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Steve King: Poor Kids Are Too Fat, Cut Their Food Stamps


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Today in "Dreadful Points That Come Out of Steve King's Mouth: Poor youngsters are fat since we give them food stamps. Cenk Uygur and also Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" Rep. Steve King (R-IA) claims he would take money from Planned Being a parent as well as SNAP to pay for Head of state Trump's suggested border wall surface."

" Rep. Steve King (R-Iowa) is asking for making use of federal funding for Planned Parent and also food stamps to help spend for President Trump's southerly border wall, the Washington Supervisor reported Wednesday.

On Tuesday, the House Appropriations Committee introduced an investing costs that would allocate $1.6 billion towards developing the wall separating the United States from Mexico. The funding is part of the overall $13.8 billion for Personalizeds as well as Border Defense.

King stated he supports the spending measure, but he would certainly like an additional $5 billion for the wall– and also suggested taking the extra financing from Planned Being a parent as well as government welfare programs.

" I would locate half of a billion bucks of that right out of Planned Parenthood's spending plan," he told the Inspector. "And the rest of it could appear of food stamps as well as the entitlements that are being spread out for individuals that haven't worked in three generations."

" We have actually reached put America back to function, this management will certainly do it," King stated.

A spokeswoman for Planned Parent said the team "gets federal moneying the same way as every other hospital or community healthcare company: with Medicaid repayments," adding that King's remarks make no feeling."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Judd Hurst, at Reply

    a lot of people who live in poverty are overweight because they eat shity cheap unhealthy Foods. because it’s filling and that’s all they can afford.

    • Posted by Judd Hurst, at Reply

      The Fruitcake well let me make it real simple for you a double cheeseburger is cheaper then a head of lettuce so…

    • Posted by Arnold Slater, at Reply

      Judd Hurst That head of lettuce will last much longer than a cheeseburger which likily has a tiny amounts of lettuce on it.

    • Posted by Arnold Slater, at Reply

      Judd Hurst
      Buy some hamburger meat and buns too.

      Don’t forget that cheese.

      Be healthier and would be cheaper in the long run.

      You are trying to compare the purchase of a single meal item to that of grocery sold multiple use items.

      Grocery is cost effective.

  2. Posted by LusiFr, at Reply

    poor kids get fat because a bag of chips at walmart can cost $1, while ingredients to make a healthy meal can add up to $10 for one meal for at MOST 2 people. This man is so uneducated, he acts like it’s so hard to do some damn research. He probably has someone shopping for him

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      I’m gonna pre I was comparing it to your bag of chips. For an extra dime you can add a hard boiled egg.

    • Posted by Optimus Fine, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 Believe it or not, (AND I CANT BELIEVE IM SAYING THIS) i actually kind of agree with part of your argument. There are many cheap and nutritious foods out there that are the same price as unhealthy foods. I grew up in a lower middle class immigrant family but my parents did find ways to feed us cheap healthy food (frozen spinich $1 a pack, eggs are cheap, lettuce is inexpensive, apples are cheap, cucumbers in season are $1, we bought veggis for cheap that were close to due, grew a small vegetable garden, etc) But in saying that, many poor families do not have the time to shop around and prepare meals. Many may be single parent homes or parents are working 2-3 jobs to make ends meet. Its a sad reality, but over processed high sodium, high fat, and high calorie foods are fast and cheap meals for struggling families.
      EDIT: Solution is better awareness that there are healthy alternatives for cheap, and that parents shouldn’t have to work 3 jobs to make ends meet

    • Posted by I'm gonna pre, at Reply

      The problem is obesity is not just a poor problem, it just is more of a problem with the poor. I think the root of the problem is our fast paced work based lifestyle where you work 40 to 60 hours a week and have little time for exercising or cooking a decent meal.

  3. Posted by CROM, at Reply

    When I lived in ghetto kids had six packs. Middle class kids were fat.

    • Posted by Kyle G, at Reply

      It’s called being black.

  4. Posted by millionfish animation, at Reply

    People like Steve King are exactly what’s wrong with America. Instead of helping out his fellow citizens who already have it rough, he’s advocating to cut their money by even more to build a border wall? Talk about a person with no heart.

    • Posted by Kyle G, at Reply

      +millionfish animation They don’t have it rough, the middle class being crushed and dying earlier now to pay the taxes for these lazy bums to eat is who is suffering.

    • Posted by iamedbytes, at Reply

      Kyle G : The rich took your money not the poor. You can’t have as much money as hundreds of millions of people without taking it from someone. The poor have nothing so what did they do with your money?

  5. Posted by SupremeMystique, at Reply

    Poor people tend to get fat because cheap food tends to be higher in calories. Cutting food stamps is not an intelligent solution, it’s just cruel. Steve King is an idiot.

    • Posted by AMECP, at Reply

      Eat less then and maybe even grow your own food.

    • Posted by iamedbytes, at Reply

      AMECP Yeah put in a huge garden. Tear up the concrete! If losing weight was as easy as eating less there wouldn’t be a billion dollar diet industry that doesn’t work for anybody.

  6. Posted by panda god, at Reply

    lets tax guns and churches

    • Posted by Vendicar Decarian, at Reply

      LOL. Perfect.

  7. Posted by moon lee, at Reply

    P.s., had to pass up fresh asparagus at store last week because a small 3 inch wide bunch was over $5.00. I splurged and got a zuccini, one zuccinni cost $1.00. However, you can live on yummy fattening full of sat fat Top Ramen noodles 3 times per day for $30.00 a month. So, if you get the zuccinni for $39 a month that is only one zuccinniper day, not enough calories in that to live …. Just an explanation to those who are so rich they don’t understand food prices and how poor people have to budget in order to eat for a month.

    • Posted by Thomas Riley, at Reply

      kyle- “all the most expensive pre-prepared foods ” , are you white trailer trash?

    • Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

      Whew, random racism! Now it’s a comment section.

    • Posted by Ragitsu, at Reply

      You don’t want to live off of canned soup. All that extra sodium doesn’t positively contribute to blood pressure.

  8. Posted by Tricia K, at Reply

    In the U.S fast food restaurants are on every corner in poor neighborhoods. That’s why poor people are so fat. Remove MC Devil, Burger Krap etc from those communities and replace them with cleaner options and problem solved.

    • Posted by Christy T, at Reply

      Corporate America isn’t going for that.

    • Posted by Cheezus, at Reply

      but how will they be able to afford that? you know how expensive it is to get 500 calories out of fruits and veggies compared to 500 calories of fast food? it’s absurd how expensive food really is in america.

    • Posted by Audrey Muzingo, at Reply

      How exactly do you propose to “remove” those places from anywhere?

  9. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    Sugar is more dangerous than heroin.

    • Posted by Abrahem Lincologne, at Reply

      Just do Shrooms

    • Posted by Audrey Muzingo, at Reply

      Considering all the ways sugar acts in the body and brain, it is (at least) fair to say that it is more drug than food. Then….considering the fact that people don’t think of it that way allows manufacturers to sneak it into SO MANY foods and nobody cares, just eats it, in a way it’s a lot like how the tobacco companies purposely aimed to addict as many people as possible. Finally when you look at how many people die of sugar-related disease, yes, sugar is more dangerous than heroin.

  10. Posted by Alexander K., at Reply

    When bad food is cheaper than healthy food, your country if f#cked.

    • Posted by Alexander K., at Reply

      So why the obesity problem man?

  11. Posted by Liz Tew, at Reply

    They have refrigerators? That fridge might come with the apt. Also, having a fridge does not mean that it is full. Also, having a fridge does not speak to the quality of the fridge. It might not make ice or be able to signal to the user that he/she is running low on milk & eggs. As a matter of fact, it might not be functioning properly.

    Cell phones? For convenience sake, 10 years ago, I transferred my home phone to a mobile phone. What if that “cell phone” is that person’s only means of communication? it is possible to get a free phone or have an incredibly old phone.

  12. Posted by Pissed Off Taxpayer, at Reply

    I see a lot of fat cops out there, maybe we should cut their taxpayer funding.

    • Posted by Joshua Banks, at Reply

      Pissed Off Taxpayer

    • Posted by Sasuke Uchiha, at Reply

      But fat cops were once fat kids who were on food stamps . Check mate

  13. Posted by torinju, at Reply

    Conservatives literally want to take food away from children living in poverty. Can we finally say that conservatives are actively evil, not just misguided?

    • Posted by asdg199, at Reply

      Cenk literally wants to destroy capitalism which he even admits in the video is the reason “hight fructose corn syrup” (which has no more corolation to obesity than regular sugar) is affordable to the poor in the first place. Can we finally say that he is just muhmar gandaffi in a fat suit and not just some fat arab?

    • Posted by Robert Acosta, at Reply

      What Does one having to do with the other why stupidly do we need more incoherent people.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply

      “Cenk literally wants to destroy capitalism”

      No he doesn’t, as he has stated multiple times.

      See, this is what I am talking about. Conservatives just make crap up. Ah well, its not like evil people have ever been honest.

    • Posted by torinju, at Reply


      “Can we finally say that he is just muhmar gandaffi in a fat suit and not just some fat arab?”

      Arab is a race. Turkish people are not Arabs.

      Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son.

  14. Posted by fujin mage, at Reply

    less than 10k a year….. damm
    Im from Denmark, the least amount of money an unemployed person can get from the gov in unemployment benefits is 15k a year… average job wage pr. year is 40k….
    Jesus Christ!!!

    • Posted by DemonLordChaos, at Reply

      fujin mage do you know how different that is from Sweden? I’m curious.

    • Posted by fujin mage, at Reply

      no i dont
      do tell!

  15. Posted by Vincent Feutry, at Reply

    the duplicity and arrogance of this man, and his bunch of neofeodalist assholes, are so deep it’s beginning to resemble to pure evil.

    • Posted by urduib, at Reply

      Religion is pure evil. And America likes religion and evil. This is ABC knowledge where i live

  16. Posted by godonlyknows13, at Reply

    It just goes to show how out of touch some politicians are with the poorer among us. I’ve never been super poor, myself, but I’ve been pretty consistently lower middle class my whole life. And getting healthy foods sometimes has been outside of my ability to afford.

    When we live in a society where you can eat a GIANT nutritious salad for 5 bucks and still be hungry or you can eat a hamburger from Micky Dee’s for a dollar and feel actually full… Of course poor people are gunna get fat. Can I get a “Duh?” up in here?

    • Posted by old3nglishisboss alvarez, at Reply

      Yea because poor people like you are idiots. Save money and eat less

    • Posted by godonlyknows13, at Reply

      Ohhh! It all makes sense now! I should just stop eating! Well, gee! Why didnt my doctors and dietitian just have me to that from the start? It’s sooo simple! -_-

    • Posted by Reece Drystek, at Reply

      +godonlyknows13 Look it is not supposed to be easy. Why should I have to work hard pay my taxes, just so it can go to a poor person, so he can have the same quality of living without working as hard. There has to be some incentive to better yourself and consequences for poor decisions, otherwise the entire population will continue to make poor decisions if they are rewarded for it.

      Fruits and Veg (various) 9 – 125g servings $2.5/KG $2.81 720 Calories
      Grains (Bread) 8 – 35g servings $3.20/500g loaf $1.79 632 Calories
      Dairy (Milk) 2 – 250mL servings $.96/L $.48 210 Calories
      Meat (Chicken) 2 – 3 oz. servings $4.35/lb $.81 260 Calories

      This sums to $5.90 and 1822 calories, enough for an adult male, median prices in LA from Numbeo. So for a dollar less than a Big Mac meal you can feed yourself with 3 full meals and a diet that meets all the basic requirements for daily intake for $177/month and still come under the $194 allotment from food stamps for an individual.

  17. Posted by T3kB0i, at Reply

    Then mandate healthy-only or healthier-only options for EBT and WIC purchases.

    • Posted by DrGoo, at Reply

      i mean in terms of the video. Mandatory health foods is not going to make the program Cheaper

    • Posted by T3kB0i, at Reply

      DrGoo No, in fact, as you said, healthy food is more expensive, so the budget might have to be increased. But our overall health care budget would go down since everyone won’t have diabetes.

    • Posted by Deborah Beccar, at Reply

      Also keep in mind that a lot of food stamp recipients are motel families, who may not have a kitchen available to even cook healthier meals.

  18. Posted by Thimble Fox, at Reply

    people do realize a huge cause of obesity is in fact a lack of food, when you don’t eat enough meals a day your metabolism slows down so that whenever you do eat (and crave high fat content because of lack of eating) your body instantly stores it as fat…this is why your larger friends might only eat once a day or not at all but you know >100 pound person that eats like an elephant but never puts on weight

    • Posted by old3nglishisboss alvarez, at Reply

      People refusing to accept that overeating is the only possible cause of obesity is why so many people are obese. Eat less food. Your metabolism does not slow down, just eat less.

    • Posted by Timira Wilson, at Reply

      old3nglishisboss alvarez my brother only has time to eat one meal a day when he isn’t working. same with my dad. they both eat one big meal a day and then they drink juices and water. my brother eats lunch at work, my dad doesn’t. they are both 6 feet and my dad is 250 and my brother is over 300. my brother was skinny as a teenager but he had an asthma attack that left his body too weak and he had to be pumped up with steroids. since then he hasn’t been able to lose the weight. so over eating is a lot of people’s problems but not everyone’s.

    • Posted by old3nglishisboss alvarez, at Reply

      It is physically impossible to add weight without a surplus of calories.

    • Posted by SynergyCeleste, at Reply

      old3nglishisboss alvarez – You are SO wrong! It’s about biochemistry. Metabolism is very complex and not well understood by doctors. BTW: people eat less and have less of an appetite as they get older and yet they get fatter as well.