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Should Hazing Be Illegal?


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Tim Piazza was eliminated throughout a fraternity hazing routine at Penn State. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you about is awful final hours. Inform us exactly what you think in the remark section below.

" Penn State student Tim Piazza spent his last hrs dragging his bruised as well as bloodied body throughout a beer-soaked fraternity home floor, stumbling down stairways into iron railings, and also lying drunk and also unconscious as head injuries as well as interior bleeding slowly sapped his life away. All the while, society bros did little to assist him.

They stepped over his body. They put, struck, as well as splashed him with water, hoping to stir him. One, sitting on a couch nearby, recorded his battles for Snapchat.

No one called 911."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

    *Person Dies While Baking Brownies At A Shop*
    “Why Baking Brownies Needs To End”

    • Posted by Juib Morrowind, at Reply

      This comment is proof that you can’t cure stupid.

    • Posted by Darthmufin, at Reply

      Looks like most people agree losers

    • Posted by ApolloX44, at Reply

      @Name and Address Witheld…sorry dude but you’re an idiot. Saudi Arabia is a country that bans alcohol, and is authoritarian. Now go back and read my previous comment, see if you can figure it out.

  2. Posted by lindinle, at Reply

    im all about gender equality. if you shut down frats then you shut down sororities.

    • Posted by anthony cheesman, at Reply

      King Kaiden you got a point lol

    • Posted by bestsnowboarderuknow, at Reply

      True Feminism. Lol, Feminists only want to be equal for the benefits… but ask them if they want to be drafted or work construction or pay on dates then nooooo

    • Posted by amnfoliver, at Reply

      King Kaiden Call me when a man lies about being gang raped and receives no jail time similar to the Duke University Liar.

    • Posted by mymentor, at Reply

      bestsnowboarderuknowDrafted?  I imagine feminists have the same attitude as I do:  that the draft has no place in civilised society.  As for working construction, all feminist theory calls for the right for women to pursue that line of work if they choose.  And some do.  There are female construction workers.

    • Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

      raible 95 go back to the ghetto

  3. Posted by pantsontheground, at Reply

    Maybe end hazing and not fraternities?

    • Posted by destinyn63, at Reply

      they have underground hazing too. sometimes the frats keep it a secret.

    • Posted by FwabaaProductions, at Reply

      This is a very gdi thing to say

    • Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

      pantsontheground they changed the video name real quick.

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      I am not from America so I don’t understand why fraternities are such a big deal at American colleges. They are rare in Canadian colleges. I also don’t get the whole thing of torturing and humiliating someone to help them bond and become friends. If someone ever tortured or humiliated me that would probably make me hate that person NOT bond with them, and I definitely would not with to be friends with them afterwards . Also I would never want to do that to a person I wanted to be friends with. I think the people who get into this hazing stuff are secretly sadomasochists.

    • Posted by India McAlister, at Reply

      It’s impossible to end hazing because they just go further underground.

  4. Posted by Dean Bean, at Reply

    Frats are annoying anyways. You pay an annual fee to make friends.. I had way more success with clubs on campus.

    • Posted by Maria Trejo, at Reply

      Not all frats are like that. The Lambda Chi chapter at my school is fantastic as well as the local frat

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Looks like another case of natural selection to me.

    • Posted by DarkLadyvanStar, at Reply

      +NiggaNinja Niggato n8 b8 m8

    • Posted by NiggaNinja Niggato, at Reply

      Natural selection doesn’t mean the strongest individuals survive, it just means certain phenotypes have different reproduction rates because they survive better. Humans have a different environment, but we still undergo natural selection and evolution by change in allele frequencies.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Ailor Pewpew
      My ring provides a forcefield, making me invulnerable. Sorry, dawg. Try again.

  6. Posted by siegfried greding, at Reply

    why is wrecking your body a sign of pride

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      Its all just peer pressure

    • Posted by Braun Frankel, at Reply

      Male archetype

    • Posted by siegfried greding, at Reply

      Marcus Davis kinda random stuff lol. but I guess so . is something people do because if so dam.😕

    • Posted by Phyuk Jegle, at Reply

      Baldheadslck Fat is the new thin my brotha, get wid the times.

  7. Posted by Greg Rubin, at Reply

    With ‘brothers’ like these, who needs enemies? Reckless bastards.

    • Posted by playgrrrr, at Reply

      That’s what circlejerk group mentality does to people

    • Posted by marc07112, at Reply

      Greg Rubin FACTS

    • Posted by Anonymous, at Reply

      He had so much time and chance of survival but his dumb “brothers” had no intention of saving him and when one tried to help him and told the others to call the ambulance they all told him to “know his place”? they all are egotistical idiots!

  8. Posted by Kait Michelle, at Reply

    Not all fraternities haze. ending all of them is a broad generalization.

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      Kait Michelle Frats are cults

    • Posted by 84lja, at Reply

      Click bait

  9. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    Why Muslim immigration need to end … Same logic

    • Posted by Lion Cub, at Reply

      The actions of a few ? that’s such a simplistic way of putting it , clearly you don’t understand there is a structural and cultural problem in Islamic communities when it comes to terrorism and religious fanaticism , it doesn’t mean all muslims are bad ( can’t believe we have to make this stupid ”not all” argument again) but if you are allowing millions of that particular religion or society , then you are importing that structural and cultural problem to your own society , no two ways about it

    • Posted by John Do, at Reply

      No, the logic is different actually.

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      Well what about his degenerate behavior?

  10. Posted by drake man, at Reply

    Frats DON’T need to end but acting like whoever can drink the most is the coolest DOES need to end.

    • Posted by BasedSif, at Reply

      Eric Thomas sorry but that’s not just a stereotype. Been to college mate. Not just one either.

    • Posted by Mat Broomfield, at Reply

      Well said. That’s one of the things that lead to Britain’s negative alcohol culture.

    • Posted by denise k, at Reply

      drake man : Actually Frats are a waste of time, these people need to be doing what they went to college for: learn, study and get a degree, not fuk off. I hope all these losers go to jail.

    • Posted by denise k, at Reply

      Alemayehu Solomon . actually we have drinking laws and these Frats were not 21. The school should be monitoring Frat activities when they are under age. The school should be named in the lawsuit as these losers were legally under their care.

  11. Posted by David Espinoza, at Reply

    Charge them with first degree murder.

    • Posted by Miguel Gonsalves, at Reply

      David Espinoza Second degree at best.

    • Posted by Sean Clugston, at Reply

      involuntary manslaughter – reckless endangerment

    • Posted by Robert Lembo, at Reply

      David Espinoza this was not first degree murder…🤦‍♂️ there was no intent to end his life or any forethought… please know what you’re talking about before you comment something like that…

  12. Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

    But without frats, how do young Donald Trump supporters get away with sexual assault on college campuses?

  13. Posted by Moises, at Reply

    White males should not be allowed to gather!

    • Posted by Zz Zz, at Reply

      Moises Hahaha. If white males never gathered, you would not have the modern world.

    • Posted by profd65, at Reply

      Lol, there are plenty of African Americans in fraternities.

    • Posted by MrMakemusicmike, at Reply

      Moises especially at the Irish pub!

    • Posted by Diego Candia, at Reply

      There’s always a Token Black/Hispanic in these gatherings.

  14. Posted by Archduke Franz Ferdinand, at Reply

    “if trump told me to shoot my mother i would”

    -trump voter

    • Posted by Bücherregal Domi, at Reply

      People who didn’t watch the whole video will say that what the Archduke Franz Ferdinand himself said, doesn’t relate to the video (i say this because initially i thought it was unrelated, but no)

    • Posted by Plum, at Reply

      “If Hillary told me her husband didn’t rape multiple women in the white house, I believe her”

      – Hillary voter

    • Posted by Thecuriousincident1, at Reply

      Why does she have to pay for her Husbands misdeeds?

    • Posted by Plum, at Reply

      The fact is that she states multiple times that you have to listen and believe the victims of sexual assaults, yet she has defended her husband multiple times against these actions when it was pretty evident that he did indeed commit these sexual crimes. It is just hypocritical when you state listen victims of rape and then blame the victim when it suits your narrative.

  15. Posted by Omar Little, at Reply

    this is what happens when you have to pay for friends

    • Posted by Eric Thomas, at Reply

      sam holik Doesn’t that give me more credibility to comment on this than someone who isn’t in a frat. I’m not rich nor am I stupid, I’m giving you the legitimate reasons why I joined.

    • Posted by Philip Beadle, at Reply

      I was friends with most of the people in my fraternity before I joined, that’s why I joined. The money isn’t a bribe to make those people like you, it’s for you to do fun stuff with them. And also the philanthropic, educational or community service service type things Greek organizations do that are always dismissed out of hand.

    • Posted by Omar Albarghouty, at Reply

      Nothing in life is for free, even friends or spouses. 😂

  16. Posted by Miles Dutton, at Reply

    As a member of a fraternity, I am sickened by this. My fraternity has outlawed hazing and we take this matter very seriously. Furthermore we focus on student engagement through brotherhood, philanthropy, and community service.

    • Posted by FwabaaProductions, at Reply

      You have a frat full of pussies then

    • Posted by Dustin DeBolt, at Reply

      This was 100% my experience in a fraternity as well. I never even HEARD of something like this happening. It certainly wasn’t common or accepted behavior.

    • Posted by Tony Stark, at Reply

      Yeah you cant generalize people, fraternities are very different depend on different school cultures and student qualities, blindly hate an entire group of people based on a few dbags is stupid, I have been to a few frat houses in different cities, sure you got the stereotypical keg frats like they are living in the 80s, but a lots of them are actually very nuanced and well organized, like a frat house in Yale is like a country club, its very relaxing and the members are overall highly academically achieved.

    • Posted by Chi_squared, at Reply

      My fraternity takes hazing and drinking very seriously. We make it a point to our pledges that if they feel uncomfortable, to let someone know and we’ll take them out of the event to a more comfortable place where they don’t have to participate. We make a similar point when it comes to drinking and make a huge deal about watching out for each other (including people not in our fraternity). I only joined my fraternity because it was a place where I could enjoy my time (most of that time was without alcohol) as well as have emotional and academic support (my school specializes in stressful and tough courses). If I were ever hazed or humiliated, I probably would have felt no respect as a person and would have ditched them, but if I had the choice all over again, knowing what was ahead, I would do it all over again. Sadly, too many fraternities are just the opposite.

    • Posted by Miles Dutton, at Reply

      Chi_squared what fraternity are you in?

  17. Posted by Wolfram Hicks, at Reply

    A bunch of half-witted cave children.  Not surprised the only voice of reason was a black guy.

    • Posted by salame 269, at Reply

      Illusion Entertainment He started this racial crap

    • Posted by Illusion Entertainment, at Reply

      salame 269 and you’d be stupid to find a reason to hate someone for trying to do something positive

    • Posted by nightflight83, at Reply

      What, do you think that black fraternities don’t have hazing, including an instance where someone died? Educate yourself, you embarrassing bigot!

    • Posted by salame 269, at Reply

      Illusion Entertainment Wtf are you on about trying to do something positive?

    • Posted by Trollie McG, at Reply

      The whole point of pointing out the only black guy was to bash whites.

  18. Posted by Not Rappaport, at Reply

    Somebody remind me: What educational purpose is served by fraternities/sororities?

    • Posted by Gay Bottom Pride, at Reply

      I am not from America so I don’t understand why fraternities are such a big deal at American colleges. They are rare in Canadian colleges. I also don’t get the whole thing of torturing and humiliating someone to help them bond and become friends. If someone ever tortured or humiliated me that would probably make me hate that person NOT bond with them, and I definitely would not with to be friends with them afterwards . Also I would never want to do that to a person I wanted to be friends with. I think the people who get into this hazing stuff are secretly sadomasochists.

    • Posted by thehendleys1, at Reply

      even matching band haze. prime example, Florida A&M marching band hazed a student and he ended up dying. hazing is apparent in sports as well, it may not be as known but it is for sure a thing.

    • Posted by M.M. Schill, at Reply

      Not Rappaport
      biggest advantage, nepotism.