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Stock Market BOOMING Under Trump But…


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Trump has Wall Road winning however is that really the measure of financial success. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, and also Aida Rodriguez, the hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us what you think in the comment section listed below.

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" Head of state Trump has routinely commemorated, and also taken credit score for, the stock exchange's record-setting climb throughout his very first year in workplace.

Positive outlook around the new tax obligation code, along with an unwinded regulatory environment, has actually assisted drive the Criterion & Poor's 500-stock index's 30 percent increase since Mr. Trump took office. But that performance disappoints the marketplace's gains during the very first years of the presidencies of Barack Obama and also the older George Shrub.

Mr. Obama took workplace amidst the monetary situation. Stocks were in a freefall and also struck bottom almost two months after his launch. Equities then recoiled and ended up Mr. Obama's very first year up greater than 30 percent.

Mr. Trump, by comparison, came to be head of state throughout one of the longest continual booming market in history, and also stocks have continuouslied set document highs during his period."

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Aida Rodriguez


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  1. Posted by Kenneth Lucas, at Reply

    Stock buybacks, tax cuts, stagnant wages, massive deregulations, overpriced stocks….Here comes the BOOM, Here comes the BOOM. Here comes the CRASH!!

  2. Posted by Turk, at Reply

    BUT none of you are benefitting.

  3. Posted by William Merzlak, at Reply

    Be very careful. Last time the stock market boomed and the middle class shrunk. We had a massive economic depression hit almost overnight when the market crashed.

  4. Posted by 伊藤博文, at Reply

    Inconvenient truth for the democrats! I know your embarrassment. However, it is the reality of this world.

    • Posted by Futa Nari, at Reply

      The stock market has nothing to do with jobs, which is what Trump campaigned on. He bashed the other candidates for being “Wall Street Puppets”, which is what he clearly is based on how well the Stock Market is doing.

    • Posted by Goahead, at Reply

      Nice name, MAGAtard Russian troll with a Chinese name.

    • Posted by Bayou Goop, at Reply

      Goahead lol

    • Posted by Jonathan Henly, at Reply

      Inconvenient truth- the stock market grew faster in Obama’s first year.

  5. Posted by eatmorenachos, at Reply

    Trump inherited an economy that was already growing—so no Trump doesn’t get credit for growth that took place BEFORE his policies were enacted. Companies are taking their windfall and using it to boost their stock prices—not in creating jobs. They did the same thing under Dubya and created a bubble that burst.

  6. Posted by John Smith, at Reply

    I’m no economist, but you certainly make it sound like a bubble may be forming here…….too much too soon perhaps?

  7. Posted by itsStawny, at Reply

    If you arent seeing s bubble forming and a crash coming, you are a fool

  8. Posted by Bad80y1, at Reply

    A lot of people in here still don’t see the effects all these tax cuts will rain down on them. This train ride will not last. Pay attention to high ranking economists out there like Richard Wolff. He predicts a huge recession not far off. It sure won’t worry the rich, but dam it’ll burn the lower classes who will be the ones to pay off that debt. Lots of people not seeing the tidal waves coming. And it surely will come. If you got stocks like me, go online and pay attention to your investments daily.

    • Posted by DaCo Video, at Reply

      Bad80y1 I’m 28 years old and I’m still not even sure what the stock market is or how it works.

      Just looks like fancy gambling to me. And I don’t gamble. Nasty habit.

    • Posted by MaryAnne Brown, at Reply

      DaCo Video Seriously, get yourself a coffee can ….

    • Posted by Daniel Chapman, at Reply

      DaCo Video essentially investing is gambling. stock values fluctuate and you can profit off that reality by buying low and selling high, then paying your taxes. It’s taking a risk, you can lose or gain, but at least you set the price when you buy and sell. If you’re not comfy with taking a risk, don’t invest.

  9. Posted by Comment Machine, at Reply

    stock market is booming since March 2009, just look up s&p500 trend. if people are stupid enough to believe Trump helps the economy in such a short time, he must be REALLY stupid. Second, the event of Trump taking office did increase the values of some composition of the stocks (but it doesnt mean it will be a stronger economy!) such as energy sector, and some sectors that are heavily taxed. This is because wall street believes these companies will earn more profit because republican will be cutting taxes (well, they did), and less regulation (and they did) on them. But eventually, the economy will start to take in the long run expectation, such as more pollutions because Trump wanted to boost the coal industries, these environmental costs will translate itself into economic costs, more healthcare problem. It is just a matter who is going to pay for it later on, the government by the increasing taxation or the public themselves pay for it by giving up their savings or giving up their lives.

  10. Posted by Cherish Shouldiers, at Reply

    Dow doing well is credited to Obama. Trump has had minimal impact.

    • Posted by Matthew Grant, at Reply

      Cherish Shouldiers not true and everyone knows it’s not true. Not even TYT or CNN would be that crazy to say that

  11. Posted by Kevin Michael, at Reply

    The US stock market was booming before Trump, he inherited a solid economy from Obama. Trump is benefitting from a global economy growing in unison; which finally developed in 2016, before the election. Trump’s legacy will be determined by the direction of the economy in 2019-2020.

    • Posted by John Smith, at Reply

      Yeah, the economy was booming under Obama for the last 8-years and the streets were paved with gold. I want the drugs you are taking that makes you see visions that don’t exist.

  12. Posted by Robert Simer, at Reply

    But what? You said we were going to have a crash the day he won. Just another example of your lies.

    • Posted by Dexter Morgan, at Reply

      way overdo idiot

    • Posted by Oh Yeah, at Reply

      Robert Simer lies? A wrong prediction does not constitute a lie…

    • Posted by Sally Jackson, at Reply

      It probably did crash and employers don’t tell employees to stop working for their garbage stock contributions. They just tell people to keep working for company stocks, so they don’t have to pay cash to some stupid bus driver who thinks he or she is gong to be a share holder of the bus they drive.

    • Posted by humboldthammer, at Reply

      DEBT is a TAX on the future. The current budget replaces Taxes with Debt, and we borrow $800+ billion per year — and leave it for Future Generations to pay off.
      Dems do not have a solution either. Our only hope is to defund the military industrial complex by 2019.

  13. Posted by dangerouslytalented, at Reply

    The Great Depression started BEFORE the stock market collapsed. They were speculating in the markets instead of hiring people, that made demand collapse and only after this happened did stocks collapse

    • Posted by Cleetus Luckas, at Reply

      Hmmmm. While the job market becomes more sparse. Between outsourcing, and automation…. doesn’t promising at ALL…. for the American people.

  14. Posted by Steven Davidson, at Reply

    Oops, Trump doesn’t realize the stock market did a fair bit better under Obama.

    Somebody get poor little Donny his 4th place trophy, please!!

    • Posted by Nick A, at Reply

      More like a participation trophy, though

  15. Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

    Just because the stock market is doing well, that doesn’t mean wages are going up or people have health insurance

    • Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

      It is getting harder to feel sorry for vets, since most of them are Republicans. They vote for trillion-dollar WARS and then they are SURPRISED when they go to war and get their butts shot off…

    • Posted by Thomas Smith, at Reply

      According to this, the Labor Participation Rate is ABSOLUTELY related to the number of “discouraged workers, ” who are unemployed but are not counted in the statistics simply because they stopped trying to look for work.

  16. Posted by Chris Thornycroft, at Reply

    Even Ron Paul agrees with Cenk on this. This bubble will burst and when it does, yikes.

  17. Posted by denise k, at Reply

    What comes up must come down. 401K plans could dissappear overnite. The stock market is a false indicator of the financial wellbeing of the middle-class

    • Posted by Jarney Roon, at Reply

      What makes you say its a “false indicator of the financial wellbeing of the middle-class?” You mentioned 401Ks, which potential help to middle class; as Cenk said close to 50% is invested and when businesses grow they ultimately do invest in new jobs, and even if they save that it eventually used for more investment.

    • Posted by J'Nay Vann, at Reply

      Jarney Roon Because when the stock market crashes, the first thing that goes away is 401(k). We saw this in 2008

    • Posted by Dee Drayton, at Reply

      J’Nay Vann shhh he is an “intellectual” with a degree in fuckery

    • Posted by Jarney Roon, at Reply

      J’Nay Vann Then you are ceding that it has some indication of the well being of the middle class by associating it with what the middle class has invested. If it was a false indicator, then it wouldn’t matter if the stock market went down.

    • Posted by J'Nay Vann, at Reply

      Jarney Roon My point is once the stock market crashes, the first victims won’t be the rich. Additionally, were you applauding the stock market when Obama was in charge? Because you know, all this “growth” started under Obama. Third of all, all the deregulation does not benefit the middle class, it mainly benefits the wealthy

  18. Posted by Aleza Seibert, at Reply

    Meanwhile during Obama’s 2 terms the stock market went up every year, but every right winger and their sister said…STOCK MARKET DOESN’T MATTER!

    • Posted by TyTech13, at Reply

      What are you talking about? For the previous eight years, it’s only been improving. Yes it was bad, but that’s what happens when you nearly crash!
      The stock market as been as a constant increase for the last eight years.

    • Posted by Renegade MS, at Reply

      TyTech13 It would’ve been known.

  19. Posted by Jim Thompson, at Reply

    The Stock Market should never be viewed as a barometer of the overall economy as it doesn’t portray an true picture of the nations economic health.

  20. Posted by Bryant Nelson, at Reply

    liberals just can’t accept progress from trump

    • Posted by FastDamone, at Reply

      Because it’s not progress for liberals, it’s for the 1% you dumbfuck.

    • Posted by Bryant Nelson, at Reply

      FastDamone it does help the whole nation, not just a specific group.

    • Posted by Wordsof Harmony, at Reply

      Bryant Nelson but there isnt…

    • Posted by Wordsof Harmony, at Reply

      Bryant Nelson he’s not a progressive…

    • Posted by Wordsof Harmony, at Reply

      Bryant Nelson whats funny is that if your tagline is “Make America Great Again” you CANT be progressive you are by definition regressive… and stuck in the past