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Slippery When Wet!: Funny Water Fails || FailArmy


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We've got a number of amusing water falls short for you to laugh with. Whatever from huge stomach flops to water obstacles and some dreadful watercraft captains! Let us know your faves in the comments area and as always, submit your amusing fails to us on!!


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Water Slide Backflop
Table Divign Board
Pool Jump Gone Wrong
Gradnma Can't Drift on Innertube
Rope Swing Fail
Houseboat Waterslide Fail
Large Waterslide Fail
Tandem Waverunner Fail
" You assume I do not enjoy Net?"
Water Challenge Program
Woman Can not Find out Water fountain
Inflatable Swan Wine Fail
Individual Aiming to Walk Across Pool
Diving Board Fail
Man Virtually Crushed by Ferryboat
Lady into Lake while Playing Fetch with Dog
Woman Flips Into Swimming pool and also Bellyflops
Travelers Get Tipped out of Boat
Guy Faceplants While Water Winter sports
Individuals Fly From Boat
Teen Breaks Diving Board
Kid Tries to Consume alcohol from Canteen in One 2nd
Significant Person From Kayak
Surfers Flight a Big Raft in the Sea
Individual Attempts to Jump Onto Swing
Cabin Collapses Into River
Surfer Obtains Caught in Barrel
Male Sheds Skateboard Trying to Skate on Rocks
Surfer into Bodyboarder
Ship right into Ship at the Dock
Waves Introduce Bodyboarder in the Air
Person Plays around in Pool
Lady Wipes Out on Big Wave
German Guard Splashes Owner in the Pool
Golden Retriever right into the Pool
Showoff Wipes Out on Water
Handstand on Boogie Board
Guy Obtains Shorts Caught on Waterslide
Drone Into Water
Individual in Canoe Obtains Stuck on Tiny Decrease
Wakeboarder Smashes Nuts on Ramp
Water Skier Exit ramp
Child Hits Head Throughout Backflip Attempt Into Swimming pool
Male Dressed as Superhero Wipes Out while Pond Skimming

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  1. Posted by WolfGangs Willy, at Reply

    If this get 200 likes fails amry has to do biggest news fails

    • Posted by Dweller of the Mum's basement, at Reply

      WolfGangs Willy doesn’t work like that

  2. Posted by PlaylistCentral, at Reply

    1 like and I’ll shoot up Roblox Highschool

    • Posted by Zoaper, at Reply

      That is like saying you have never heard of or seen minecraft before

    • Posted by Zoaper, at Reply

      Okay, you’re just trolling now, you’re telling me you have never heard a kid talk about minecraft? Or even saw or even heard of minecraft?

    • Posted by PlaylistCentral, at Reply

      Zoaper No mate wut is minecraft? My Herobrain can’t take it

    • Posted by Pizza, at Reply

      Zoaper , does that have something to do with the “internet” everyone is talking about ?

  3. Posted by Sam Nunn, at Reply

    It’s sad because I’m not even part of the notification squad because I’m just on YouTube all the time :/

    • Posted by Suomen poika, at Reply

      Sam Nunn lmao

    • Posted by wolf colorz, at Reply

      Sam Nunn ur not alone

    • Posted by Kaden Lucas, at Reply

      wolf colorz m

  4. Posted by Bubbles, at Reply

    Kermit the Frog titty fucked miss Piggy!

    • Posted by Louis Vercoe, at Reply

      Bubbles what’s Green and smells like bacon… Kermit the frog fingers

    • Posted by Preston Anderson, at Reply

      ayy I get the reference

    • Posted by TrollxKiNgZz, at Reply

      Louis Vercoe childhood ruined

    • Posted by Zoe Pollard, at Reply

      No wonder he always avoids her

  5. Posted by siewca chaosu, at Reply


    • Posted by mago_ 81, at Reply

      Za mało kurwa, kurwa. Więcej kurwa, kurwa! Do roboty kurwa! Kurwa!

    • Posted by SuwiX, at Reply


    • Posted by Marcelina Durka, at Reply

      mago_ 81 kurwa xD

    • Posted by Zbigniew kowal, at Reply


  6. Posted by Don't Read My Profile Pic, at Reply

    *Who’s Watching Without Socks*😎🔥🐼

    • Posted by ThunderGG, at Reply

      Who’s reading an overused comment.

    • Posted by Connor Gleason, at Reply

      me lol

    • Posted by SlyNeonHusker, at Reply

      Don’t Read My Profile Pic How did you know…

    • Posted by Just_ Alexa, at Reply

      Don’t Read My Profile Pic its summer brah😂😂

  7. Posted by bmg_benny th5, at Reply

    Do You Love Fails?
    I love Fails!!!

    • Posted by bmg_benny th5, at Reply

      Niels Kloppenburg xD

    • Posted by SlyNeonHusker, at Reply

      bmg_benny th5 My life is a Fail I’m surprised it’s not in this video 😀

    • Posted by bmg_benny th5, at Reply

      SlyNeonHusker hahahaha

    • Posted by Niels Kloppenburg, at Reply

      SlyNeonHusker maybe because your not wet

  8. Posted by Ami, at Reply

    3:27 one inches of death

    • Posted by SMooKeSnopez, at Reply

      Ami one inch away from death*

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      He would never be dead so slow how the ferry is

    • Posted by Kevin Lawler, at Reply

      Yoda, that thing would have cut his leg off.

  9. Posted by HNsinxnx Vdjaksus, at Reply

    Looks like Failarmy needs money…Most Fails are arleady in other compilations of them and are reups…desubscribed.

    • Posted by Sound Of Silence, at Reply

      Desubscribed? Or *unsubscribed*

    • Posted by AlchemyFire, at Reply

      You mean unsubscribed?

    • Posted by SalandFindles, at Reply

      +HNsinxnx Vdjaksus You mean unsubscribed.**

    • Posted by Henning Simensen, at Reply

      You go and see how easy it is to find new fresh fails

  10. Posted by DK CgZ, at Reply

    Last digit is who you are

    1. Pewdiepie

    2. Jacksepticeye




    6.Anyone From this list only

    7. A Goth

    8. A Normal White Person

    9. A Black Dude

    0. Jake Paul

    idk i ran out of ideas when i started this

    • Posted by Logan Pugh, at Reply

      DK CgZ Poodiepie

    • Posted by Otf. Kingsavage, at Reply

      DK CgZ a

    • Posted by Cameron DeVries, at Reply

      DK CgZ why is the white person normal but the black person is not

    • Posted by Kozars Son, at Reply

      I’m me

  11. Posted by SeMiBanana, at Reply

    Whos watching this without legs

    • Posted by Ibrahim Abi, at Reply

      I have disability and I’m offended.

    • Posted by Sophie Wilson, at Reply

      Ibrahim Abi lmao

    • Posted by SEENgod, at Reply

      Your mom

  12. Posted by Myth NumbCorns, at Reply

    Intro wasn’t even 1% funny…

    • Posted by Suomen poika, at Reply

      Myth NumbCorns yep

    • Posted by JimBobJones, at Reply

      it wasnt supposed to be

    • Posted by Suomen poika, at Reply

      JimBobJones it was

    • Posted by K R, at Reply

      Myth NumbCorns There is a cat in the bed and that’s all what counts

  13. Posted by Ziegler, at Reply


    • Posted by Radiant Penguin, at Reply

      No this guy has some chin.

    • Posted by Halozocker104, at Reply

      Radiant Penguin this Comment deserves more likes

    • Posted by MysteriousMrR, at Reply

      Ziegler No that’s Peppermint Patty

    • Posted by Irontwist, at Reply

      that’s actually jojo from horton hears a who

  14. Posted by TheJKMC, at Reply

    “You think I don’t watch internet!?”

    • Posted by lukas s, at Reply

      TheJKMC I was at this part I was cringing when he said that XD

    • Posted by Victorino Gonzalezino, at Reply

      cringe or not, he owned the girl

    • Posted by Pep oé c moi, at Reply

      Victorino thx captain obivous it’s her dad for sure he owns her.

    • Posted by SalandFindles, at Reply

      +TheJKMC Intanet**

    • Posted by Forta1985, at Reply

      He won everything, EVERYTHING!!!!

  15. Posted by ktms1605, at Reply

    5:34 dude you can’t say that when your kid’s in front of you.

    • Posted by Kerry A, at Reply

      Pep oé c moi it’s called a joke!

    • Posted by Pep oé c moi, at Reply

      Your birth is a joke

  16. Posted by I want hwasa to strangle me with her thighs, at Reply

    Who’s watching this with their eyes?

    • Posted by SMooKeSnopez, at Reply

      I want hwasa to strangle me with her thighs who is asking for likes?

    • Posted by Fruit500, at Reply

      I’m watching this with my brain, eyes just work as window to outside world.

  17. Posted by 777scubadiver, at Reply

    3:08 Lets all laugh at the autistic guy.
    4:40 That is some nasty, NASTY water

    • Posted by Wendy Muller, at Reply

      777scubadiver Exactly what I was thinking. I’ve seen cleaner swamps

    • Posted by Keanu Salvador, at Reply

      777scubadiver 2

    • Posted by Schnell Straße, at Reply

      he’s not autistic but just very gay

  18. Posted by Jack Ballard, at Reply

    “It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s … a fish” :’) 4:56

    • Posted by Joseph Van Cleave, at Reply

      Jack Ballard Issa bird Issa plane nah the be super man keeping metropolis safe but not for the fame super man ain’t super man with out his cape but luckily that ain’t the case