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Sia Tweets Nude Photo


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As opposed to letting herself obtain blackmailed, Sia tweeted out her own naked image. Poise Baldridge, Nando Vila and also Simone Boyce the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

Sia does not have time for anybody's nonsense.

The singer released a nude picture of herself on Twitter on Monday after seeing that a person was attempting to offer the image to her fans. Sia clearly was not knowledgeable about the image being taken, as it was drawn from afar and also with her back to the electronic camera.

Sia released a screenshot of the "client sneak peek" watermarked photo along with the seller's (improperly created) offer.

" If you make the acquisition it will certainly be unblurred and also you obtain as well as additional 14 photos," the message reviews.

Not one to allow her fans get deceived, Sia just uploaded the photo herself for her followers.

" A person is apparently attempting to offer nude pictures of me to my followers," Sia wrote. "Save your cash, right here it is totally free. Daily is Christmas!"

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Hosts: Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila, Simone Boyce

Cast: Elegance Baldridge, Nando Vila, Simone Boyce


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  1. Posted by Marvin the Martian, at Reply

    She’s got thicc skin and an elastic heart

    Atta girl

  2. Posted by Christine Nwachukwu, at Reply

    She’ll show her butt, but not her face? Interesting decision

    • Posted by hamza abid, at Reply

      thank you and ye it’s weird

  3. Posted by Jose M, at Reply


  4. Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply

    You guys really couldn’t find anything better to report on?

    • Posted by katra, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01 sigh, don’t click on content you don’t want to watch

    • Posted by NoEphingIdea, at Reply

      katra sigh, some people aren’t a fan of these kinds of videos because they drag the already tarnished young turks name even further down

    • Posted by TheUltimateBeing01, at Reply


      The only people who hates the Young Turks are right wingers they hammer each and everyday, which is why I love the show. Also, the racist idiots who get put on blast and can’t fathom why they get put on blast in the first place. Also those “liberals” who are basically right wingers in liberal clothing.

  5. Posted by Sir Isaac Mormont, at Reply

    Who the hell is Sia?

    • Posted by The Cooperative Individualist, at Reply


    • Posted by Erin Grant, at Reply

      seriously? huge hits ? one of the biggest singers rn?

    • Posted by First name Last name, at Reply

      I have no idea.

      From the thumbnail, I thought for a brief moment Shia LaBeouf had been playing peeping tom and TYT had misspelled his name.

      Instead of another episode of Shia’s antics its just another voyeuristic self publicist attempting to be relevant…

  6. Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

    Sia’s response was a little too cheeky if you ask me

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Butt it was so bold though.

    • Posted by NoEphingIdea, at Reply

      Whats bold about tweeting out a blurred photo that is already all over the internet?

    • Posted by cso2040, at Reply

      Nah, that’s the right amount of cheek if you ask me. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    • Posted by poofendorf, at Reply

      The photos weren’t all they were cracked up to be.

  7. Posted by killertoyson, at Reply

    I’d smash tbh

    • Posted by Evan Green, at Reply

      bruh I’d eat tbh

  8. Posted by Joe Scott, at Reply

    I’ve never understood why Jayar sits off to the side.

    • Posted by Prince Charles, at Reply

      Joe Scott because he doesn’t want to be seen with those sjws.

    • Posted by Corey Micallef, at Reply

      He really likes that chair

    • Posted by Victim cards on sale, at Reply

      He is a producer, that’s his main job. He just gives his opinion from time to time and on rare occasions he’s also a host

    • Posted by Lion Cub, at Reply

      Because racism

    • Posted by randomnobody playthrough, at Reply

      She thick.

  9. Posted by Katie Johnson, at Reply

    Yes girl. ❤👊

  10. Posted by PlantBasedCloud, at Reply

    As a long fan of hers and how she’s been so heartwarming all through her career she deserves better. People are very crappy and desperate for dirty money because that is what it is in the end when you make money that way. Shame.

  11. Posted by PlantBasedCloud, at Reply

    Sia is too pure to be going through this.F u to that pap. Gah!

  12. Posted by LAX2SanGabriel, at Reply

    Nando has prophesized the realization of the singularity. When no candidate does not have nudes. When that that day comes….oh boy what a wondrful time to be alive the lord is coming soon. The lord will have nudes. yes.

  13. Posted by klondike444, at Reply

    Who the hell is Sia?

    • Posted by ceffydriver, at Reply

      shes a singer song writer from south Australia.. most of Rihannas songs were written by her

    • Posted by Xeno McGreggor, at Reply

      Take that back.

    • Posted by Andy Q, at Reply

      I was wondering the exact same thing.

  14. Posted by nikada vise, at Reply

    what is a sia????? and why do i care?

    • Posted by jacksprat418, at Reply

      Ignorance is bliss…smh

    • Posted by Indya Willis, at Reply

      She’s an amazing songwriter and artist. You should learn about her contributions to the world of music.

    • Posted by Harry Browser, at Reply

      I never heard of Sia before I saw this video. Must admit she has a yummy butt. No big deal.

  15. Posted by Panda'sBass, at Reply

    She has a pretty thicc booty.

    • Posted by Diatonic5th, at Reply

      That face tho…

    • Posted by Ali A, at Reply

      Diatonic5th just cover the face with the pillow.

    • Posted by Panda'sBass, at Reply

      Ali A exactly what I was thinking

  16. Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

    I didnt know Sia was built like that… oooohhg lort