Snow Day Fails: It’s Cold Out There! (January 2018) | FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Snow Day Fails: It’s Cold Out There! (January 2018) | FailArmy


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It's chilly around, better wrap for some snow day falls short. We have actually got some snow scuba divers, autos skidding on ice as well as humorous sledding falls short. How insane was that truck sinking in the lake? Let us know just what you think below! Or allow us understand what your favorite was.


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Snowboarder Falls off Homemade Snow Ramp
Girl Tosses Snow in Face
Family Members of Deer Effort to Cross Ski Course Throughout Race
Woman Falls While Attempting To Kick Snowman
Individual Faceplants While Attempting To Snowboard
Woman Slips as well as Falls in Snow
Person Struggles to Ice Skate
Father Pushes Child Face-First Into Snowman
Person Slides After Pushing Buddy in Wheelbarrow
Man aspires to Ski
Snowmobile Flies in the Air
Individual Fails to Snowboard Off Roof covering
Guys Play Skeet Hockey in Canada
Auto Fails To Pull Sled With Snow
Skier Tries to Look Cool Taking off Top of Mountain
Mail Carrier Slides on Snow While Delivering Plan
Automobile Fail Frozen Lake
Female Falls after Inadvertently Tripping over Pet
Wild Moose Costs at Guy in Driveway
Woman Dives Into Snow Pile
Lady Falls Off System Into Snow
Person Falls off Snowmobile During Jump
Lady Knocks Over Cameraman While Sledding
Back to Back Ski Rail Work Stops Working
Man Swings on Excavator
Individual Embarks On Roof With Sled
Youngsters Wipeout While Sledding Downhill
Couple Eliminate on Inflatable Donut in Snow
Skier Is Sorry For Trying Dive
Steeds Break Through Frozen Pond
Pet Dunks Cat's Head into Snow
Snow as well as Ice Makes Cars Slide and also Accident
Blue Vehicle Slides in Ice and also Crashes right into Bus Stop
Cat Faceplants Off Roofing System right into Snow

Snow Day Fails: It's Cold Out There! (January 2018)|FailArmy

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  1. Posted by zBuk M4ster, at Reply


  2. Posted by Mira Shadow, at Reply

    OMG, your videos making my family laugh 😂

    • Posted by politically uncorrected, at Reply

      mira pls.

    • Posted by Rishi Vimal, at Reply


    • Posted by Rishi Vimal, at Reply

      who r you I am a big person okk

    • Posted by elveezultra, at Reply

      so check mine 🙂

  3. Posted by Clement Yap, at Reply

    Failarmy. You are awesomess.

  4. Posted by You, at Reply

    Like if it didnt snow at winter for you…

    • Posted by *Renuka Sarwate*, at Reply

      You we don’t have snow here in Mumbai, India

  5. Posted by You, at Reply

    England be like:

    Whats snow

    • Posted by iJamie8467x, at Reply

      Simon Lau “Extremely Heavy at least 2 inches”

      See you proved his point
      Yes it does snow in England but it’s rare and it’s not heavy at all
      The Only snow my local area has is very light snow. It melts very quickly, it usually Snows whilst Rain, it only seems to happen every few years in my area

      While in many American places it’s covered in snow which is much thicker then 2 inches lol. As you see in the video many are filmed in America or USA, they have snow so thick it reaches your ankles
      It’s very cold where I live but we

    • Posted by Jack Woodgate, at Reply

      It snowed here a few days ago. Having said that, we generally can’t cope with snow. A light sprinkling and everything shuts down.

    • Posted by iJamie8467x, at Reply

      Jack Woodgate Yep. Another point

      In UK very light snow is considered heavy snow

      In countries with normal weather when the snow is like a foot deep then everything is still normal
      Trains still do their business
      But in the UK they will shut down all roads. All transport. Shut down schools when it’s very light snow

      There’s a video I saw where it was filmed in America i believe

      There was tons of snow and branches and logs on the tracks
      They didn’t stop. They just continued and the train is strong enough to push everything out the way without effort. While in UK they would shut down all trains if there was twig and light snow on the tracks LOL

    • Posted by Jonax, at Reply

      You Finland be like

      Damn snow

  6. Posted by Fhaty lion, at Reply

    Should make mud day fails

  7. Posted by ผู้บ่าว มอซอ, at Reply


    • Posted by Daniel Martin, at Reply

      ผู้บ่าว มอซอ poutdfhkn

  8. Posted by Dr Creepster, at Reply

    Rumor has it that all of these videos are you and your family and your just really bad at doing life

  9. Posted by Nikita S., at Reply

    0:34 Екатеринбург.

    • Posted by Garrett Hamilton, at Reply

      так я смотрю тут есть люди то из ЕКБ)) Узнают своих героев)))

    • Posted by FDog16, at Reply

      Я понимаю москвичи снега не видят, но сибиряки. Етить-кудрить

  10. Posted by Lakshya arora, at Reply

    2:17 titanic theme song

    • Posted by Андрей Миронов, at Reply

      Lakshya arora You are russian

    • Posted by Андрей Миронов, at Reply


    • Posted by Heloderma, at Reply

      Долбоеб, свои сообщения можно редактировать.

    • Posted by Андрей Миронов, at Reply

      Heloderma Я знаю, но в тот момент просто забыл!

  11. Posted by KloTube, at Reply

    Schifoan is’ des Leiwandste, wos ma si nur vurstöll’n ko…

    • Posted by Anna H., at Reply

      “In da Friah bin i da Erste der wo auffioahrt, damit i ned so lang aufs auffifoarn woart”…xD Morgen fahr I in Hochzillertal Ski! Und an Jagatee kaf a ma a!

    • Posted by Yannis Gruber, at Reply

      KloTube guaten tog

    • Posted by zznn, at Reply

      Vorarlberg – do lässt’s sich Schifoan hehe am Arlberg

    • Posted by BlueEmerald12 12, at Reply

      Wos net olls gibt

    • Posted by TheDragiix3, at Reply

      oida jo is!

  12. Posted by SM_2004, at Reply

    3:47 lol…

    • Posted by sebastianblevdet, at Reply

      yeah, but how is that a fail?

  13. Posted by David Mills, at Reply

    I had sausages and bacon today…. Just thought someone more like to know

    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      David Mills u german?

    • Posted by French Fries, at Reply

      David Mills Nvm ur from england i see it

  14. Posted by melli olafson, at Reply

    I feel so sorry for the horses

    • Posted by MeFreeBee, at Reply

      Yeah, but notice how that one they pulled out in full-on panic mode, once safe, styled it out like a pro.

    • Posted by At Long Last ASAP, at Reply

      melli olafson it are icelandic horses if im correct, they will survive

    • Posted by Anna Hauser, at Reply

      They survived i saw the end of the video

    • Posted by Ryan Gabel, at Reply

      Icelandic horses doesn’t mean they have whale blubber moron, they’re still horses. How they survived is truly amazing for many reasons first of all, that’s an incredible shock for any living thing to undertake, not to mention it’s hard for a human to get out of a frozen lake weighing about 175 pounds. Now try being a thousand pound animal with hooves trying to get back up onto the ice. Completely stupid

    • Posted by Jem Lynn, at Reply

      Ryan Gabel the water isn’t all that deep you can see mud being churned up, yes it’s extremely unfortunate and yes it’s probably pretty cold but they most likely got warmed up quickly dried off and taken care of.

  15. Posted by Tim J, at Reply

    3:52 a Canadian and American having fun…

    • Posted by flippedoutkyrii, at Reply

      yeah, not sure what the fail there was. Just looked like a couple dudes having a ball.

  16. Posted by Anaphriel, at Reply

    This is basically your average Tuesday in Canada.

    • Posted by all in one, at Reply

      Anaphriel plzz watch my latest video and comment plzz

  17. Posted by Juan GC, at Reply

    Poor horses

    • Posted by all in one, at Reply

      Juan GC plzz watch my latest video and comment plzz

  18. Posted by hipster_jesus, at Reply

    4:50 who thought it would be a good fucking idea to ride on horses across frozen river
    hope everyone’s okay, people and horses (mostly horses)

    • Posted by MaxusR, at Reply

      Hey, what’s the problem with all of you? When some horses having troubles you go “ah, aww”. When some kid gets his face kicked into the snow, it’s fun as hell… 5.50

    • Posted by Miroslav Ćulić, at Reply


    • Posted by Ada Grendarova, at Reply

      hipster_jesus MOSTLY HORSES yep i agree

    • Posted by Ivy biscuit, at Reply

      hipster_jesus POOR HORSES!

  19. Posted by A J, at Reply

    4:48, feels bad for those horses😟😟

    • Posted by Crasher! Online, at Reply

      A J I thought it was hilarious! 😂

  20. Posted by Daniel O'Connell, at Reply

    1:25 “that was the first time I have ever touched a live moose”
    Moose: you will not live to tell the tale

    • Posted by Beck, at Reply

      Daniel O’Connell it seems like moose’s are a bit aggressive are they? (then again it sounded like the moose didn’t appreciate that touch when the dude touched him) 1:20

    • Posted by kintai1000, at Reply

      moose: “see this car im licking… its mine now”

    • Posted by Malin Nakken, at Reply

      Was a pretty cute moose though