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Standing Rock Claims ‘Major Victory’


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Water Guards are declaring a significant success in the fight versus the Dakota Accessibility Pipeline. Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, and also Amberia Allen, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark section below.

" In a triumph for environmentalists as well as Native American protestors, a government judge ruled that the Army Corps of Engineers did not adequately consider the Dakota Accessibility Pipe's effect on the setting as well as purchased the company to reevaluate components of its evaluation.

In a 91-page point of view released Wednesday, United States Area Judge James Boasberg claimed that while the Army Corps "significantly complied" with the National Environmental Policy Act, it cannot fully evaluate how an oil spill can affect the Standing Rock Sioux people.

" The Court concurs that [the Corps] did not effectively take into consideration the impacts of an oil spill on fishing legal rights, searching legal rights, or environmental justice, or the degree to which the pipe's effects are likely to be extremely controversial," Boasberg wrote.

Several Sioux people have legitimately challenged the Military Corps twice previously, however cannot confirm the debatable pipeline could harm historic websites as well as spoil sacred waters, especially the Missouri River and Lake Oahe, which are crucial to their religious methods.

This time around, however, Boasberg recognized that the federal licenses, which were approved by Trump's executive order in January, damaged the regulation in some aspects. The head of state had actually purchased the corps to expedite licenses, enabling the pipe to cross the Missouri River, upstream of the Standing Rock reservation."

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amerbia Allen

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, Amerbia Allen


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  1. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Potential harm? The thing is already leaking. The Natives were 100% correct.

    • Posted by native g, at Reply

      marcel lewis
      nice one man, mind if I borrow it? lol

  2. Posted by quaxk, at Reply

    They have to reevaluate parts of their analysis… *WOOOO! BIG VICTORY!*

    *roll eyes until they spin out of sockets

    • Posted by WHAT UP MA HONKY, at Reply

      individual ,shut up mate….yer Boring !

    • Posted by Mandy Schmidt, at Reply

      quaxk gleaming at how mad this makes the trumpanzees. So satisfying. Thanks.

    • Posted by thescopedogable, at Reply

      quaxk do you ever look in the mirror and think……am I a bad guy?

    • Posted by choklatechuck, at Reply

      lmao at the replies to this comment. This reevaluation is basically nothing. The people operating this pipeline don’t want it to leak because they lose money if it leaks. Everyone already knows it’s bad for the environment, so what needs to be evaluated? This is a slap on the wrist with a cotton ball. That’s the point.

  3. Posted by elyce hockey, at Reply

    should have voted bernie

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply

      Alex Ray

      Do you research anything you spew out of your keyboard? Obama lowered your country’s debt significant more than any recent president has.

      Please don’t be so stupid as to say things without verifying first.

    • Posted by Small d Democrat, at Reply

      munky342 His deficit was lower than Bush, but debt never decreases. There’s not been a surplus for decades, with the exception of Clinton.

    • Posted by munky342, at Reply

      Small d Democrat

      Thats what I meant. I used the word debt incorrectly. So there is no way to oppose that it was headed in the right direction.

      So for Alex to say he increased the deficit is completely false. I honestly don’t know how people argue with facts and statistics. It’s like they see something and decide not to believe their lying eyes.

  4. Posted by Shakil Ahmed, at Reply


    • Posted by Kall Zorki, at Reply

      Fvcked any goat lately?

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      ^^^^^^^kall the troll^^^^^

    • Posted by TwiStedTentom, at Reply

      Kall Zorki Please kill yourself.

  5. Posted by Jeri Kourkoumelis, at Reply

    TYT=Awesome. They really are on fire tonight.

    • Posted by sikojensika, at Reply

      >says that
      >tyt’s main source is buzzfeed

      I guess something else is on fire

    • Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

      sikojensika pants?

    • Posted by InfectedByEli, at Reply

      sikojensika, you need to go back, to /pol/.

  6. Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

    Do not forget protesters to take your trash you left all over the ground

    • Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

      The Tribe cleaned up a few trash piles months ago. Lay off the big oi and storm front propaganda.

    • Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

      You mean the local white right wing pro oil shill media? BTW, oil spills are literally killing hundreds in Michigan because of massive oil spills that has polluted water supplies and farm land. And?

    • Posted by Just Me, at Reply

      Now there is a reason to take land away from Natives and/or to brutalize them because they had trash on the ground. I’m being sarcastic for anyone that can’t tell. When they opened the Dams (can’t remember the year) and flooded downstream which killed a lot of animals sending them dead in the water, who do you think cleaned that up? I will give you one hint. It was not DAPL workers.

    • Posted by almaperro, at Reply

      Nero Cloud is that the only thing you have?

    • Posted by Nero Cloud, at Reply

      almaperro nope I just hate tyt so I watch there videos to see what left plan they are rolling out

  7. Posted by Mickie Gant, at Reply

    US army corps of engineers is corrupt. My husband worked for them for years. While at work was exposed to asbestos at work. There was a cover up on the incident.

    • Posted by Michael Martinez, at Reply

      Mickie Gant
      The military industrial complex works at the behest of moneyed interests. Anyone who believes that the U.S, military is anything but the enforcement arm of American multinational corporations is naïve.

  8. Posted by Fin K, at Reply

    Obama should have done SO much more to stop DAPL when he had the chance. Instead, he said that he wanted to watch it play out, as protesters were being beaten and shot at, and did not not stand on the right side of this issue until the very end. TYT should really point that out.

    • Posted by Stephen Connolly, at Reply

      You’re right about Obama. But during the height of the protests, TYT was all over Obama for not doing anything to stop the police brutality.

    • Posted by wishcraft4u2, at Reply

      Well he was in with the oil industry. He wasn’t as rabidly opposed to climate policy as Trump, but he certainly was extremely cynical about it.

    • Posted by Tychoxi, at Reply

      Fin K 100% agree

    • Posted by Scott C, at Reply

      He should have done more about a lot of things but in the end he was just another neoliberal corporatist.

  9. Posted by michael cook, at Reply

    TYT the only media outlet still reporting on this. This is why TYT is important.

    • Posted by Fantasmeo, at Reply

      This is why I became a member.

    • Posted by luvcheney1, at Reply

      Because who else is going to support efforts to reduce the supply of oil, driving prices higher for poor folk?

    • Posted by Jeff Ketcham, at Reply

      luvcheney1 You do realize that oil is going straight down to refineries to be exported right? It is not for domestic use. If more oil hits the market countries like Saudi Arabia simply produce less to drive prices back up. This pipeline will have practically no benefit to the average American.

  10. Posted by john edgmon, at Reply

    I’m an ex-marine and I’m with the 57% percent that voted trump. stop watching fake news. 😂😂😝

    • Posted by Dae Drix, at Reply

      +john edgmon Sorry to break it to you, but only 20% of the country voted for Trump. The other 80% I’m guessing are the one’s with operating brains.

    • Posted by almaperro, at Reply

      john edgmon you’d think an ex-marine would vote for someone who had the United States best interest at mind, not some stupid orange gorilla that would sell his mother for a dollar.

  11. Posted by Tom Knezovic, at Reply

    TYT, since you are civil rights/progressives/protectors of the weak can you please cover the urination, defecation and gang-rape of an Idaho girl for which the Muslim assailants who confessed were let off?

    • Posted by anko Mitarashi, at Reply

      Tom Knezovic Here is an article showing that they have plead guilty and were “not let off”, and the reason it took a lot of time is because they were 7,10,and 14 year old boys. all rape is condemnable but you’ve used purposeful lies to drive home your narrative. You don’t care about the victim and you’re willing to use “lies” like the urination and defecation to do it, there was absolutely no proof of that occuring. The boys were from Eritrea and one from Iraq, they were not Syrian refugees. read the article for more. it took me 2 minutes to look this up.

    • Posted by Tom Knezovic, at Reply

      1) Getting zero jail time and symbolic probation is getting let off, you pseudomoralistic cretin.
      2) I never said anything about the case taking a long time.
      3) My pointing out of a story that does not get national attention when it should is not “driving home a narrative”. The MSM who explode on stories with white perps but relegate stories like this to obscure local media are the ones driving home a narrative.
      4) Who are you to tell me that I do not care about a 5 year old girl who was raped by people who should not be in the United States?
      5) I made a mistake regarding the urination and defecation. Turns out it was just urination. What a terrible “lie”. It has totally changed the story now hasn’t it? You seem to think that because your news source didn’t mention the urination that it therefore did not happen. Common sense would tell you that Pamela Geller (a well known journalist) lying is far less likely than the Idaho statesman choosing to omit that detail.
      6) I made no claim that they were Syrian refugees, not sure why you felt the need to defend that group. Clearly there is a large spread of countries that could supply perps like these who commit horrific sex crimes. Same demographics keep popping up at obscene rates.
      7) The fact that children did this and not adults is no consolation. If anything it is an ominous harbinger of what they become when older.

  12. Posted by Rahul And His Planet, at Reply

    I come from a protest city. Philadelphia, I have multiple videos of the protest on my channel if your curious what a philly protest is like. We protest by the thousands. Our police is decent, they don’t interfere. But I gota give it up to these standing rock protesters. They fought hell, they fought weather, they fought against argubly the most powerful people in the world which is big oil. they had to deal with police who were practically terrorist, not real police. These mother fuckers are true heros. we wish standing rock the best of luck. It ridiculous how these big corporations can just drill and destroy public lands just for their own profits. These lands belong to the public, not corporations and politicians to rape. and anyone who allows them to do is breaking laws and the constitution as well. People, judges need to speak out. This is beyond politics, this is criminal. Its a shame whats happening to Native Americans. They are treated as immigrants in their own country by people who are not native to this country.

    • Posted by Angry Jock, at Reply

      And the Natives were pissed off at you disrepectful lefties

    • Posted by Rahul And His Planet, at Reply

      Angry Jock Its the right that keeps destroying their environments, arresting them for protecting their own lands. its the right that keeps claiming this is white mans country and using words such as get out of my country” towards everyone. I’m sure natives are pissed off at both lefties and righties, but much more the righties.

    • Posted by Cody Jock, at Reply

      +Rahul And His Planet ain’t that the goddamn truth. Sekon from Akwesasne.

  13. Posted by Whatever, at Reply

    I support the fight against DAPL, but this isn’t a victory. The pipeline will probably go back into approval because it makes the elite richer. Let’s be honest no one in Washington cares about Native American lands or what they consider sacred.

    • Posted by INDIVIDUAL, at Reply

      They have to be made to care.

  14. Posted by mikeNM08, at Reply

    If you white right wingers love pipelines so much, why is there no pipelines near heavily populated “White Middle Class” areas? You Right Wingers need to volunteer your lands for pipelines, and keep the “Black Snake” off or near our lands and water supply!

    • Posted by Lasaret, at Reply

      mikeNM08, you realize that DAPL’s route isn’t just a bit of land next to the SR reservation, and the vast majority of people living near it’s route in the 4 states it goes through are white?

      And would you have preferred to have the pipeline routed through the much more difficult Bismarck route, putting it’s crossing under 15 miles from the water intakes of nearly 100000 mainly white people, or the southern route where it is 70-80 miles away from the drinking water intake of ~8000 native Americans?

    • Posted by mikeNM08, at Reply

      So basically Lasaret is saying the only route is near the Border of Standing Rock? They could have moved the Pipeline further North you dimwit oil shil white privileged apologist.

    • Posted by mikeNM08, at Reply

      White Privilege means rigging the system for whites so they can play white power. Dragon is butt-hurt because I’m calling out his BS white privileged agenda. Now go hold the hand of your follow Klan member Worm and protect him from us civil rights people.

    • Posted by Lasaret, at Reply

      mikeNM08, way to completely ignore the main point, and I was only asking the question to probe how racist you might be.

    • Posted by Maggie Rezac, at Reply

      +mikeNM08 please calm down & listen to an old white woman WEARING a Support of the S.R.R. Anti DAPL tee shirt! I live in Sioux Falls, SD, which is completely in the path of this monstrosity! Part of the 274 miles thru my own state & I just rechecked on the Google Machine & once again, they have rerouted it to run just to the West of our city of 150,000+! Oh Look! It’s going thru our LANDFILL! What could possibly go wrong there??
      This is, actually, an ‘improvement’ to the original pathway which would have run right thru…the long defunct St. Lawrence NUCLEAR power plant! Again, What could possibly go wrong digging around that location? Ummm Geiger counters & gas masks anyone?
      So no, this is NOT a white vs. native or skin colour or even socio-economic Cluster…it is just plain old fashioned GREED! This can also be seen by the statements that “JOBS! IT’LL BRING JOBS to our states..” Not really, the parent company of the DAPL brought in their own workers for the job!
      The only ‘new’ jobs created by this mess were the Sex Slaves TRUCKED in for the workers! This ugliness has been common knowledge for many of us to the South, since this mess began!
      For me, as far as you Natives are concerned, this is just one more ILLEGAL nastiness brought upon your peoples! I am very proud that my own children have both Lakota & Cherokee blood running thru their exceptional veins! Pilimaya friend.

  15. Posted by Trump The Fraud, at Reply

    We should deport all racist white people ” Real Illegals in this country ” Back to Europe!

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      Trump The Fraud
      Hahaha you just keep on living in that fantastical delusion of yours.

  16. Posted by Ispike73, at Reply

    My truck leaks more oil than the pipeline did.

  17. Posted by Zach Bartlett, at Reply

    The guy on the thumbnail looks like a Native American Alex Jones.

  18. Posted by justagirlsd3000, at Reply

    Obama was bought and let it “play out”…

  19. Posted by Khemetian Dragon, at Reply

    do a story on oliver stone putin interviews, really interesting stuff.