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Single Life Vs. Married Life


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There's proof showing that even more individuals are single currently compared to ever, people are going crazy however is it actually a bad point? Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, as well as Aida Rodriguez go over on The Young Turks. Inform us just what you believe in the remark section listed below.

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" Today, the number of single grownups in the United States– and lots of other countries worldwide– is extraordinary. As well as the numbers do not simply state individuals are remaining solitary longer before settling. Even more are remaining single forever. A 2014 Seat Report estimates that by the time today's young people reach the age of 50, concerning one in 4 of them will certainly have never ever wed.

The ascendancy of single living has actually left some in a panic. United States Information & World Record, for example, warned that Americans believe the country's moral worths misbehave and becoming worse, and also one of the top factors for their issue is the large number of individuals continuing to be single.

But instead of stressing, perhaps we need to commemorate." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich, Aida Rodriguez.


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  1. Posted by Darkside Media, at Reply

    TyT will say and do anything in order to destroy society.

    • Posted by Angel Rodarte Jr., at Reply

      Darkside Media I’ll say it too fam, “PEOPLE CAN LIVE AS THEY PLEASE AND DO WHAT THEY WANT!”

    • Posted by Adolf Hitler, at Reply

      Sure unless you promote Islam.

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      Darkside Media during the Renaissance:
      “I heard people want to stop burning witches and it will destroy society.”

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      Staying single is one of the few things that TYT has said I agree with.


  2. Posted by Humpty Dumpty, at Reply

    It’s because men have no benefits of getting married. Also women are cheating more than ever.

    • Posted by Wasp, at Reply

      +Edward Bernayse666 You don’t get to decide for others what problems they should dismiss and take seriously, and many people are perfectly able to face and focus on multiple issues simultaneously.
      +Humpty Dumpty Also that meme about submissive Asian women hasn’t been true for almost two decades. Most Asian women are now pursuing high end careers and the small group willing to role-play submissiveness do so in exchange for all your money and material possession.
      Something or someone just clearly pissed you off once otherwise you wouldn’t be so hateful all the time. I don’t know if you’re aware (and you wouldn’t admit it anyway if it were true) but you look like a textbook example of someone who got turned down once and then decided to hate women because you weren’t allowed to “have” them. You should work on yourself because the way you behave now just looks extremely insecure and more and more people will fail to take you seriously.

      But we both know you won’t and that you’re under the impression that you’re this total manly badass who got it all sorted out, right?

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      @wasp i’d say it was awfully selfish, ignorant and short sighted to put issues like racist cops, safe spaces in colleges, trump saying crude things about women and then still getting elected president, transgender bathrooms, etc ahead of the problems that i mentioned that will actually take our country down and turn us into a less prosperous and less happy place to live.

    • Posted by sherri skentzos, at Reply

      im not a neo natzi im jewish and i am also a delivery nurse

    • Posted by Humpty Dumpty, at Reply

      +Wasp Really? Hmm I’m not in a relationship but it’s obvious many white males have been going with Asian women, statistics show it as well. From my personal experience Asian women have been much more submissive than white women… Are you saying that you know from experience that, that rumor is false?

  3. Posted by Tesla Cumba, at Reply

    I was married and divorced in my twenties. Vowed to never marry again.
    Was bi for awhile. Had a boyfriend 15 years younger than me for awhile.
    Now I’m 45, single and happier than ever.

    • Posted by Tesla Cumba, at Reply

      Yeah right I have men falling over me at the gym and at work every day..
      I don’t want or need them..besides the occasional Opera and dinner..

    • Posted by Tesla Cumba, at Reply

      sexyvita88 Only someone Very young thinks 45 is old.
      isn’t it past your bed time?

    • Posted by Tesla Cumba, at Reply

      sexyvita88 Stay in school..learn to read better.
      I said I vowed to never marry again.
      So why would I care if No Man wanted to marry a 45yo? Besides, that’s ridiculous.

  4. Posted by commandoslayer, at Reply

    They get married then get bored and then they cheat on their spouse

    • Posted by senorashish, at Reply

      Well duh, because they’re sex addicts who pretend to be normal.

    • Posted by senorashish, at Reply

      That’s assuming the woman does not work as well.

    • Posted by commandoslayer, at Reply

      Only if she is a golddiger and he is her sugar daddy.

  5. Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

    There no reason for a guy to get married , theres no benefit. At All. The only reason that anyone would is so they don’t get ragged on by people who want to use it to demean you. Not to mention women have all the power as soon as you’re married. Divorce? Shes got all the money. Victim of spouse abuse ? You’re still arrested even if you’re the victim. Etc

    • Posted by Keith P, at Reply

      AgentDearestZ do you have any experience in this arena or do you just believe what you’ve been told? do you realize people can lie? that was OTHER peoples problems, and it only affects them. they messed up. that is not your fault. your life is your own and you may get different results than they. you can’t rely on what other people tell you because they are only thinking about themselves and their own lives – which they are responsible for- and their experiences apply only to them. they are probably angry that they didn’t the life they wanted too, but that’s on them. that had nothing to do with you. they had no right to manipulate you into limiting your options in life and love. they are making YOU pay the price for THEIR screwups.

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      +Keith P What? Did you mean to post that to this thread?

    • Posted by X'O Host, at Reply

      Accurate, only reason is if you’re weak and crumble under social pressure. You can have valuable relationships without marriage anyway.

    • Posted by AgentDearestZ, at Reply

      +X’O Host Yep!

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply


  6. Posted by Ken Adams, at Reply

    Single life is great…until you’ve been single for so long that after the day is over and you have nothing left to do or no one to talk too you feel a deep pit of unhappiness and loneliness that you have to drink and watch movies on Netflix just to mask the depression and sometimes cry yourself to sleep…other than that it’s awesome.

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      what was your family background like? i know it sounds like a cheesy question but freud had that one right when he wrote his books.

  7. Posted by Bam Westy, at Reply

    Sounds like young people aren’t brainwashed

    • Posted by Edward Bernayse666, at Reply

      i think that they figure that they would only be marrying someone that they will inevitably be divorcing later on down the road and have to deal with that stress and tragedy is what it is.

  8. Posted by TheAK47striker, at Reply

    the power of the legal system is entirely behind her. wether just or unjust, she has the ability to hurt me through intervention via state while i have barely any legal recourse. why risk that? for love? tell that to the countless number of men paying child support while barely being allowed to see their kids because their ex wrongfully accused them of being violent, which works nearly every time without any evidence being provided. it’s clear where the sympathies of the family courts lie. they’re meat grinders for men. there is no benefit. end of story

    • Posted by James Agnotheist, at Reply

      -Yeah I have several guy friends that are paying child support and have been put through the ringer by their ex wives. My one friend married a woman that already had two kids and my friend was married to her for about 6 years then got divorced and guess what? My friend is paying child support for HER two kids that she had with another man! This is in part because the other man (the biological Father of her two boys) isn’t paying child support. My other friend was accused of domestic violence during divorce and so he couldn’t get custody of the children because the court just took the women’s word about the violence, even though she provided zero evidence. It’s horrid out here for men.

    • Posted by TheAK47striker, at Reply

      horror stories like this make me wish i were gay -_-

    • Posted by James Agnotheist, at Reply

      Haha, well I hear that gay men have a lot of other types of problems like massive cheating and stuff like that. But I get what you’re saying. Perhaps lesbians fair better in relationships, I don’t know.

  9. Posted by Zingzapper, at Reply

    I’m 24 and married, and I’m the ‘weird’ guy who wants to be a dad. The best part of being married, in my opinion, is waking up next to my best friend and finding comfort in the knowledge that I have lifelong support. As was stated in the video, we do learn and experience life together, and our experiences influence the work I do.

    But, I know the married life is not for everyone, so you do you.

  10. Posted by dapunisher1000, at Reply

    American culture is pathetic……

    • Posted by SUPER-BITCH, at Reply

      its all over the world dumb-dumb

    • Posted by SUPER-BITCH, at Reply

      watch your mouth…it is a phenomenon that is going on. people are now working more to pay off their college debts instead of marrying. it is happening all over the world. I don’t know where you are from or a lot about you, but I can see that you are not big on education.

  11. Posted by Ludens, at Reply

    I don’t plan on ever getting married. I’m 19 I’ve seen how misery that others have gone through.

    • Posted by James Agnotheist, at Reply

      Oh c’mon, it’s not that bad! I’m 43 and have only been divorced twice so far and lost 2 homes as a result of divorce, and am near financial ruin. (all actually true)……But look at me, I’m still here and have internet and a computer to type on!

    • Posted by adam davis, at Reply

      James Agnotheist wait until she mentions that u have kids that she never tell u but u will be billed dont worry 😀

    • Posted by James Agnotheist, at Reply

      +adam davis – Hahaha, THANKFULLY I at least did one thing right and took care of that issue before ever getting married, so no worries there. I like kids, but happy to not be buried with child support like many men are.

  12. Posted by John Butts, at Reply

    Millennials are just learning from others experiences.  Ive met many people who have royally fucked up their lives with marriage.  Few have happy marriages, and far fewer than that have strong ones.  Marriage is just too dangerous an endeavor that isn’t worth the risk to your health, time, and wealth.

    • Posted by Michael Cerda, at Reply

      Martin Luther King Jr. what garbage

    • Posted by Mr R, at Reply

      Marriages are failing because people are selfish pricks who lack the basic necessities required to be a competent life partner. The older generations are the only ones with those skillsets. Unfortunately, it was never passed down to the future and we are seeing remnants of that now.

    • Posted by Mr R, at Reply

      Actually Martin Luther King Jr is right. Plenty of fucked up people out there who feel they deserve love lol. Very few folks are marriage material. Rest of yall are a bunch of cuckolds and sterilized femnazis.

  13. Posted by Krunchy The Clown, at Reply

    Never had a GF, never getting married. Ever.

    • Posted by Krunchy The Clown, at Reply

      Michael 마익흘 Aronson I am actually. I have friends, and even have a female friend who docent care if I jack off in front of her lol.

    • Posted by jpowers55, at Reply

      Markie Green Lotta married men are using lotion and towels too.

    • Posted by William Esquivel, at Reply

      +Krunchy The Clown you could be asexual

    • Posted by Krunchy The Clown, at Reply

      William Esquivel erotophobia.

  14. Posted by Cameron Connor, at Reply

    21 year old virgin here.

    • Posted by Tsubasa, at Reply

      No need to rush it 🙂

    • Posted by Teeta Malangi, at Reply

      No problem. You still have lotssss of years ahead of you. It’ll come in due time. Believe me, it happens to ALL of us 🙂

      I also never had any serious romantic relationship until I was in senior year of college.

    • Posted by blac ptown ptown, at Reply

      Cameron Connor are you shy ?girls like nerds and geeks now ,with the internet you can get laid so easy,but if you doing this for religious reasons more power to you

    • Posted by Cameron Connor, at Reply

      Not at all. I’m actually quite confident. I hold a law degree, I’ve worked at a few firms, and I work in a research capacity at university. The thing is that I’m ugly, and so everyone will say it’s because I’m too shy, or if not beacause I’m too confident. My 22nd birthday falls in June. I may just see a prostitute.

    • Posted by Tsubasa, at Reply

      You should join second life where you can look however you want and people have to get to know you and not judge how you look 🙂 its what i did lol

  15. Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

    Feminist ruined marriage.

    • Posted by blac ptown ptown, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 indeed

  16. Posted by manweller1, at Reply

    I love being single no kids no nagging wife and impending divorce thank you Lord.

    • Posted by Brandon The Mechanic, at Reply

      manweller1 in his son’s name, Jesus Christ, amen XD lol 🖒🖒🖒

  17. Posted by liedetector101, at Reply

    Because alimony is bullshit.

    • Posted by Jim Heeren, at Reply

      liedetector101 it’s bullshit to pay for your child’s upbringing?

    • Posted by thethankfullservant, at Reply

      Jim Heeren alimoney is different than child support its payments for past use of vaginas

  18. Posted by J Zoidberg, at Reply

    Don’t be fooled… many millennials want to get married and have kids, buy a house, but it is impossible for us with super low paying jobs saddled with huge amounts of debt. I’ve seen so many articles like this, and it seems to be putting this idea into peoples heads so they don’t see what they’ve lost.

    • Posted by J Zoidberg, at Reply

      If you compare me to my parents who didn’t even graduate high school, they had jobs that paid more when they started taking inflation into account, they were able to buy a house, had no debt, and were able to settle down by my age. We can see that productivity has gone up while wages have stagnated… Where did this surplus go?

    • Posted by J Zoidberg, at Reply

      I don’t want to saddle my girlfriend with my debt, I want to be debt free so that she doesn’t have to take on the responsibility… I want to be able to afford healthcare for my kids in the future, and be able to send them to school. All these things have been lost… Today more jobs are zero hour contracts, service industry and sales jobs… Those are the types of jobs created in our society. Things need to change.

    • Posted by J Zoidberg, at Reply

      Look at most of the jobs that are being made in America they’re not well paid… and the heating and cooling jobs will also go when less people can afford their energy bills… We have to look at the big picture, yes a few people do well but for most people it is harder now then any time since the great depression.

  19. Posted by Jimbob Day, at Reply

    Why would I get married when women are like Ana who are just waiting to take you to divorce courts?

    • Posted by Dom Gia, at Reply

      I like my house and my stuff, I don’t want someone taking half of my stuff.

    • Posted by TheJerseyJenn, at Reply

      Jimbob Day I would never do that to someone unless they royally fucked me over first. My worry is why would I get married only for my husband to cheat on me?

    • Posted by mrn4s, at Reply

      “We want pre-nup!”

  20. Posted by SomeGuy, at Reply

    The double standard exists because a woman’s reproductive timeline ends around 35
    A man’s ends around 50.

    • Posted by King Lito, at Reply

      SomeGuy Men can always reproduce.

    • Posted by DarkLordofHistory, at Reply

      I don’t think you know anything about reproduction.

    • Posted by Ibn Muhammad, at Reply

      There are men who have children at 80. Altho I won’t risk it and it is sad for that child.

    • Posted by King Lito, at Reply

      Men never stop producing sperm. Women only produce a limited number of eggs.