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Student Wants Safe Space From Liberal Professor


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A student recorded their professor saying something about Donald Trump, and conservatives are enraged. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

"For weeks now, nightmares have been jolting Olga Perez Stable Cox awake several hours before sunrise. Sometimes she’s able to fall back asleep, but more often she finds herself lying in the dark, body tossing and thoughts racing, until she’s reduced to tears.

The morning offers fleeting distractions but no permanent relief — a cup of coffee, some Christmas decorating, maybe a phone call from concerned friends.

But the blinds in her home will remain closed, her door will remain locked and the formerly outgoing professor — a woman who has always thrived by connecting with others — will spend another day isolated by fear, weeping, too scared to walk outside."

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  1. Posted by Knekten, at Reply

    The Trump sheep has now another word they use alot but dont understand:
    They claim everything TYT talke about, and they dont like. To be fake..
    Even when its something 100% proven and factual.
    And they never provide any proof or even reasonable grounds for claming
    fake news.

    They are so stupid, they have no stopped completely accepting reality, and
    will rather believe the things they want to believe. Than whats actually

    Delusions over reality, the conservative way of life.

    • Posted by Ryan Walsh, at Reply

      +Bernando Hille I thought you liked free speech? Oh that’s right. Only when
      it conveniences you.

      Conservatives turn*
      I want free speech now.
      Opponents turn*
      Now I don’t want free speech

      How childish…

    • Posted by Bernardo Hille, at Reply

      +Ryan Walsh not sure you read my comment properly. nothing destroys
      liberals more than free speech, i am all for it.

      First off most times someone claims someone threatened to shot her or so
      it’s fake victimization. If she feels threatened, go to the cops.

      Don’t start victimizing yourselves, liberals have been prosecuting speech
      they call “hate speech” and making people unemployed and their lifes ruined
      for silly comments for years, nothing happened to this lady.

    • Posted by Blob Loblaw, at Reply

      +Bernardo Hille The cops don’t really do anything if you take this stuff to
      them. They have no protocol for mass online harassment.

  2. Posted by Mike Ehrmantraut, at Reply

    This video shows the right is everything they accuse the left of being.

    • Posted by simran kaur, at Reply

      +Andrew Steeves oh yes, we created those patterns of behaviour, yet in this
      instance who is filing the lawsuit against a professors thought crimes?

    • Posted by Andrew Steeves, at Reply

      +simran kaur
      The identity of the one who behaves a certain way does not change the
      behavior from right to wrong.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      He’s an atheist zealot, they’re stupid ppl so you can’t take that fool
      seriously…his ppl are psychos.

    • Posted by WobblyBits_X, at Reply

      +Akon Fenty As opposed to you and your invisible friend?

      The guy you’re talking about is a fool but atheists, in general, are more
      sane than many religious people.

  3. Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

    She expressed her opinion. That’s what she has the right to do, both under
    academic freedom and as someone who was hired as a professor by the school.
    These fragile “conservative” flowers need to toughen up and get over

    • Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

      Professors have the right to express their political opinions.

    • Posted by Chunk Yogurt, at Reply

      +Greg Camp No, it isn’t.

    • Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

      Let’s see, Trump spent years accusing Obama of being born in Kenya, and he
      pandered to neo-Nazis. Pence supported letting businesses discriminate
      against gays and only backed off that when he realized it would cost his
      state a lot of money. But hey, what’s a little bigotry among friends,

    • Posted by Chunk Yogurt, at Reply

      +Greg Camp Hillary started the birther movement, look it up. Also it’s been
      proven his long form birth certificate was a fraud. Trump and Pence didn’t
      run a campaign that stood against LGBT rights. Trump said that gay marriage
      was decided in supreme court and is a settled issue, and said he would do
      everything to protect the rights of the LGBTQ community at the RNC and
      everyone cheered. Your narrative holds no weight.

    • Posted by Greg Camp, at Reply

      Since you’re going to lie repeatedly, run along, now. I don’t have time for

  4. Posted by Emmanuel Scrive, at Reply

    I don’t care what wing you are, safe space is bullshit!

    • Posted by Emmanuel Scrive, at Reply

      +Kodama I think that you two need a room…

    • Posted by Kodama, at Reply

      +Emmanuel Scrive
      Your comment was very white. Stop.

    • Posted by Emmanuel Scrive, at Reply

      +Kodama Your comment is also empty.

  5. Posted by Dean Champion, at Reply

    And conservatives accuse liberals of being whiny? If a student can’t handle
    opinions different than those you were born into, skip college and crawl
    back into the womb.

    • Posted by Biggles Wurth, at Reply

      Trump’s hair is an act of terrorism

    • Posted by Salim Uhuru X, at Reply

      Oh…Excuse me, I must have confused you with the tons of other
      conservatives who use a pejorative first, and then proceed to assume moral
      hi ground in any further discourse. Also, newsflash! – gender issues have
      already become politicized when the Lgbt communities civil rights are being
      negatively impacted by legislation, which is the larger point the teacher
      was attempting to confer upon the students…

    • Posted by Generic Disposable, at Reply

      +shark wave
      So are you going to kill her or threaten to kill her too?

    • Posted by Shark Wave, at Reply

      Generic Disposable

      Why would I do that? You sound like a lunatic for even suggesting that

    • Posted by Shark Wave, at Reply

      Salim Uhuru X

      I have never seen someone knowingly defend what they know to be a bullshit
      strawman argument. This is a first

  6. Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

    Conservatives in the US have been historically violently intolerant to a
    different opinions. In the 1860s they left the country and started a war
    over different opinions. In the 1960s, they beat and killed civil rights
    marchers. With Trump at the helm of the crazy bus they will feel embolden
    to shut down all opposing opinions with violence for the fun of it.

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +SFH SFH You people are impervious to facts. when confronted with facts you
      make up your own.

    • Posted by Usamljeny Nitko, at Reply

      +Ronin Dave yeah aguing with people like this is like trying to convince
      people who don’t believe the sky is blue, that yes in fact it is blue. It
      is an exercise in futility.

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +Usamljeny Nitko this just shows how debate is impossible when one side is
      so disingenuous and convinced despite the facts that they are correct.

    • Posted by Ronin Dave, at Reply

      +Usamljeny Nitko they are insane and they can’t see it. They are primarily
      low educated and it’s really our fault for bothering to debate their lunacy
      as though it had any validity

  7. Posted by Dallas Taylor, at Reply

    What she said was 100% spot on, what’s the problem?

    • Posted by PC BEAST Nvidia, at Reply

      +waterandafter maybe i should but what it has to do with politics and

    • Posted by waterandafter, at Reply

      +PC BEAST Nvidia
      You might learn that there are women that don’t conform to what you (and
      most of society) expect of them.
      Don’t confuse sexuality with sexual prefrence.

    • Posted by PC BEAST Nvidia, at Reply

      +waterandafter of course they are “some” in every thing .

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Brad she was speaking of Mike Pence, everyone knows Trump is pro-LGBT…the
      part about terrorism was too much.

    • Posted by Levity, at Reply

      Your attitude, that’s the problem.

      Slandering the opposition hampers honest discussion at University.

  8. Posted by Edward Chang, at Reply

    Wow you are THICK! They are using and turning the same words liberals use
    on liberals and throwing it in their faces.

    • Posted by Eric Foster, at Reply

      +Gasman thats funny coming from an internet tough guy and ur talking to me
      about safe spaces u americans are all about safespaces especially trump
      people like u im tiggered? look in the mirror tough guy

  9. Posted by Person Oisels, at Reply

    She was incredibly kind, she even called Pence a human.

    The right wing is subhuman filth and should be put to death.

    • Posted by Person Oisels, at Reply

      You have no point. Right wingers are animals, if the military is largely
      right wing they’ll do what they’re told. Though I doubt most of them will
      be far right enough to be included in my cull (I have no problem with
      people who are simply on the moderate right)

    • Posted by kickinitoldschool03, at Reply

      +Person Oisels Ok, buddy.

    • Posted by TR0LLREIGN, at Reply

      poor powerless little boy, so sucks to be you 🙁

    • Posted by Person Oisels, at Reply

      Who are you talking to? The guy I voted for in our parliamentary elections

  10. Posted by J.U.C.E., at Reply

    Conservitards are so pathetic. They dont have a fact to stand on so they
    always try to hurt the liberals.
    What this professor said was not outrageous at all.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      When she said the terrorism part, that was outrageous, but everything else
      she said was correct.

    • Posted by garet claborn, at Reply

      she called trump a white supremacists and pence “one of the most anti-gay
      people in the country”, both fantastically false.

      saying we’re in a civil war ( and then immediately backpedaling ) is wrong
      as well. we’re not near as divided as the rhetoric being thrown around
      lately. there’s a huge center vote in this country, many of whom voted for
      obama and trump.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      I don’t think Trump is white supremacist, she lied about that, but Hence
      being anti-gay he most definitely is, he is for gay conversion therapy
      which is actually stupid, he is against any and everything LGBT.

    • Posted by garet claborn, at Reply

      +Akon Fenty he’s not for gay conversion therapy that’s a common line blown
      way out of context.

      he endorsed legislation that had sexual behavior therapy, NOT INCLUDING

      this sexual behavior therapy was for serial rapists, sexual assault
      perpetrators, etc.. not gay people.

      he’s definitely not one of the most anti-gay people in the country
      according to Pew Research…

  11. Posted by D Scully, at Reply

    There’s no such thing as “totalitarian Left”.

    Authoritarianism and totalitarianism are rightwing, by definition.

    • Posted by Gustavo Rodriguez, at Reply

      Well, I see the liberals turning to democratic socialism

    • Posted by mars walk, at Reply

      +Gustavo Rodriguez If you want to call so, no problem Lol

    • Posted by Gustavo Rodriguez, at Reply


    • Posted by Benden Den Hansen, at Reply

      D Scully The Nazis were a far left group don’t you remember.

    • Posted by mars walk, at Reply


  12. Posted by AndyBiz10, at Reply

    LMAO conservatives are the biggest cry baby hypocrites in this nation.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      I agree Andy, I’ve noticed that about them…I have my issues with
      Liberals, but Conservatives starting to annoy me with their hypocrisy and
      when they don’t get their way they become cry babies and cry they’re being
      persecuted…if they cannot stop Gay marriage they cry and want to leave to
      Canada, or any sorts of things they will cry like a baby…Conservatives
      starting to push me away from their side, even tho I’m a Libertarian, I
      kind of lean towards Conservative my side, but now I’m starting to think
      that’s not a good idea.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      atheist zealot, in 2012 when Obama was reelected there was a protest at
      Mississippi college where right wing students acted up.

    • Posted by atheist zealot, at Reply

      +Akon Fenty Its all about numbers. So 1 college in Mississippi acted up.
      What about California, Oregon, Chicago, and pretty much every liberal state
      college anti-Trump riots. The numbers don’t even compare. Its all on the
      news, don’t think you can pull a fast one here. You guys are the real
      intolerant ones. This coming from a former liberal.

  13. Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

    Trumpanzees are babies.

    • Posted by The Blackfish, at Reply

      ranger there’s absolutely no rule against being politically biased in any
      classroom. For example, my economics professor still teaches trickle down
      Reaganomics as if it works.

    • Posted by RogueBishop89, at Reply

      ranger Grade-school public teachers can’t and shouldn’t express this to
      kids, sure. But, college professors? I think you’re a bit misinformed about
      what is allowed on a university campus in front of what are supposed to be

    • Posted by x2f01mick, at Reply

      ranger illegal? Let me guess, thought crime? That sounds doubleplus ungood.

    • Posted by ranger, at Reply

      @x2f01mick I get you, baby, too bad that the evil government of the US
      doesn’t allow teachers to indoctrinate their students in class 🙁

    • Posted by RogueBishop89, at Reply

      ranger Again, that’s public grade schools, and indoctrinating
      impressionable children. You don’t have to go to college, or take a
      specific class under a certain professor. Still missing the point. lol

  14. Posted by Neil Price, at Reply

    If you want safe spaces don’t go to college full stop! The point in further
    education is to challange you and to hear viewpoints you have not heard of
    before. You don’t like it (a) don’t listen to it and (b) leave the room.
    People getting “triggered”, both right and left, need to lighten up and
    thicken their skin (I know there will be exceptions but generally lighten
    up dudes)

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      That’s so true Krytern.

    • Posted by Krytern UK, at Reply

      Right wingers are complete nutters. Look at every police officer that has
      KILLED a UNARMED civilian. Right winger. Look at every white terrorist that
      takes control of a building at gun point. Right winger. Look at every
      person who talks about shooting and killing someone just because they have
      a different opinion. Right winger. Every conservative I have ever met will
      seem nice and friendly and will welcome you right until they hear you have
      a different opinion politically then they turn nasty on you. They don’t
      just disagree, they turn outright nasty and argue aggressively. They’re all

    • Posted by Coin, at Reply

      Krytern UK Ure so open minded saying that all right wingers are like
      that.There all cunts. If u act and think people are cunts they might not be
      so Nice to u

  15. Posted by Amaury Lannes, at Reply

    I don’t know why conservatards use “Marxist” as an insult. It’s not an
    insult, more like a compliment.

    • Posted by BartJ583, at Reply

      +Man the Dude
      I do not understand your post. Marx was not wrong about everything, but he
      was wrong when he thought that capitalism could be replaced by socialism or
      communism. But capitalism will never be replaced; it will be regulated.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Rob, so by your logic when Conservatives call Liberals “Libtards” then they
      lose moral high ground cus they use it as an insult…oh btw I’m not a
      Liberal nor a Conservatives, both sides are stupid in their own way.

    • Posted by Rob, at Reply

      Akon Fenty
      Exactly I couldn’t have said it better myself! btw I’m probably more
      liberal than I am conservative.

    • Posted by TR0LLREIGN, at Reply

      It’s an insult for those who are not mentally challenged, which is luckily
      the vast majority of people.

  16. Posted by F Fuentes, at Reply

    Why are conservatives so violent?

    • Posted by agentofchaos1, at Reply

      +Steve Mroz
      Oh come on! You’re quick to pinpoint a grammatical error but slow to
      recognize a sarcasm.

    • Posted by Cycling in Edmonton from the Eyes of a Teen, at Reply

      Define what you mean by conservative. I have some family in Red Deer who
      are quite conservative but they’d never go and murder someone, they don’t
      even own a gun. They are big time Christians as will become obvious from
      literally the moment you step through their front door. They are different
      than American conservatives though in that they are perfectly fine with
      varying ethnicities and my uncle wants to change road design to be more for
      bikes and pedestrians, something you’d probably never associate with
      conservatives in the US. Maybe it’s just an American conservative thing. My
      dad’s somewhat more on the economic conservative side, but he actually is
      in favour of legalizing all drugs and has never made me go to church in my
      life and I almost never hear him pray (not that he isn’t religious, just
      that he doesn’t make others be that way).

    • Posted by agentofchaos1, at Reply

      Black Lies Matter! It should be considered a terrorist group.

  17. Posted by Alen_Egre T, at Reply


    • Posted by Kavius Payton, at Reply

      And conservatives aren’t?

    • Posted by Say10, at Reply

      Conservatives and liberals are cancer.

    • Posted by Zayy, at Reply

      +Kavius Payton I’m neither, but I see undesirable things more so in liberals

    • Posted by Say10, at Reply

      +Zayy True, true.

    • Posted by Akon Fenty, at Reply

      Thank you Say10, both sides are cancer.

  18. Posted by Hugh Mungus, at Reply

    Listen Libtards, freedom of speech doesn’t protect you from the
    consequences of free speech.

    • Posted by Hugh Mungus, at Reply

      +Isaac Mendez That’s the punchline

    • Posted by Xeng Thao, at Reply


    • Posted by SkankHunt42, at Reply

      Hugh Mungus Show me one instance where a conservative prof. received death
      threats from students.

    • Posted by Random Stuff, at Reply

      there was a story a while ago of a proffesor being called a racist a bigot
      and being fired from his job

    • Posted by SkankHunt42, at Reply

      Random Stuff Was he being racist? There is a difference between being a
      bigot and expressing a political opinion. Post a link.

  19. Posted by ChickenRamen, at Reply

    Conservatives really hate political correctness until it suits them.

    • Posted by ChickenRamen, at Reply

      Imagine if Obama cried any time Fox news or someone similar said something
      about him. It’s always been negative, and usually a personal attack.

    • Posted by dee yannie, at Reply

      TheMinimumPC All these words and not one fact to be found. Pity.

    • Posted by TheMinimumPC, at Reply

      Nope. I’m not rebellious. Just telling it as it is. Prove me wrong…

    • Posted by TheMinimumPC, at Reply

      You can’t even compare Obama’s opposition to that of Trump. CNN was with
      Obama, BBC, MSNBC, Washington Post, NYT, TYT, You name it. The only ones
      against him were Fox news. The entire Hollywood was with him, Jimmy Fallon,
      Jimmy Kimmel, Bill Maher, Ellen…

      Compare that to Trump, CNN, BBC, MSNBC, Washington Post, NYT, TYT etc were
      ALL out to get him. They ran every negative story they could 24/7. Amy
      Schumer, Bill Maher, Jimmy Kimmel (not in a serious way), and MOST
      Hollywood people were against Trump.

      *THIS is the kind of bias that Trump complains about and rightfully so.*
      I’m glad that so many news organisations and media people are against the
      new President. At least this time you idiots will stop licking the
      president’s arse and actually think about his actions before supporting
      them blindly.