Someone Move that dog!: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy | Soshal Network, Social Circle Connection

Someone Move that dog!: Fails of the Week (August 2017) || FailArmy


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Exists a better method to finish the week than with some falls short? Didn't believe so. We have actually obtained some hilarious lake falls short, a couple of kid stops working and a person going through a fencing! Have a favorite? Allow us know in the comments. Later on, dudes.


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Girl Runs Into Pole While Broadcasting Her Walk
Woman Putting on Bikini Aims to Jump off Diving Board
Children at the Skate Park
Girl While Playing Punching Bag Game
Female Off Jump Box Attempting Weighted Squats
Pond Skier into Group
Motorcyclist into Automobile while Aiming to Dry Gloves
Lightning Strikes in a Parking Lot
Lady From Top of Post
Kid Off Removaling Walkway Handrail
Two Sled Riders Knock Down Children
Woman Tumbles into Chairs
Woman Trips Over Open Cooking area Cabinet
Vehicle driver into Obstacle
Canine Sleeps Via Band Efficiency
Skier Aims to Jump off Walk
Little Girl Rolls Off Play ground Tools
Fire Extinguisher Blows up in Bathroom
Plastic Plate Flies Off SUV
Individual Attempts to Trip Barefoot Next to Boat
Kid Hits Huge Brother in the Nuts with Toy Bat
Teen Attempts to Leap over Bannister
Guy With Fence While Playing Woozy Bat Video game
Male Damages Mirror Trying to Stroll on Giant Tire
Woman Runs Down Bowling Lane
Rally Vehicle's Hood Shatters Windscreen Throughout Race
Man Decrease Bookshelf Off Terrace
Guy on Identical Bars
Shelf on Person's Head
Male Into Lake Attempting to Waterski Barefoot
Motorcyclists on the Freeway
Bicyclists Collide right into Each Various other
Lady on Xmas Tree
Board Flies into Man's Face
Fish Terrifies Infant Deer
Skateboarder Damages Rail
Individual on Go-Kart Waits on Air bag to Release
Lady Tries to Leap over Water

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  1. Posted by Back- Fisch, at Reply

    Im early lol

    • Posted by TheCrazyUnicornFan - Roblox And More!, at Reply

      Back- Fisch Good for you

    • Posted by Kermo Oolberg, at Reply

      Back- Fisch im not

  2. Posted by zuerichspotter, at Reply

    Early by chance squad?

    • Posted by AX-GFX -, at Reply

      zueric. hspotter

    • Posted by lukas veldsla, at Reply

      meh kinda

    • Posted by the boy who does stuff, at Reply

      zuerichspotter kinda

  3. Posted by kenny665 gt, at Reply

    The guy 0:34 want touch the girl boobs lolz

    • Posted by Dr.Kickass, at Reply

      haha yeah i thought i was a little excessive touching too.

    • Posted by Cece Cheung, at Reply

      kenny665 gt Or it could be her boyfriend 😂

  4. Posted by RAZA 123, at Reply

    How’s everyone feeling after watching this fails

    • Posted by hawkseye, at Reply

      RAZA 123 I’m horny after every failarmy video

    • Posted by Justo, at Reply

      just like peanut butter

    • Posted by Y3arZer0, at Reply

      They sucked dicks.

    • Posted by Antoine L, at Reply

      RAZA 123 wet

  5. Posted by siewca chaosu, at Reply


    • Posted by RegeVampaja, at Reply

      siewca chaosu Kurwa kurwie łba nie urwie!

    • Posted by Ardima Design, at Reply

      cyka blyat

    • Posted by Kura Jajeczna, at Reply

      witamy w polskiej sekcji komentarzy x2

    • Posted by Polski Raj, at Reply

      siewca chaosu Napisać “Kurwa” i zostać obsypanym like’ami :v

    • Posted by Jose David Bertoa Saez, at Reply

      ide todos a tomar polo cu

  6. Posted by STEAMPUNK, at Reply

    Video starts at 0:00 Thank me later 😀

    • Posted by Trevz, at Reply

      STEAMPUNK no

    • Posted by TheCrazyUnicornFan - Roblox And More!, at Reply

      STEAMPUNK Thanks! That help a lot!

  7. Posted by Fariz Zainal, at Reply

    Don’t Click Read More

    You’re a savage

    • Posted by All I can say is, at Reply

      Fariz Zainal Twat

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      ok, i won’t


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    • Posted by Jose David Bertoa Saez, at Reply

      ok,ok i will not click spammer.

  8. Posted by Player 1, at Reply

    How people are so stupid

    • Posted by David Morales, at Reply

      Player 1 your grammar proves your stupidity smh…

    • Posted by copywritter, at Reply

      David Morales I think Google translate has something to do with it, the syntax is correct for other languages, just got “translated” in a browser.

    • Posted by francisco bravo navia, at Reply

      David Morales xxxc

    • Posted by francisco bravo navia, at Reply

      copywritter dxxcxxxxdxs.

  9. Posted by Hamza Yaprak, at Reply

    Sikim kadar boyu türlü türlü huyu orusbu çocuğu Emre Beleşoğlu

    • Posted by Hamza Yaprak, at Reply

      GL Aviation ananı bacını bir sikerim orusbu evladı

    • Posted by un known, at Reply

      GL Aviation Your English is terrible, too. Don’t act like you’re a native speaker.

    • Posted by Hamza Yaprak, at Reply

      un known am not speak english

  10. Posted by Calisthenics Unity Nz, at Reply

    my girlfriend left a note on the refrigerator saying “this isn’t working goodbye” i checked the refrigerator and it was working just fine…

    • Posted by bruno sedalp2, at Reply

      Calisthenics Unity Nz kkkkk

    • Posted by UnoMyStyle ______, at Reply

      Just wants likes

    • Posted by nbkcq28, at Reply

      And he got them.

    • Posted by Matt J, at Reply

      So did she go out and buy a new refrigerator and now your stuck with 2 working friges? I’m dying to know.

    • Posted by Jose David Bertoa Saez, at Reply

      Well… your girlfriend is here….She is with me. I work as she like.

  11. Posted by eudokia !!!!, at Reply

    With the first fail I laughed soooooo much 😂😂😂😅

    • Posted by Mr J.S., at Reply

      What was she saying? Had a cute laugh.

    • Posted by eudokia !!!!, at Reply

      Mr J.S. I don’t know but she definitely had a cute laugh!

    • Posted by Zelanos Сhannel, at Reply

      Mr J.S Смотри, там какой-то дядька стоит, байкер. ыхыхыхххыхахах

    • Posted by Fan Page, at Reply

      eudokia !!!! I wanted to say the same.

    • Posted by Иван Руссу, at Reply

      She was drunk.

  12. Posted by bob420, at Reply

    anyone else thinks that failarmy has worse videos each month? Just look at videos from 2012 those where way better, now its people bumping there feet to a kitchen drawer…

    • Posted by Mr. Troll, at Reply

      Juan Fernandez I can’t do it myself. Will you help me cleanse my mouth and heart?

    • Posted by Juan Fernandez, at Reply

      Mr. Troll, no. I refuse to put my hands near your nasty mouth.

  13. Posted by Rockin' Roll, at Reply

    The owner of the car with the camera at 2:09 is a pile of garbage.

    • Posted by Udilator, at Reply

      I’ll agree that the recording car most likely didn’t use a turn signal. Every other fault in that clip belongs to the VW driver. Weaving in and out of traffic well past the speed of the flow, intentionally tailgating drivers to the extreme to force your way through traffic, and driving well in excess of what they themselves were capable of controlling, endangering themselves and everyone around them. Halfway through the merge it’s obvious the recording car is also merging, yet the VW continues to pursue and close distance on the bumper of the recording car, presumably to force them back into the original lane. Regardless of where this was recorded, that is well beyond illegal, even if their actions were technically allowable under normal traffic conditions. Their driving falls well into reckless endangerment territory, which supersedes their technically otherwise legal driving, outside of speed. Oh, and failing to maintain a safe distance.

      Remember this is at highway speeds, more than likely in excess of 70mph (110-115kph). Being within inches of other cars and making sharp, unpredictable maneuvers while fluctuating speed wildly without reason is beyond insane. The average force for a dead-on collision at 70mph is 98g’s, using average ‘accident’ deceleration rates. 50g’s for any length of time is usually fatal to a normal human being. This isn’t counting any kind of debris or force concentration, rollovers or other usual components of a vehicle accident, just simply direct force alone.

      People need to wake up. You’re in control of a massive machine with thousands of moving parts, propelled by multiple thousands of explosions per second that even at ‘reasonable speeds’ still has well more than double the force upon rapid deceleration to kill you and anyone else involved in a number of gruesome ways. That’s near 15,000Lbs of force acting upon your organs, brain and bones. We treat guns as implements of death and afford them (usually) very high levels of caution, but an average firearm doesn’t come near the level of force in a highway car accident. And yet here we are, waving our vehicles around and using them like schoolyard bullies to try and get our way while literally endangering everyone within 50ft of us for just a few extra seconds at a stop light. People fall asleep piloting them, people not even looking where they are going, and then examples like this where you’re milliseconds away from death in the case of just a single misstep.

      People are complacent with vehicles because they’ve been behind the wheel for so long. That doesn’t make you any more resilient to an accident. If you’re hyper aggressive or inattentive in a vehicle I implore you to take a step back and realize what you’re doing. It all happens in a second. Just one thing to go wrong. The next thing you know, you’ve killed your friend, or a family, or some kids. Can you live with that? Was it worth getting in front of that guy going 2mph slower than you? Or to get to your stop 20 seconds sooner? Don’t let your wake up call be someone else’s death.

    • Posted by Luke Embling, at Reply

      The VW driver is a ****, The End.

      If you don’t wanna crash, don’t speed and zigzag like a tool.

  14. Posted by luke, at Reply

    Stupid fools! My pet rock smarter than these human! I am from Vietnam we win America in war

    • Posted by sir Reinhardt, at Reply

      you sure as hell dont win at EGURISH!!!

    • Posted by BP PH, at Reply

      luke suppose you can’t eat a pet rock

    • Posted by Taniwha B, at Reply

      Luke it’s not like America couldn’t have won. They could have just used the same tactic they used to beat Japan.

  15. Posted by Matt Tioustone, at Reply

    first one fking karma <3

    • Posted by Mr J.S., at Reply

      What was she saying?

    • Posted by Matt Tioustone, at Reply

      idk but i hate the people with camera or smartphone and don’t see Nothing when she or he walk^^ (sry for my English)

    • Posted by Dmitry Sidorov, at Reply

      she said “there are bikers”

  16. Posted by psygn0sis, at Reply


    • Posted by catali33, at Reply

      Yeah one of them made you!

    • Posted by Pony Lution, at Reply

      catali33 Nice one xD

    • Posted by MNDMS, at Reply

      catali33 HAHA

    • Posted by Tr4sh_boi77, at Reply

      I just want to reply here to get notified by the replies to see how this goes.

  17. Posted by Diego Ewin, at Reply

    6:12 Darude-Sandstorm

    • Posted by Grace G, at Reply


    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      nice try but nope

  18. Posted by Victal, at Reply

    2:20 how I want my funeral presentation.

    • Posted by Mark Javier, at Reply

      Victal I wonder what song they were playing

    • Posted by Abis, at Reply

      Mark Javier darude-sandstorm

  19. Posted by FailArmy, at Reply

    ***ANNOUNCEMENT*** — Submit your video for a chance to win Brad Paisely concert tickets:

    • Posted by Jose David Bertoa Saez, at Reply

      No, thanks.

    • Posted by Andrea Dada, at Reply

      FailArmy I have a suggestion for a fail video you should make the whole video about people failing and when they finish the fail they just lay there and do nothing either they faint or they’re in so much pain that they can’t get up

    • Posted by Abdirisak Awes, at Reply

      FailArmy Hello I love your channel

  20. Posted by Gamer Carson, at Reply

    Hey I live in Jackson Hole, WY