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Steve Bannon Called Fired Jeff Lord In Racist Solidarity


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What's the over/under on how many times "the Jews" was said throughout this telephone call? Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us what you assume in the comment area below.

" While Home Principal Planner Steve Bannon called pro-Trump commentator Jeffrey Lord after Lord was fired by CNN for tweeting a Nazi salute, according to a record from Penn Live.

" It's Stephen K. Bannon. I need to take this," Lord told the reporter, who was being in Lord's living room when he obtained the call

Bannon reportedly called Lord to reveal assistance and urge him to maintain fighting. Lord would not give details on what both spoke about.

Bannon, Lord and Head of state Trump have formerly spoken highly of one another and also Lord has actually obtained unique access to Trump during visits to Pennsylvania, inning accordance with Penn Live.

The telephone call comes after Lord was fired from CNN after he tweeted "Sieg Heil!" at the president of Media Issues for America. The Media Issues head of state had actually explained a punctuation mistake in one of Lord's columns.

A CNN spokesperson verified the firing to TPM Thursday, stating "Nazi salutes are indefensible."

A White Residence agent did not quickly respond to requests for comment on Bannon's call." *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by Serge Rivers, at Reply

    I heard a really funny joke the other day.

    Christian conservative republicanism.

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Serge Rivers: That’s not a funny joke. It’s an Oxymoron.

    • Posted by Michael Lentz, at Reply

      shinobi554 Reimer I heard a funny joke as well – I heard you thought you were creative.

    • Posted by chimpakawanzelu, at Reply

      Serge: these kind of posts never get old… have to click Show More… lol.

    • Posted by Biggerstoriessmallerminds, at Reply

      Serge Rivers lol

    • Posted by John Prescott, at Reply


  2. Posted by Walter 3579, at Reply

    Bannon + Lord = 69

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Yup, each has six IQ poin…..ohhhhhh I see what you did there

    • Posted by Kim Jun Mi Pos Liy Dong Chenk, at Reply

      they arent black do I doubt the iq is that low

    • Posted by Eater 999, at Reply

      DISCO-INFERNO-70 Trump=597

    • Posted by Ms. Woodard, at Reply

      Kim Jun Mi Pos Liy Dong Chenk

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      Walter 3579 Homosexual Nazi lovers

  3. Posted by mmike10720, at Reply

    You know what they say about Birds of a feather.
    They hate Jews together

    • Posted by Delroy Brower, at Reply

      Joshua O’Briant The people who hate Jews are the same people who hate blacks, gays, Muslims and everyone who is not like them. They are simply irrational bigots, who are mindless sociopaths. I don’t think it has nothing to do with Jews being the smartest or having the best jobs. If that was the case they would love the smart blacks, Asian, Hispanic or Muslim, however the don’t. These people subscribe to a philosophy​ of neo Nazis, white nationalists credo. They are at home with the alt right , KKK crowd. They contribute nothing of value to society. They sow resentment, feed hatred and spread disinformation and conspiracy theories. Among their mist we’ll find the low lives of society who exploit the vulnerable among us and the poorly educated. Their followers are made up mostly of people who do not take responsibility and prefer to blame others for their failure in life. They are mostly the gullible others are simply deplorable.

    • Posted by w5winston, at Reply


  4. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Bannon will find him a job at fox news. He will fit in well with the other morons.

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Ned Flanders: Okaly Dokaly Dorkface.

    • Posted by Davy Mike, at Reply

      Kevin Montrond please don’t equate morons with Fox “News”! Morons are far superior!

    • Posted by johnny j, at Reply

      R Yates Breitbart

    • Posted by T. E. Lawrence, at Reply

      CNN’s firing of Jeff Lord , Grand Lord of Dragons, is directly responsible for the white men in Charlottesville, VA who took up arms against multiculturalism today…

  5. Posted by Ivan J California, at Reply

    TYT always pushing their RACIST ANTI WHITE AGENDA

    • Posted by tai'- inifio - Nesa, at Reply

      you absolutely right you can’t survive your recessive genes pool wouldn’t allow you to, you must leave the planet at once if you had any chance of survival ,at once !

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      Ivan J California Their is nothing racist about loathing white trash morons

    • Posted by Sean Tisdale, at Reply

      Ivan J California is a snowflake

    • Posted by Esoteric One, at Reply

      Waka Waka You missed the point….

  6. Posted by Aaron N, at Reply

    I like your weird middle name Ana. 🙂

    • Posted by Justin Sánchez, at Reply

      me too

  7. Posted by TYT IS PROPAGANDA, at Reply

    Trump should ban liberals from fighting in the military so they don’t slow down the rest of us in the future war effort against North Korea

    • Posted by Gracchus Babeuf, at Reply

      We’ll ban you gay frogs from breeding soon

    • Posted by Martin Speed, at Reply

      TYT IS PROPAGANDA – Tough talk from a guy who’s never served a day in the military, and never will.

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      @TYT IS PROPAGANDA : i totally agree with you on this one. i am all for not fighting in a war i don’t agree with.

      also could we have our taxes reduced by 57% (the approximate amount that goes to military funding) or even if we could choose to have that money diverted to education or other social programs, that would be cool too.

      you are perfectly welcome to fight a war with a military that is reduced by approximately half with respect to troops. you get thumbs up from me on this one.

    • Posted by TheD2JBug, at Reply

      lol the irony of this statement . Trump pays a staffer 89k a year to create a safe space where he only hears positive news. lmfao  the Snowflake in Chief.

  8. Posted by spoder man hates TYT, at Reply

    Everything is racist according to the alt left

    • Posted by Spooderman The Intellectual Slayer, at Reply

      @Gracchus wow nice job responding to my points and attributing motive right away, great argument! you serve as a idiotic symbol of why your side is losing lmfao regular people see this comment chain, see all the left can do is attribute motive and name call while never speaking their mind on issues, quite sad!

  9. Posted by Browser unknown, at Reply

    The only ones who are racists is you TYT.

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      @Browser unknown : i know you are but what am i.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      die in a mass shooting useless ameriCUNT lol;)

    • Posted by Sean Tisdale, at Reply

      Browser unknown is another high school dropout on his mom’s used pawn shop computer.

    • Posted by jackson laspia, at Reply

      Browser unknown Someone seems a little flakey to me

  10. Posted by Seminole Nathan, at Reply

    Democrats have lost over 1000 elections since 2010 yet they think they are “winning”‘ by watching videos like this. The smirking and laughing shows nothing has been learned. LoL keep it up.

    • Posted by Honey Badger, at Reply

      Mr407Mike Day 12994784930… still no evidence of Trump colluding with Russia nor evidence of Russia hacking the election machines.

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      they did try on the voting machines (and failed) that has been confirmed. it has also been confirmed that Russia hacked the DNC. vote tampering isn’t the only way to rig an election. also Trump seems to be the only person in the white house that hasn’t admitted to making deals with Russia. soon enough one of his “best people” (because he only gets the best people) will turn on him to save their own hide.

      each day the “i told you so” ripens more and more. the Russian bots in the comments only serve to make it sweeter.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      Just no evidence if you’re a trump supporting goof lol

    • Posted by Seminole Nathan, at Reply

      blinkin democrats love The Nation magazine. Such a left leaning rag. Watch Jimmy Dore latest episode on their report. You Russia idiots are morons.

    • Posted by Seminole Nathan, at Reply

      blinkin they gathered info on voting machines. Reality Winner leaked this info. I bet you never heard anything about this except from TYT right? LOL
      The Govt never looked at DNC servers and in their 25 page report say they are confident Russia did it. Without any evidence. LOL YOU PEOPLE ARE SO MISERABLE OVER TRUMP. Hilarious.

  11. Posted by John Long, at Reply

    Awe they won’t let little Benny Shapiro on a college campus… lets all make a big deal about it and never stop crying about the “liberal media”

    • Posted by imiss toronto, at Reply

      and how does that snide remark relate to the video? Clearly you did not watch any part of it

    • Posted by John Long, at Reply

      imiss toronto clearly you didn’t.. they talked about college campus and free speech

  12. Posted by Ned Flanders, at Reply


    • Posted by Libby DVR, at Reply

      Ned Flanders Maybe you should watch more than two minutes of the video before commenting.

    • Posted by M Gonzo, at Reply

      Libby DVR It’s in the title. TYT uses hyperbole and click bait to get views. There is no evidence of Jeffrey Lord, or even Steve Bannon being racist, other than Bannon’s ex saying something about Jews doing a divorce hearing. Labeling everyone racist without any proof is why the term has lost its meaning.

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      i watched the video yesterday AND they did say he is racist multiple times BUT they also said the tweet used to fire him was taken out of context and NOT intended to praise nazi germany.

      try again.

    • Posted by Okaro X, at Reply

      Are you expecting some consistency from TYT?

  13. Posted by 1alazydaisy, at Reply

    Tyt is pure click bait. Idiots don’t understand snark. Man was accusing him of grammar mistake, so he replies back using a nazi term showing him as a grammar nazi. Anyways it ain’t racist bc Jews is not a race, turd blossoms.

    • Posted by transcendentmuzic, at Reply

      1alazydaisy Because the Nazis only hated Jews. Moron

    • Posted by imiss toronto, at Reply

      Yes being one I am quite aware of whom they hated. It wasn’t part of the video and that was one hell of an extrapolation. Besides, they also hated gays. gypsies, Catholics and anyone in political opposition. Moron.

    • Posted by First lady Princest Ivanka, at Reply

      Your channel description is lying click bait.

    • Posted by Bob Sagert, at Reply

      get a bullet ot the head you rat goof useless scumfuck lol

  14. Posted by Ashley Van Hammer, at Reply

    Can we give all these cro-magnon cave tribe conservative jerks some hole to crael back into? I am sick to death of all this hate and cruelty, stupidity being lionized, ignorance and spite being praised and us all PRETENDING like it’s okay and equal and fine. These are Bad people. I am NOT worried about ‘the gays’ corrupting my kids, or satanists or trans people or whatever. Tje real threat to humanity is right damn there, selfish, mean-spirited monsters whose world is long gone.

    • Posted by Honey Badger, at Reply

      Ashley Van Hammer Conservatarian/classical liberal here. We don’t hate gay people. We don’t hate colored people. We don’t hate Jews. That would be the alt-Righters, who aren’t actually on the Right because many of them believe in socialism and all of them want more government. Basically, we aren’t fans of Milo and Bannon.

      Gender is determined by chromosomes. And the transgender attempted suicide rate is too high to suggest that all of these people are mentally healthy to begin with. A comparable suicide rate to the trans community was JEWS IN CONCENTRATION CAMPS. Knowing that trans people aren’t possibly oppressed/bullied this much, the reason is mental health.

      Shouting “institutional racism” and “implicit bias” doesn’t work and it divides people. Intersectionality is terrible and divisive. Show us individual ACTS of racism or laws/policies that are racist and we will condemn them with you.

      We need to secure our borders. Granting amnesty to everyone, and/or letting anyone who sets foot in this country stay here simply isn’t safe nor sustainable.

      And finally, we want welfare reform because the government doesn’t help people, people help people. The government only creates dependency and damages society as a whole through high taxes. Conservatives want to help the poor, we just want to help the poor in a fundamentally different way than progressive statists.

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      First sentence: “Can all these cro-magnon cave tribe conservative jerks crawl off into some hole?”
      Second sentence: “I’m so sick of all this hate”

      Much lack of self awareness.

    • Posted by Jeff T, at Reply

      Whytebio- his statement isn’t that hateful. Crawling back in a hole is pretty vanilla.

    • Posted by Whytebio, at Reply

      Calling people who you don’t agree with political “cro-magnon cave tribe con. jerks” ?

      It’s strange how people from one side of the spectrum (the left) can have whatever vicious opinions they want of the other side and it’s alright; but the other side (the right) by default are “hateful”.

    • Posted by John Doe, at Reply

      Lol you have absolutely no sense of irony at all do you?  You say *”Can we give all these cro-magnon cave tribe conservative jerks some hole to crael back into?”* and then in the very next sentence:  *” I am sick to death of all this hate “*  and then you refer to conservatives as *”selfish, mean-spirited monsters”*  I mean really… to call you a hypocrite would be the understatement of the century.  Just listen to yourself, you’re so full of hate you can hardly stand it.  I hate to break it to you, but not everyone in the world shares your political point of view.  And saying that people are “bad” just because they have a different opinion doesn’t make you open-minded or tolerant, it makes you a childish bigot.  And go look up the definition of the word “bigot” in the dictionary, branding an entire group of non-monolithic people with a negative label just because they belong to a particular group is literally the textbook definition of bigotry.  You are literally EVERYTHING you accuse conservatives of being.  But to be honest I actually feel sorry for you, and I’m not even saying that in a cheeky/sarcastic way, I mean I genuinely feel sorry for you.  I can’t imagine how miserable it must be to walk around everyday with that much hatred in your heart, I can’t imagine living somewhere thinking that basically half the people around me are that diabolically evil.  I strongly suggest you get out more and converse with different kinds of people, because as a psychologist myself I can guarantee you that if you don’t do something to change your attitude you’re eventually going to drive yourself into a depression.  (If you haven’t already)

  15. Posted by Annsley Green, at Reply

    Love you, Ana! You always say exactly what I’m yelling at my tv screen.

    • Posted by Timothy McCaskey, at Reply

      Annsley Green: So you must have one of those new, voice-activated TV’s I’ve been hearing about. But you don’t need to yell. They have very sensitive mic sensors.

    • Posted by Nathan Baker, at Reply

      I think you mean Ana always yells exactly what you say to your tv screen.

  16. Posted by wajdef, at Reply

    The only thing conservative right wingers know is that fascism is bad. They don’t even realize they’re on the side of it lmao.

    • Posted by tormentor91, at Reply

      nexus1g I think you misrepresent progressives with your statements. Every thing you stated except socialism can be one to one applied to republicans, and there we can just insert a radical free market that does not protect the individual.

    • Posted by nexus1g, at Reply

      Well, first of all, Mussolini’s definition has become known as Italian fascism. But let’s say for the sake of argument that this is the only polisci definition for fascism.

      One of Mussolini’s base beliefs was in corporatism. This was first defined as a “system of social organization that has at its base the grouping of men according to the community of their natural interests and social functions, and as true and proper organs of the state they direct and coordinate labor and capital in matters of common interest”.

      The key point here is that the state ultimately directs all things in matters of business. That’s very much the opposite of what Republicans in this nation legislate for. and the opposite of what you claim fascism to be for.

  17. Posted by Aki79, at Reply

    Jeff GayLord

    • Posted by TheRefractingOne, at Reply

      Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

    • Posted by Aki79, at Reply


    • Posted by ting280, at Reply

      Jeff EdgeLord

  18. Posted by CanadianRaven13, at Reply

    I despise Jeffrey Lord but that’s a bullshit reason to fire him. Still I’m glad he’s gone.

    • Posted by metube, at Reply

      yeah.. the reason to fire him is that he pivots all the time and makes for bad debate.

    • Posted by blinkin, at Reply

      the worst part is it lends credibility to the BS narrative that conservative speech is being oppressed. now they can say “remember when Jeffrey Lord got fired!”

    • Posted by Pennywise, at Reply

      No it isn’t. Lord called the President of Media Matters a Nazi. That is not representative of the conduct or values of CNN and he was duly fired.

  19. Posted by daudi dåudi, at Reply

    Let Cenk talk idiot!