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Steve Bannon “Just Snapped”


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The Trump Management would like you to believe they typically aren't still tormented with infighting. Incorrect. Sad. Infants. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and also Maz Jobrani, hosts of The Young Turks, discuss. Tell us exactly what you think in the comment section listed below.

" White Home advisers Steve Bannon as well as Jared Kushner go to war, producing the necessary conditions for a grand press story about the future of the administration, the country, and the world. The fight in between the unstylish white nationalist and the preppy nepotism situation "reflects a bigger battle to assist the direction of the Trump presidency," the New york city Times creates, "played out in disagreements over the policies Mr. Trump ought to go after, individuals he need to employ and the picture he need to advance to the American individuals." Basically, Bannon is pushing Trump to control the way he campaigned while Kushner is advising him to take on the kind of useless, elitist centrism that Kushner personifies." *.

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Hosts: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Maz Jobrani.
Cast: Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, Maz Jobrani.


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  1. Posted by tribal que, at Reply

    This doesnt surprise me. Many in the alt right are actually turning on trump because of the Syria attack

    • Posted by マックスシュッツェ, at Reply

      see? Trump supporters are not bad people, and they are not stupid! They just feel abandoned by the techies, hipsters, city slickers and coastal elites- and their government who has sold them out to globalization.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      Both parties moved to the right a long time ago. Big mistake.

    • Posted by Ro Jaws, at Reply

      マックスシュッツェ The Trump supporters have the same right to protest as everyone else. But they should realy have realised that Don the Con is one of the worst globalists and that he would happily betray them in favour of his oligarch friends. Not very smart.

    • Posted by bonkers donkers, at Reply

      Yeah, the online Pro Assad accounts aren’t American.

    • Posted by マックスシュッツェ, at Reply

      yeah those are most certainly Russian bots and trolls – the problem is that Daesh/ ISIS / “rebels”/ and kurds being at play makes it very difficult for there to be an alternative to Assad that people can understand. But basically they are all Saudi-backed and Saudi has USA by the balls and tells them what to do. So we basically support the “rebels” many of whom are aligned with ISIS, even though we don’t directly support ISIS. ISIS functions as a “junk yard dog” which keeps the country chaotic and unfriendly toward colonizers other than Sunni Saudi Arabia?Aramco>Exxon>Texas>Bush & Co.. Assad is aligned with Russia & Shiite Iran / Russian Oil/ Putin & Co. Basically this is all about who gets sell what oil to Europe. Either Putin/Trump or the Bush’s.

  2. Posted by serfincolorado, at Reply

    the alt-right sold out, then got kicked out. Hate is a *TOOL* rich Republicans use to control working class Republicans.

    • Posted by CaptainKirkDiggler, at Reply

      +Gus Perez Look at the way you communicate. Calling people “kunts and cucks”, bitchin’ and moaning and getting all mad and shouting (with your CAPS). Nothing of substance or to even inspire logical debate. You are a troll of the highest order and sadly devoid of wit and humor. Just soooooo mad and angry.

      *sighs and sticks his head under the bridge to speak to the Troll in his own native language* Let me bring it down to your level (yes, starting with some condescension)… you can go away now, back to whatever right-wing bubble you came from on the net. The adults are talking. Stick to 4chan, Alex Jones and memes. Less thinking for you there and a much better sandbox for you to play in. We don’t want you to hurt yourself by thinking too much.

    • Posted by Tl2aV, at Reply

      Micro Aggression you’re an idiot

    • Posted by Eric Donn, at Reply

      Democrats have policies that try to help the poor, whether they be Black, Hispanics or white. They win by uniting the poor of all races, not by dividing them.

  3. Posted by Iron Bowtie, at Reply

    The fatherless, raised on 4chan, basement dwelling, manchildren are tuning in for their 2 minutes of driveby comment fame.

    • Posted by The Modern Dictator, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie stop talking dumb

    • Posted by Tl2aV, at Reply

      +Iron bowtie Raised by my father, never been to 4chan, I live in a house I bought, manchild/not even close, but I know my 10year old daughter is more mature than you

    • Posted by Phyuk Jegle, at Reply

      Tl2aV bro your daughter will be dating black dudes 5 years from now get real

  4. Posted by Jeremy Cheng, at Reply

    Republicans can’t stand the candidate they voted for? News at 11.

    • Posted by ramones forever, at Reply

      Jeremy Cheng do u think republicans are smart enough to figure it out?

    • Posted by Sean Day, at Reply

      +StrnFn9099 Yeah, people YOU know love him, but ask people who voted for him that live near the border, the ones that are getting their healthcare taking away, people who are about to lose their jobs, ask the people on Trumpgrets, you’ll get a very different answer.

    • Posted by gunnyblender, at Reply

      Trump; The alt-red pill.

    • Posted by Tules G, at Reply

      They DESERVED IT FOR BEING SUCH HYPOCRITES! Actually Trump wining got a lot of tabs to the Democratic Party…

  5. Posted by Daniel Jones, at Reply

    Bannon is insane and racist.

    • Posted by balderoine, at Reply

      TheDeathwalker86 keep lying to yourself

    • Posted by warrior1975ify, at Reply

      +TheDeathwalker86 Well steve wants White Men running the white house

    • Posted by James Sunderland, at Reply

      “Spoken of Eugenics” well that is rather obtuse. “96 domestic abuse” what does that have to do with racism?

      Not sure what your first paragraph is supposed to be. A parody of the right I suppose. That alternative facts thing wasn’t even a thing. I watched it, she was being snide to Chris Matthews, because he is a smarmy little prick. It’s a fact that Obama’s inauguration was the most attended, and it’s a fact that Trumps inauguration was the most watched. That’s really all it was. Nothing Orwellian about that, (as if anyone on the left even understands Orwellianism)

    • Posted by TheDeathwalker86, at Reply

      +warrior1975ify he’s fighting the cultural marxist who want to tell us what to think and what we can say. ..if you actually listen to what he says you will realize that he’s not a racist he’s a voice reason in a sea of ignorance..

  6. Posted by roven 08, at Reply

    Lately Ana has been showing her cleavage.

    • Posted by Diane Owen, at Reply

      Hey Leonid – Bill O’Reilly is going on a vacation. Maybe you can go with.

    • Posted by Diane Owen, at Reply

      roven – Bill O’Reilly is going on a vacation. Maybe you can go with.

    • Posted by Dorian Leakey, at Reply

      Leonid Sokolov she never had a hooked nose you insane nutjob, no one would rate you in her league. Ever.

    • Posted by Psivil disobedience, at Reply

      roven 08 what cleavage?

  7. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    Steve Bannon has been cucked by my jewish son-in-law. Beautiful irony.

    • Posted by Missingshoe Films, at Reply

      Brian Lane – HA HA HA HA You’re response couldn’t have been more typical if it were coming from an Alt-Right AI robot.

    • Posted by Gordon Anderson, at Reply

      Don…why the “con” when you could rule?!? Ask The Almighty to give you the new top spot, I am told He is turning away from Earth – even from His “chosen people”.

  8. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    steve Bannon just released the extreme Alt-right within himself and wants to lynch Jared Kushner? problem is…… Jared Kushner isn’t black! Lol jk people chill!

    • Posted by Gaston Boucher, at Reply

      You can lynch Jews too. Look up Leo Frank.

    • Posted by MrFantocan, at Reply

      Don’t need to be black, hes a jew, all the reason they need.

    • Posted by Tuyet Le, at Reply

      Jamie Cox and

  9. Posted by Lonely Wolf, at Reply

    this presidency is like a pirate goverment . doublecrossing , making secret alliances inside the alliance , betraying themselfs until the end
    Pirates will be pirates

    • Posted by Kyile Vanderpump, at Reply

      Lonely Wolf White Americans are nuts for putting reality tv host Donald Trump in the white house.

    • Posted by Nathan Dehnel, at Reply

      Lonely Wolf Actually, pirate ships were organized into directly democratic cooperatives. Loot was shared equally. Captain was an elected position, generally used during battles, and recallable at any time.

      T H E M O R E Y O U K N O W

    • Posted by Diane Owen, at Reply

      Kyile – what proof do you have that only “White” Americans voted for trump?

    • Posted by Jake baker, at Reply

      +Nathan Dehnel too true sir. Great analogy. Pirate crews were often fully democratic and considered each man’s vote from cook to captain as equal. It was certainly not a perfect system but The self contained environment of a ship meant that those men had to be careful in their decision as the result of their actions would carry the balance of their lives. That it was true capitalism that drove their enterprise was also no coincidence. There is much to be considered as consistent and comparable when considering the relative nature of a pirate ship and crew versus America and her citizens. One key difference being that the smaller more intimate nature of the ship meant that the men were more honest with themselves and held their oaths and elections sacred. It would seem today that the leaders we entrust to serve those oaths they take and remain true to a free and fair election has become something of a running joke. It has become an oxymoron that when spoken of as true is said with a smirk and an amendment following immediately referring to the fact we all know but can’t voice aloud. We want to believe in Santa but we all know mom and dad put the presents under the tree and it’s not fair to ruin it for the kids, so we keep on pretending. Maybe we should all just go back to being pirates. YO HO!

  10. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    Did he run out of bourbon?

    • Posted by solar clapson, at Reply

      Maureen Awty
      John Lee Hooker originally.

    • Posted by Maureen Awty, at Reply

      solar clapson Thats true 😊👍

    • Posted by solar clapson, at Reply

      The most “covered” song writer/performer in recording history.

    • Posted by Lucynthia Harris, at Reply

      juan gomez cigarettes too!

  11. Posted by The Truth, at Reply

    an antisemite and a Jew in the same workplace who could’ve seen this fight coming?

    • Posted by Mr. Clean, at Reply

      Jews are white europeans, the people they are murdering in palestine are semites.

    • Posted by Anonymous Person, at Reply

      This is the irony. The Palestinians consider the Jews to be Europeans and the Europeans and some Americans consider them to be semites.

    • Posted by hamobu, at Reply

      Yeebo Sabe your example is exactly what I am referring to when I say that evidence of Bannon’s Antisemitism is weak. It’s always like “Bannon may have said something long time ago” or “Bannon knows a guy know an antisemite in Poland” or nonsense like that. Considering that Bannon was hired by a Jew, has hired Jews, and is aggressively advocating for Israel, You would need a remarkably strong evidence to prove that Bannon is an antisemite.

    • Posted by The Truth, at Reply

      hamobu the fact that he’s getting into petty fights with Kushner and getting so mad that’s theres smoke-comin-outta his ears isn’t exactly helping his image

  12. Posted by sean fast, at Reply

    anyone notice how the trolls always say fake news yet they never EVER say what was fake or what the lie/truth is

    • Posted by SwiftAndSlick, at Reply

      Shadow_AquilaX once again, all you have to do is look it up. my word of mouth isn’t the same as well assembled video evidence.

    • Posted by Shadow_AquilaX, at Reply

      such as?

    • Posted by Jeremy M, at Reply

      SwiftAndSlick I consider myself incredibly informed. I read news from all over the world, I read the Economist weekly as well as things like the London Times etc. I also watch TYT. I can’t think of one single instance of them saying anything factually inaccurate.

  13. Posted by uncle Watt, at Reply

    I hope Bannon snap for real and go on a mass murder-suicide inside the Whitehouse

    • Posted by Neva Sum 4 Nothing, at Reply

      uncle Watt then they would go arrest snoop dog

    • Posted by Vivian S, at Reply

      uncle Watt I think it might just happen. I think it might ;). Don’t worry your dream is not a alternative reality. I think your dream is more real than trump reality.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      really now? smh

    • Posted by Koua Vang, at Reply

      uncle Watt hahahaha that would be sweet and he might even be a hero

  14. Posted by Nicholas Voyles, at Reply

    Bannon “If you’re not with me, then you’re a CUCK!”
    Kushner ” Only A neo-nazi deals in Absolutes… I will do what I must”

    • Posted by ClovenHoovedWorld, at Reply

      Nicholas Voyles LMAO

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      Lol broo

    • Posted by Tiffany Garcia, at Reply

      Nicholas Voyles you will try lol

  15. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    Steve Banon looks like cirosis with eyes

    • Posted by Ryan Reed, at Reply

      Joseph Fatty Bannon ur Dad?

    • Posted by l ol, at Reply

      More like headcheese with eyes

    • Posted by titiri titiri, at Reply

      Manc26 😂😂😂😂😂👏👏👏👌👌

    • Posted by Yeebo Sabe, at Reply

      Manc26 you, sir, have just won the comment section. 😂😂😈

  16. Posted by Andrew Rai, at Reply

    Jared Kushher is not rational he’s a greedy corporate prick!

    • Posted by Mala Raghuraman, at Reply

      Andrew Rai they are going to affect negatively in all fronts because they don’t have a plan and they are impulsive just to make a name and enrich themselves, and he has already filed papers for 2020. Citizens should wake up and not let this happen.

    • Posted by Mala Raghuraman, at Reply

      Solomon Stringer yes you are right. Since we are stuck with a 2 party system, 2020 has to be Dems in the WH. the better of the 2 evils and then we all must hold them

    • Posted by Lyndam98, at Reply

      Big finance, big real estate, big oil are running the US. Okay it’s always been heavily influenced by those things, for sure, but now it’s OVERT control.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply

      It could have been avoided if Bernie Sanders would have been the Democrat running against Trump. There surely wouldn’t be all the firings and infighting.

    • Posted by Mala Raghuraman, at Reply

      Hope Bernie happens 2020. If not someone like Bernie ! Hopefully😊

  17. Posted by Jeff Tracy, at Reply

    After reading some of the comments on here, I’m curious as to why so many people are celebrating the fact that Kushner is pushing Bannon out? Bannon’s foreign policy, along with many on the alt-right and libertarians, like myself, aligns with many of the anti-war people on the left. We’re all for less government intervention in foreign policy. Why can’t we work together on that issue? Kushner has revealed himself to be a globalist of the neocon, neolib variety. When it comes to foreign policy, Bannon is a voice of reason for Trump. I understand that you may disagree with Bannon on some other things, but without him, Trump is likely to be influenced by the Neocons in his administration, which will ultimately lead to more unconstitutional war, more death and destruction and more senseless government spending in the warfare-welfare state. Celebrating something like that doesn’t make any sense to me, unless you want more war, and increasingly the left seems to be quite comfortable with the idea of foreign wars. I consider myself as far-right and close to anarchy as possible without falling into anarchy and disagree with Bernie Sanders on many things, but I totally agree with him on not intervening in other countries affairs, I totally agree with him on ending the drug war and I’m willing to work with people on the left on those issues, because there is overlap. Just an observation.

    • Posted by Teuta Hadzovic, at Reply

      Jeff Tracy he’s a neo nazi, jeff

    • Posted by 630247365, at Reply

      Peter T he goes where his advisors tell him to go.

    • Posted by Jeremy M, at Reply

      Jeff Tracy Dude, the second Trump was elected it was a forgone conclusion that we were going to war. It was only a question of when and with whom.

    • Posted by Psyop CoverUp, at Reply

      Steve ‘Chameleon’ Bannon, another quisling for J-Street, a Psyop practitioner fluent in disinformation and sleaze (most likely former Navy intel psyop officer). Having formerly served in the U.S Navy, a stint at Goldman Sachs, and as editor of Breitbart; the egregiously defamatory and sensationalistic website.

      Its pro-corporate, J-Street, overtones are masked by its overtly right wing/white supremacist, rabble-rousing outbursts. Traumatising the bewildered herd, in an attempt to mobilise them with mendacious acts of provocation. Manipulating imagery, distorting/omitting facts and using ambiguous language. Using fear as clickbait to monetize hate.

      Kushner is Netanyahu’s prodigy, during his first press conference with Trump, Netanyahu recalled their long-standing relationship. Now he’s supposed to bring peace between Israel and the Palestinians whilst Netanyahu has approved more illegal settlements in the Palestinian territories. Whilst expediting their construction, Kushner feign ignorance and did nothing to compel Netanyahu to abide international community and law to desist (illegal settlements are recognised as an obstacle to peace).

      Dejavu of the 1930’s when a cabal of crony capitalist fascist conspirators tried to usurp FDR from office. Seems they won this time without firing a shot, thanks to an orchestrated psyops.

  18. Posted by TheBlueCapitalist, at Reply

    Trump sends Kushner to these dangerous places to get rid of him. He wants Ivanka to himself.

    • Posted by ahmed essa, at Reply

      LMFAO xD

  19. Posted by The CookieMonster, at Reply

    The least respected presidential administration I’ve ever seen🙄👎

    • Posted by jeff kot, at Reply

      OR WILL EVER SEE !!!!!!

    • Posted by Trevor Scott, at Reply

      The CookieMonster least respected? Or least respectable? It’s an important distinction.