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Spurs Coach Dunks On Trump After Niger Comments


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Train Gregg Popovich has had enough of President Trump. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:
" We've all seen the San Antonio Spurs' future Hall of Popularity instructor Gregg Popovich in a state of exasperation on the sidelines, or in postgame press conference. Most of us have actually likewise heard him talk to great vexation as well as clearness regarding the direction of this nation and also the actions of Donald Trump, specifically on Trump's "horrible tone and also tone and all the comments that have actually been xenophobic, homophobic, racist, misogynistic." Yet I have actually never heard this man extra frustrated, more fed up, as well as extra tense with rage than he was today." *.

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  1. Posted by laylo, at Reply

    Trump’s words are what makes him such a terrible leader and his inability to maintain a proper public image. If he didn’t tweet or say half of the ignorant and fearless statements he makes no one would think he was unfit.

  2. Posted by Vicky Paulson, at Reply

    Thank you sir, you nailed it. Another Dictator move by Trump, who thinks he owns us?

  3. Posted by Denise Eugene, at Reply

    I think that they won something like 5 years ago. They have won about 5 championships with Tim Duncan . Why don’t you just Goggle . Many sport teams admire the discipline and professionalism of the spurs. Most NBA teams revered them.

  4. Posted by Marvin Lockhart, at Reply

    Popp is the MAN!

  5. Posted by BigAlexRocks, at Reply

    Hold on was that a shot at LeBron at the end? Not Funny! Unsubscribed! lol jk

  6. Posted by Troy J, at Reply

    I hope he uses not only his platform, but also his unimaginable wealth, to help us all.

  7. Posted by dick casablancas, at Reply

    I like how regressives keep saying Trump said never… he didn’t. He said from what he was told they didn’t contact every family Trump said he contacts all families by some combination of letters and calls often both. How is it even controversial? Kelly never got a letter for his son… monthes later he was invited to a breakfast with many other families… that’s not personal at all and shows it had nothing to do with the Kelly’s just that they wanted to get as many families in there at once so Obama didn’t have to take care of them all one on one. That’s an extremely disrespectful way to handle the death of a Sgt. In the military dying especially when his father is a long time serving 4 star general.

  8. Posted by Brian B, at Reply

    At least Cenk isn’t a Warriors fan.

  9. Posted by Umberto2, at Reply

    Wait, why is he trashing LeBron on this? LeBron is outspoken against Trump. Cenk – why are you lying?

  10. Posted by Isaiah Meyers, at Reply

    When he said that Trump was gonna twitter attack popovich cause of his comments i spit out my water 😂🤣😅

  11. Posted by D Boss, at Reply

    The man! Thanks POP!

  12. Posted by Levi Rawls, at Reply

    everything seem to be a joke on these comments. I would love to see some serious minds some of the time. please!!!

  13. Posted by darcanjel7, at Reply

    Of course it took a basketball coach to have the “balls” to speak the damn truth.

  14. Posted by Joshua Petty, at Reply

    First, I’m a nuggets fan, go nuggets. Now to the point. I fn love this guy. Probably one the most vocal in the NBA and does it out of Texas!

  15. Posted by DevilDog 2600hz, at Reply

    “…. I see Pence walking out on a Spurs game! JOBS!!!.”