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Staggering Hospital Bill Shows What’s At Stake


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Take a look at this kid's health center bill and after that tell us just how the GOP is PRO-LIFE? Hosted by Francis Maxwell. See a lot more TYT Facebook Originals at

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  1. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    it doesn’t affect these heartless Hypocrites, because all they care about is how much money their political constituencies are putting into their pockets!

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 Yeah…The only politicians I’ve seen be transparent about their actions are the Justice Democrats, rather than the Dems or Reps. I think it’s high time for both parties to kiss their sorry asses goodbye and let the progressives take the stage. (although I don’t know who would replace the Reps)

    • Posted by Joshua Marx, at Reply

      True libertarians. Not these morons that call themselves such but are just intellectualizing fascism.

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      Joshua Marx That’d be pretty interesting to see; a legitimate progressive party on the left side of politics and a legitimate libertarian party on the right side of politics.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Y2K Hmmm…
      The Brady Bunch, the Daleks, the Cenobites, the Old Republic? I can tolerate any of them more than the GOP(uppets) right now.

    • Posted by Y2K, at Reply

      OutlawRebel117 I mean we may as well just substitute in a human-sized tumor for the Reps at this point. (not to be mistaken for the somehow more malignant Drumpf)

  2. Posted by Dave Gallagher, at Reply

    The actual death panel, brought to you by the corrupt lying GOP!

    • Posted by threeof wands, at Reply

      Spot on.

  3. Posted by JoeYourAverageBro, at Reply

    Who else is ready for a French Revolution in America? Anyone? I will bring the guillotine if someone holds Mitch McConnell’s head on the wooden board.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      Careful what you wish for: America is so bitterly divided right now….it might just happen..

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      b!tch please, you don’t own guns.

    • Posted by aaron Salentine, at Reply

      i am down !

    • Posted by Angelo Lee, at Reply

      Are you reterded? You act like liberals are the only ones getting fucked by the GOP.

  4. Posted by balort santa, at Reply

    Americans are so DUMB PEOPLE. They can’t even tell if their republican leaders are duping in front of them. Trumpcare is for the RICH. Your republican leaders are gonna watch you die in the next three years.

    • Posted by James Michael Campbell, at Reply

      balort santa Your grammar really is lacking, however the gist of your message is embodied in your open thoughts

  5. Posted by Chunkylover539, at Reply

    I am so thankful everyday to live in a country with universal healthcare.

    • Posted by Kitty S, at Reply

      I like them chunky chunky. I like them fat, round round 😊

  6. Posted by RassBrass, at Reply

    They say they are pro life , but they want to cut Medicaid for the poor and give tax cuts to the rich.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      Rich like the hollywood elites who voted for hillary?

    • Posted by Silene Costa, at Reply

      the Hollywood elite like Jimmy Kimel is not complain about pay tax, cause they can pay more tax and they still will not be poor. Some people from Hollywood elite was born poor in the past, so they know how was have a bad medicaid cause they don’t had money. They don’t need talk bad about the medicaid cut, if they just care about have more money they don’t have any reason to talk bad about this plan cause in the end this will be great for rich people. They can save more money in their pocket.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Who do y’all hate the “Hollywood elite” so much, but not the ones who are robbing the working class blind?

  7. Posted by longtail4711, at Reply

    Pro-Liars. There is nothing remotely compassionate about these people. They don’t care about fetuses or women, they just use fetuses as meat shields for their agenda of stripping the poor of healthcare and killing them.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      that makes no sense

  8. Posted by Anthony W, at Reply

    when I was a kid I wanted to live in American, now I’m grown I realise what a disgusting country it is.

    • Posted by left leaning libertarian, at Reply

      freedombase you should use anyone not anybody. it’s inappropriate to refer to people as bodies, but it’s ok because you’re learning.

    • Posted by Crimson King, at Reply

      Anthony W Even so, it’s still much better than 3rd world country.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      This should be your new slogan instead of “land of the free.”
      _United States: Still better than a 3rd world country._

    • Posted by Winter Dream, at Reply

      +Crimson King we ARE becoming a 3rd world country. We’re barely better.

    • Posted by Butch Schultz, at Reply

      Anthony W, I agree completely. It is truly disgusting.

  9. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Basically under the republican “health care plan” the kid in the video whould have most certainly died due to republicans letting the insurance company have a “lifetime cap” on coverage. Shows they dont give 2 shits about being “Pro life”.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply
    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Nice work. You found one story that looks kinda messed up until you think it through and realize it’s actually the parents who were being stupid and wanted to torture their child to give themselves more time with him. The doctors chose the baby (who is their patient) over the parents’ feelings.
      The best line of all was how “[the doctors] knew better than the parents who had to suffer through his illness and care for him every single day.” It implies that’s not the case, when yeah, it’s absolutely the case. These parents are obviously emotional and grasping at anything, which is understandable.. But even the US based doctor who was willing to perform the nucleoside treatment said: “The prospect of the nucleoside treatment having any benefit is as close to zero as makes no difference. In other words, as I have already said, it is futile.”

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      Of course, your propaganda piece leaves all that out.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      kevin is a leftest thug who backs abortion

  10. Posted by UNLebanon, at Reply

    Pro-Life is just a euphemism conservatives use for calling women sluts.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      no pro life means anti baby killing.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      +mark navarro
      So I assume pro-lifers will be covering this baby’s medical bills then?

    • Posted by UNLebanon, at Reply

      +mark navarro, Um no. Even by the standards of many Christian denominations, “pro-life” refers to the sanctity of ALL human life, not just the babies and the unborn. The fact that you think it only refers to abortions kinda proves my point. I certainly hope you are not Catholic, mark navarro.

  11. Posted by FRED G SANFORD., at Reply

    republicans could care less about the american people unless there rich or white..

    • Posted by MAC KASH, at Reply

      or both

    • Posted by FRED G SANFORD., at Reply

      MAC KASH No Dems just care about the money.. they are more diverse, way more

    • Posted by Dragonmaster0118, at Reply

      that or should be the word and.

    • Posted by Plastic Altar, at Reply

      blacks and other sub human races are a *net loss* to civilized society, why would you waste another cent on them at this point? they have uninterruptedly shown how worthless they are for centuries now. parasitic welfare rats. yuck! let them die off.

    • Posted by Reason, at Reply

      Troll alert.

  12. Posted by sabrielle lunin, at Reply

    My daughter just came home from the hospital last month after a 3.5 month stay after being born 3 months early. I just got the bill for my daughters care and I can tell you I nearly stopped breathing; for a medical issue that the Dr’s said they will probably never know the cause of, my family would be in the hole for a little over $800,000. Thanks to Medicare, I not only have my beautiful little girl, my family is not bankrupt. I have been following the health care bill news very closely since my baby was effectively born with a pre-existing condition, and I am scared to death that she will no longer be covered soon. I really wish all Americans viewed this nation as a community and realized that even if someone does not live right next to you, they are still your “neighbor”, what happened to the pride in taking care of eachother ?

    • Posted by Reason, at Reply

      Both of my parents had cancer. I wonder how Trumpers expect to handle that sort of financial hit on the family. I have read that, in the US, the treatment for metastasized cancer is US$140,000 per year, and that’s on top of their insurance premiums.

  13. Posted by Garth, at Reply

    This is a warning of things to come to the UK and why we need to cherish our NHS and stop the current tory govt from slowly eroding it!

    • Posted by Garth, at Reply

      Yes freedombase all that affordable healthcare for all and saving lives is a terrible thing???

    • Posted by The Corbynator, at Reply

      Garth 1 in 5 Americans Can’t Afford The Medication They Need.
      Medical Costs are a leading cause of Bankruptcies and the main cause of Bankruptcy for Mature Americans.
      These are not problems The Citizens of the United Kingdom face, because of the Amazing National Health Service!
      Nations With Affordable Healthcare and Education produce a Productive, Intelligent , Adaptable and Healthier Workforce Than much of the Overweight, Undereducated, Factory Bubble Population in the US!
      American Criticism of NHS really is Pathetic!

    • Posted by Garth, at Reply


    • Posted by mistert800, at Reply

      @Gareth you’re referring to two different entities. New Labour (AKA Tory lites) and the current Labour party, whose ideology towards the NHS is different. On the hand, the Tories’ policies regarding the NHS have only become _more_ extreme, since Jeremy Hunt’s appointment as Health Secretary. Besides, your claim was “this thing about the Tories gutting it are rubbish”, which is definitely not the case, as evidenced by the major privatisation deals they have orchestrated. No other party has been more destructive to the ideals of the NHS and is continuing in that direction. This implication that it’s basically all the same regardless of party simply doesn’t wash when one examines policy and rhetoric.

    • Posted by Gareth Price, at Reply

      The current labour party ideology is only different at the moment because of Corbyn, who was just about hanging on until this past election and now he’s trying to keep up the momentum. Well i get my information first hand my Mothers 46 years of service in Multiple trusts and ending as head of finance for one of them, And with her experience nothing has changed other than the fact people aren’t seemingly held to the same standards any more or don’t have as much respect for their positions.

  14. Posted by Alien Grey, at Reply

    The US doesn’t have a public health care system. They have a gouge the public for insurance and hyperinflated hospital costs system. In Canada we just pay normal income tax rates and get all the health care we need, because prices are controlled. If you’re unemployed you get health care for free cuz you aren’t even paying tax. Might be some waiting for an operation but so what? What’s worse, waiting a few months for an operation which is non-emergency or paying hundreds of dollars a month for insurance you may never use? I’ll take the waits. You can also get private health insurance on top of the public health care if you want a private room or other extra benefits. When I look at US health care I think what a bunch of suckers Yanks are.

    • Posted by Kelsper, at Reply

      Army has nothing to do with it lmao. And he’s right.

    • Posted by TBSinc, at Reply

      Mark Navarro
      Yea … trash army … a Canadian Special Opps sniper recently set the world record for taking out an ISIS fighter in Iraq from over 2 miles. The top 5 recorded long distance kills are 3 by Canadians, a Brit, and yes one Yank.
      A “trash army” you probably didn’t even know as fighting in Iraq.

    • Posted by Alien Grey, at Reply

      The Canadian military also has cooler slang words for stuff than the US army. Look them up sometime, they’re very creative.

    • Posted by mark navarro, at Reply

      and thats one dude.

  15. Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

    Isn’t ti weird that the pro-life party is so against health care? It’s almost like they use this one issue to hide their atrocious policies behind.

    • Posted by Jeanette Mifsud, at Reply

      Blob Loblaw It’s the definition of cognitive dissonance. Because, it makes no sense. That, or they are pure evil.

    • Posted by Reason, at Reply

      People with no conscience or capacity for empathy don’t suffer from cognitive dissonance.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      obamacare is not health care

    • Posted by Liam Strait, at Reply

      Are you _the_ Bob Loblaw, of the Bob Loblaw Law Blog?

  16. Posted by Hobbes Tiger, at Reply

    GET A JOB, you lazy baby with several malformations and birth defects!

    • Posted by Jeanette Mifsud, at Reply

      Hobbes Tiger
      These people are so beyond hypocritical. I really don’t know how they sleep at night. They must need fistfuls of ambien. They aren’t stupid, they’re pure evil.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      the evil people are the ones who want government involved in health care

    • Posted by Liam Strait, at Reply

      Jeanette Mifsud You answered your own question. An evil person isn’t bothered by their evil acts.

    • Posted by Jjkhjgkjhkjb hgjhghnjn, at Reply

      I guess he is being sarcastic

    • Posted by Jeanette Mifsud, at Reply

      Liam Strait That’s what I mean…they pretend to be moral though. Christian and all that.

  17. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    “Ethan’s mother said she hopes GOP lawmakers would consider the lives of children…”
    Prepare to be disappointed.

    • Posted by freedombase, at Reply

      the idea that the government be involved in health care is Crazy and has no constitutional merit

    • Posted by Gordon Bradley, at Reply

      ” life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness ” ?
      where’s the right to ” life ” when whether you live or die is in the hands of a private death panel whose only criterion is profit.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      Meanwhile, here in reality, the NHS is up there among the greatest achievements in human history.

  18. Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

    Someone help me out here, why aren’t EMPLOYERS begging the federal government to take over healthcare??? Imagine the savings for business if they didn’t have to pay for their worker’s health insurance anymore. Imagine as a worker going to the hospital and not being asked for an insurance card and not ever receiving a bill. No more co-pays or deductibles. Imagine not being price gouged for prescription drugs. Why the HELL would anyone NOT want a single payer health system????

    • Posted by Alex Turlais, at Reply

      Because if they control the healthcare of their employees, then they can’t escape. it’s a form of slavery almost, because it’s almost impossible to leave and start your own business if you aren’t wealthy.

    • Posted by xIronwafflexx, at Reply

      Because mah taxes! -That one guy who is probably someone’s uncle

    • Posted by Michael Davidson, at Reply

      Exceptionally stupid!

    • Posted by whyamimrpink78, at Reply

      MIchael, employers pay with insurance because it is a way to pay employees more without being taxed. With the payroll tax if an employer paid with a higher wage they will end up paying a higher tax. But benefits, such as insurance, are not taxed. So an employer in the competitive market offers healthcare insurance as a way to attract employees. They would rather pay a higher wage but can’t because of taxes.

      For single payer, there are many reasons why we don’t want it.

    • Posted by xIronwafflexx, at Reply

      whyamimrpink78 The only thing I call bs on is “They would rather pay a higher wage but can’t because of taxes” Most employers will pay the minimum they can get buy with and still retain employees. Most companies paying minimum wage could pay $10+ an hour now and don’t. Even if their taxes were cut in half they would continue to pay their employees the same because at the end of the day it’s about maximizing profits for investors. They don’t care about paying people a decent wage.

      And how do you explain that fact that in the 50’s and 60’s the tax rate was between 70-90% and employers still paid their employees more compared to what they do today? Not to mention those were decades of great economic growth.

      The fact is, if we removed the tax credit for health insurance, and reduced taxes on businesses, they would continue paying only what they have to to meet minimum wage requirements and to stay “competitive” with other employers.

  19. Posted by SpiderBite90x, at Reply

    Wow. At this point, I honestly CAN NOT see how people actually support conservatism.

    • Posted by Kenith McIntosh, at Reply

      Yeah the liberals are pos too but at least they put the well being of the people first before they start scheming off the top.

    • Posted by Joseph Roman, at Reply

      Kenith McIntosh you said it, liberals skim off the top.
      conservatives skim off the bottom.
      “So Sad”

  20. Posted by ISupportAccountability, at Reply

    It takes a life threatening disease in themselves or their close relatives for any Republican to regain the humanity they lost a long time ago.

    • Posted by Amy Sternheim, at Reply

      Agreed, except prostate cancer hasn’t stopped the Koch brothers from being assholes!