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Snowflakes Meltdown Over “White Racism” Course


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An university teacher lately showed a class so questionable that some in the area responded by sending him fatality risks. Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

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" A Florida college uploaded campus cops outside a sociology course entitled "White Racism" after the professor was flooded with pestering emails and messages– a few of them freely racist.

" All that it takes is that individual to act upon their views," stated Ted Thornhill, assistant professor of sociology at Florida Gulf Shore College, in a phone call with CNN. "We've got to be cautious since you don't know just what individuals are capable of."

Tuesday was the very first day of course, as well as there were no incidents reported. However Thornhill's training course has been developing headings, and debate, given that it was revealed last autumn.

A program description says the class will certainly "question the principle of race; examine the racist ideological backgrounds, laws, policies, and methods that have operated for hundreds of years to keep white racial dominance over those racialized as non-white." It likewise aims to "review means to challenge white racism and also white supremacy toward promoting an anti-racist society where brightness is not linked to better life opportunities."".

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by Queer Anarchist Punk, at Reply

    So a class about ‘White Racism’ has to have police guarding it, to protect against White Terrorism.
    Welcome to AmeriKKKa

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Welcome to BlackPantherika

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      +Thomas MacKelly No, it just proves that stuff like this is responsible for the rise of the alt right.

    • Posted by The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, at Reply

      +Bill Anderson Of course he has a right to criticize the government, that’s not the argument, that’s not the issue.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Just like a ‘Draw Mohammed’ event in Dallas did. And it was shown that it was indeed needed as two jihadists armed to the teeth showed up to kill everyone there.

  2. Posted by Your Friendly Satanist, at Reply

    If you’re mad about this, you’re a racist. Lol

    • Posted by SparklyBanana13, at Reply

      Your Friendly Satanist I don’t see what’s the problem. They’re talking about white racism, which is by far the most relevant concerning America’s history of discrimination or abuse against poc and certain groups of white people, which it seems the professor will also cover. If it seemed like something obnoxious or hateful, then I get it, but it isn’t.

    • Posted by Shadow Banned, at Reply

      If you support this you are racist pretending to be anti-racist.

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Your Friendly Satanist The classic ” if you don’t agree with me your racist ” ego. Your morals are not the golden standard, this is not a set in stone issu where one side has superior morals

    • Posted by HV, at Reply

      I agree, but if you think its cool, maybe you are racist too, or just extremist as the racist you want to fight against.

    • Posted by Me Too, at Reply

      lol, crakkkers dont know anything else in life but how to be racist.

  3. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Florida? Where Climate Change is illegal, the homeless are the worst kind of criminals by default, Evolution is a crackpot conspiracy promoted by gay frogs, and Moses co-wrote the Constitution? Go figure. Nice to see those folks validate the subject matter of the course by their reaction to it. Triggered much?

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      don’t forget it’s also home of Florida Man, lol

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      You forgot Florida? Where they teach classes on ‘White Racism’ at public universities?

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Oh, I live here. I know. Im just pointing out how unsurprising this kinda reaction would happen in Florida.

  4. Posted by pitster110, at Reply

    White racism has been the dominant form of racism in North America you alt right dimwits and you know it. That’s an irrefutable historical fact, so shut your snowflake asses up. If you yourself are not racist then you wouldn’t be getting so defensive everytime someone brings up the topic of racism.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      What all the alt-right ‘intellectuals’ fail to comprehend is that racism is about power imbalance. Hence the saying you so vehemently insist on mocking: ‘Check your privilege’– Its about taking a metaphorical (and in some cases, should also be physical) look in the mirror. If you are in a position of power, then you have the potential to be racist. If you cannot understand that simple concept, then I’ll need butchers paper and crayons to draw you a picture.

    • Posted by RONDO NUMBA9g, at Reply

      pitster110 *LOUDER!!!*

    • Posted by Megan Henderson, at Reply

      Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump *brings up the most common form of racist*
      omg they must HATE white people!!!!

      seriously, please THINK before ya speak. you are basically proving why this class needs to exist.

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      +John Smith You say while almost all of the people using “check your privilege” seriously have no sense of self awareness what so ever and are almost always in a more privileged position than the people they try to use it against.

  5. Posted by Queer Anarchist Punk, at Reply

    There is only one thing the Right-wing hates more than discussion on racism…and that’s black people.

    • Posted by Brad, at Reply

      BS. You liberals are still playing identity politics and have learned nothing from the past election. People care about the economy and rights for everyone, not just blacks and latinos.

    • Posted by Edward Moran, at Reply

      Everybody hates black people including black people, get a black rich and the 1st thing they do is move away from black aerea.

    • Posted by Firmly Grasp It, at Reply

      I don’t know why the left is hell-bent on alienating white people who make up around 75% of the electorate. Drop the identity politics, drop the neoliberal economic policy, bring a strong social democratic platform and the Democratic Party would destroy the Republicans.

    • Posted by westingtyler ideas, at Reply

      caring about equality is not the same as identity politics, not the way corporate dems use it. clinton hiding behind women and black people, with no intention of helping them, was identity politics. things like “we need criminal justice reform since black people are disproportionately affected by it.” isn’t identity’s fighting to make the nation more equal. the entire point. it’s a shame that ignorant assholes in charge create disparaties because of race, but if they do, that’s where we need to fight.

    • Posted by Me Too, at Reply

      White people they have everybody that not pretty and white like they is.

  6. Posted by Jay Gee, at Reply

    wow…the trumptardflakes are TRIGGERED!!!!

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Does that trigger you lolz

  7. Posted by W N, at Reply

    Fcuk Whitey! There ya go, needed to be said. 🙂
    Southern crackers are pathetic. Like so many other mental traits, you hit it on the head, they are aggressive in response because they are guilty and they know it. Accuse a pathological liar he or she is lying, and watch the fireworks.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Be still earthworm. Be still

    • Posted by Shadow Banned, at Reply

      I enjoy the anti-white racism on here. Its like if you are white and defend yourself from it you are shadow banned on TYT. If you are anti-white and leave a racist post you get a top comment.

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      W N Imaging a class about black philosophies and examination of black crime.

    • Posted by Spoooder min loves Dolan Trump, at Reply

      At least you’re an honest libtard.

  8. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    So there are white people who got offended over a class about “white racism”? LOL, they want us all to be “politically correct” so we don’t offend them with the truth. Poor snowflakes!

    • Posted by HV, at Reply

      Stupid and provocative. It assumes there is only racism from whites. 
      The course should be called ‘Racism’, it would avoid unnecessary and justified backlash, and the topics discussed would be exactly the same with the ‘white racism’ being the main issue by the nature of the facts.

    • Posted by Heavy Metal, at Reply

      HV did any other race in America rape, murder, enslave, or deconstruct the culture of millions of people and then follow up on that discrimination with their descendants.

      I don’t actually need you to answer

    • Posted by HV, at Reply

      You didn’t understand my point.
      You don’t fight extremism with extremism, specially in a university.

    • Posted by Cthulhu Christ, at Reply

      +Heavy Metal
      Yes, native americans and the aztecs did those things. Did any other race put an end to slavery on a global scale?

    • Posted by Me Too, at Reply

      Hahah, fuk white people. They cant handle seeing black man in a success position. So they lashes out at the success of blacks who they want 2 b.

  9. Posted by Thetruth908, at Reply

    Just reading the comments from so called progressives don’t surprise me at all

    • Posted by SparklyBanana13, at Reply

      Thetruth908 Do you mean specific users or just the comment section overall? Tyt’s channel attracts a mixed bag and is popular with trolls/idiots. lol

  10. Posted by Heat And Serve, at Reply

    Whites: “Why is there a black history month to remind of us slavery!?”
    Also whites: “White racism isn’t a thing! When were we ever racist to anyone?”

    • Posted by RONDO NUMBA9g, at Reply


    • Posted by Heavy Metal, at Reply

      Bradley Wallace *said under every tyt video*

    • Posted by ReIentIess Storm, at Reply

      Heat And Serve When were we specificity the racists? Point out all the things you want about our ancestors and what they did but don’t call my generation racist using “your white “as evidence.

  11. Posted by Brent P, at Reply

    I wish I could have taken the class.

  12. Posted by A Rude Gesture, at Reply

    Racists are a lot less intelligent than normal people. They’re so stupid that they have to hold up the colour of their skin as some sort of accomplishment.

    • Posted by A Rude Gesture, at Reply

      Yes, I’m an anti-white white male who loves to denigrate white people. That sound plausible to you?
      Or, and this is just a thought, could it be that you racists are, once again, doing a bit of projection?
      If you find this hard to follow, the correct answer is the second one. 🙂

    • Posted by Shadow Banned, at Reply


      _”But it’s pathetic, in the first place, that someone would claim kinship with every great scientist, philosopher etc. that has made a contribution to the progress of civilization, just because they happen to have a somewhat similar skin colour.”_

      Silly racist crackers! Dont they know that they can not see themselves as connected to the valuable contributions their people have made to humanity if they themselves have not done that. Its only okay for us to collectively identify them as a group if we need to denigrate them for the so called _negative_ things “people of a somewhat similar skin colour” have done!

      I mean the fact that we on the _tolerant left_ also invented terms like cultural appropriation which allows non-whites to see themselves as a collective group and _claim ownership_ over something they themselves have not personally been responsible for, its irrelevant silly crackers!

      Why would white people be peeved by these racist double standards is anyone’s guess?!

    • Posted by A Rude Gesture, at Reply

      Translation: “Waaaah!”

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      You’re seriously saying this on TYT?. . . Who seem to think being black is cause for celebration?

    • Posted by Cthulhu Christ, at Reply

      This is the best troll in top comments, gg!

  13. Posted by morituri te salutant, at Reply

    I think a lot of these folks read “white guilt” instead of “white racism”. NOT the same.

    • Posted by chairman lmao, at Reply

      I didn’t know you can read a Freudian Slip.

  14. Posted by mscardioqueen, at Reply

    If your’re asking these snowflakes to think rationally and logically that’s not going to happen. Rational, logical people don’t get offended by that. It’s a title of a class that is meant to draw you in, intrigue you so you want to know more about it. No different than an intriguing title of a book.

    Haters of the course don’t want to be enlightened. Only intelligent people choose to be enlightened.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Dnt Wry – Why is there no need for that but there is a need for ‘white racism’ course, because there is plenty of courses on white racism. What makes you think I wouldn’t ‘like’ the answers to the Homicide class? Please don’t say something stupid like blacks commit homicides because of white racism. Please don’t do that.

    • Posted by gatesbrown26, at Reply

      Love how Cenk goes to Ana as a representative of the white race and that as a ‘white person’ she isn’t bothered at all by it. She doesn’t mind working for a company named after the people who slaughtered her ancestors 100 years ago so why would she mind this? This is like asking someone who is repeatedly beaten with a baseball bat would mind being beaten with a feather duster.

    • Posted by Dnt Wry, at Reply

      Little Johnny It’s not a course, it’s a class. The course is sociology.

      “What makes you think I wouldn’t ‘like’ the answers to the homicide class?”

      I find that people who feel the need to bring up black crime statistics in a conversation about white racism, and those who frame that question as “why do blacks do 52% of homicides in US?” go on to expect the answer to that question to involve some flaw or trait inherent to black people, or at least black people in the US. Which I suspect is why you then ask me not to bring up white racism in the answer.

      The most common explanation – putting aside over-policing in black communities and racism in the criminal justice system – is that the key factor is, in fact, poverty as opposed to the fact that they are black. So the more pertinent question is why is homicide more common in poorer areas.
      Now, do you want to know why black people are more likely to be poor? You’re certainly not going to like the answer to that one. The short answer is, yes, white racism.

      So in a roundabout way, the answer you’re looking for is indeed white racism.

    • Posted by Little Johnny, at Reply

      Dnt Wry – okay, tell us the difference between a ‘course’ and a ‘class’.
      And the subject isn’t ‘white racism’, it’s the idea that people shouldn’t be offended by something if it is truth. If people shoudn’t be offended by a course called ‘white racism’ because it speaks to truth, they also shouldn’t be offended by one based on the ubiquitous black murder rate, because IT also speaks of truth.
      And you think that a class about black homicides would involve a ‘flaw’ or ‘trait’ inherent in black people, but a class on white racism would not involve a ‘flaw’ or ‘trait’ inherent in white people? Please clarify.

      Blaming poverty on white people is about as lame as it gets. You think blacks are not afforded the same opportunities as whites? What is this, 1920? We just finished 8 years of a black president, did you miss that? We have black millionaires, black scientists, black engineers, black lawyers, black doctors and black superstars. Yet when some black punk caps another homey in a drive by it’s “whitey’s” fault? HA HA HA HA People like you are the real racists in the world. You have such low expectations for black people that you pretend they don’t have any responsibility for their actions.

    • Posted by Dnt Wry, at Reply

      The course refers to the entire program that makes up the degree. Or at least, that is how the word is used where I study. But this is besides the point.

      Lmaooooo you really shouldn’t insert yourself into conversations that revolve around topics you clearly know very little about.

      “And you think that a class about black homicides would involve a ‘flaw’ or ‘trait’ inherent in black people…”

      For one thing, I don’t imagine there would be enough content to spread out this question of black homicide rates in the US over an entire module. A lecture or two maybe. But more importantly, I just explained what a lecture on the topic of black homicide rates would likely entail. What I said was that people like you, who feel this urge to bring up black homicide rates whenever the topic of white racism is brought up, typically expect the explanation of those homicide rates to involve some unexplained trait inherent to black people.

      “…but a class on white racism would not involve a ‘flaw’ or ‘trait’ inherent in white people?”

      No. Maybe you should read the module description before shitting out your unwanted racist opinions?

      “People like you are the real racists in the world.”

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHA there it is. ‘Black people have the same opportunities as white people, and if you disagree then you’re the *real* racist’. It’s not as if being born into a poverty imposed on one’s parents and grandparents would hinder one’s opportunities, right? I mean, we had a black president so obviously racism is dead.

  15. Posted by mb8577, at Reply

    Lol snowflakes don’t even know the definition of racism but are all on here crying about it 😂

  16. Posted by Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez, at Reply

    The stupidity and the amount of triggered snowflakes are strong in the comment section.
    (Now I’m just going to sit here, drink my coffee and laugh at all the trolls who think that they’re going to get a reaction out of me)

    • Posted by Dan Harmon, at Reply

      Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez I’m not a Trump snowflake. I actually believe all forms of racism including against whites is wrong and subhuman

    • Posted by manhunt48, at Reply

      Ironically the only person here who’ actually looks like a troll is you,

    • Posted by Me Too, at Reply

      I just come here to watch all the white tears. So delicious!

  17. Posted by Darylifill Ifill, at Reply

    Prejudice is Apart of being Human I have a hard time telling my family they have their issues with me being Disabled
    We got to be Honest about human nature

  18. Posted by Misty Stewart, at Reply

    I took this class in high school. It was called “American history”.

  19. Posted by Lauren Brown, at Reply

    Great class! I think a lot of racism stems from repressing our feelings and discussing our point of view. A classroom is the safest place you can talk out your issues, no matter what side of the spectrum you’re on. It’s an opportunity for the outraged to share their side. You can’t heal if you don’t look at the wounds.

    • Posted by Calinederschpiel, at Reply

      Well, in contrast to the varied academic studies of considered-unprivileged sectors in this country, such as women’s studies, African-American studies, and Chicano studies, there already IS the study of white and male contributions to our country and world. Do you want to know what it’s called?

      History. Simple as that.