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Sofia Vergara Is Being Sued By Her Unborn Babies


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The Modern Family star’s embryos are suing her. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Brett Erlich, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“Modern Family star Sofia Vergara is being, in effect, sued by two frozen embryos she conceived with the partner she split from, US media report.

The embryos, named Emma and Isabella, are listed in Louisiana court documents obtained by the New York Post.

She and Nick Loeb separated in 2014 and he has already tried unsuccessfully to sue for the embryos' custody.

The new lawsuit argues that the embryos are being deprived of their inheritance from a trust by not being born.

The trust is reported to have been created for them in Louisiana, although the embryos are located in California.”

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by The Bowser one, at Reply

    this is why you don’t try to create life with crazy people.

    • Posted by TheUnholiness Within, at Reply

      Do the rational people have a special hang-out? Of course, I don’t
      recommend reproducing at all.

    • Posted by Hawthorne Aberdson, at Reply

      must make more virus with shoes

    • Posted by Thad Stevens, at Reply

      “this is why you don’t try to create life with crazy people.”

      No, this is why you don’t let Republican Imams make law according to
      Christian Sharia.

  2. Posted by Jerich0, at Reply

    Can you sue someone on behalf of someone else let alone someone/something
    that isn’t alive LOL

    • Posted by Caroline Kaye, at Reply

      you see, but according to louisiana it is alive!

  3. Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

    This is what religion has done to us, Latinos! They’re not people nor will
    they ever be. Get over your ancient mythic bullshit! Look what fun we have
    with your absurd beliefs.

    • Posted by N Marbletoe, at Reply

      lol, religion? I don’t think that’s the cause here. More like greed.

  4. Posted by markito B, at Reply

    So if I had eggs this morning is that animal abuse

    • Posted by kahlil heckett, at Reply

      Yes, but not because of the rights of the eggs, its because of the rights
      of their enslaved mothers….watch earthlings

    • Posted by Alex K, at Reply

      markito B if you asked a vegan then yes

  5. Posted by Lloyd B, at Reply

    From a Trumpbot: “Sell important helium or does the Leavitt coming to 70% a
    lot of local in the Livingston is a cologne/polyp and it’s Neleen beautiful
    looking up it’s called with a man ”
    NOW you know why the civilized world cannot understand any of these

  6. Posted by AR21, at Reply

    The wierdest title ever written

  7. Posted by Maxs Watkins, at Reply

    That Evil Albinoid white So Call male Had A Real women And he wasn’t man
    enough to handle her now she’s with a real man And He can accept it

  8. Posted by only half bad 333, at Reply

    Oh crap! I just masturbated… am I gonna get sued now???

  9. Posted by Henke Ria, at Reply

    do I have a stain on my special sock that might sue me???

    • Posted by BadKid95US, at Reply

      Henke Ria eww

  10. Posted by Jakub Trybek, at Reply

    Europe has way more hardcore induced abortion regulations than any US

    • Posted by Iamtop, at Reply

      Except Europe is not one country and the UE does not regulate abortions…

    • Posted by some “stupidusernamestho” body, at Reply

      When did Europe start having pan-continental policies on abortion?

    • Posted by Jakub Trybek, at Reply

      +some body I meant in general.

    • Posted by some “stupidusernamestho” body, at Reply

      +Jakub Trybek Nope. The majority are very liberal on abortion.

    • Posted by Jakub Trybek, at Reply

      +some body
      I know that Poland has very restrictive laws. While Most other countries
      require counseling and the revision of all other options before an Abortion
      is allowed. The age of the fetus for the abortion to be allowed is
      relatively lower than in the US.

  11. Posted by Jessica Rabbit, at Reply

    hell no use ur swimmers and another women,u can just have both youre kids
    with her consent and parenting. that creepy to full power.

  12. Posted by William Mcintyre, at Reply

    My sperm is suing because it was a blow job

  13. Posted by Warlock TalismanHero, at Reply

    da fuq? sounds like someone is trying to swindle her for her money

  14. Posted by Real Talk, at Reply

    This case should be the grounds on which all Right to Lifers are
    Talk about letting your Freak Flags Fly!

  15. Posted by nick peter, at Reply

    Next sperm is gonna start suing and so are eggs lost from periods.

  16. Posted by Joe Ritola, at Reply

    So “people” under the age of 18 can sue?..

  17. Posted by agonzalez8924, at Reply

    so whats next? are we also going to have lawsuits by unborn sperm? no more
    jacking off folks

  18. Posted by sherrie Moon, at Reply

    This is amazing who knew they were so smart so early.

  19. Posted by charlie edgars, at Reply

    This guy’s a loser. No self-respect.