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State Worker Quits When Ordered To Help ICE Deport People


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With any luck this hero will motivate more people to take on the jack-booted troublemakers at ICE. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, and also Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Tell us just what you assume in the comment area below.

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" A Montana man became a social networks sensation this week after quitting his work in the state's labor division rather than take care of paperwork that he stated can result in the arrest of undocumented immigrants.
" There were going to be subpoenas for information that would certainly end up being made use of to hound & deport undocumented workers," Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts composed on Twitter Wednesday, including …

Dyrdahl-Roberts, a lawful secretary with the department given that 2011, was told on Tuesday that he should assist procedure subpoena requests from Migration and also Customs Enforcement (ICE), the Independent Record reported.
" I promptly said, 'I don't believe I can aid with that,'" he informed the paper. "I started chatting with management concerning what the bargain was, but I practically understood then."
The company apparently supplied to relocate Dyrdahl-Roberts to an additional placement in the division, however it appears he declined." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    i commend this man for not wanting to break up families because ICE cant be bothered to hunt down actual dangerous criminals they have to go after the most vulnerable.

    • Posted by thomas Hooper, at Reply

      Paul Clinton , so because of problem A let’s not address problem B? Are you seriously that mentally challenged!! None of what you stated is relevant to the illegal alien debate in the USA…. typical TYT viewer, can’t have an argument stay on topic. It always devolved into wall-street is “evil”!

    • Posted by SilentOtto, at Reply

      Brett Strong “I’ll try to address all your points in order blah blah blah…”

      We already know what you inhuman rightards think.

      Unfortunately for you, human decency and concern for my fellow man occupies a higher position in my hierarchy of values than petty fear, selfishness and xenophobia.

      Further, not being a piss-in-my-pants, knuckle dragging troglodyte like yourself, I’m not especially afraid of our culture being altered.

      I see immigrants as adding to the fabric of our society in positive ways, from their industry to their traditions.

      Social growth is always accompanied by a measure of social pain, and I’m sorry that you’re too weak to withstand it.

      History has shown us that progress cannot be stemmed by fear and appeals to base instincts without also consuming those who wield such beliefs and feelings.

      If you can’t learn to cope with your hatred and fear, you’ll be left behind.


    • Posted by sailormanariel, at Reply

      Brett, They aren’t “stumbling” across them. They are committing huge resources to hunt down law abiding people. The ones they stumble across are in gangs and they are scary and so they avoid them. They’d rather avoid danger and go after the peaceful ones. Cowardly.

    • Posted by D Scully, at Reply

      I’m not sure what you mean by “can’t be bothered”.
      ICE is doing what they’ve been told to do. This is a top down thing. 
      You can’t live in a country with a rightwing system of government and expect it to be like living in a country with a stable democracy.

      This is the way it goes and will continue to go if democracy is never reinstalled in America through a successful revolution. This only goes one way.

      The biggest hurdle for American democracy has always been the bigotry, racism, and sexism in our ethnic majority. They’ve always fought hard to prevent this country from progressing.

  2. Posted by PM 3736, at Reply

    An American Hero. I’m tired of people saying the all too common phrase “I’m just doing my job” as if that wasn’t the Nazi’s excuse

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      You lost all credibility when you brought up Nazis.

  3. Posted by Amy, at Reply

    What I wonder is why they are deporting people who are married to US citizens. I thought you could marry someone from another country and then they would get citizenship. What the hell is going on with that?

    • Posted by kyle utter, at Reply

      Spencer Allen I personally don’t think it’s right for them to decide if a marriage is legitimate or not, I’m sure some marriages were “Fake” but I’m sure it’s also hurt ones with real feelings for each other, and I’d bet more often than not it’s a real relationship.

    • Posted by kyle utter, at Reply

      Honestly I think getting citizenship should be made a little simpler, like form a organization similar to the EU but of course one that’s way way way less influential, but citizens can then move between the countries as they are a citizen under that organization rather than a country, it would open up so many opportunities for people if they could live in countries wherever they liked.

    • Posted by Priscilla O, at Reply

      To apply for the visa through marriage, the undocumented applicant would have to go back to their home country and possibly stay there for 10 years. Imagine if that person had children?

    • Posted by torchandhammer, at Reply

      Melania’s marriage is clearly fake. Look at the age difference.

    • Posted by will holsey, at Reply

      Amy exactly my thoughts as well

  4. Posted by EmmittBrownBTTF1, at Reply

    ICE = Gestapo

    • Posted by Spencer Allen, at Reply

      762x39warrior why are non whites in ICE sellouts? That makes no sense to anyone except for a racist like you who thinks America is a white only country for white people. America is for everybody not just white people like you, you racist bastard.

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      Emmitt <------------------------ Failed history class

  5. Posted by manny s, at Reply

    Jordan Roberts = A True American Hero

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      True American.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      someone that knows him should let him know he should set up a crowd funding… I’m willing to donate to that…killer cops and pedo politicians get crowd funding, so why not this American hero

  6. Posted by Brad Kirsch, at Reply

    I hope history remembers this man. We are at an “INTERESTING” point in history!

    • Posted by antediluvian99, at Reply

      Brad Kirsch I don’t think its about history remembering this one man having done a great deed. Its about us mirroring the actions of this one awesome individual a million fold. THAT’S what history should and will remember.

    • Posted by Brad Kirsch, at Reply

      Well said!

    • Posted by charles botha, at Reply

      It is an absolute disgrace that someone would be forced to help immigration make sure no one is in this country illegally. It comes close to Anne Frank territory IMHO. You know, Jews have been very active in this country with defending the rights of illegal aliens, but the white goyim seem intent on “taking their country back”. This would be a great time for Jews in Israel to practice Tikkun Olam. Israel could welcome the stranger (as they tell whites to do) and allow them to live in Israel. Open Borders For Israel!

  7. Posted by HighmageDerin, at Reply

    Oh how we’ve forgotten “the diary of Ann Frank”………

    • Posted by Meow, at Reply

      *”the Dairy of Ann Frank”*
      Wow, she made dairy too? She could write and harvest milk from a cow, impressive.

    • Posted by HighmageDerin, at Reply

      Meow you got to love Google’s autocorrect. It really sets off Grammar Nazis

    • Posted by Meow, at Reply

      Meh… It didn’t set me off, I just thought it was a pretty funny typo.

    • Posted by D Scully, at Reply

      I don’t know if we have forgotten. 
      You need to keep in mind that Millennials were actually educated or raised to be citizens of a democracy. So, they never learned about the McCarthy Era in school. They never have a minute of civics education. They never read “The Lottery”. They never studied the Salem Witch Trials. The word democracy was removed from their textbooks.

      They never knew that their primary civic duty was to be educated and informed. They didn’t know that after that the next thing was to protect their privacy and the privacy of others from “the man”.

      They were raised to crave paternalism.
      They were raised to support an authoritarian/totalitarian regime.
      Their movies and books taught them how to behave and live under authoritarian rule: lessons that citizens in a democracy are never to be taught.

      Can’t forget what you never learned. 

      I’m not really sure that people truly understand what’s happening here.

  8. Posted by John Wen, at Reply

    This State Worker is doing the right thing.

    • Posted by sharon anderson, at Reply

      John Wen no.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      someone that knows him should let him know he should set up a crowd funding… I’m willing to donate to that…killer cops and pedo politicians get crowd funding, so why not this American hero

  9. Posted by jon jones, at Reply

    My hero.

    • Posted by Jeffrey Moffitt, at Reply

      Cath’ J J he was in government. That would be the best angle of attack. Now the just replaced him with someone who will do the job.

    • Posted by Fre DeHeerser, at Reply

      i want this dudes job

    • Posted by radcow, at Reply

      Jeffrey Moffitt what would you have him do gezzzz

    • Posted by Proud IrishAmerican, at Reply

      What a Decent Human Being!
      Deserves a new Job with double the salary.

  10. Posted by electrical1213, at Reply

    This guy is a hero.

    • Posted by Spencer Allen, at Reply

      electrical1213 no he’s a moron

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      someone that knows him should let him know he should set up a crowd funding… I’m willing to donate to that…killer cops and pedo politicians get crowd funding, so why not this American hero

  11. Posted by Suzanne Bennett, at Reply

    They’re not going to “drop them off in the middle of Nicaragua”. They are going to hold them indefinitely as free labor in the detention centers for profit. This group of well-behaved, well-educated, non-violent individuals is a boon for the free (slave) labor industry.

    • Posted by Beverly Hills, at Reply

      Suzanne Bennett smh they have them working in the detentionCamps??

    • Posted by JenModding, at Reply

      Beverly Hills yeah look it up, the same happens with many American prisons,Mohicans are privately owned for profit might I add. Which commonly breach human rights.

    • Posted by Hannah Pribble, at Reply

      Beverly Hills yeah, there are for profit detention centers that get paid by the bunk. So it’s an incentive to ICE and the prison complex to seek out as many undocumented immigrants as possible and detain them.

    • Posted by Hannah Pribble, at Reply

      Beverly Hills there was quite literally an immigration judge that had to step down because her husband had stock in the corporations that own the for profit detention centers.

  12. Posted by PurpleCake, at Reply

    American Hero

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply


    • Posted by chairman lmao, at Reply

      Unemployment statistic.

    • Posted by PurpleCake, at Reply

      I’m not Russian tho

  13. Posted by Selem Medhane, at Reply

    Just because something is legal or illegal doesn’t mean it is right. We progress as time goes on, we all know slavery and segregation was legal but terribly wrong.
    I applaud that man, it’s terrible to break up law abiding families. We are all immigrants. The settlers were breaking the law when they arrived.

    • Posted by Evil Fingers, at Reply

      Selem Medhane just like US government at the time, Settlers were Breaking Treaties as well

    • Posted by Dragon1717, at Reply

      He’s a traitor. Also, the settlers broke no law. The Indians were conquered.

    • Posted by Dawn's Beauty For All, at Reply

      You’re a traitor, and the settlers broke long standing treaties of the NATIVE AMERICANS.

  14. Posted by brujaja Aknot Wrought, at Reply

    Oh dear me, look at all the trolls! I wonder why this is such a hot button issue, it seems most of all among people who’ve never seen an actual illegal immigrant in their lives. What harm exactly do they think these folks are doing? Because I live in California, (lots of immigrants here) and we have trouble figuring out why you all get so freaked out about them.

    • Posted by Spring Time, at Reply

      This is not about them. This is about fascism and it is taking place all over the world. The government is slowly taking away our rights, creating laws that suppress us and even gerrymandering our votes. Our own ignorance has allowed them to make us all indentured servants to the system. Educate yourself. I have seen picture of the homeless people in your state that are living on the side of roads that went on for miles. People are leaving your state in droves because of the cost of living there. Dictatorship is now going to take over us all.

  15. Posted by brujaja Aknot Wrought, at Reply

    Are you guys (trolls) afraid they might eat your dog? Drive on the wrong side of the road? Be super suave with their foreign accents & steal your girlfriend? Be a better citizen than you?

    • Posted by Edmond Dantes, at Reply

      I don’t think these people are trolls. I think they just believe in the rule of law.

    • Posted by Darcy Robbs, at Reply

      I’m not a troll. If people want to come into our country, come through legally. We must enforce the laws we have on the books. How would you feel if someone was murdered and someone said, “yeah but the crime happened 39 years ago. Are you really going to break up the family?” YES! The law is the law. Dont like it change the law.

    • Posted by Dani Kbob, at Reply

      +Darcy Robbs This is not about those trying to enter the country illegally. You can use that argument til your red in the face, but I know of harder working and more law abiding young adults who were carried along into the US without their own consent, than these so called “Mericans” who are the first to scream “GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!”
      I’m sure you would love to look into the amount of “white” immigrants who flocked here during war times and such, illegally. They would cram themselves, exceeding maximum capacity, on small boats and other transports to get here, without going through all the vetting and documentation.
      I don’t see anyone crying about sending them back to where they came from.. Hmm I wonder why that is.

    • Posted by Darcy Robbs, at Reply

      Dani Kbob probably because you know… Most of them are dead. Like I said change the law thats fine. But trump has offered amnesty in exchange for the wall

  16. Posted by jon jones, at Reply

    Troll are out tonight.

    • Posted by Spencer Allen, at Reply

      jon jones Learn English Moron.

    • Posted by Lior Holtslag, at Reply

      jon jones So ” poof ” go away troll

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      * is

  17. Posted by Brian Petersen, at Reply

    Admirable justifications like “I refuse to follow orders” are the kind of statements that Germans in the 2nd world war could have spoke up with to change history. I realize this is easy to say now, but at the time it would have been life changing or a probable death sentence.

    • Posted by paula null, at Reply

      Ah.  Now the troll comes out.

    • Posted by Lucy Yin, at Reply

      I thought America was the land of the free? Release all prisoners, let them be free to live life.

    • Posted by HammerheadGuitar, at Reply

      That’s not really true, they could’ve easily replaced them with people who do follow orders.

  18. Posted by Steve Hirsch, at Reply

    This man is a hero… It just takes one person like him to start the flow…

    • Posted by Cath' J J, at Reply

      Well no, it will take many. Will you join him? You don’t have to give up your job – you can call, email your congresspeople ; you can monitor your local police and object to bad practices, etc. You can seek out, support and vote for progressive candidates.

    • Posted by d1nonlyd ars, at Reply

      someone that knows him should let him know he should set up a crowd funding… I’m willing to donate to that…killer cops and pedo politicians get crowd funding, so why not this American hero

    • Posted by charles botha, at Reply

      Open Borders For Israel!

  19. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    This country has not progressed at all. It’s sad that the hate is acceptable like this.

    • Posted by erzan, at Reply

      The Diesel Don’t you think that’s a little overdramatic? From Slavery to first Black President. From sending gays to jail to Gay Marriage. So on. Progress is slow but you got to keep going!

    • Posted by James Harris, at Reply

      The Diesel: Please don’t think all white people are like this. Some of us believe in the Constitution that we are all created equal, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin. Some of us believe in “Live & Let Live”.

    • Posted by D Scully, at Reply

      I never thought it had progressed.

      Never really understood why people thought it had or why they act shocked now.

      It’s hard to progress if you’re unwilling to see the truth.

  20. Posted by Sieko- Valantin, at Reply

    He’s the definition of a American. The definition of being Humane.