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Study: Minimum Wage Hikes INCREASE Jobs


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This was a research study of 137 minimum wage walkings. Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, as well as Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Inform us what you believe in the remark area listed below.

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" Last summertime, a paper on the results of Seattle's minimum-wage rise made national headings with its conclusion: The modification made low-income workers even worse off, not much better, because it required companies to cut down on working with and hours to manage paying greater salaries.

Although the searching for contradicted years of study revealing that the minimum wage had little to no effect on hiring techniques, the paper was extensively read and typically well regarded as a result of its dependence on high-grade data as well as persuading approaches. David Autor, an economist at the Massachusetts Institute of Modern Technology who was not involved in the research study, told The Washington Message as the study was "really credible" and also "completely engaging in its design and also analytical power that it can transform minds."

A little greater than 6 months later, as well as minds have actually indeed been changed– among them Autor's. He now claims that other current minimum-wage papers have underscored the restrictions of the Seattle research." *.

Hosts: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.

Cast: Cenk Uygur, John Iadarola, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Hoefledorf, at Reply

    I never understood why the US doesn’t raise the minimum wage every year just like other countries.
    If the cost of living goes up, of course people need more money.
    That’s OBVIOUS!!!

    • Posted by Hoefledorf, at Reply

      Reece Drystek
      In the savage capitalism employers will pay a peanut a day and say it’s more than enough!!!
      It’s the job of the government protect employees from being exploited.
      Raising the minimum wage according to inflation is part of that.

      Talking about the economy.
      Greed is what is causing the crisis in the US.
      How can the economy grow if people don’t have money to spend?
      The money goes around.

      In Brazil they raised the minimum three fold what it used to be and the economy took off like never before.

    • Posted by Steffen Gustavsen, at Reply

      Fun fact: Scandinavian countries like Norway does not have minimum wage at all. In Norway the government instead subsidises businesses who hire people who struggle to find a job. Usually they only have to pay workers 4 dollars an hour while the government pay the rest. Nobody can compete with these wages. Not even immigrants. I think minimum wage should be replaced by a basic income. It would work like a minimum wage but without forcing people out of the labour market. It would also make wages a lot more fair.

    • Posted by Craig Ellis, at Reply

      Hoefledorf Because raising the minimum wage can lead to mass lay offs. If it wasnt for that we’d be all for it. If you want higher pay learn a trade or study and get some skills.

    • Posted by Futa Nari, at Reply

      Steffen Gustavsen Fun fact, they have unions for practically every job there is. Pick one Trumptards, no living wage, or no unions. Retardlicans try to outlaw unions in their states, and look what happens wages DECREASE.

    • Posted by Steffen Gustavsen, at Reply

      Well countries in southern Europe has a high minimum wage (compared to average wage) but a very high unemployment and a very low employment rate. Just look at France. Scandinavia is better in that it has a higher employment rate but the system is unfair for people who has to compete with wages of 4 dollars while they have to work for 20 dollar. And how is this fair for one corporation if the government lets their competitors pay workers only 4 dollars while they have to pay 20 dollars. Minimum wage sucks. Basic income is the future! I am norwegian btw.

  2. Posted by Tradutores da Liberdade, at Reply

    So I guess Venezuela unemployment rate is at an all-time low after they raised their minimum wage by 40%.

    • Posted by Futa Nari, at Reply

      How stupid do you have to be to think that higher wages=socialism? lol Wow you really swallowed that Koch brother Kool-Aid huh?

    • Posted by darkjudgeofd00m, at Reply

      well venezuela based their economy on a comodity that lost half of it’s value.

  3. Posted by David Brown, at Reply

    Wow what a shocker you give poor people more money they spend it. Who knew.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      You and your voodoo economics and silly talk! (sarcasm was hopefully obvious)

  4. Posted by shadownova81, at Reply

    Raising Minimum Wage increase the price of food and other bills thus making life harder for poor and disabled people.

    • Posted by Arie Fraiser, at Reply

      shadownova81 Show or link the study please. Or is this just your opinion?

    • Posted by knavishknight, at Reply

      @shadownov81: Actually no. Raising the minimum wage only cuts back on parasitic bosses’ paychecks which they gave to themselves after having had fleeced their workers.

    • Posted by Andrew Grove, at Reply

      shadownova81 prices of stuff have already gone up

    • Posted by Pete Gromov, at Reply

      Prices will go up regardless. NOT raising minimum wages hurts the poor especially.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      No. It doesn’t.

  5. Posted by Pete Gromov, at Reply

    Henry Ford knew this 100 years ago. Why not Republitards TODAY?

  6. Posted by Combat Medic Mercy, at Reply

    We’re not gonna get increased wages, as far as I can see. I live in one of the states where minimum wage is the bare minimum ($7.25/hr) and they’ve “talked” for ages on raising it… I’m not falling for it anymore. This country is bankrupt in decency

    • Posted by Craig Ellis, at Reply

      Combat Medic Mercy Minimum wage is a starting job for kids, get skills and move up. Its always been that way. World does not owe you a living.

    • Posted by Pranay, at Reply

      Craig Ellis stop lying. That bs was debunked decades ago.

  7. Posted by Zac Crow, at Reply

    Lol I’d like to examine this study…

    Maybe more jobs are created…but they get 16 hrs a week spread over 5 days 😂

    Minimum wage jobs have pulled the part time over many days gig for decades. You’re lucky to get full time at most of the places that even offer it. You might even sign up for full time and get hit with like 29 hr weeks

    • Posted by johnmburt1960, at Reply

      +Zac Crow Please examine the study and get back to us.

  8. Posted by SCP-001, at Reply

    I love how dumb, poor, conservative Americans suddenly become expert economists when opining on this topic. You’re poor for a reason.

  9. Posted by magister343, at Reply

    Increases in the minimum wage often push the poorest people to move away into cheaper neighborhoods where the minimum wages were not raised. That leaves the people who were already better off as a larger percentage of the population, making the statistics look better. What is actually happening is the sort of gentrification that hurts the least well off.

    • Posted by Stewiehleba, at Reply

      Dafuq are you talking about? People will move away from places where min-wage increases? What kind of logic are you using?

    • Posted by Aszhara, at Reply

      Conservative logic. Also known as “logic”.

    • Posted by magister343, at Reply

      Minimum wage increases tend to lead to inflation in the price of goods with less elastic supplies, especially land used for residential housing. Those who are already unemployed, or who loose their jobs, or whose hours are reduced, then to be outbid for their housing by others who benefit from increased wages. The workers who get higher wages don’t tend to have a lot more disposable income, as the landlords keep most of their raises.

      I have not looked into these specific studies, but several I read from years ago found that the population of cities actually decreased after most increases in their minimum wage and the population of nearby areas without minimum wage increases increased.

    • Posted by Pete Gromov, at Reply

      Alternative Logic.

  10. Posted by Unknown Valor, at Reply

    Increasing Minimum wage kills the middle class. Minimum wage is always going up but the middle class is stagnant. 1% wants everyone working a slave wage, its modern day nobles and serfs

    • Posted by Pete Gromov, at Reply

      That is why we must give all the money to the 1 % and wealth will tinkle down on you.

    • Posted by Hazzycakes, at Reply

      Minimum wage is not always going up. It’s stayed very low while productivity has skyrocketed. Increasing minimum wage does not kill jobs. Stop repeating that stupid bullshit. GREED kills jobs.

    • Posted by Unknown Valor, at Reply

      Depends on where you live, I see red states as the holdouts. 2017 wage was at 10.50 by 2020 it will be 13.00. That’s 20% increase in pay over 3 years. Middle class will see 2-3% raise per year. Net 10% raise over 3 years. Since the minimum wage increase so will inflation. It’s a wash, minimum wage is always chasing inflation. Whats the point of making more if everything goes up in price. Only true winner is the government, they get the extra tax revenue. I never said increasing wage kills jobs, it just shrinks the middle class which has no growth.

  11. Posted by Jesse Torres, at Reply

    Here’s (in my opinion) the best argument against the Republican claim of the benefits of Trickle-Down economics/taking away cuts from the poor for the already wealthy. Say there are 2 guys-a CEO and an average worker. The average worker has been saving for 3 years to buy a new car, while his CEO boss can afford to buy say 3 new cars a year (but obviously he doesn’t because he doesn’t need to). If the government enacts a tax break for wealthy CEOs/increases taxes on the middle-class, the worker will have to save more/longer before he can buy the new car he needs to drive to his job. However, just because the CEO has more money, is he going to spend it on say another new car? No. Republicans argue that if the already wealthy receive more money they will distribute it down to the workers later, but in this instance the CEO doesn’t need to buy a new car so he could invest in the manufacturing stocks of the car company. And even if the employee got a slight pay raise, if his taxes went up the raise will needed to cover those, and if the stocks went up on the car company then their car prices could potentially go up as well. Now, if the government just barely cut the average worker’s taxes/provided more to welfare programs he relies on and did little increases on the CEOs taxes, the worker could finally have enough for the new car, the CEO could contribute more to the local economy, and the manufacturing company would still see overall increases.

    There’s plenty of examples like this, but ultimately my argument is that from the 1930s to the late 1970s, the U.S. was basically a Trickle-Up economy where we benefited the bottom 25%-50% through various welfare programs like Social Security, Medicare/Medicare, and Food Stamps, and the economy grew making us the wealthiest country in the world because when the poor get more money they will spend it. However, when we are a Trickle-Down economy that benefits the top 1%-10% the most, the poor spend less and save very little, while the already wealthy rarely contribute to the economy beyond their own business interests (there are examples that prove me wrong but very few), and the economy grows much less or even goes into recession. It has been this way under Republican Presidents/Congresses since 1980 yet they keep doing it and their voters keep believing it. And now we are in a position where 1/3-1/2 of the country would rather have corporate/corrupt Republicans than any Democrat despite how the overwhelming majority of Republicans don’t seem to care about average voters while Democrats (with the excepts of the corporate 1s) do care about their voters/average workers more than CEOs and know they could spend/contribute more to the economy than CEOs do in the long run.

    • Posted by Dara Marc Sasmaz, at Reply

      @Jesse Torres the Republicans know that trickle-down-economics doesnt work for the general population. For them it is like slavery. Maybe you as the general public, the slaves or people without slaves dont like it, but it benifits the slave owners and they pay well to keep this system running.

    • Posted by Sally Jackson, at Reply

      What is your point writing all this garbage because there are employee owned businesses and corporations and the CEO of the corporations have stock options. They don’t get paid like a stupid employee worker like you idiot. You are so stupid because CEOs are the person who starts the corporation. They don’t fill out applications for a CEO job. The public CEOs are recruited or elected by the corporations and the corporation uses that person to be a like a president of the business. They are voted in as CEO liken to political elections, but with share holders

    • Posted by Dara Marc Sasmaz, at Reply

      @Sally Jackson You could bring that argument about any slave owner, feudal lord, king or dictator. Seriously, just try it. Every monarchy was once “founded” by someone who was considered to be important, skilled, blessed or whatever and after hundreds of years people said “we live and work here, it is our country!” and got rid of the monarch. The US was founded that way. That’s why the Lincoln Republicans had the party slogan “the people who work in the mills should own and run them”. They saw the private ownership over a company while other “work” in it by simply following orders from the top as an attack on individual and republican liberties.

      The world doesnt work in a way in which everyone can simply start a company because resources and property are limited. So when you are lucky you slide into a hole in the system, but for decades there are less and less indipendant company founders. Most need money from rich investors, or are just on paper founders but in reality it is a trick by Uber and Amazon to pay less to their employees, etc. etc. The richest families you see today will soon become the new nobility and just give their wealth to their children and they will mass it up, most people will be employees or in similar circumstances and so on. The nobility of the middle ages didnt fall from the sky aswell. That will happen again unless we do something about it and democratisation of the economy is the next logical step.

  12. Posted by maschngon, at Reply

    if you are a business owner and you can’t pay a living wage to employees then pu don’t have a real business

  13. Posted by Darren Funk, at Reply

    Sadly, minimum wage was increased in Ontario and we are already seeing loss of jobs 🙁

    • Posted by Barry Nichols, at Reply

      Sadly it will catch up, and will not cost jobs in long run.

    • Posted by Steve Bottrell, at Reply

      Funny, Alberta increased minimum wage and we are gaining jobs.

    • Posted by Darren Funk, at Reply

      ANGRY BUFFALO this is right

    • Posted by Steve reefer, at Reply

      Darren Funk Dont forget less hours,loss of benefits,those of us who were making over 14 saw 0% pay increase

    • Posted by William Brown, at Reply

      Steve Bottrell we’ve been raising it every year (with the exception of 2) since 2009. I do however remember hearing the cries of doom when it got raised from $3.80 to $4.20 back in 1988. But clearly we survived it then and every others raise since.

  14. Posted by Keiko Bey, at Reply

    But Minimum wage wasn’t meant to support a family. It was meant for teens or young adults to get a start in working force

    • Posted by Keiko Bey, at Reply

      Futa Nari mine is only 3 months 😘

    • Posted by Keiko Bey, at Reply

      Futa Nari certificates are becoming more and more popular btw

    • Posted by Keiko Bey, at Reply

      Futa Nari I’ll give you this tho, you have a point. It really does depend on field of work when taking a certificate course. Like you most likely wouldn’t get a job as a doctor after taking a medical certificate class. But if you are going for a more flexible field that has more to do with experience and creativity, certificate courses are just fine

  15. Posted by Eric Bilodeau, at Reply

    I haven’t read the data from Seattle, but I do have an economics degree and I’m currently pursuing another in mathematics and even if there were losses in the short term that could very well just be an initial shock. But once people’s wages go up and people are spending more the jobs could rebound quickly. Like I said, I haven’t read the data so I don’t know any specifics. But a temporary correction because of a shock is not the same as persisting losses. Just something to keep in mind

    • Posted by thewanderandhiscomp, at Reply

      Eric Bilodeau logic, there was a study few years back that show most increases of minimum wages goes straight back into the economy

  16. Posted by Kevin Montrond, at Reply

    Are you telling me that when people have money to spend it creates jobs?


  17. Posted by Steven Band, at Reply

    The Republican argument seems to be, “raising wages that are paid out by multi national corporations will kill the poor. They need other poor people to suffer so they don’t suffer worse.”
    See how they pit us against each other?
    It’s simple, where’s all the money?
    Not in the hands of the minimum wage earners..
    So stop bashing them.

  18. Posted by JDW, at Reply

    There must be some way to break the numbers down further and identify some clear reasons why it comes out like this. 137 is not a blip – there’s definitely something there. From my own experience owning a cafe in Australia, which already has a high national minimum wage (about $23/hr for a casual), I know the high cost of wages causes me to be very reluctant to hire inexperienced workers and those just entering the industry – why pay $23 for someone with no skills and no experience when for $26 I can have a very experienced person who’s going to give me a lot more bang for buck? I wonder if that’s where this number’s coming from – employers ditch some of their less experienced workers in favour of people who have more to offer. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We’ve had a high minimum wage in Australia for a long time and it does mean products are more expensive to buy here and it’s very hard to run a competitive factory here, but young people are still able to enter the workforce so as much as I complain about my payroll costs I have to admit it’s not bad for the workforce here.
    If they do more breakdowns on these numbers, I’d love to hear about it.

  19. Posted by Mansa Musa, at Reply

    Inflation happens regardless. Raising the minimum wage would do more to help these corporations, as well as the larger economy, because, the workers who earn more tend to spend more. If wages remain stagnant & inflation continues as it does, what will happen to the corporations when workers can no longer afford to buy their products & services? No customers = No business. It’s not that hard to figure out. It seems that capitalism is primarily used as a tool to control the underclass.

    • Posted by Blackatchaproduction, at Reply

      Mansa Musa unregulated capitalism collapses on itself.

  20. Posted by Curt Fitzarelli, at Reply

    Here in ontario canada…we just raised ours from 11.50 to 14$….no job fact now people have more spending money to spend on small business..its a win for everyone..

    • Posted by Enayze, at Reply

      $11.40 in Canadian Dollars is equivalent to $9 in American Dollars.