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Some people noticed something weird about Miss Ohio and her dress [pics]



Miss Ohio was trending during the Miss America Pageant Sunday night.

Trend Alert: 'Miss Ohio'. More trends at #trndnl

— Trendinalia USA (@trendinaliaUS) September 15, 2014

Was it in a good way? Well, it depends. First up, her dress was a huge topic of discussion. Paging Elvis’ ghost!

Why does Miss Ohio look like Elvis? #MissAmerica2015 #MissAmerica

— Rachael Gittings (@RachaelGittings) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio is channelling Elvis in that evening gown

— Katrina Trinko (@KatrinaTrinko) September 15, 2014

Um #MissAmerica's Miss Ohio's dress is a combo of an Elvis Presley stage outfit & a circus ring…

— Tamra M Cronin (@ilovemytroops) September 15, 2014

I think Miss Ohio was channeling her inner Elvis.

— 4mella (@missychat) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio looking like Elvis Presley

— Mary Mercer✨ (@mary_mReynolds) September 15, 2014

Judge for yourselves:

Well we all know where Miss Ohio got her dress inspiration from. #MissAmerica #MissAmerica2015

— Randi Vasquez (@RandiVasquez) September 15, 2014

Oh my.

Miss Ohio works nightly as an Elvis impersonator #MissAmerica

— Cecil Price Walden (@pricewalden) September 15, 2014

Miss ohio wtf you look like an Elvis impersonator #MissAmerica

— Taylor Hawes ॐ (@Tayylor_Marie) September 15, 2014

Miss ohio's evening dress looks like an Elvis outfit #notafan #MissAmerica

— abby mccarty (@abbygail94) September 15, 2014

This Elvis collar dress miss ohio #missamerica

— Mrs. LaDay- Rivers (@FleurDeLaDay) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio, are you Elvis? #MissAmerica

— Dakota Henry (@DakotaHenry) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio swears she's Elvis #missamerica2015

— #BoldLips4SickleCell (@OriginalDWoods) September 15, 2014

miss ohio's dress was the ugliest thing I've ever seen. like are you Elvis?

— kayci (@KayciZamarelli) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio is Elvis but less pretty.

— Jackson Murray (@NoSoulPatrol) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio is actually Elvis

— Caroline Briggs (@NworbEniloraC26) September 15, 2014

Didn't care for it RT @Crim5onViolet: Miss Ohio’s dress has Elvis lapels…

— Tay (@karamel_latTAY) September 15, 2014

I'm glad Miss Ohio could repurpose Elvis' jumpsuit into an evening gown. #MissAmerica #missamerica2015

— Lisa (@mom2princessz) September 15, 2014

And then this happened:

Oh Miss Ohio. First the Elvis dress now ventriloquism 🙈

— Ana-Claire (@Ana_Banana_5) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio wore an Elvis dress and her talent is ventriloquism what is this

— Chelsea Reynolds (@chelseacantees) September 15, 2014

So Miss Ohio is a creepy ventriloquist in an Elvis dress? Sounds about right. Carry on.

— BirthplaceOfSedation (@WoeHio) September 15, 2014

WTF was this chick thinking RT @bustedcoverage Miss Ohio's talent

— Grant Willmon (@bama07) September 15, 2014

Watch Miss Ohio's Zany Ventriloquism Act From the Miss America Pageant

— Daniel Snyder (@danmsnyder) September 15, 2014

this is miss ohio's ventriloquist dummy in case you were googling

— Audrey Gelman (@audreygelman) September 15, 2014

"@WebBarr: A Miss America finalist's talent is VENTRILOQUISM! Oh My God! #MissOhio #thatjusthappened" dying

— Delaney (@delaneyg84) September 15, 2014

Why I left Ohio. Questions? @mashable: Watch Miss Ohio's zany ventriloquism act

— Paul Swiergosz (@pswiergosz) September 15, 2014


Miss Ohio did not win.

"@BrandonthaChamp: This is what Miss Ohio is doing at #MissAmerica. @MadelynHastings" HOW DID MISS OHIO NOT WIN

— Adrian de Tortuga (@AdrianDeTortuga) September 15, 2014

Miss Ohio was ROBBED!!! via @AP #MissAmerica #trueTalent

— Lisa Iaboni (@LisaIaboni) September 15, 2014

And an exit question:

My question of the night: would #MissOhio be #MissAmerica right now if she had replaced Roxie with Cousin Skeeter?

— Emma Hawes (@emmamhawes) September 15, 2014


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