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Should Democrats Take Trump Wall Deal?


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Should the Democrats cave as well as shield just what daydreamers they can? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, as well as Michael Brooks, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us what you think in the comment area listed below.

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" The White Home will back permitting as numerous as 1.8 million young immigrants to look for U.S. citizenship in an immigration plan that will be launched next week, senior administration authorities said Thursday.

For the "Dreamer" defenses, Head of state Trump will certainly seek billions of dollars for a boundary wall and sweeping adjustments to the immigration system.

Authorities who defined the plan to reporters framed it as Congress's best possibility to pass a repair for immigrants who take advantage of the Deferred Activity for Childhood Years Arrivals (DACA) program, which Trump terminated in 2015.

The White Residence is advising the Senate to draw up regulations based upon the strategy and present it the week of Feb. 5, days before government funding is readied to expire, though officials claimed they do not have an assurance it will be raised.

" This really represents a bipartisan concession setting," said one official, who asked for anonymity to information the proposition. "We believe that if this regulation were given the flooring, it would conveniently amass 60 ballots."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Brooks

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Michael Brooks


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  1. Posted by jake holt, at Reply

    CNN conservative i spat my coffee out what drugs does Cenk take??

  2. Posted by SilverDragonEyess, at Reply

    I want them all deported and banned from ever having citizenship.

    • Posted by Anthony Moore, at Reply

      They take jobs from African Americans

    • Posted by Timothy O, at Reply

      Anthony Moore
      They are generally harder working and don’t complain.

  3. Posted by jake holt, at Reply

    Look how frustrated Cenks getting now Trumps actually doing well as president enforcing everything he said you can see the tears, Cenk doesn’t care about America he just hates old white men, Trump could Cure cancer end world poverty and take a bullet for Cenk and he would still hate his guts Trump cannot win with him no matter what he does.

    • Posted by fay guled, at Reply

      jake holt Well he is not curing cancer and he is doing something that is against Cenks ideology so obviously Cenk will disagree with it. Also i can say the samething for you with Obama.

    • Posted by jake holt, at Reply

      Obviously he isn’t curing cancer i am just pointing out the fact Trump CAN DO NOTHING as president to please Cenk he is so biased and agenda driven and i believe extremely racist individual its all about skin color with him!

    • Posted by HobtheGoblin, at Reply

      Wait, sorry. What positive thing has Trump done?

  4. Posted by Luke43168, at Reply

    I’ll take that title as real, real bad sarcasm

  5. Posted by cisjay, at Reply

    Lmao. Tyt is losing it.

    • Posted by Nate S, at Reply

      cisjay – Go back to playing your video games child, the adults are talking. Go ask your parents what is being discussed and maybe they can explain it to you.

    • Posted by Russel Mcfarland, at Reply

      Nate S around the 4 min mark cenk did start tripping.

    • Posted by Nate S, at Reply

      Russel Mcfarland – He does go over the top at times which I kind of like. I would like more reporters and anchors lose it a bit when dealing with bullshit. Like when Trump asked the reporter the other day who he voted for comparing it to allegedly asking the Deputy FBI Director who he voted for, I would have said, “None of your business. Besides I don’t work for you, unlike Andrew McCabe so don’t you see why it would be inappropriate to ask the Deputy FBI Director who he voted for?”

    • Posted by Russel Mcfarland, at Reply

      Nate S i have thick skin personally. It just made me laugh a little when he started getting mad. But seriously this channel does have a passion for what they do.

    • Posted by Nate S, at Reply

      Russel Mcfarland – His rant about the Iraq War is still epic!

  6. Posted by GX328382, at Reply

    Wall 1st, everything else 2nd END OF STORY

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      “Illegal Immigrants” will probably be changing your diaper in the nursing home. And if they aren’t there to do it, you’ll probably just lie in your own filth. Ahhh, your golden years.

    • Posted by Nate S, at Reply

      GX328382 – The wall can be built…just as soon as Mexico pays for it.

  7. Posted by G Eak, at Reply

    ILLEGAL Immigrants. ILLEGAL Immigrants. ILLEGAL Immigrants. Say what you want and say what it is.

    • Posted by Nate S, at Reply

      G Eak – I don’t know anyone that argues for open borders. We currently let in about 1 million legal immigrants a year and that is after pretty extensive vetting. Most of the people here illegally actually got here via airplanes and simply overstayed their visas. I’m a little fascinated by people that want to put up a wall to stop the relatively small number of people immigrating here by crossing the Mexican border but don’t want to do ANYTHING to stop the mass shooting that happen here weekly. I’m not opposed to border security, I just think a wall is a little comical and a waste of taxpayer money.

      Anyway, I wish you well and hope your prognosis is wrong and you have significantly more time than you suggested.

    • Posted by G Eak, at Reply

      Dan, Obominable had the lowest Illegal Immigration in 8 years is news? Obominable’s DAPA program was found unconstitutional by TWO courts. Obominable’s DACA program would have been found illegal on the same basis. DEMS had 60 vote majority but decided to leave the mess.
      Dan, You are again using DNC talking points. It takes 60 votes to pass major laws. Repubs are 51.
      Dan, You are again using DNC talking points. POTUS Trump won the Blue Collar vote in 2016. Corrupt DNC won NY, NJ and Calif (high taxes, rich, no manufacturing, etc). DNC desperately needs ILLegal immigrants vote.

    • Posted by kevrev0, at Reply

      Did you skip of the parts where Trump is stopping legal immigration?

  8. Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

    Yes, just build the goddamn wall so we can watch it fail miserably.

    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      More billions wasted while America continues its long unnecessary decline.

    • Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

      sailormanariel what else is new?

    • Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

      Shh just let trumpians forget that airplanes and ladders exist

  9. Posted by jeremiah sams, at Reply

    Well the Republicans can put up Americans who been neglected, African-American, vets and the homeless. We can fight fire with fire.

  10. Posted by sharon anderson, at Reply

    Since when does gov act on wht the American ppl want?

  11. Posted by spot light, at Reply

    The simple solution to ILLEGAL immigration is DEPORTATION! ILLEGAL immigration should not be tolerated!

    • Posted by spot light, at Reply

      Jimmy Perales – As I am a U.S. citizen in the USA, I cannot be deported from the USA! Deportation is for people from one country who enter into another country ILLEGALLY! Glad to explain it for you!

    • Posted by kevrev0, at Reply

      Hmmm did you skip all the parts where the Trump idiots are stopping legal immigration?

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      kevrev0 how are we stopping legal immigration? I’m curious to see if you can explain that to me😁

  12. Posted by GST1974, at Reply

    I have a solution. Make the 9-11-2001 false flag well known and throw half the republican party in federal prison. Should take of right wing extremism for at least 50 years. But democrats are controlled opposition puccies that wouldn’t touch the truth with a fifty foot flag pole.

  13. Posted by D Jackson, at Reply

    Do not give in to this paranoid man,we do not need to waste money on a useless wall.

  14. Posted by Dwayne Smith, at Reply

    Never let a used car salesman know you’ve fallen in love with a vehicle. He will bend you over to the Nth degree.

  15. Posted by Shira Monea, at Reply

    The wall is not going to help stop illegal immigrants, if I remember correctly most come by airplane

    • Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

      Shira Monea of COURSE!!!

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Shira Monea who told you most illegal immigrants come here by plane? Does that sound logical? Like the US just lets random unidentified planes fly to and from mainland US?

    • Posted by Shira Monea, at Reply

      Lone Star Patriot Read my comment again that’s why I said “ if I remember correctly”

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Shira Monea you were confident enough to put it in a comment on a video about building a border wall, as an arguement against a wall. Just think about it, what’s wrong with the wall? Flying illegals to the US without everyone knowing is next to impossible

  16. Posted by A Change, at Reply

    The very best thing that could happen is to shut the government down.  We need to show Americans that illegals are represented.  So please.  Shut down the government!

  17. Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

    You know what’s ironic? Guess who’s going to be hired to build the wall? Cheap labor from illegal immigrants.

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Ryan Walsh Are you suggesting we don’t hire illegal immigrants to build the wall before deporting them? What, do you hate the idea of illegal immigrants making money or something?

  18. Posted by Gustav, at Reply

    Right-wingers are such simpletons. They’re happy with everything except illegal immigrants? No problems with the status quo?

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Denver Martin no, you can’t make that same arguement against us😂. None of us care who trump is on the inside. He could be the worst person in the world on the inside. What matters is, what he says and does.

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      If the guy is speaking straight to the American public, and calling out these lies and manipulations as they happen, trying to steer us in the right direction, he could be an evil Satan worshiper and I would still vote for him😁

    • Posted by Denver Martin, at Reply

      Lone Star Patriot And that enthusiasm for a maniac will be your and the republican party’s downfall

    • Posted by Lone Star Patriot, at Reply

      Denver Martin it would appear our enthusiasm for that “maniac” is actually getting something done for a change… Could you explain to me why he is a maniac?

  19. Posted by Brad Kirsch, at Reply

    The Democrats are saving their strength for fighting progressives.