z, at Reply

    Should just ban the Oscars all together

    • Posted by kestrel archer, at Reply

      Nic Z lel

    • Posted by Truth Robot, at Reply

      Rich people patting themselves on the back for the work they did is about as interesting as a root canal. It is even worse when artists do it, because art is mostly subjective. Everyone knows if an actor want’s an Oscar, they just have to portray a dreg or sufferer of society. Dicaprio fought a fake bear… Hoffman played a mentally disabled person… etc…

  2. Posted by Anita Safespace, at Reply

    We should ban everything all the time.

    • Posted by ConcordClark, at Reply

      Is that Condaleeza Rice’s face superimposed onto Aunt J’s face?

    • Posted by K DEN, at Reply

      Is that Condolisa Rice? Aunt Jemina 😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Posted by JesusPriceSuperstar, at Reply

    We should ban banning things.

    • Posted by Sayuas, at Reply

      Ban banning banning banning things.

  4. Posted by Turkish Troll, at Reply

    Who cares, nobody watches that stuff anymore, its become a huge liberal joke

    • Posted by meme, at Reply


    • Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

      TYT actually liked your comment, this shows that they could give a crap about your troll comments.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Lol the turds like this comment

    • Posted by Ethan Davidson, at Reply

      yea they r am is libturss.

  5. Posted by hazadous Life, at Reply

    Another one???? Come on man this is getting ridiculous.

    • Posted by Jeff Evanson, at Reply

      Little rapey boners are ridiculous too.

    • Posted by Stella Bar, at Reply


    • Posted by Google it, at Reply

      Just shows how much sexual assaults don’t get reported.

    • Posted by hj kn, at Reply

      hazadous Life it’s not getting anything, women have dealt with this garbage every day… men just ignored it

  6. Posted by Bugzy Latimore, at Reply

    Anna stays getting cut off LOL

    • Posted by pablo sanchez, at Reply

      Cause she’s bias asf that’s why cenk cuts her off lol as much as people hate cenk he be shutting down feminists bs

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      pablo, I actually agree with Cenk on rare occasions. I don’t think there was ever a time I agreed with Ana.

  7. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Progressive logic: Man and Woman are equals … but not really …

    • Posted by tiki freaky, at Reply

      I think woman just want the right to work without feeling like they have to sleep with their boss or listen to dirty jokes – sounds reasonable to me!

    • Posted by upabittoolate, at Reply

      Gouky Men and women ARE NOT equals. We are peers. Your use of “progressive man” tells us all we need to know about what you think logic means.

    • Posted by upabittoolate, at Reply

      BottleBrassMonkey Did you mean roosters and hens?

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      Did TYT get hacked? Why did they like this comment lmfao

  8. Posted by qer qrqd, at Reply


  9. Posted by Vik London, at Reply

    @anakasparian it’s ‘Uninvited,’ Darling. Also it’s much *ado* about nothing

    • Posted by jeommy kin, at Reply

      Vik London actually you’re wrong. Disinvite is not incorrect.

    • Posted by Vik London, at Reply

      Too many negatives.

  10. Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

    Seem to recall that TYT was basically in Afflecks corner the last time this was discussed. How “woke” is TYT when it comes to Hollywood predators, really?

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      ?! Why did this comment get a little ‘heart’ from TYT? I like and support the Young Turks but this was me being pretty irritated and critical of them based on something that just one day later I’m starting to wonder at the accuracy of. Cenk, if you’re messing with me, well done, I guess. wth

  11. Posted by Niall T, at Reply

    Anna harping on about details, but she had to be corrected when she said Affleck was naked when in fact he wasn’t. FACTS ANNA. GETS YOUR FACTS CORRECT

    • Posted by c17sam90, at Reply

      K. Ayo but you missed out the context after allegedly having a terrible time on this film set they go to a cast and crew party. He then climbs in to bed drunk she tells him to get off and he leaves. I was on a film set hated the director and most of the crew they were bullying and selfish so I chose not to attend a crew party because I didn’t like the people.

    • Posted by Emily Hardy, at Reply

      K. Ayo Uhh…yeah? It kinda matters whether he was naked or wearing his underwear and a t-shirt (as the lawsuit says). It kinda does, yeah.

    • Posted by james d, at Reply

      K. Ayo In court details like that matter.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      She wasn’t hired for her brains

  12. Posted by PINKY PONY, at Reply

    ALL….of the Afflecks should… BANNED…..only because they are Afflecks.

    • Posted by geo-george1, at Reply

      Yes, that’s enough.

  13. Posted by philpott kentucky, at Reply

    Take away all Woody Allen’s Oscars fer chrissakes. At least do that.

    • Posted by Justin M, at Reply

      Did Woody Allen do anything illegal? Or just something you find uncomfortable?

    • Posted by TheAsmodeus2012, at Reply

      Personally, I think we should just get rid of the enterprise entirely. All it amounts to is a bunch of rich extroverts and narcissists sitting in a room, fapping each other.

    • Posted by basquat76, at Reply

      Woody Allen doesn’t even care about the oscars. He doesn’t even show up when he’s nominated.

  14. Posted by renegado100, at Reply

    Well, it seems nobody can’t go the Oscars nowadays !!

  15. Posted by Coos Oorlog, at Reply

    I don’t think he should be banned. Upvoted.

  16. Posted by SlashmanG, at Reply

    Why would someone who was sexually assaulted settle out of court? Wouldn’t you want to hold Casey accountable for his actions? Why would you just want money? Hmm

    • Posted by K DEN, at Reply

      Exactly. If you’re willing to be paid for justice your case is invalidated

    • Posted by TheGM, at Reply

      Money my dear boy.

    • Posted by Vik London, at Reply

      SlashmanG same reason blood money is paid when relatives get killed – it ends the feud, victim profits economically b

  17. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    With all the allegations, there won’t be any men left to attend the Academy Awards.

    • Posted by geo-george1, at Reply

      Just the gay ones, which are most of them.

  18. Posted by IMC IMC, at Reply

    Just ban the Oscars instead, maybe all that money could be put to better uses, such as victims of Hollywoods abuses.

  19. Posted by Esapda, at Reply

    so the victim settles out of court. so it is settled. so carry on.

    • Posted by Chikiko Saotome, at Reply

      Esapda so you are cool with a murderer settling out of court too?

    • Posted by Vegan Juggernaut, at Reply

      Did you really just compare a guy getting into bed with a girl to murder? Are you really that stupid?