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State Media Blackout As Anti-Putin Protests RAGE In Russia


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Russian state television somehow missed this story. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us exactly what you assume in the remark area below.

" Demonstrations throughout Russia on Sunday noted the maturing of a brand-new enemy for the Kremlin: a generation of youngsters driven not by the demand for security that preoccupies their moms and dads but by a yearning for adjustment.

Hundreds of individuals took to the roads throughout Russia, with hundreds detained. Numerous were young adults that could not remember a time before Vladimir Putin took power 17 years earlier.

" I have actually lived all my life under Putin," said Matvei, a 17-year-old from Moscow, that said he resembled being apprehended at the objection on Sunday, however took care of to run from the authorities.

" We have to move forward, not constantly describe the past."

A year before Putin is anticipated to look for a 4th term, the protests were the biggest considering that the last governmental political election in 2012.

The owning force behind the demonstrations was Alexei Navalny, a 40-year-old anti-corruption campaigner who makes use of the Web to spread his message, bypassing the state-controlled television stations where nearly all older Russians obtain their news." *.

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  1. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    Glad to see these people go up against their corrupt government. Way to go!

    • Posted by Zer0 Bin0pse, at Reply

      seriously, who is constantly marking comments that simply state facts? putin has demonstrably ordered many assasinations through the KGB of people who could be a threat to his power, is any one surprised that many call him a murderer and assassin?

    • Posted by ShadowboyTV, at Reply

      lets hope they can get somebody peacefull there and make a big alliance / nato take out north korea and china and unite the world

    • Posted by ShadowboyTV, at Reply

      lets hope they can get somebody peacefull there and make a big alliance / nato take out north korea and china and unite the world

    • Posted by satanist reptilian atheist jew, at Reply

      the other option can be as bad

  2. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Whats wrong trumptards? I thought you loved free speech? What happened?

    • Posted by kharn the betrayer O, at Reply

      goartist no it was founded by nazi the open market was what nazi wanted to do the idea was by germany biggest bank at the time. You should read the player that bribed the france be for the fall of France. Also fascism comes from a split of communism the split was Stalin communism and Italy fascist. Can I ask how terrible you left are if someone has a different opinion oh the opposition has brain damage. Do you not see your opposition as other human being I never insulted your intellect yet you can insult me.

    • Posted by satanist reptilian atheist jew, at Reply

      Where R Ewe buthurt that the trash called president is hated? trump won and is supported, hillary lost

      hillary helped the american economy
      trump got blocked and almost every decision he made was blocked by the institutions in the US

      all of which are REPUBLICANS that blocked trump

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Kevin should stop bad-mouthing the blacks!

    • Posted by Leron Benari, at Reply

      @Kevin Montrod Slavic is a race. And right putin is what Russia needs.

  3. Posted by The Swoosh, at Reply

    I’m Pootin while watching this video💩😏😉

    • Posted by bluebanana, at Reply

      The Swoosh Thanks for letting us know.

    • Posted by Mr. SmelloTello, at Reply

      The Swoosh NICE 👌👌👌
      Me too (for real)

  4. Posted by Trenton Smith, at Reply

    TrumpCucks get angry just at the title of the video, any criticism of their dear leader Putin is an instant dislike.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Libcunts are living in deep delusion and dysfunction.

    • Posted by Bae Of Pigs, at Reply

      +Marco Polo you triggered that ya hero Putin is bout to get dragged out in the streets in a couple years?

    • Posted by NoCopyrightSounds Lyrics, at Reply

      Bae Of Pigs -do you serve as a member of the Azov battalion? Only they are happy to drag who ever oppose them

  5. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    see people will not live under a tyrant forever. you cant fool all of the people all of the time

    • Posted by Frank Gütle, at Reply

      You can fool some people sometimes…But…

  6. Posted by Pedophile, at Reply

    Incoming Russian trolls…………

    • Posted by Leron Benari, at Reply

      Reply 1

  7. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Let’s see how many Kremlin trolls call this ‘fake news.’

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Alina true most young people dislike putin. Mainly because of the oppression it’s mainly idiotic westerners who aren’t ruled by him

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Probably not fake news but its only important to desperate loser libtards. Their Russian conspiracy hoax is not working well. 🙂

    • Posted by Leron Benari, at Reply


  8. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    Trump is probably taking notes on how to run a corrupt government like Russia.

    • Posted by ricomajestic, at Reply

      I heard Trump attended the seminar given by Putin on how to f*ck your country up and steal all its money!

    • Posted by I Am Pagliacci, at Reply

      I BET he does. Putin’s regime is a dream come true to him and his cronies.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Democrats practice Cultural Marxism everyday. They are the true Russian trolls. 🙂

  9. Posted by MarshalofFrance, at Reply

    YESSS!!! Go free Russian people! Stand against your corrupt authoritarian regime!!! No more death in Ukraine!

    • Posted by buckiegb, at Reply

      Yeh right you idiot, anything that is critical of Trump even by association in this case and its Hilary or Obamas fault. Here’s a glimpse of reality for you, Trump is down to 36% popularity in some polls. The heinous acts he has and is carrying out destroying your country are being realized by your population and folks is getting mobilised. Your voice is but an ignorant echo from a shrinking pool.

      Let me just give you one example of how that is so

      Trump does not believe in climate change, whilst all major developed countries are moving towards more sustainable energy sources, creating millions of jobs in the process, Trump prob one of the dumbest leaders of any country wants to promote coal. WTF dude the brits invented the coal powered steam engine back in the 1600s and you want to rekindle coal powered technology?????? You couldn’t script this

      US the steam punk capital of the world, you uneducated fool!

    • Posted by buckiegb, at Reply

      Wow, you think all caps makes your point more valid? So tell me sweetie, where is your evidence? I’ll show you mine if you show me yours? I’m not sure your last sentence really does anything to confirm your previous statement, just seems kinda angry, without any real basis and telling of how your prejudices inform your world view, perhaps I’m wrong, wanna tell folks on the world stage how your abuse qualifies your assertions?

    • Posted by Катя Лищина, at Reply

      Don’t bring ukraine here please.

    • Posted by Leron Benari, at Reply


  10. Posted by trier2123241243, at Reply

    look at the trumpsters supporting the establisment government of russia.

    • Posted by CLureCo, at Reply

      Speak of the devil…..

  11. Posted by dakusan 90, at Reply

    For all of those brave protesters that risk their freedoms and their lives to stand up against tyranny, my hat is off to you. Those people and the ones like them are the reason that any of us have any freedom at all. Liberty is not a free, it is demanded, and taken back to were it belongs and were it shall stay, The People.

    • Posted by Leron Benari, at Reply

      Sometimes freedom must be suspended.

  12. Posted by King Kaiden, at Reply

    Russia has a real Oligarch problem, but so does America, America had to pick between Hillary who inherited her status from her husband, and Trump who inherited his status from his father, neither of our options for president was in that position cause they earned it, they both inherited their way to the white house

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      Hillary threw a tender trantrum crying and was unable to face the union for 2 whole days after losing to Trump.

      People with emotions should stay out of polotics, finance, law, education, military, security, and fields of employment dealing cold hard facts.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Crooked Hillary tried to ride her degenerate husbands back to the presidency. Thankfully she failed miserably.

    • Posted by NoCopyrightSounds Lyrics, at Reply

      King Kaiden _ America is so deeply and , for so long time stack in a mud of oligarchy that Americans can not even recognise it. They saw nothing else in their politics

    • Posted by gyrate4, at Reply

      You’re so funny.  Trump has no self control, and he’s outright owned by Putin.  Kremlin Gremlins…  You guys know what plays to the hateful rubes!  Congrats!

    • Posted by Turey Taino, at Reply

      Marco Polo Sorry, but you can’t find anyone more degenerate and corrupt than the guy siting in the Oval Office right now.

  13. Posted by Gary Turbo, at Reply

    Its funny how Trump supporters love Trumps BFF Putin

    • Posted by NoCopyrightSounds Lyrics, at Reply

      Marco Polo – if l could judge from your comments l would not say that you are clear on what is to be president of the biggest state in a globe and to lead nation from such a bad times as they all have experienced. Or do you think, would you have led the nation better?

    • Posted by TheHunkIsSprunk, at Reply

      Marco Polo is an American Jihadi from Alabama.. He supports anything that legalizes incest and destroys America

    • Posted by gyrate4, at Reply

      “he’s pissing off libtards then he’s okay with me”  Thanks for admitting conservatives have no principles.  We already know that, and the greatest joke is on you and the working class who placed Trump is office.  Maybe your spitefulness towards liberals will help you in some way…

    • Posted by Turey Taino, at Reply

      Marco Polo Yeah, you don’t love Putin. And I am the emperor of China.

  14. Posted by Don't Read My Profile Picture Advanced, at Reply

    There’s a chance that Putin and Trump will be impeached or removed from the office at the same time.

    • Posted by Objective, at Reply

      No, Russian leaders are usually do not release their position until natural cause happens. Just history, they always been like that

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      TYTards are a dangerous combination of sad, shocked, angry and delusional.

    • Posted by Turey Taino, at Reply

      geromino97 Yeah, because you can believe anything state run media tells you, right?

    • Posted by Chris Edward, at Reply

      There is nothing to impeach him for. If Obama and Hillary can commit crimes then the Democrats have no standing anyway.

  15. Posted by felicity4711, at Reply

    It’s refreshing to find someone who remembers that Putin is a bad guy.

    • Posted by Dragonetta, at Reply

      Only Trumpsters forgot. We didn’t.

  16. Posted by kishore swaminathan, at Reply

    Funny how conservatives now support putin… But were mad at Obama for being too lenient on putin.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      People don’t support Putin you stupid libtard. We just don’t want a war with Russia because Hillary and democrats are dysfunctional losers. 🙂

    • Posted by aaronpolitical, at Reply

      It was a warmongering statement he made, from another era. That’s why he was attacked. It is correct to be concerned about Putin and to oppose his invasions. But we don’t need to call him our enemy, or “foe” as Romney said. Perhaps you didn’t realize foe and enemy are synonyms. And stop grouping everyone together with every opinion ever held by someone from that group. FFS

  17. Posted by Samuel Driscoll, at Reply

    I bet Russia blocks YouTube within a week

    • Posted by Samuel Driscoll, at Reply

      Lenin Luna so you would rather see people not have access to information that opposes their oppressive regime just so you don’t have to see a few trolls, no wonder the rest of them world hates us

    • Posted by Bound Angel, at Reply

      They have already create a network, which will be used if an uprising happens

  18. Posted by 1royathrone1, at Reply

    Im sure the United States of America has nothing to do with this. All those sanctions placed on Russia is the only reason why Russians are hurting. Meanwhile the US does what it wants globally by causing turmoil and destruction in the ME and never gets any sanctions placed on them. US has bombed 54+ countries since WW2 and has never been put sanctions on it. US illegally invaded Iraq, Afghanistan, and now Syria and has never gotten any sanctions placed on it. Why dont the American people grow some balls and march down to its capital and get rid of the same corrupt cronies Putin has installed in the government? Look at some of our politicians they live in multi million dollar homes. I highly doubt they have that kind of salary to be able to afford 30 million dollar mansions.

    • Posted by 1royathrone1, at Reply

      I never mentioned that Russian officials arent corrupt. Just look at the corrupt politicians in the United States and then ask yourself hmmm if our officials are parasites why wouldnt Russian officials be. My argument is that the US and NATO bleed Russians while the countries do the same thing. Corruption exist and they invade other countries so why add sanctions on Russia and not the United States?

    • Posted by Zer0 Bin0pse, at Reply

      its simple, RU govt believes places like Ukraine are already part of russia, so naturally they say NATO is sending troops into russia, while in reality the troops were sent to defend the borders of a sovereign nation and never actually cross over into RU territory.

    • Posted by 1royathrone1, at Reply

      You forget that NATO and America do the same thing in the Middle East. Iraq was a illegal invasion, Afghanistan was a illegal occupation, and now Syrias legitimate government is saying American soldier in Syria are illegal invaders. So let me ask you why can America and NATO do what they want? Russia does it to Ukraine and only Ukraine which Crimea is flourishing under Russian rule. While Iraq and Afghanistan are in turmoil a long with Syria because of the United States. Protecting a sovereign nation? Yeah thats laughable. NATO only took action when they saw Ukraine was in turmoil and stepped in to install a pro Western government. Also invest 5 billion US in over throwing the legitimate government Ukraine has installed. If you think Russia would just give up their bases and territory they had in Crimea over to NATO you must be delusional. If Russia actually wanted to invade Ukraine well it would be in Kiev in a week or so this said by the Pentagon .

    • Posted by colbfan report, at Reply

      Boris Yanachkov The sanctions on Russia were mainly for creating great instability in Europe close to some NATO worried members. Russia as you know had also bombed civilians and hospitals in Aleppo and no sanctions were enacted for that so what’s your point.

    • Posted by Zer0 Bin0pse, at Reply

      do you even know what NATO is? it’s the defense initiative of europe.. not a country! it and the EU can’t install governments and neither have to abide to the will of the US.
      Crimea and Ukraine are sovereign nations, and the RU govt. has simply been playing a game of divide and conquer to force them back in.

  19. Posted by Joe Smith, at Reply

    Funny how protesters in other countries are called brave activists, but here they are called hippies and SJWs.

    • Posted by Тенчо Тенчев, at Reply

      In Russia they are called the same so don’t worry.

  20. Posted by dilberton99, at Reply

    People should not be afraid of their governments.
    Governments should be afraid of their people.

    • Posted by C141421356, at Reply


    • Posted by Jonathan Mollet, at Reply

      THAT is one of the few reasons why firearms SHOULD be available.
      (not available to everyone though, I’m a gun owner, but also in favor of sensible legislation like background checks and firearm registration)

    • Posted by AK47 LCOB, at Reply

      dilberton99 Guns FTW!

    • Posted by chickadee, at Reply

      Jonathan Mollet, so who are you going to shoot for your freedom? Goldman Sachs? Sunoco? Exxon? Wells Fargo?
      This isn’t the French Revolution, you can’t storm the castle.