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State Requires Men’s Permission For Abortion


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Arkansas might soon require women to obtain permission from the male who fertilized them for an abortion, even in instances of rape. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us exactly what you assume in the comment section listed below.

" Arkansas lawmakers clamped down on abortion accessibility even further by passing a regulation that compels females to have their partners' consent to access the procedure.

A recently-passed expense, H.B. 1566, is a provision under the Arkansas Final Personality Legal right Act of 2009, which states that, in the matter of an individual's fatality, relative need to settle on exactly what to do with the deceased individual's body.

H.B. 1566 includes aborted unborn children right into that Act, which indicates that both the mommy as well as the dad of the fetus will have to settle on what to do with fetal remains, thus needing a lady to inform whoever fertilized her that she's intending on having an abortion. Both events will certainly have to settle on just what to do with the remains.

This law might also relate to ladies fertilized by abusive partners, and also those fertilized after a sexual offense. (For ladies under the age of 18, the choice about just what to do with the fetal remains will be deferred to her parents or guardians.).

A rep for NARAL Pro-Choice informed HuffPost on Monday that H.B. 1566 is essentially a method to "make it tougher" to access abortion.

" While proponents of this strategy assert it has to do with embryonic-tissue requirements, the ordinary intent as well as unavoidable end result of this scheme is making it harder for a lady to gain access to standard health care by putting even more obstacles between a female as well as her physician," he said.".

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  1. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    It’s about time. Finally, men can protect themselves from hos and tricks.

    • Posted by Patrick Fulton, at Reply

      You should have been aborted. Then you wouldn’t have to live with the horror of being you. Kill yourself dude, you know you wanna.

    • Posted by Coach JG, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist tricks r men you moron

    • Posted by Autumn Shag, at Reply

      Men doesn’t want a baby. Yeah, no abortions for me!!!

      Make sense now…..

  2. Posted by Armando G, at Reply

    Finally a non Trump related video

    • Posted by NothingNewUnderTheSun, at Reply

      Knekten unwhat?

    • Posted by g00dlife, at Reply

      It is Trump related

    • Posted by Marley J, at Reply

      Armando G; Actually is Trump related!

  3. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    I’m all for abortion, however, it’s also the man’s child and he should have an equal say regarding *his* child. Unless the woman is raped, there shouldn’t be an issue. #MENRIGHTS

    • Posted by Trickius, at Reply

      Yes… the poor mens are being tricked into having sex so the women can get pregnant. It happens in epic proportions, and thus deserves credence in a broader conversation about controlling women’s bodies.

    • Posted by Carlos Bailey, at Reply

      Men being tricked IS part of the broader discussion while only focusing on the rights of women is definitively narrow.

    • Posted by Braylon Bowen, at Reply

      we (men) have equal rights and have for quite a while at this point, while women have been treated unfairly for thousands of years. however, you are entitled to your opinion and I respect it.

    • Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

      Braylon Bowen

      Spoken like a true feminist man. Look out, bud, I’m the guy your wife/girlfriend fucks while you’re at work. Castrate yourself while you’re at it.

    • Posted by Ron Garcia, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist you have issues. you even wanna have the option to run away from a child you planted just cause you didnt want it. dont have sex with strangers or with woman who wants to have a child. if u wanna run away so much just get a vasectomy and save some of your sperm. you dont have to worry about impregnation and you can still give your partner your sperm when you both decide to have a child.

  4. Posted by budha.budha T.T Boy, at Reply

    Totally agree with this bill.

    • Posted by Arie Fraiser, at Reply

      Green Square can you provide or site any reputable sources that agree with you that laissez fair capitalism is classic liberalism? First I’ve heard of that. Even googled the subject and could not find a source that agrees with you.

    • Posted by Diana Lopez, at Reply

      +Aaron Ruiz okay so both had sex. Afterward, who is carrying the baby in her body (that will be changing drastically, especially if the woman decided to carry it for the full term)? In most cases I agree that the guy should have a say, but ultimately it is our choice

    • Posted by Curtis Walker, at Reply

      Hi Arie, I think perhaps your disbelief stems from the fact that the word “classic” is often taken to mean “typical.” In current, typical liberalism, we don’t think very kindly of laissez fair capitalism; however, “Classic Liberalism” in the 19th Century was very similar to today’s Libertarian philosophy. There is a decent Wikipedia article called “Classic liberalism” that is very well backed up with over 80 references.

    • Posted by bill spiva, at Reply

      I agree with this law.  It’s about time.

    • Posted by Arie Fraiser, at Reply

      Curtis Walker Thank you. I reviewed the wikipedia entrt and I actually learned something of substance in a YouTube comment section.

  5. Posted by hellcat1988, at Reply

    WOW. Welcome to the 1800’s ladies. When will people learn that republicans are psycho?

    • Posted by Nayr747, at Reply

      hellcat1988 So equal rights are psycho to you?

    • Posted by Sejez, at Reply

      WOW, equality is PSYCHO, a real man wants female supremacy.

    • Posted by Rotti, at Reply

      murdering babies is psychopathic.

    • Posted by Braylon Bowen, at Reply

      +Sejez men having dominance over their partner is not dominance. men and women should have equal rights in their household, but the woman’s body is hers and hers alone.

  6. Posted by Sabrina keke, at Reply

    They have no right to tell women on what they can or cannot do to their bodies.

    • Posted by midatlantic09, at Reply

      +#NoDAPL adm Look, if you’re so adamant about the man having absolutely no say in the matter, then there should then be a law put on the books that a man can opt out of fatherhood at his sole discretion at any point prior to the child being born, provided the mother and father are not married. That way, he gets no say regarding what she does with her body and she has no say on whether or not he’s required to provide financial support for the child or be involved in any way. Seems like a completely fair resolution since women want to have 100% of decision making power in reproduction. If you have 100% of the decision making power, that should come with 100% of the responsibility of raising and providing for that child. Of course, this assumes, you know….that you actually want things to be completely fair for both parties.

    • Posted by Hilboy News, at Reply

      Sabrina keke they do

    • Posted by CRAZYGUNDAMOTAKU, at Reply

      *+Bullshotinbutt* That argument is so stupid and easily debunked by the fact that if you were correct then the fetus would have the same genetic code as the mother but that’s not the case.Your basically saying that a parasite isn’t a separate entity from the host which is total crap.

    • Posted by CRAZYGUNDAMOTAKU, at Reply

      *+Ian Hardin* By your logic wouldn’t that mean that women give up their rights when the baby leaves their body? whatever the case the argument is bullshit and men don’t have any reproductive rights anyway.The women doesn’t “own” the baby either.If women wanna have 100% say in those decisions and 100% of the rights then they should bear 100% of the responsibility and that’s their choice so no say, no pay.

  7. Posted by Jc3, at Reply

    They don’t have to ask permission to get the abortion… They just need to agree on what to do with a dead body. I’m %100 pro-choice, I don’t see the issue here.

    • Posted by Pa Jenn, at Reply

      The first sentence of the yahoo article they are discussing says: “Arkansas legislators clamped down on abortion access even further by passing a law that forces women to have their partners’ permission to access the procedure.”

      So the article clearly states that women will need permission for the abortion.

      Now maybe it’s a bad article and the women can just call the guy post-abortion to ask if he wants the remains. Not sure. Also, what happens if the woman doesn’t know who the father is or how to contact him? Shouldn’t it be the state’s responsibility to take possession of the remains and store them until they’ve tracked down the father, and confirmed paternity via DNA?

    • Posted by Mububban23, at Reply

      Off the top of my head:
      – One night stand/random hookup. Can’t identify the father. No permission given = no abortion.
      – Sexual assault, possibly while under the influence. No way to identify the rapist. No permission = no abortion.
      – you know who the father is, BUT you can’t agree on what to do with the “remains” OR he insists you carry it to term, so you’re not in agreement. No permission given = no abortion.

      I’m sure there’d be more examples. It’s just another stumbling block, endowing personhood to a fetus and making women jump through hoops.

    • Posted by bloodsoldierZ, at Reply

      +Jc3 I agree with you. I don’t see the problem of potentially giving rapists equal say on what to do with the dead fetus and the consequence of breaking the law for the victim.

    • Posted by 2 Girls With Green eyes, at Reply

      Mububban23 I know, that makes me think of an incest/ child abuse situation, if you don’t get permission imagine what both the woman and the child have to live with, that sick disgusting feeling knowing your a product of a violent crime. Also what about gang rape situations? Forced child sex workers? It’s just a evil grotesque way of controlling a certain group of people to keep them and their offspring locked into poverty. Then you get drug addiction issues as well, mental health issues..its to perpetuate oppression

  8. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    This is wrong! The Constitution allows citizens of the US to *practice, not to impose on anyone,* the religion of their choice. Anti abortion laws are part of the christian doctrine and they are being shoved down our throats. Revolt!

    • Posted by Diana Lopez, at Reply

      There is already a time limit on when an abortion is allowed. Nothing past 5 months is allowed -unless there are cases where the woman’s life is in danger, I don’t know what would happen then

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      Is it possible that there’s a moral argument against abortion that doesn’t involve Christianity, and maybe you’re just looking for any reason to bash Christians?

    • Posted by Brian Williamson, at Reply

      Hugh Janus you will never find a valid scientific argument by proponents of these bills. This is all about religion with them and their demand that everyone obey.

      Their regulations are nothing more than stunts to bankrupt through ‘nickle and dime-ing’ away an abortion providers funds or road block a patient by demanding the approval of 13 different sources or more to farm a single objection these religious pricks can use.

  9. Posted by Scrap Paper, at Reply

    How can you not see that this is just a law to further control women’s​bodies

    • Posted by Renegade MS, at Reply

      A child’s body! Not a woman’s body. You don’t kill children for your convenience, it’s pathetically evil.

    • Posted by Hugh Janus, at Reply

      Like child support laws that force men to work to pay for children they don’t want or go to jail. Stop controlling men’s bodies!

  10. Posted by Green Peace, at Reply

    Christian Sharia Laws at its finest.

    • Posted by Kaleopan, at Reply

      Congratulations, you were fooled by TYT into thinking this law has anything to do with getting permission for an abortion. .

  11. Posted by Évelyne, at Reply

    rapists getting more rights than women…what men always wanted.

    • Posted by Johnson Smith, at Reply

      Évelyne that’s sexist

    • Posted by wesley roche, at Reply

      more men are raped then women. get red pilled

  12. Posted by Titus Orelius, at Reply

    Men should not force a woman to give birth or have an abortion. At the same time women should not able to force a man to be a father and become a financial slave for 18 years.

    The solution is simple:
    Women should have the right to abort the baby or keep the baby regardless of the father’s wishes.
    Men should have the right to abort all responsibility to an unwanted child as long as the mother still has time to abort.

    This is TRUE EQUALITY for both genders but hypocritical bigots will say the father should not be allowed to abort responsibility because it is not fair to the child and the man CONSENTED to having a child as soon as he said sex. These same hypocrites would NEVER say that a woman should be forced to have a child just because she has sex. This is how you can tell who cares about Equality and who is a Bigot in disguise.

    • Posted by sharper68, at Reply

      +Titus Orelius You stated the very clear reason why the process has some bias. If first choice goes to the father the mother has the exact same issue you attack coupled with the burden that she also just carried the child to term. I do not see an alternative method of determining primacy suggested in your response and I am interested in how you think we should apply this “equality” you pay lip service to.

      The fact there are innate biological differences is precisely why it works as it does. As I said before there is going to be inequity no matter who has primacy unless you have some better way of determining it. Such is the nature of the issue and it is not as black and white as you paint it.

      The whole tempest in a tea pot spin you have is mitigated by the fact joint custody is a Fathers option if both he and the mother are willing to take equal responsibility for the care and raising of the child. That the woman gets to speak first is means little if the father wishes to be involved anyway.

      As to the standard of government paying for abortions. All the readers should who are concerned should be comforted to know that not one penny of federal money can or has been spent on abortions since the Hyde amendment in 1976. Your hopelessly dated question about the nonsexistant issue of government funded abortions has been a non issue for couple of weeks now. She may be against paying for anyone’s child period. It is interesting that many fiscal conservatives who are against abortion at all costs and welfare spending also do not support you being a deadbeat. They would have you take personal responsibility instead of putting the cost on someone else while snow flaking behind social justice equality arguments.

    • Posted by Liedetector101, at Reply

      Desiree Fowlks so you would be against all social programs then, it’s not your responsibility to pay for section 8 housing,…..

    • Posted by g00dlife, at Reply

      I see you have no concept of responsibility

    • Posted by Nate Morey, at Reply

      agreed, dont let men control women, dont let women control men.

  13. Posted by Novem, at Reply

    Guys don’t have to deal with the consequences, discomfort, and pain of being pregnant. Thus they shouldn’t have a decision in the matter if the woman doesn’t want them to. The man doesn’t have to deal with any of the health issues that come with being pregnant, and thus do not get to have a say in the personal medical decisions of the woman they impregnated.

    The fetus is not a person nor a human being. It is an entity with the potential to become those things, but it is not one yet. Just as it is not murder to have it aborted, it is not disrespectful to the male if the abortion is done without their permission because the fetus is not yet their child, but is rather a medical issue that the pregnant woman needs to deal with. A man as thus doesn’t have any right to force a woman to deal with the trials and tribulations of pregnancy on their behalf, especially since if the man wants a child there are alternatives like finding a woman who actually wants to have their child or adoption.

    • Posted by Fatnorth759, at Reply

      Joseph S in some states and countries women have the right to financially abort babies after they are born up to a few months after giving birth

    • Posted by The Father of Lies, at Reply

      venomous45von That’s a separate issue. *One I actually agree with you on.* But just because male reproductive rights are less than perfect doesn’t mean we need to make things *worse for women.* We can just work to make them better for men. Taking away or limiting abortion only hurts women, and hurts those future children born to people who don’t want them or can’t support them. *It doesn’t help men.*

    • Posted by wesley roche, at Reply

      a medical issue that the woman needs to address? wow, that’s one way not to put it.

  14. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    This is why I’m afraid of Pence if he doesn’t get taken down with the rest of the Administration. He’s a hardcore Evangelical who will stop at ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to get this law, and any other laws passed to make it impossible to get an abortion.
    Pence frightens me every bit as much as Trump does….

    • Posted by That Fig, at Reply

      rocky19421 well the people seem to disagree since you lost the election, you can either suck it up or use birth control.

    • Posted by Braylon Bowen, at Reply

      +That Fig Im just glad that trump lost the election.

    • Posted by Marshall Boice, at Reply

      worse, he’s a Dominionist. Scary stuff.

  15. Posted by amethystviolet dreams, at Reply

    This is disgusting. To the men in the comments section– its real easy for you guys to say you’re okay with this, because you will NEVER be physically pregnant yourself. You don’t get to choose what a woman does with her body. For women who have incurable chronic illnesses, abusive partners, or simply an uncommitted partner, they shouldn’t be forced to stay pregnant. No woman should. You guys will NEVER have to deal with morning sickness, major mood swings, chronic constipation, extreme cramps, contractions, or having your body either ripped open, or cut open by a doctor (and just in case you didn’t know, when they perform c-sections, they literally put a woman’s intestines on a table, while pulling the baby out). You guys are lucky you will never have to endure that pain, and you don’t have the right to tell ANY woman what to do.

    • Posted by Retrojazzer17, at Reply

      Anon Age that is one fucked up statement

    • Posted by Spencer's Painting of the Week, at Reply

      idk what kind of horror film hospital you’ve been to, but they do not put anyone’s intestines on a table

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      Savage-American Imperialist. Simple. Don’t have sex with a woman you don’t want to bear children with. Don’t want to have kids but think its OK to screw around? Get a vasectomy.

  16. Posted by KevinCS, at Reply

    Why is this constitutional? A woman should have the right to do as she wants with her body no questions asked.

    • Posted by Nez, at Reply

      Yusuke 28 Seeing as she’s carrying it herself & is dealing with ALL the side effects of it herself, yes she does. Quite pretending like you’re anything more than sperm donors. LOLOL

    • Posted by Desiree Fowlks, at Reply

      Pierre x he’s not entitled to use my and others taxpayers money because he didn’t want to pay child support. don’t steal my money to support your child.

    • Posted by Kaleopan, at Reply

      Congratulations, you were fooled by TYT into thinking this law has anything to do with getting permission for an abortion. 😉

  17. Posted by Tre Sully, at Reply

    My thing is if your mad about this but not mad about women forcing men into fatherhood then your a hypocrite. Just like the man should keep it in his pants so should the woman. So if it’s the woman’s right to choose to abort or not it should be the fathers decision to be a father or not

    • Posted by venomous45von, at Reply

      And women can get their tubes tied or take birth control. That’s beside the point. When the woman gets pregnant she can keep the child or get rid of it via abortion or dropping it off at a fire station (yes they still do that) without any “consequences”.

    • Posted by ColCaffran, at Reply

      let’s list the options women can take to not have children shall we

      Abstinence, birth control pill, female condom, diaphragm birth control, the sponge, the patch, the ring, hormone shots, IUD, Hormone implant, fertility awareness method, tubal ligation
      and that’s just before sex, after sex women have the morning after pill, abortion, adoption, or choosing parenthood.

      Men have abstinence, condom, vasectomy.

      However TYT is talking out their arses here, House Bill 1566 in Arkansas is about disposing of the remains from an abortion, it has nothing to do with getting an abortion to begin with. Basically it lets the parent’s have control over the remains of an aborted fetus, rather than the people who perform the procedure.

    • Posted by Media Matters, at Reply

      If men don’t get a say in abortion then women shouldn’t get a dollar in child support. #SpermDonorExtortion

    • Posted by zammmerjammer, at Reply

      +Tre Sully Take it up with biology. We all know that if men got pregnant, abortions would be available at the drive-thru.

    • Posted by 201stars, at Reply

      How does a monthly allowance compare to being there for a child 24/7 365 days a year??

  18. Posted by Yinyang Yass, at Reply

    Wtf! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
    My body, my choice.

    • Posted by ReviewPrick URGay, at Reply

      ” A pregnancy is long and arduous, birth is incredibly painful, potentially dangerous ” Hmm…. Perhaps your mother was wrong having decided to give birth to you

    • Posted by Kaleopan, at Reply

      Congratulations, you were fooled by TYT into thinking this law has anything to do with getting permission for an abortion…

    • Posted by ReviewPrick URGay, at Reply

      I don’t care whether TYT was trying to fool anybody , we are arguing the idea itself . It isn’t the woman’s call to have an abortion if the father wants the child to live . If she is too selfish and coward and thinks its too much of a responsibility to take care of her own child , fine , she can hand him over to the right parent who thinks otherwise

  19. Posted by Patrick Fulton, at Reply

    Sorry, but I do not believe cumming inside someone grants you the right to dictate to that person what they do with the result. You’re not carrying the fetus, and if you believe you should have a say, you’re probably someone who shouldn’t reproduce to begin with.

    • Posted by Thugzbunyyy, at Reply

      Desiree Fowlks but women dont have responsibility and need men and the government to make things as easy as possible cause she’s uncomfortable for 9 months? Women are so hypocritical.

    • Posted by Media Matters, at Reply

      +Thugzbunnyyy until feminists stop extorting money from unwilling fathers, men should stop supporting reproductive rights for women. Most abortions are from male losers who weren’t going to pay child support anyways.

    • Posted by Patrick Fulton, at Reply

      The fact that you think “1000+ (According to the 2010 Census the avg. monthly rate was $430) dollars a month for 18 years” is more difficult/expensive than actually having to raise that child proves that you are way too stupid to have a kid.