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Slip and Slide Fails (April 2017) || FailArmy


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We're sliding and sliding all over the place with the most effective slip and slide fails!! Leave your faves in the comment section and also don't forget to submit your amusing fail video clips to !!

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Slip 'n' Slider Flies off 75-Ft. Dive and Overshoots Swimming pool
Person Bounces off Bump on Waterslide as well as Lands on Neck
Youngster Slip-n-Slides right into Rocks
Dog Can not Run up Slide
Guy Slips While Running Really Fast
Water Slide Cyclist Falls and Hits Head
Lady Tries to Handle Soccer Sphere and Trips (Twice).
Penguin Falls off Rock into Water.
Father Can't Skimboard n/a.
Person Falls on Butt after Gliding down Slope.
Child Falls Using High Heels.
Basketball Gamers Discard Cooler on Train.
Guys Diminish Shovel While Gliding on Ice.
Girl Wipes Out While Snow Tubing.
Guy Tries to Add Slide and Faceplants.
Guy Erases Skimboarding on Muddy Hill.
Indoor Slip and Slide into Home window.
Youngster Tries to Glide Throughout Slip as well as Slide.
Waterfall River Crossing Slip Fail.
Drunk Lady Sliding in the Streets.
Old Man Faceplants on Slip 'N Slide.
Man Slips on Slippery Bridge.
Water Slide Faceplant.
Male Riding Slip-n-Slide Misses Mark.
Skimboarding on Slip-N-Slide Fail.
Waterslide Cyclist Crashes right into Close friend.
Musician Slides on Paint.
Drunk Woman Slips and also Falls on Bathroom Flooring.
Pet dog Got by Man on Slip N Slide.
Lady Aims to Do Acrobatics in Backyard.
Girl Falls Off Skimboard.
Slip-N-Slide Double Fail.
Papa Faceplants on Water Slide.
Humorous Diving Board Slip Fail.
Icy Rail Parkour Fail.
Man Rides Board down Roofing towards Swimming pool.
Kid Cannot Glide down Waterslide.
Guy Hits Head Aiming to Glide into River.
Groom Gets on Swimming pool.
Kid in Boxers Slides Throughout Buttered Floor.
Creek Crossing Rock Slip Fail Caught On Electronic camera.
Man Slides Off Roofing system Into Pool.
Person Hurts Butt on Water Slide.

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Slide as well as Slide Fails (April 2017)|| FailArmy.

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  1. Posted by freezEware, at Reply

    20 seconds in, and already two decided to not like this video? How dedicated are some haters?

    • Posted by Cesarito, at Reply

      freezEware “Dedicated” is giving them too much credit. More like how much of a life do they not have?

    • Posted by Mikhailov Nikolay, at Reply

      Notifications are a great tool for that 🙂

  2. Posted by MilkDemCows666, at Reply

    I lost my virginity to a cow

    • Posted by SirKnightDawg, at Reply

      mine was a pizza

    • Posted by TheEarMan, at Reply

      MilkDemCows666 ine was supposed to be a cow but it was a horse :-(. Supermarket scam

    • Posted by Mattias Strandberg, at Reply

      and u have a picture of Michael Caine…

    • Posted by Ill, at Reply

      now cow is virgin

  3. Posted by The Fugitive, at Reply

    This is the earliest ive ever been to a fail army video!

    chuck us a like for this awesome achievement lol

    • Posted by Vandsaz Vinzani, at Reply


    • Posted by Crafty YJ Music, at Reply

      Me to

    • Posted by mike cottey, at Reply

      Same I got to watch it early

    • Posted by freezEware, at Reply

      yeah that’s very unusual, i saw “posted 20 seconds ago” 😀 can’t do much better than that

    • Posted by SirPenya, at Reply

      The Fugitive same

  4. Posted by Jnitzy Doctor, at Reply

    0:53 She dabbed before falling ?

    • Posted by Insindius LoL, at Reply

      I SAW IT TOO

    • Posted by FreakishlyTrue, at Reply

      Jnitzy Doctor wow 100 likes an hour… not bad

    • Posted by Striker KZ, at Reply

      Jnitzy Doctor 2 in a row xD

    • Posted by alex Debroux, at Reply

      Your life must be so fucking boring

    • Posted by idk Productions, at Reply

      Jnitzy Doctor ikr

  5. Posted by Nata's Channel, at Reply

    Who scroll down for comments?

    • Posted by Jack, at Reply

      You have to scroll down to see the comments.

    • Posted by DEVMAR 3815, at Reply

      Nata’s Channel who fart while watching this

    • Posted by TheGamingHellcat, at Reply

      I scroll down to listen to music… Idk what are you talking about

    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      Nata’s Channel i scroll down for food

    • Posted by Ugly Lama, at Reply

      Nata’s Channel me not

  6. Posted by Lizzeh Goes Bork, at Reply

    Fail army.
    I love every single video that you post, not only are they funny but my teacher allows us to watch your videos in Class.
    Keep up the great work!
    I would also be honoured if you replied <3

    • Posted by Kiing Waqas, at Reply

      Hi i am “You”.I have blessed you with a reply!

    • Posted by jpsinger16, at Reply

      Your teacher is really lazy. “It says here we’re supposed to learn about the American Revolution today, but let’s just watch fail videos instead.”

    • Posted by Tupac, at Reply

      Can i borrow ur teacher??

    • Posted by Ivan e Isabella Vlogs, at Reply

      Lizzeh Goes Bork ha my teacher too. Ironic right

    • Posted by Alan Keane, at Reply

      Lizzeh Goes Bork same

  7. Posted by Allyssa Rose, at Reply

    1:30 a baby can handstand but i cant wtff

    • Posted by Autistic boy, at Reply

      Less weight.

    • Posted by Ethanhike, at Reply

      Autistic boy savage!

    • Posted by Movin' On, at Reply

      That’s the mUDDER of all jokes

  8. Posted by FAIL KING, at Reply

    Amazing Fails 🙂

    • Posted by Dsksks Hsjs, at Reply

      FAIL KING 😀

    • Posted by een anonieme man, at Reply

      Dsksks Hsjs 😡

  9. Posted by Ridwan Rhythm, at Reply


    • Posted by SuperRob69, at Reply

      Ridwan Rhythm XD

  10. Posted by AVΣS, at Reply

    “No, I’m fine, my bat hurts, man.” – Stranger, 2017

    • Posted by XBRT, at Reply

      Too many commas.

    • Posted by Grayden Donner, at Reply

      XBRT That is not a proper sentence.

    • Posted by Lugh Summerson, at Reply

      Too few semicolons.

    • Posted by Faeb, at Reply


    • Posted by Kragatar, at Reply

      He was butthurt.

  11. Posted by Aurimas, at Reply

    What did the Librarian say to the kids?

    Read more

    • Posted by xXSephiroth420Xx, at Reply

      Good job stealing that pun dude

    • Posted by Aurimas, at Reply


    • Posted by FreakishlyTrue, at Reply

      Aurimas I refuse to fall in to this trap lol

  12. Posted by Nightcore - TriiveX, at Reply

    Ni higger

    • Posted by theepicsealshow123, at Reply

      i read it as hi higger

    • Posted by Nightcore - TriiveX, at Reply

      you are racist -_-

    • Posted by Barn Van die Bos, at Reply


    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      No, he is carist.

  13. Posted by Kristaps Savnors, at Reply

    2:13 you can see that’s not his first time trying lol.

  14. Posted by Triple Hat, at Reply

    1:50 legend says that the shovel is still sliding till this day

    • Posted by Hey it's Liv, at Reply


    • Posted by Böser Patrick, at Reply

      Triple Hat Why is it sliding so much??? Pls help

    • Posted by Asad Almas, at Reply


    • Posted by Böser Patrick, at Reply

      Triple Hat Thanks bro

  15. Posted by Holy Potato, at Reply

    My butt hurts man

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      So gay!

    • Posted by Zorn1des1Ares, at Reply

      Holy Potato Reminds me of “Somebody hurt my diiiick!” somehow

  16. Posted by Jacob Frye, at Reply

    2:28 that guy laughing is my spirit animal.

    • Posted by Pavel Černý, at Reply

      I died😂😂

    • Posted by T Cyr, at Reply

      Jacob Frye Lol 😂 😂good one 👍🏼

    • Posted by Mayub Noor, at Reply

      Jacob Frye rip to me 😂😂😂😂

  17. Posted by ASH CAT PUSSY DESTROYER, at Reply

    5:51 when she wants to try anal

  18. Posted by Pol Reig, at Reply

    2:26 WTF that laugh

    • Posted by leun, at Reply


  19. Posted by Crispapple, at Reply

    4:54 that was actually cool. How tf did he happen to do that?

    • Posted by FreakishlyTrue, at Reply

      Crispapple He is cousins with Rey Mysterio