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STUDY: Cops REALLY Hate Getting Filmed By People


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A current research on NYPD interactions with the public reveals just how police officers feel about people shooting them. Ana Kasparian, Elegance Baldridge and Mark Thompson, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the remark area listed below.

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" New Yorkers made more than 250 issues within a three- year period regarding police officers they claim aimed to quit them from filming encounters with law enforcement by intimidating to apprehend them or knocking their phones out of their hands, to name a few techniques, a report released by the Private citizen Issue Evaluation Board on Wednesday states.

Confirming that a policeman disrupted a private's right to videotape police encounters is testing however, according to a spokesman for the board, an independent agency that checks out complaints against city law enforcement officer.

Of the 257 complaints the CCRB checked out and also closed in between Jan. 1, 2014, and Dec. 31, 2016, just 96 were corroborated. Most of grievances– 144 instances– were unverified, implying there was insufficient proof to determine if the police officer conflicted." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian, Elegance Baldridge, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Ana Kasparian, Poise Baldridge, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by XIPHIASCDXX, at Reply


    • Posted by Afro Kazama, at Reply


  2. Posted by Eduardo Pineda, at Reply

    Big Brother ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ doesn’t want you to know the truth ! That’s why cops don’t like to be filmed.

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      Eduardo Pineda well yeah

  3. Posted by The Secularist, at Reply

    Cops suck. one ditched me on the side of the highway with my dog when I was a teenager and I had to walk 5 miles to the closest town after he arrested my dad for a warrant that was 3 years out of date and taken care of already. #ACAB

    • Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


    • Posted by Leo, at Reply

      mostliberal foh troll

    • Posted by mostliberal, at Reply


  4. Posted by WWZenaDo, at Reply

    Aw, poor widdle blue snowflake babies don’t want people filming their abuses.

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      WWZenaDo I worked at Best Buy for 4 years in my 20s, I was recorded by at least 6 cameras everyday, cops should be able to handle it

    • Posted by WWZenaDo, at Reply

      +Zucchina Totally agree. Retail employees are recorded to keep people honest; there are even more reasons to ensure that cops remain honest when performing their jobs.

  5. Posted by ร‰ric McConservative, at Reply

    I hope the Police beat the crap and shoot a bunch of African Chimpanzee this summer, we are all getting tired of Chocolate Pudding Faced People !

    • Posted by Mark Williams, at Reply

      Time to deport all the racist honkeys from America.

    • Posted by ร‰ric McConservative, at Reply

      @ Mark Williams , we own North America , and we are never leaving , you know the weak Apes are all gonna pay a very huge price if they continue living here.

  6. Posted by Alex da Vinci, at Reply

    _Everyone who does evil hates the light…_ John 3:20

    Don’t mean to sound preachy but the bible verse above is very appropriate for this vid.

    • Posted by Garth, at Reply

      Guess you don’t mind the government seeing everything you do online then!

  7. Posted by steve ash, at Reply

    average police training time for european countries 3 years, average training time foe USA police 19 weeks, hmm a bit of a disparity there

    • Posted by steve ash, at Reply

      well in UK where i am taxes are around 25% and that includes national insurance which covers state pension and health care

    • Posted by George Mendez, at Reply

      that’s you….. if you earn 150,000 or more in the UK you would be paying 50%

    • Posted by beatthisroot, at Reply

      George Mendez
      That is complete bollocks. Income taxes in Europe are not 60%, that is a lie. On average, they are less than 25%.

    • Posted by George Mendez, at Reply

      depends where you go, in norway for example the average tax rate is around 40% but that’s for the average household, what if you make 2x that of the household, you will be paying near 60%

  8. Posted by Freedom From Cucks, at Reply

    TYT WTF? I tried to post some comments on here from other accounts exposing the alt right but you delete them and instead let the trolls continue to comment? That makes NO sense?

    • Posted by Freedom From Cucks, at Reply


    • Posted by adrian anane, at Reply

      Literally the definition of no life

  9. Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

    Breaking News: Criminals don’t like being filmed!!!

  10. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    lolz TYT REALLY hates being filmed when asked about the Armenian genocide. go to break go to break kick that guy out lol

  11. Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

    TYT is complete garbage…

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      Joel Medina how so

    • Posted by TheTexasHitmen, at Reply

      Joel Medina But you are here watching their videos and commenting. Thanks for the views. You are keeping them on the air.

    • Posted by mostliberal, at Reply

      Joel Medina NO, BUT YOU ARE!

    • Posted by Joel Medina, at Reply

      TheTexasHitmen Hello, I’m from Texas myself. What part of Texas you from? I come from a county where Democrats are always pandering for the illegal vote while at the same time taking advantage of their cheap wage and labor. I’m from a county where the Democratic Party is opposed any border security. I’m from a county where a man can get deported one day and be back the next day. You from there as well?

  12. Posted by Seiko A, at Reply

    I’m always gunna record now

    • Posted by Zucchina, at Reply

      Seiko A same here

  13. Posted by Roy Kliffen, at Reply

    Fine …. if police may be recorded at any time, with the possibility of punishment for any infringement, so should the public be allowed to be filmed at any time and punished for any of their infringements.
    But somehow I don’t think TYT will advocate for such.

    • Posted by Roy Kliffen, at Reply

      +Ricardo Washington
      Sure they do …… but the public serves the community, and the police are there to enforce rules to make sure the public does so……
      So if unfettered filming of the police to make sure they don’t infringe on the rules is justified, so is unfettered video-surveillance of the public.

    • Posted by Enn Bou, at Reply

      Christopher Burke
      well we have to disagree on this. When I go shopping, the employees are filmed. When I go to the restaurant, there are cameras in the kitchen. The fact is that the police are not checked enough so we have the right to film them and assure they do their job correctly. Again, those videos won’t go on the internet if the policemen knows his job, knows the law and won’t try anything that compromise our security. Like you said, the police are humans, and humans make mistakes ๐Ÿ‘ˆ

  14. Posted by Avalon Run, at Reply

    ”Cops REALLY Hate Getting Filmed By People”’
    In other news; Water is wet.

    • Posted by runtrat9, at Reply

      Water is not wet. Wetness is a state of being as a result of our interaction with water. You are fake news.

  15. Posted by Black Shadow, at Reply

    What happen to the body cam?!?

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      It proved that black people commit crimes.

    • Posted by Black Shadow, at Reply

      White men commit more mass shootings and kill more cops!!!โœŠ๐ŸŒโœŠ

    • Posted by Phish N' Chimps, at Reply

      They also get shot and killed more than Black men…racism?

    • Posted by Black Shadow, at Reply

      White man is the true devil walking on earth pure evil!!!โœŠ๐ŸŒโœŠ

  16. Posted by Chaoitcme, at Reply

    All police officers should be required to wear body cams at all times that they are working.

    • Posted by MISTY1770, at Reply

      It actually helps them against false accusations.

    • Posted by Chaoitcme, at Reply

      MISTY1770 It also holds police accountable and insures that there is no police misconduct when they are working.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      There have also been times where cops have been shot at and attacked by criminals while wearing cameras. The Young Turks don’t tell you stuff like that.

  17. Posted by Eli Nascimento, at Reply

    STUDY: Black people REALLY hate getting shot by police

    • Posted by Dustin Zilbauer, at Reply

      Then maybe they should stop giving cops a reason to shoot them.

    • Posted by Eli Nascimento, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer what did Castile to give the officer a reason to shoot him

    • Posted by Rob W, at Reply

      Dustin Zilbauer they aren’t technically cops have gotten less professional in the last 5 years too many trigger happy morons with badges.

    • Posted by Joshua Opell, at Reply

      Maybe because they commit a lot of crime and resist arrest.

  18. Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

    Everyone hates being filmed. This is such a stupid report. Still waiting for the story on Bernie Sanders and his wife being investigated by the FBI and CNN admitting the Russia story is bullshit. TYT is very fake news.

    • Posted by Samuel Mork Bednarz, at Reply

      Bernie sanders is not being investiaged by the FBI. You guys really fall for every bullshit story that fits your narrative. Reguardless of the source.

    • Posted by Amen Knowtech, at Reply

      “Rock Johnson” is just trolling….he must LOVE TYT he’s been on their channel saying the same thing for the past week now.

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Amen Knowtech Not trolling. If tyt wants to be taken seriously they need to report serious stories. They seem to ignore a lot of major and important stories and events. That’s just poor journalism.

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Samuel Mork Bednarz TYT did many stories on Russia and Trump which did in fact turn out to be fake. TYT is very fake news.

  19. Posted by Kandi P., at Reply

    Body cams film civilians, there are 2 sides to every story and this is a way to get both.

    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      Too many stories of bodycams “malfunctioning” or being outright unplugged during an incident.