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Steve Bannon Leaks His Own Master Plan


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Steve Bannon leaked out his own plan of attack for to make America wonderful once again. Hannah Cranston, Hasan Piker, and also Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, review if it was intentional. Inform us what you think in the comment area below.

" White Home Senior Consultant Steve Bannon keeps a rather infamous white boards of his master plans in his workplace. In an age of consistent hacking, composing your plans on an erasable whiteboard does not seem so crazy, yet all that goes to heck if you or someone else takes a photo of that whiteboard as well as sends it to the masses online.

A guy by the name of Rabbi Shmuley Boteach saw the White House on Tuesday in honor of Israel's Self-reliance Day. A quick look at his Twitter feed will tell you he mainly invested the day taking pictures with political leaders and various other folks related to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. One of those individuals was Bannon, as well as those photos took place in the senior advisor's office, in front of that white boards. "

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Hasan Piker, Brett Erlich

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Hasan Piker, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by Al Paca, at Reply

    Great… it’s hannah, again…

    • Posted by Joe T, at Reply

      And Hasan….who is by far the worst host

    • Posted by Kryojenix, at Reply

      YAH! It’s Hannaaaaaah!
      I like Hannah. Not sarcastic. But the boys need to curb how much they talk over her.
      I also like Brett and Hasan.

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      Al Paca great,…it’s Al paca….again:(

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Al Paca sarcasm?

  2. Posted by JDEX, at Reply

    Those dislikes are fast

    • Posted by Bob Brawley, at Reply

      Mozues Olympian yep you said it .. Wow Steve Bannon has bad hand writing like who cares . thumbs down for this failed comedy skit. I guess.

    • Posted by markmaxy125, at Reply

      JDEX because it’s Hannah.
      Every other word is ‘uh, um, er’

    • Posted by Yaman, at Reply

      People see Hannah, people dislike.

    • Posted by Antony Stringfellow, at Reply

      JDEX Paid Russian agents – or bots. They’re getting desperate. lol

  3. Posted by ShezzaCS, at Reply

    People disliking the video before it’s possible to even watch the entire length.

    • Posted by Common Sense Gaming, at Reply

      i can see why they do that.

    • Posted by Common Sense Gaming, at Reply

      is this news? how much news did they report?

    • Posted by Common Sense Gaming, at Reply

      make jokes and prey on your emotions every video. no real news. look closer

  4. Posted by Thomas Anderson, at Reply

    What’s he doing next to a jew? I thought he hated them jews?

    • Posted by Eric T, at Reply

      Adur Pandya: You best believe it.

    • Posted by Blayne, at Reply

      Erwin Rommel guess people forgot his comments about kushner

    • Posted by Dave Z, at Reply

      Blayne Since when is calling someone a “cuck” anti semetic?

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      It’s called a publicity stunt.

    • Posted by YouthInEyesAsian, at Reply

      He hates Jews so much that one of his best friends (Andrew Breitbart) was Jewish.

      Bannon hates leftists. Jews self-identify as liberal/progressive ~80% of the time.

      Leftists like to believe everyone who disagrees with them is a secret Nazi.

  5. Posted by Brian Young, at Reply

    Who is this chick? She wallows in lameness.

    • Posted by Al fort, at Reply

      Hannah Hotness.

    • Posted by DefeatGlobalism, at Reply

      The opposite of a smart blonde. A smart blonde is Lauren Southern who makes Hannah look like a clueless bimbo.

    • Posted by Dan Mason, at Reply

      You’re going to use Lauren Southern as your example of intelligence? BIG TIME LOL!

    • Posted by Ribb Rotgut, at Reply

      Dan Mason. Lauren Southern has her flaws but she is whip smart.

    • Posted by kudopoint1, at Reply

      4:10 😀

  6. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    steve bannons board summary: screw over the poor, get rid of another tax so the rich dont have to pay, screw over refugees and minorities (at least brown skin ones), and still live in the delusion that mexico is going to pay for the wall.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      I hope Trump grows at least one brain cell and uses it to fire Bannon.

    • Posted by Gijs Schenk, at Reply

      That’s not an objective interpretation at all

  7. Posted by PhysicsDude55, at Reply

    These 3 TYT hosts have max CRINGE factor and always have stupid commentary with little substance on stories like this.

    Please stop using them, go back to Cenk and the other actual intellectuals.

    • Posted by Christopher Newell, at Reply

      Cenk, Ana, and John are the wonder team.

    • Posted by Christopher Newell, at Reply

      +sfar1​ same

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      PhysicsDude55 brett’s great tho

  8. Posted by Blake Moliere, at Reply

    Dammit! Someone teach Hannah the difference between a photograph and a selfie please

    • Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

      Hannah is a terrible rational analyst and incompetent host.

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas yep.. ” you really think it was on purpose??” jesus hannah how did you not think about this… at least ana seems to read the stories and do some research before the live show

    • Posted by Jordan Evans, at Reply

      Blake Moliere she seems young enough to know the difference probably just messed that one up

    • Posted by Knightonagreyhorse, at Reply

      Do you know where his right hand is huh?

  9. Posted by Imorokr, at Reply

    Could you guys at least try to be/appear a bit more professional? It’s kind of hard to defend you guys as a legit/respectable news organization.

    • Posted by Jesse Maron, at Reply

      Imorokr I agree this upload really bothered me. The hosts were acting like children in a classroom

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      Jesse Maron its commentary/opinion. they own that they are a news network 1st and commentary after

  10. Posted by Jack .Reed, at Reply

    Why is he with a rabbi?? I thought he was awfully antisemitic??

    • Posted by lela madfis, at Reply

      this rabbi is horrible thats why

    • Posted by disgusted1, at Reply

      +Jack .Reed More importantly why is a rabbi with him??

    • Posted by jigsoree, at Reply

      Most Israelis are not even semite. Most of them are from Europe yet they always have the victim mentality mindset and calls everyone who criticize them anti semitic.

  11. Posted by Mariano Dessardo, at Reply

    Hannah is beautiful

    • Posted by Cath' J J, at Reply

      Thanx, Mariano – appreciate it.

    • Posted by Stephen Gant, at Reply

      tapolna Naw. I’ve never had a problem with other “attractive” hosts. Hannah is very different. Obsessed with frivolous topics usually. Very lacking in logical and rational thought and often unwilling to engage in rational discussions especially about social issues. She also often waves her “moral piety” in others’ faces too. I will conclude by noting that while disliking women is sexist disliking A woman is not.

  12. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    How dare you use his own words that he wrote in his own handwriting on a whiteboard for all to see against him! Fake News!

    I’m being sarcastic.

    • Posted by justin vaughn, at Reply

      So Steven Banon is a useful G0y? His white nationalist supporters should be losing their goddamn minds right now.

    • Posted by justin vaughn, at Reply

      thorny, i was just throwing the comment out there, dont mistake me as coherent 🙂

    • Posted by thorny rose, at Reply

      justin vaughn sorry i apolagise

  13. Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

    build the border wall and “Eventually” make Mexico pay for it 😂😂😂😂

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Build that fence
      ha ha ha

  14. Posted by Antti Peltola, at Reply

    I don’t see a race war there so it can’t be his master plan.

    • Posted by generationofswine, at Reply

      MISTY1770   Well you survived the white Obama genocide, you’re practically a holocaust survivor except that you haven’t suffered at all.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      So many snowflakes in May. lol!

    • Posted by sean fast, at Reply

      generationofswine never has their been a white genocide lol alt right methed up tin foil hats wearer

  15. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Hannah, Hasan and Brett represent the triad of wisdom. It is a theme that us retold throughout history in many cultures. The Germanic Three Spinners come to mind.

    • Posted by Four-Eyed Koi, at Reply

      Ashley Thomas I want to like her but I’m just finding it hard to warm up to her. It’s my own damn problem, don’t get me wrong.

      Maybe it’s just that we’re expecting her to have the same chemistry as ana has with everyone else?

    • Posted by Melanoma Trump, at Reply

      Brett is very funny in this video. Bannon is a mess.

    • Posted by Desecration, at Reply

      +Four-Eyed Koi I’m sure there’s some relevance there. I’m sure Hassan and Hannah wouldn’t test well in a focus group. Hassan works better with the very short and highly edit segments. On the panel he likes to talk over others to throw in random statements that fall flat. He’s like an unfunny version of Jimmy. Hannah just seems to babble. “Soo…uhh… uuhh…… so like.. “. She likes a lame Valley girl caricature of Cenk without the puns. She needs to work her delivery and getting to the point. She has her own show so I can’t imagine why she’s so terrible at hosting at this point. Chemistry isn’t there only problem. If Cenk and Ana left I think TyT would crumble if they had to rely on the B/C backup team. There’s no real personality for people to connect with. Brett’s okay but I can’t imagine watching him on a constant basis.

      It sort of like the difference between Jordan and Michael telling a story. Even if the story is boring as hell, you’ll still listen to Jordan sorta whereas Michael makes everything sound boring.

    • Posted by Cath' J J, at Reply

      A bit cruel (at least from the targets’ points of view), but there’s a lot of truth to this. They’d be wise to hear this kind of constructive criticism. They won’t from this source though – the volume is way too unmanageable so they don’t read YT comments. Use another medium or contact them directly if you care that much.

  16. Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

    Bannon is a heavy drinker. you don’t get that gut and red nose without heavy alcohol consumption. I’ve lived around the exact kind of people and its obvious.

    • Posted by Seljuk Cuck, at Reply

      He looks more like someone took an “after meth” photo of George Lucas.

    • Posted by Abyssal Mang, at Reply

      “I may have went too far in a few places.”

    • Posted by loki7ch, at Reply

      Its Rosacea, outbreaks may be triggered by alcohol, spicy food, amongst other things, yes bill clinton has it too

    • Posted by loki7ch, at Reply

      His nose growing from rinophyma, if it was lies, you would have to measure it in miles

    • Posted by loki7ch, at Reply

      Trumpenstein your doctor pumps you everytime you get sick? you sure he is a doctor?

  17. Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

    Dear TYT,

    Please keep these people off the main show. I mean balance it out a bit. These guys are for pop culture, not the main show.

    • Posted by Johnny Depp, at Reply

      so true! it just isn’t right to let these people speak about politics seriously

    • Posted by Christopher Newell, at Reply

      Yes, yes, yes a thousand times YES. They need to have a strong presence to balance these guys out. You can’t have Hanna without Cenk, John, or Ana. Brett is for comic relief and therefore should not be left with these clowns. And then Hasan, well, how did he get on this show?

    • Posted by Johnny Depp, at Reply

      exactly just look how prepared john always is for example and than compare him to that clown hasan…it’s just another level.

    • Posted by bloodraighna, at Reply

      Hasan is on the show because he’s related to Cenk.

    • Posted by Malachi Owens, at Reply

      His solo vids are nice tho.