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Stairs are Hard! | Funny Fails June 2018


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Nobody hates taking the stairs more than me. It's the unneeded cardio that I do not require in my life. This compilation better verifies why I do not mess around with the stairs! Since stairways are tough! But you don't need to be a stairmaster to like this brand-new amusing video! Today we're offering you a collection of some of our most hilarious clips of individuals as well as family pets failing at that point we understand all to well … the stairs!

Similar to this video if you additionally prevent taking the stairs. Comment down below and tell us which hilarious amusing staircase stop working made you laugh the hardest. Was is the doggo at 7:28 who is increasing the stairways backwards with a cone on his head? Or was it the trick or treater at 1:58? His costume was so boxy that he couldn't get up the staircases! LOL! Inform us in the comment area below.

Stairs are Difficult!|Amusing Fails June 2018

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  1. Posted by SuperSlimeMaker 6, at Reply


    • Posted by Fortnite Player, at Reply

      SuperSlimeMaker 6 i was the first

    • Posted by Grizzly ER, at Reply

      +Fortnite Player you were 1st like

  2. Posted by Fortnite Player, at Reply

    First like!!!!

  3. Posted by Adriel Lightvale, at Reply

    Stop stairing at me like that.

  4. Posted by AgentZ430, at Reply

    Escalators are scary

    • Posted by RobloxGamingYT StarWars_Operator, at Reply

      I think Elevators are scary.

    • Posted by Malu Sison, at Reply

      AgentZ430 same

    • Posted by Tashaboo tv, at Reply

      Uhhh nooo

  5. Posted by Katara Kitten, at Reply

    Lol. Story of my life.

  6. Posted by Hi Hi, at Reply

    I once fell up the stairs

  7. Posted by RobloxGamingYT StarWars_Operator, at Reply

    0:38 Is funny!

  8. Posted by *I have* *autism*, at Reply

    1:11 that looks like my cat!!!!

  9. Posted by Dαniel Mαuricio, at Reply

    Great video!

  10. Posted by Stuff animals, at Reply

    Almost one million

  11. Posted by Jennyfer, at Reply

    4:29 😀

  12. Posted by Andrew Kyren, at Reply

    11:46 hiiii

  13. Posted by Pathfinder4ever !, at Reply

    What’s your favorite?

  14. Posted by Joanna Killeen, at Reply

    93 likes really???

  15. Posted by Bella Luna Farrel, at Reply

    Pobrecito el primero

  16. Posted by Best friend dancers, at Reply


  17. Posted by chickapey, at Reply

    these parents putting their kids down the stairs in boxes need a poke to the beak

  18. Posted by scott lane, at Reply

    Ironic first vid, i was thinking that filthy cow would fare no better than that cute lil dog.

  19. Posted by DaEasyGamer Gaming, at Reply

    26th comment! This is funny

  20. Posted by nnslg, at Reply

    What kinda parent lets their kid go down a flight of stairs on some cardboard, or in a box? smh