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Steve Wynn No Longer Winning


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Billionaire Republican Politician Steve Wynn has actually resigned from the RNC amidst leakages of sexual misconduct claims. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, go over. Inform us exactly what you believe in the comment section listed below.

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" The Republican Governors Organization announced Monday it was primarily reducing all ties with Steve Wynn, the ousted money chairman of the Republican politician National Committee who was accused of sexual misbehavior by employees at his front runner Las Vegas gambling establishment.

The RGA becomes the first significant Republican campaign committee to return Wynn money. It introduced it would certainly return $100,000 that the company received this political election cycle from Wynn Resorts. In addition, the RGA claimed it would certainly cancel an intended 2020 meeting at Wynn's Las Vegas gambling enterprise and also would certainly decline any future contributions from Wynn Resorts or Wynn himself.

" These are significant allegations," RGA representative Jon Thompson claimed in a declaration.

The RGA's decision to sever all connections with Wynn and his casino empire underscores just how prevalent the fallout will be for him– and also how potentially harmful his significant donations could soon end up being for Republican politicians." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian.


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  1. Posted by dugfriendly, at Reply

    Never think HR is there to help you. They exist to protect the company from you and mine every drop of your human resource.

  2. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    A casino Mogul with a history of sexual harassment and a fake tan, who puts his name on his properties, and has a key leadership position in the Republican party? What are the odds?

  3. Posted by SomeStickyIky, at Reply

    He has the that “I rape people” look.

  4. Posted by Endo C, at Reply

    Trump just fell in swamp love with Steve Wynn

  5. Posted by RurouniStarchild, at Reply

    Trump is right… I am getting REAL sick of winning.

  6. Posted by Jesus Velazquez, at Reply

    Republican rapists how surprising

  7. Posted by Arshed Fazal, at Reply

    *Ana Kasparian looking awesome*

    • Posted by Michael Petrovich, at Reply

      Arshed are you well??

    • Posted by Arshed Fazal, at Reply

      Michael Petrovich yes sir I am very well indeed! By any chance do u disagree with my assessment of the stunner who goes by the name of Ana Kasparian

  8. Posted by kirkgrniis, at Reply

    I do enjoy Ana’s cute little “mmkay” like the South Park guy. 😀

    • Posted by m. buss, at Reply

      Indeed. Such a hot episode.

  9. Posted by Sopho Cles, at Reply

    A ‘massage table’ in his ‘office suite’ … ok … taking one look at this guy you know it is not going to end well.

  10. Posted by arnibah vanst, at Reply

    I’m glad that bastard got caught.

  11. Posted by Mortimer Snead, at Reply

    This guy lives in Vegas, but he can’t find a professional sex worker who chose that line of work. That’s not very enterprising.

    • Posted by Gibran Arroyo Castrejon, at Reply

      I’m sure it would have been cheaper than $7.5 Million

    • Posted by A86, at Reply

      Because he’s addicted to the power imbalance. Men like him don’t like sex where the woman is consenting or equally powerful. He could pay a prostitute to pretend to be afraid of him, but it wouldn’t be the same as real fear and lack of power.

  12. Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

    Gotta love those Family Values Republicans. But I’m sure that Je$us will declare that he is Forgiven ™.

    • Posted by Michael Petrovich, at Reply

      What is all this talking about that Jesus will forgive anything. It does not work that way.

    • Posted by Angel Symmetrika, at Reply

      Michael Petrovich If you’re Republican, you automatically Forgiven ™. Just look at Trump, Gingrich, Moore, etc. By having a (R), the Church leaders give these creeps a pass every time.

  13. Posted by The Diesel, at Reply

    So in order to be in the RNC you just have to point the finger at everybody else and lie your arse off. Hypocrites with grit!

  14. Posted by S Douglas, at Reply

    What a creep Wynn is.

  15. Posted by Desmond Quick, at Reply

    All that cash Wynn has,he could of easily purchased him an ecsort or got him a side piece

    • Posted by Arthur Che, at Reply

      Desmond Quick But he’s addicted to the power dynamic.

    • Posted by Aaron Loyd, at Reply

      Arthur Che That’s probably it.

  16. Posted by Al Mullen, at Reply

    Steve Wynn’s lawyer “this really was supposed to stay in Vegas”

  17. Posted by Colonel 100, at Reply

    its a shame people of the republican party and conservative voters turn a blind eye when their own party member is a criminal

    • Posted by jim jimmy, at Reply

      only Christians can be that corrupt

    • Posted by Simon 's, at Reply

      This is why you should never point a finger at others.

  18. Posted by 25052647, at Reply

    GOP hypocrisy?
    Must be a Tuesday.

    • Posted by debraleehalinda, at Reply

      Actually it is a day which ends with a “y”.

  19. Posted by Nancy Smith, at Reply

    LOL. Bet that mobster or monster is gone. LOL