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Stop Tripping: Fails of the Month (August 2017) || FailArmy


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Oh man, do we have a treat for you! We have actually obtained a completely filled stop working compilation of the most effective stops working of the month. We have yoga fails, adorably foolish pet dogs, and also a lot more! If you can make it via this collection without laughing, you are probably dead inside.


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Man Attempts to Flip Huge Pancake
Girl Falls During Cheer Stunt
Woman Tries to Record Birthday Message while in Swimming pool
German Guard Assaults Drone
Woman Falls in the Kitchen
Kid on Surf board Gets Stuck on Barrel
Guy Parkours at Park
Individual Attempts to Rapidly Mix a Mixed drink
Motorist Passes Out
Truck Crashes on Side of the Road
Boy Sprays Face With Water Pipe
Man Breaks DIY Diving Board
Individual Attempts to Do Handstand in Living Space
Man Rips off Glasses During Yo-Yo Technique Attempt
Guy Unintentionally Strikes Nuts With Golf Sphere
Person Faces Fence After Flip
Person Falls Attempting Slide with Inline Skates
Partner Acroyoga Lead to Faceplant
Female Falls Trying Post Dancing Routine
Male Jumps Off Van and Breaks Table
Little Child Sprays Ridiculous String Around Front Porch
Person Aims to Jump on Pogo Stick in Shop
Weightlifter Falls Off Phase

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    • Posted by Ashley Clewley, at Reply

      XxTaykerxX Jm I’m first by 4 seconds

    • Posted by El Medusilla, at Reply

      XxTaykerxX Jm aaaa

    • Posted by Ashley Clewley, at Reply

      El Medusilla I can do front flips on a trampoline

    • Posted by El Medusilla, at Reply

      Ashley Clewley i know you are the best pinguin

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  2. Posted by GC Matthew x Robbins, at Reply

    Wtf???? YouTube added a new sound when you hit a like button :/

    • Posted by Lloyd, at Reply

      GC Matthew x Robbins Here’s where you fucked up… There was never a sound when you hit the like button so how is there a “new sound” when there was never a sound to begin with. You should of just said that youtube added a sound when you hit the like button

    • Posted by Ruly Tasho, at Reply

      haven’t clicked the “View all X replies” I’m just wondering how many people fell from that.

    • Posted by Midknight1124, at Reply

      Jokes on you, my instinct was to hit the video like button instead

  3. Posted by El Medusilla, at Reply

    Go to mi chanel SPAM! FACE NEPES

    • Posted by El Medusilla, at Reply

      y subs

    • Posted by Дмитрий, at Reply

      El Medusilla, гоу ту нахуй,козёл

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    I’m here early better make a joke


    • Posted by Me Cooper, at Reply

      You should probably stick to jokes you understand.

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    • Posted by Jordan B Peterson Brasil, at Reply

      Another one: neo-marxists

    • Posted by FutureDelica, at Reply

      Are you from China?

  5. Posted by Jayker, at Reply

    1:14 he went back to England.

    • Posted by Jayker, at Reply

      It’s a country, not city.

    • Posted by Jason Vautour, at Reply

      Jayker Go watch Jake Paul’s “It’s Everyday Bro” song and you’ll understand the joke.

    • Posted by sultanxwolf, at Reply

      Jayker w

    • Posted by MiTZ 41, at Reply

      Fail Army is my City.

    • Posted by Dating For Real, at Reply

      LOL. 😀

  6. Posted by Ioanp, at Reply

    00:27 I’m dead

    • Posted by japuter, at Reply

      Ioanp and youre fucking nerd

    • Posted by Hupp Bopp, at Reply

      I died at the last clip

    • Posted by Johann Winkler, at Reply

      Ioanp I

    • Posted by Ioanp, at Reply

      japuter σκάσε ρε ζώο γαμώ μου τα έπριξες, δεν το έβρισα κιόλας.

  7. Posted by Streaklat, at Reply

    Failing is the only option

    • Posted by Gediegen Gegönnt, at Reply

      me gusta

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    • Posted by Gediegen Gegönnt, at Reply

      Streaklat ayyyyyy

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      Mikelis Berzins realy

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      Who is the stupidest: A person who ask likes or a person who gives them

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      I am the first who reported you for life ✅✅✅✅✅😀😀😀😀✅✅✅

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    If I get a 100 likes I will ask out my crush

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      I saw a comment that read: “If I get a 100 likes, I will call the cops on that creepy stalker hiding outside in the bushes”.

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      TheZui Maybe it’s a he lelelelel

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      Why don’t you just do it instead of saying “Oh if I get this many likes, blah blah blah”? Obviously you must not like them that much if you don’t even bother asking them out unless you get a certain amount of “likes” online.

    • Posted by Rezna Qay, at Reply

      Its impossible for someones crush to say yes

    • Posted by lost boy, at Reply

      she probably thinks you are ugly

  10. Posted by Arkadatai, at Reply

    Those boobs at the end lol

    • Posted by gnaw dog, at Reply

      Boobs are always great. Sometimes its what they are attatched to that can be the problem.

    • Posted by Music Is Food For The Soul, at Reply

      it’s called happy ending.

    • Posted by Music Is Food For The Soul, at Reply

      if someone is a virgin they should shut the F up? why?

    • Posted by Jakobe Mobbs, at Reply

      that’s what I was gonna say dam son they are like a babys head

  11. Posted by Gvoe, at Reply

    5:42 That’s what you get for trying to eat on a swimming pool😂

    • Posted by WhirlingRoom, at Reply


    • Posted by TheBuckeye EB, at Reply

      Gvoe That’s why I eat in my swimming pool and not *on* it.

    • Posted by Mighty Zeus, at Reply

      +TheBuckeye EB Your food must be waterproof then

    • Posted by Ancsee013, at Reply

      Gvoe the funniest thing about it is that she tried to keep everything above water and that delay of falling into the water is just hilarious😂😂

    • Posted by Johann Winkler, at Reply

      Gvoe I

  12. Posted by MichreHD, at Reply

    Who is here before 800.000 views?

    • Posted by Bayrischo Michi, at Reply

      MichreHD me 😀

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    • Posted by watchingrob, at Reply

      Who is here that doesnt care?

    • Posted by DifBinSod, at Reply

      199,999 people

  13. Posted by Awurabena Akyea, at Reply

    Have a great day everyone 😊

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      U2 dude 🙂

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      Fist nice comment I’ve ever seen

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    Hey guys. I am here to:
    Nope, not to play the slime game
    Nope, not to tell you i’m early
    Nope, not to give you the thumbnail
    Nope, not to ask for likes cuz it’s my birthday
    Nope, not cuz i want SUB’s
    Yas, to tell you that you’r beautiful and awesome

    • Posted by girls are the best, at Reply


    • Posted by Robert Polo, at Reply

      You’re* you autistic piece of cancerous tumours.

    • Posted by Matteo Montgomery, at Reply

      girls are the best 🙌

    • Posted by Kei Nash, at Reply

      Robert Polo there’s no “u” in the word tumor. And no “s” if you want you want to be grammatically correct.
      Oh and you just got corrected by someone with autism and a brain tumor 😆

  15. Posted by RedShark, at Reply

    *boobs* 5:30

    • Posted by Isla Penn, at Reply

      RedShark 5:59

    • Posted by _1_, at Reply

      Agree they look firm to as a add bonus 🙂

    • Posted by Betelgeuse, at Reply

      RedShark great tits 👍🏼

    • Posted by ParaVet, at Reply

      oh man, no one tell RedShark about google. It’ll blow his fucking mind.

  16. Posted by Pappo, at Reply

    5:00 what a nice person, it’s nice to see that there is still people who cares of others asses rather than just their own

    • Posted by Music Is Food For The Soul, at Reply

      What was the cause of his accident? was he a diabetic or he just went to sleep or was he texting or what?

    • Posted by raveycandyass, at Reply

      I’ve seen the full video. The car driver is suffering from fainting spells and is still trying to figure it out with his doctors

    • Posted by Jakobe Mobbs, at Reply

      dude I so agree with you their needs to be more people like him

    • Posted by Tim van der Beek, at Reply

      Well, it’s also the law to make sure someone is ok after an incident like this.
      He was a witness after all and leaving a scene could be the dead of someone.

  17. Posted by Waffle Daily, at Reply

    I upload waffles every single day, no joke no lie no scam

    • Posted by Christian Christiansen, at Reply

      Haha I’m somewhat happy that I went to your channel

    • Posted by Potato Lord, at Reply

      This man deserves an award

    • Posted by Mrwaffles, at Reply

      Waffle Daily yea upload waffles please

    • Posted by Tea, at Reply

      Waffle Daily most importantly no one cares

  18. Posted by The Silent King 2, at Reply

    Another terrible video. im unsubscribing.

    • Posted by The Silent King 2, at Reply

      vsdfv3 lying about what

    • Posted by Kris-pLaYsZ Beast, at Reply

      The Silent King 2 you mean you Subscribe to Watch a video and Unsub if they are terreble? Thats Wierd(SORRY FOR BAD ENGLISH)

    • Posted by Kris-pLaYsZ Beast, at Reply

      The Silent King 2 so dumb

    • Posted by Tim Brickell, at Reply

      Kris-pLaYsZ Beast That’s the opposite of dumb. If you’re not enjoying the content, why stay subscribed? I’m guessing your subscription list is full of channels you don’t watch. Now THAT is dumb!

  19. Posted by Fabio Vaz, at Reply

    Nice finish 😜

  20. Posted by Zayne simard moore, at Reply

    At 1:08 not a good friend if she doesn’t help that drunk girl up.