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Startup Paying Workers $10K To LEAVE Silicon Valley


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Why is a Silicon Valley start-up curious about incentivizing "de-location" out of the area? Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us what you believe in the comment section below.

" A Silicon Valley startup is paying workers $10,000 to leave Silicon Valley.

Zapier, an automation firm established in 2011, has actually introduced that it is using brand-new employees a substantial "de-location plan" if they want to relocate far from the Bay Location, an unusual perk that provides yet an additional indicator of the intensifying real estate crisis in northern California.

Zapier, where all workers work remotely, lately revealed that if present Bay Area citizens were interested in improving their "household's standard of life" by transferring, the firm would certainly supply $10,000 in relocating compensations. Since Chief Executive Officer Wade Foster published concerning the package last week, the uptick in applicants has actually been remarkable, he said in a meeting.

" A great deal of people just have a hard time making the Bay Location a long-term house," he stated, noting that the firm spoken with roughly 150 task applicants over the weekend, consisting of 50 who particularly discussed the de-location deal. "Real estate is really challenging."

The deal from Zapier comes as high-paid tech workers in San Francisco and Silicon Valley have actually progressively complained concerning the high expense of living in an area that suffers from a major housing shortage. Technology employees earning in between $100,000 and $700,000 just recently talked to the Guardian regarding their realty battles, as well as one study suggested that for some engineers, greater than 50% of their income goes to lease.

By numerous procedures, San Francisco has the most expensive realty in the country." *.

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by The Villain, at Reply

    lol all my money would go to rent and bills if I didn’t live with my family and the net income is going right back into working so living paycheck to paycheck would be that situation

    • Posted by j marine, at Reply

      I know the feelings -_-

  2. Posted by Roxy Magica, at Reply

    It helps retain talent. Companies in Silicon Valley steal talent from each other constantly. If you move out to Iowa, there’s a much lower chance of some other startup giving you a better job offer than there would be in Silicon Valley.

    • Posted by Ms. Gem1n183, at Reply

      HERRO that is low

    • Posted by Jia Liang Low, at Reply

      Yeah, and the salary increment requirements are lower

    • Posted by Kelly gray, at Reply

      you live there?

    • Posted by psyjax2, at Reply

      Yea, you move out to Iowa, lose your job, then your back to the valley 😀

    • Posted by Cameron Reeves, at Reply

      Roxy Magica CofC

  3. Posted by First name Last name, at Reply

    It would still be a re-location, de-location isn’t a thing.

  4. Posted by Telepathic Fat, at Reply

    Trump has a startup that pays Russian trolls to LEAVE comments on US videos.

    • Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

      Telepathic Fat they are worshippers of trump who can’t face reality if his recent failures. Sad existence…

  5. Posted by Gouky, at Reply

    This is the Invisible hand of the market.
    Fascist where always on the left

    • Posted by Gouky, at Reply

      demand is only high because of supply … WTF?

    • Posted by Sébastien Tuyizere, at Reply

      If you dont know anything about economics, you should probably keep your mouth shut.

  6. Posted by milkyway.2222, at Reply

    How can Americans work from home in IT when their internet speed is so shitty?

    • Posted by breakersigh, at Reply


    • Posted by Salty Lemon, at Reply

      American internet speeds are great in the major cities. You can’t really compare small European countries with the United States which is so much larger.

    • Posted by DonD512, at Reply

      milkyway.2222 Sadly true.

  7. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    Doubt if they will wanna go back to China and India

    • Posted by mooo moob, at Reply

      so heckin funny

  8. Posted by Ms. Gem1n183, at Reply

    not enough for me

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      How much is enough for you Ms. Gem?

    • Posted by spADE THrow, at Reply

      I think she’s being funny

  9. Posted by COMRADE DONALD TRUMP, at Reply

    *The real question that needs to be asked, is: who’s ready for TREMENDOUS health coverage? OdumbaCare was a DISASTER and will be replaced by TrumpCare soon! Amazing savings from AFFORDABLE plans coming SOON! **#MAGA*

    • Posted by Éric McQueer, at Reply

      me wanna see a Civil War in USA so we can help you KlLL all the Apes , this way middle class White people can have their own Health Insurance and not pay for Focken Apes Sand Apes or African Apes say me 🙂

  10. Posted by Harry Stoddard, at Reply

    It might be different for different companies, but relocation money usually counts as income for tax. So, double edged sword.

  11. Posted by Jacob Hansen, at Reply

    I’m from Silicon Valley, where I have lived for most of my life, and I can honestly say that TYT is just not being honest in this one.

    • Posted by Lefebvre Julien, at Reply

      Nice abs bro.

  12. Posted by Jeff Brinning, at Reply

    why not, if you could live in Durango colorado retaining the same wages you earned in silicone valley.

  13. Posted by Donald Zahnke, at Reply

    hello ana you are awsome

  14. Posted by jaydeviil, at Reply

    but pay nothing to help kekistan
    honk if you love bacon grease

  15. Posted by Éric McQueer, at Reply

    Let’s hope Kim Jong Un send a Nuclear Ballistic tipped Missile to California and killed all you Apes and Sand-Snakes and all that chocolate SHlT FART PEOPLE !

  16. Posted by Cameron Reeves, at Reply


  17. Posted by Ibn Muhammad, at Reply

    I would rather sleep in a tent near my job for that money 50% for rent only.

  18. Posted by gradostax, at Reply

    You realize 90%
    Plus of IT work can easily be done from a home PC and a landline