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‘Smartphone Zombie’ Law Bans Texting While Walking


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Is this good plan, or government overreach? Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us just what you assume in the remark section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Going across the road while texting, tweeting, or CandyCrush-ing could cost you, under a new law in Hawaii's biggest city.
Honolulu's 'smartphone zombie' regulation, which enters into impact today, authorizes authorities to stop and also fine pedestrians up to $35 for walking with their eyes glued to their phone display, the New york city Times reported.
The ban makes Honolulu the very first major American city to pass regulations targeting "sidetracked strolling" in a quote to boost road safety and security.
" This is really landmark regulations that establishes bench high for security," claimed Brandon Elefante, the City board member behind the expense." *.
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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Daniel Blum, at Reply

    Anna! It’s rude to other people! It’s like talking loud on the phone in a restaurant. I live in Kyiv and I cycle for exercise. I don’t ride in the street though because drivers are crazy here and law enforcers inept. There aren’t many bike lanes. I believe I have the same rights as say – an 8 yo boy who also rides on the sidewalk because the street is too dangerous for him. I don’t know how many times [when I clearly had the right of way] a pedestrian has stepped out in front of me while staring at their phone, almost causing a catastrophe! So far I have been alert enough to stop [crushing my balls against the seat] before anything serious happened. Situational awareness, please! Have common courtesy for other people! Don’t be a zombie road hazard!

  2. Posted by Jordan Coverson, at Reply

    Wow, Ana is right for once

  3. Posted by Michael Tilrico, at Reply

    Really? Why do we try to slow down natural selection? Furthermore, why are you ok with some freedoms to be taken away but not others? How do you choose? If over x% of gum chewers choke and die on the gum should we ban gum, jail time, death penalty? Who has the right to choose that? Why do we give them that power?

    To me we should only limit freedoms that have the opportunity to limit freedoms of others. AKA freedom to life can be taken by a gun so lets get better gun laws. Freedom to walk and text limits others freedom to….can’t think of any

  4. Posted by John Buchinger, at Reply

    Just another law that will allow the police harass minorities. Then it will become a executable offense.

  5. Posted by Gryphon, at Reply

    They need to enforce the cell phone use and texting much stronger than worrying about a pedestrian using their cell phone while walking. Pedestrians always have the right of way as long as they are following the traffic signals. I almost get run over about 10 times a day because drivers are preoccupied with their phone or other things and not what is going on around them at all.

  6. Posted by Rivaldo Dael, at Reply

    That’s Ana alright. Living in her own bubble. However where does this end. Crossing the road when not having looked left or right gets you jail time ?

  7. Posted by Douglas Richardson, at Reply

    just another way to force private citizens to interact with killer cops.

  8. Posted by llewylnmoss, at Reply

    Damn Anna lacks logic. What the hell is he talking about? bringing guns into this? really? lol

  9. Posted by Geek The Girl, at Reply

    Maybe lawmakers are just sick to death like so many of us, since we are constantly having to dodge these distracted nincompoops and make way for them! And Anna honey, get over your bad self – is what you’re doing really that important that it can’t wait a minute? Please…

  10. Posted by mad martigan, at Reply

    Ana great story babe, how about you back in the kitchen and make me a sandwich

  11. Posted by United Detinu, at Reply

    The fact cenk would call ana a libertarian even mockingly just goes to show what an asinine leftist moron he is.

  12. Posted by Bobby Collins, at Reply

    Ana is right! %100!

    And if you are looking at an actual map, to find the place you’re looking at, you should be able to look at the gps map to find the same place… is even more effective to get to where you want to go.

  13. Posted by christopher hall, at Reply

    I was just seconds from making this point Cenk. This will be another tool for raising revenue for the city only impacting low income citizens.

  14. Posted by Brandon Brown, at Reply

    Ana is wrong in the sense her thought on the matter is wrong. Yet this is governments overstepping.

  15. Posted by casual35, at Reply

    Ana’s reaction along with a lot of others is feeling like someone is telling them what to do. America, it is how you approach the issue. Educate about the effects it has on others. Her attitude is if she gets run over it’s her problem. That is selfish. This is no different to freedom of speech or owning a gun.

  16. Posted by Kevin Martinez, at Reply

    My problem is how the cops will enforce it. I highly doubt they’ll stop the business man power walking with his phone. More than likely they’ll stop guys that look like me, who don;t have the means to give them trouble. Never give cops leeway to judge when to stop someone. It’s always bad for minorities and poor people.

  17. Posted by Lisa Neuttila, at Reply

    It isn’t on you Ana when you get hit and killed by a driver who couldn’t avoid you walking out in front of you. They have to live with that. What about the driver who has to swerve to miss you, and ends up dying instead of you? No, you need to be attentive when you are a part of traffic. Put away the phone and have a life, and let others lived without you in their way.

  18. Posted by Harvey Bhamra, at Reply

    Ana your pathethic, your selfish. How are we going to create a utopian society with you in it?

  19. Posted by Danny Cooper, at Reply

    I’m conflicted…people shouldn’t do it because they can’t see what’s in front of them….but there shouldn’t be a law for it.

  20. Posted by James Woods, at Reply

    Wrong Anna, We can make a lot of money on you. If someone runs you over its not on you its about the person that hits you. Usually smart, dumb on this view!