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Sorry Dreamers, Democrats Had “High Anxiety”


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The Democrats rolled over as well as struck an offer to finish the federal government closure without guarantees for those covered under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us exactly what you think in the comment section listed below.

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" Head Of State Trump on Monday night promoted a "big win for Republicans" in a tweet saying Democrats surrendered in the fight over the federal government closure.

" Currently I desire a big win for everyone, including Republicans, Democrats and also DACA, however especially for our Terrific Military and also Border Security," Trump said in the tweet, sent out hrs after he authorized a substitute financing bill to resume the federal government.

Democrats had actually insisted prior to the shutdown started Friday on consisting of in any investing costs protections for those covered under the Deferred Activity for Youth Arrivals (DACA) program, however by Monday they signed onto a bill to fund the federal government up until Feb. 8 without them."

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  1. Posted by William Barnett, at Reply

    The dems in the house are weak af

    • Posted by Daniel Love, at Reply

      They are not weak, they are complicit. You’ll still support them.

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      William Barnett progressives are weak trash

    • Posted by Joseph Davidson, at Reply

      They are in the minority, so yes, they are weak. It’s pretty silly to say this. Try electing more Democrats. Look at the progressive primary candidates. They lose too. What’s your excuse???

  2. Posted by "The Narrator", at Reply

    Democrat leadership is largely weak trash that needs to be replaced

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      “The Narrator” you progressives are trash to . you mutherfuckers can’t even win a democratic primary.

    • Posted by Truth Robot, at Reply

      weak trash = easily bribed….very, very, very easily bribed.

    • Posted by Joseph Davidson, at Reply

      Replaced by who?????? Seriously, who???? Cenk did a complete 180 on this. He’s weak. Progressives lose election after election and blame Democrats. It’s pathetic.

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      Kosh 963 progressives are weak trash

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      tram84mvp go vote GOP then

  3. Posted by DatNiqqa, at Reply

    Democrats are owned and controlled by republicans.

    • Posted by Soul Sage, at Reply

      That was true during Bush presidency. Not anymore with this one.

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      DatNiqqa progressives are weak trash

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      DatNiqqa progressives can’t even win in democratic primaries

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      DatNiqqa progressives are still weak trash

  4. Posted by Gus Buster 2000, at Reply

    Dem party is dying slowly! LOL

    • Posted by Sean Monguso, at Reply

      LMFAO mexicans raped your wife

    • Posted by Retired Stein Koffman, at Reply

      Gus Buster 2000 needs to die faster along with the GOP, 2 obsolete parties that need to go away.

    • Posted by Cad77, at Reply

      They are useless now, let them die disgracefully.

  5. Posted by Riptidedead, at Reply

    What’s wrong with the voice

    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      He’s afraid he’ll be deported next

    • Posted by Gabriel Swee, at Reply

    • Posted by covercalls88, at Reply

      It happen to Cenk when he repeats the wrong number of DACA supporters over shutting down the government. .

  6. Posted by cesar gonzalez, at Reply

    JUST WATCHED TOWN HALL WITH BERNIE SANDERS AND It (oops caps) was really interesting and its funny that Donald Trump would have no idea about this health care system or let alone sit through that long of a discussion about facts without wanting to go home and lay in bed and make love to a Big Mac

    • Posted by Johnny Khomlately, at Reply

      Where do you think the special sauce comes from? Ewwwwwwwwww

  7. Posted by Eric Thomas, at Reply

    Ever considered the idea that they all may be BOUGHT???

    • Posted by Borderose, at Reply

      The only thing Trump was right about: This whole damn game is rigged.

    • Posted by Airborne Gibbon, at Reply


    • Posted by knocon, at Reply

      Both sides are bought. In fact the GOP take political bribes more so than Democrats overall. So… your point?

    • Posted by Eric Thomas, at Reply

      knocon My point is why is the guy in the video tearing his hair out trying to make sense of the actions of politicians who are bought

    • Posted by Adam Crouse, at Reply

      I mean, he addressed that exact point more than once lolol

  8. Posted by pooperscoop54321, at Reply

    The democrats filibustered. They shut it down.

  9. Posted by Miguel Gonsalves, at Reply

    Is that a baguette in his hand?

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Miguel Gonsalves lol ikr i dont get it

    • Posted by Myles Porter, at Reply

      Miguel Gonsalves Lmaooo I didn’t notice that until you said that

  10. Posted by Malcolm Townsend, at Reply

    Lmao anyone got the chipmunk voice that won’t slow down

    • Posted by Malcolm Townsend, at Reply

      Dom Trussardi it ain’t that loose

  11. Posted by Victorian, at Reply


    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      Thats a funny photo of Chuck … hahaha

    • Posted by Steven Anchundia, at Reply

      Of course you should scream they surrender like always

  12. Posted by Mary Paul, at Reply

    in Barbados we have free healthcare, also free education, so doctors, because we pay for their education can open private practices, but they have to work in the hospitals and clinics,about 6 hours or more a day, we have a literacy average of 95%, we also get 3 weeks paid vacation after 9 months and 4 weeks paid after 5 years, we also get paid paternal and maternal leave, paid Sympathy, six weeks paid sick days and 21 days paid days if you get a doctor certificate to stay home if sick, we 15%vat taxes, on every dollar, and social security[National insurance is taken out from salary, example if you work for $500 weekly $4o is taken out, the higher the pay the more the money taken out to a certain threshold, so that money is to cover if you go over your sick day then the company who have to match what you pay out to national insurance, will Not pay , national insurance pay you 60 percent of your salary, and the rest leave in for pension

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      K, but your whole country has less total people than companies offering similar benefits, like GE or HP, have employees. In other words, you’re effectively the same as one neighborhood in one U.S. city having done well. Not too impressive.

    • Posted by Reflex, at Reply

      Stupid point. Because there are large nations with the same policies. And more people also means a massive tax base and wide insurance pool.

    • Posted by vick3d, at Reply

      Reflex, the most populous countries are China, India, USA, Indonesia, Brazil. The most populous countries in Europe are Germany and Russia. None of these places have the type of healthcare OP is describing. In fact, the most populous place in the world with “single-payer” is officially Mexico, though in practice their system is horribly underfunded.

    • Posted by Anthony O'Carroll, at Reply

      Mary Paul 👍🏾 Nice! Where do I sign up?!

    • Posted by The5armdamput33, at Reply

      Mary Paul
      If only the US had… Just one of those things….

  13. Posted by F. W. Sauerteig, at Reply

    Actually, putting the interests of illegal aliens over those of American citizens is a sure fire way to lose.

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply

      khashayar mesgar

      There is no DACA act. It was a presidential executive order.

      It has now been reversed by the current president.

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply


      The same polls that say that are the ones which claimed Hillary had a 89% chance to win.

      Very convincing….🙄

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply

      Barry Nichols

      There is no legal reason to replace it, they aren’t citizens and have no legal standing to stay here.

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply


      I’m a classical liberal, and I vote republican every election. You don’t have to agree with leftist propaganda just to be a liberal or a democrat.

    • Posted by Justin Hernandez, at Reply


      The average age of a dreamer is 27 I believe. Not exactly kids.

  14. Posted by TC Just TC, at Reply

    You are looking at the wrong poll. What do the donors poll say?

    • Posted by Perry McCorkle, at Reply

      Those are the polls they never talk about.

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      TC Just TC progressives are weak trash

    • Posted by Chris Spencer, at Reply

      progressives are just trolls

  15. Posted by James Stepp, at Reply

    Sorry Cenk, love the show but you have the wrong priority. As bad as it sounds, Americans simply do not care enough about the Dreamers or CHIP to make the issues the national rallying cry of the Democratic Party. They should be a second string issues, not first. To put it bluntly, people simply do not care enough until the issue affects them.

    For first string issues you have to hit Americans, and especially American voters from the biggest voting block, the AARP crowd. How about doing a piece about how the new tax law was designed to lay the groundwork for massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid? Want those angry old white men to turn on the GOP so fast it would be stunning to watch? Let it be known that without Democratic control of the House, Senate and presidency in the next elections they will end up with these programs checks they desperately need cut by up to 50% or more just to save our budget from giving billionaires tax breaks. Democrats will not have the votes to fight it if they do not control all three branches. It would be nothing but the weaponized truth.

    How about pointing out that while the Republican Party attacked blue states with the tax bill, it is red states who are federal welfare queens, financed by blue states. Their policies in their states are so bad that Medicaid is the biggest employer. Blue states pay far more in federal taxes than they receive back, while red states receive 40-600% of their state revenue from federal aid. When these angry old people wanted the Republicans to get rid of welfare and socialism, they were’t talking about theirs that they they so desperately depend on! Kansas would be a perfect example of a state going into debt massively while cutting K-12 schools to the bone, along with the retirement funds for police, firemen (who are mostly heavily Republican voters) etc. It would be nothing but God’s honest truth.

    People have so far not had to pay a price for supporting the Republican Party’s stated goals, and they need to brought into reality. It’s not like the Republican Party hid that they wanted to scrap the New Deal programs! Hold the Republican Party’s faces on the third rail of politics and don’t let them up. That is a viable national strategy for winning elections.

    That’s what is wrong with liberals these days, they don’t know how to pick their battles.

    • Posted by Daniel Love, at Reply

      But CHIP just got funded for 6 more years. You must get news exclusively at TYT, they chose not to report this victory.

    • Posted by dian kreczmer, at Reply

      James Stepp right on !!!!

    • Posted by covercalls88, at Reply

      The Democrats like TYT pick emotion issues not issues that matter the most.

  16. Posted by scorpion32, at Reply

    The only rational explanation for this is that the democRATS don’t really believe in CHIP or DACA , they only believe in using them for political football to protect their cushy positions but not in defending these things. They are paid to lose & bargain away the rights & economic gains for society.

    • Posted by Robert Johnson, at Reply

      They care more about the continued flow of illegal immigrants into the country than giving DACA permanent legal residence with a pathway to citizenship.

    • Posted by Joseph Davidson, at Reply

      You are not rational at all. This is pure emotional conspiracy nonsense. Also, what’s your solution?

  17. Posted by Rajesh Hamal, at Reply

    Kick out all these corporate democrats.

    • Posted by cactusman07pim, at Reply

      Just kick the Alien-Americans out.

  18. Posted by zubair hussain, at Reply

    Democrats are not weak. They are in cahoots and complicit.

    • Posted by Cousin Ant, at Reply

      Don’t be harsh, Trump is a mastermind alpha male, he never blinks… remember when Obama gave in on the birth certificate situation?

    • Posted by Borderose, at Reply

      The Democrats are controlled opposition. Because the powers that be realized it’s better to have some competition than none lest their tyranny becomes obvious. Better to install a crippled and utterly incompetent opposition to at least give the semblance of fairness.

    • Posted by Jim Henderson, at Reply

      Complicit in every murder committed by illegals, every identity theft carried out by them, and for the very existence of the transnational criminal syndicate known as the cartel?

  19. Posted by Mission Failed, at Reply

    Democrat representatives are just republicans that needed to get elected in a liberal leaning state. F Democrats. human garbage just like the fascist republican party.

  20. Posted by Mike Benson, at Reply

    Democrats fight tooth and nail against actual progressives, but they do not fight Republicans. Hmm… Okay.

    • Posted by PinkPonyOfPrey, at Reply

      The definition of traitors, right?

    • Posted by Lonna Hobbs, at Reply

      It’s because they are bought and paid for. Dems and repubs have the same agenda…please the donors. Progressives dont.

    • Posted by Daniel Santos, at Reply

      Mike Benson yup