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Smile Wide!: Fails You Missed #26 (January 2018)


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I bet you had such an active week that you couldn't find the moment to watch our terrific fail videos. Thankfully for us, we have actually assembled a large collections including all the fails you missed this week! We have keg stand falls short, ice skating oversights, and also much more! You rate!


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  1. Posted by Kevin 0064, at Reply


  2. Posted by Benjamin Bradley, at Reply


  3. Posted by SweManTwizts, at Reply

    What a fail! 0:10

    • Posted by sACCboy, at Reply

      i laughed so hard after your comment xDDD

    • Posted by lJadeJollyLovel, at Reply

      SweManTwizts love the sarcasm

  4. Posted by Save The World From New World Order, at Reply

    Was watching Algorithm movie n i got fail Army ‘s noti…..came here
    By the way……Have u guys watched Hacker movie and Hacking democracy….. Haven’t yet……u should then….worth watching

    • Posted by Save The World From New World Order, at Reply

      HᎯPPᎽ FLᎾᎯᏆINᎶ BUBBLEЅ …..what do u mean

    • Posted by Crippled Old Men, at Reply

      Save The World From New World Order at the last part of your comment are you talking to yourself?

    • Posted by HᎯPPᎽ FLᎾᎯᏆINᎶ BUBBLEЅ, at Reply

      Save The World From New World Order should I watch the movie and by watching the what will I get and if it’s informative or not is what I was saying.

  5. Posted by yiğithan ve yiğit, at Reply

    Türkler burdamı ??? +1

  6. Posted by Niko Katušić, at Reply

    1:02 future alcoholic 😂

  7. Posted by RG2 Highlights, at Reply

    Yo Jimbo where’s comment awards v9

    Wrong channel 🅱️

    • Posted by ITZLUKE, at Reply


  8. Posted by Ja Z, at Reply


    • Posted by Mikey Harris, at Reply

      Ja Z not even close

  9. Posted by coub army, at Reply

    Here are several tracks from the video I’ve recognized:
    00:06 Scott Reinwand & Trey Warner – Ground And Pound (Full Mix)
    03:31 Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk
    03:53 El Momo – Cierzo
    04:02 Kai Panschow – Keep Going
    05:15 Stuart Barry Maxfield – Beauty Is A Pain (Full Mix)
    06:09 Alessia Cara – Scars To Your Beautiful
    07:00 Daniel Joshua Holyoak – What’s That Sound (Minus Track)
    07:09 Eminem – Drug Ballad
    07:30 DJ Morphis – Style War
    10:20 Moxoon – Instant Gratification

    • Posted by Steven Whitfield, at Reply

      What’s the song at 7:57

    • Posted by Monegask 60-75, at Reply

      coub army i

    • Posted by King Beats, at Reply

      coub army there needs to be more people like you on Yt

    • Posted by Chase Searle, at Reply

      How much do you LISTEN to?

      Why don’t you go play “Beat Shazam!”?

    • Posted by Daniel Choutka, at Reply

      He just used website, where you paste video link and it spits out song names.

  10. Posted by Mr. Freeze, at Reply

    7:37 MouseTrap…XD

    • Posted by Mr. Freeze, at Reply

      I mean HumanTrap

  11. Posted by BEST OF INSOLITE, at Reply

    Nice 🙂

  12. Posted by Blood of Suban, at Reply

    Most of these fails are from two era’s ago….how can you possibly miss them 😂

    • Posted by blinkandrhcp, at Reply

      Blood of Suban I’ve not actually seen any of these

    • Posted by G3ntle, at Reply

      Blood of Suban It’s because this isn’t actually “Fails you Missed,” it’s the failed “FailArmy After Dark” with a different name, and no changes to the editing to differentiate it from the other videos in the slightest.

  13. Posted by mohil jamariya, at Reply

    0:11 That was not a fail…………

  14. Posted by mohil jamariya, at Reply

    0:17 she will become a youtuber in future……..

    • Posted by Casul OrNah, at Reply

      or a feminist

  15. Posted by mohil jamariya, at Reply

    1:41 …….”THUG LIFE”……….

  16. Posted by Christopher Gyan, at Reply

    0:17 DAMN!!!!

    • Posted by Хц Пзд, at Reply

      Christopher Gyan a young popular vlogger is growing)

  17. Posted by Lu_kase, at Reply

    Please more Water Attacs

  18. Posted by Tomi Henrik, at Reply

    “Football” LOL

    • Posted by Zoie Bedford, at Reply

      Tomi Henrik what would you like to call that American sport then? its not like it was soccer or rugby or something.

    • Posted by Philip schröder, at Reply

      Zoie It is American Football

  19. Posted by John Walbeck, at Reply

    4:54: “WHY ARE YOU MAKING DINNER?!” “I WAS TRYING TO MAKE DINNER!” I’m so fucking confused.

  20. Posted by Jayden Hussey, at Reply

    7:50 brutal death scream