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STUDY: Weed Beats Opioids For Pain


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The outcomes of a research indicate something unexpected about discomfort relief. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Tell us just what you think in the remark section listed below.

" When clients have an option in between opioids as well as medical cannabis for an excruciating condition, an overwhelming majority claim they like marijuana, that it functions just as well, as well as has less negative effects, a new study discovers.

Though the study, involving 2,897 clinical cannabis clients, didn't track real drug use or effectiveness, the findings fits with previous information. Decades of research study suggest marijuana is effective for discomfort therapy. As well as recent researches have located that in states with clinical cannabis availability, there are fewer opioid overdose fatalities as well as medical professionals fill fewer opioid prescriptions.

The authors of the brand-new study, led by Amanda Reiman of the College of California, Berkeley, say the information enhances the have to examine cannabis as a "viable substitute for pain treatment," particularly in light of the damaging opioid epidemic now clutching the country. The Centers for Disease Control as well as Avoidance reports that opioids killed greater than 33,000 Americans in 2015, as well as it estimates that 91 individuals in the US die daily from the highly habit forming medications.

Though people using marijuana can create use problems, it is basically impossible to pass away of an overdose– no marijuana overdose fatalities have ever before been reported to the Drug Enforcement Management."

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz

Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Ben Mankiewicz


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  1. Posted by Kemal Mcdonald, at Reply

    That’s right honkey. Lets give granny a fat one and steal her pain pills!

  2. Posted by joshua fallis, at Reply

    weed is y I don’t have carple tunnel pain anymore

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      joshua fallis
      me too

  3. Posted by John Smash, at Reply

    This is so ret@rded. More pot propaganda from California. Nothing beats opioids in terms of pain management. THC is not even an analgesic.

    • Posted by MG2000 G, at Reply

      I am on MMJ now and it does not help with pain but does help with sleep and the wicked spasms I suffer at night. I would not force you to take opioids if they did not help you, all I ask is people do not force me to wallow in pain when MMJ does not help.

    • Posted by Darlene Pytlinski, at Reply

      Deftones Dsm Sorry, but the opiods makes you wormy which is why it constipates you and causes brain drain like Alzheimers. Sticky, wormy boom booms don’t want to come out. Plus your brain gets wormy and dumb. It acts like a super sugar in my opinion. But greens like marijuana, do the opposite and make you less wormy. In the end, it’s the Mary Jane that is going to give you better health I would think. Or you could just start adding other greens like spinach to your diet. Modern Med’s big secret is that we are wormy and all their advice makes us wormier. Ever wonder why sugar is pushed so much on tv shows? Because modern med is the no 1 advertiser and they like us sick, sick, sick. Means $$ $$ $$ for them..

  4. Posted by mostliberal, at Reply

    Not if its heroin; heroin is the best most reliable (if you know the purity and weight) painkiller IN EXISTENCE

    Also, i have fibromyalgia and 95% of opiates and weed make it worse

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      Iron Bowtie even if they r trolling its true. alot of countries still use it in extreme cases. look it up dumbass

    • Posted by mostliberal, at Reply

      Deftones Dsm And the British use it in hospital emergency rooms for accident/surgery related pain. They call it by its medical name:

      Dia-Morphine, short for Di-Acetyl-Morphine, or morphine with 2 vinegar molecules attached

  5. Posted by jap face, at Reply

    i prefer opiates

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      jap face for severe chronic pain they are all that work. sadly weed isnt a cure all. for those with the most severe pain opiates/opioids are all that work to allow at least a functioning life

    • Posted by iamedbytes, at Reply

      Deftones Dsm: Another reason to get government out of the drug business. Take away big pharmas license to charge any insane amount for drugs. Stop putting people in jail. Stop corrupting our law enforcement. prosecutors and judges.

    • Posted by jo mo, at Reply

      Bull crap my grandma stop using morphine and went with cannabis instead

  6. Posted by oPESKYo, at Reply

    I’m going to sit back and puff one and just wait for the “FAKE NEWS” tweet from that man child….some people call the president.

    • Posted by W M, at Reply

      oPESKYo love your comment!

  7. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I guess our corrupt government and pharmaceutical companies didn’t get this memo? Lol

    • Posted by Hitchhiking Vagabond, at Reply

      Because it is a lie, weed could never relieve pain as well as morphine or similar. People who need their bones set after a fracture need real pain relief, same with people who will go under the doctors knife.

    • Posted by Helen Short, at Reply

      Jamie Cox they know this but Jeff Sessions also knows that black people tend to smoke weed over harder drugs. He raised the criminality of weed to justify handing out harsher sentences to weed users, with the aim of keeping all those for profit slave prisons full of “young bucks” (translation: young black men)…😒

    • Posted by Aaron Burr At the woods, at Reply

      Hitchhiking Vagabond
      It’s for chronic paint mostly. The pain that takes more and more meds overtime to combat. I had a nasty accident last year and I was given a prescription for 15 oxycodone pills after surgery. I refused every other script wrote and I went natural for my pain relief.

  8. Posted by Adrienna Thompson, at Reply

    it helps me…I didn’t like opioids …too much for me…🌳 doesn’t kill

  9. Posted by Traci M, at Reply

    Weed works much better then any pain perception. I spent 10 years trying to find a painkiller that works without wrecking my stomach lining or destroying my liver. Weed is a much safer drug then any of the other ones my doctor tried first.

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      Stephen M EXACTLY. its insane how people pop tylenol and dont know how toxic it is. thank you for being a voice of reason

  10. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    The only reason weed is illegal is too imprison blacks and hippies and destroy their communities.

    • Posted by Listenbuddy1, at Reply

      Pedal your lies elsewhere, Spammer.

    • Posted by Fuctmentality, at Reply

      Listenbuddy1 , Nixon’s own aid admitted it.

    • Posted by Burger king Aka king of america, at Reply

      You do realize the nixon administration admitted that the war on drugs was based on arresting hippies and blacks and taking there voting rights away right ??

  11. Posted by Jace Solomon, at Reply

    I say legalize all drugs. I honestly don’t care at this point

    • Posted by Native Centre Idiomas, at Reply

      That is not what decriminalization means necessarily. I mean that it would mean addicts being better able to seek help rather than fearing punishment for doing so, not legalizing the sale of the drug as you seem to think I am implying.

      However, since you bring up the point, making something illegal is meant to stop people doing it. Has that worked? Appears not. What it has done is create criminal organisations who push it, control territories and other undesirable consequences. Legalization would allow the quality of substances to be controlled leading to less health risks, removal of the criminal element common with drug sales, tax being paid to the government who can use the extra income on drug education and rehabilitation etc.

      That is not to say it should be pushed however, or that convenience stores would be the place to sell it, or that I necessarily agree with doing such a thing at all but you seem to have a very knee jerk reaction and I am not sure you have fully thought it through.

    • Posted by EgadsNo, at Reply

      “Only an idiot would legalize heroin or meth.” Only an idiot would believe that legality is what is keeping people from doing those- and only an idiot would not acknowledge the biggest danger in those drugs is the black market making them with no quality control measures.

    • Posted by alpha020, at Reply

      And legalize opium poppy at a minimum.

  12. Posted by Oscar Clark, at Reply

    I’m very pro weed but let’s not be silly, it’s no where the painkiller opioids are potency wise. much less addictive and far less dangerous though

    • Posted by pyledog, at Reply

      Oscar Clark i know a few people who are immune to the effects of opioids and not because they are or were addicted to it. our bodies are all different, and drugs/food/etc react differently to each of us. for instance…codein did nothing for me when i was prescribed it, whereas im allergic to morphine so i cant have that. interesting huh

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      Not for me. Opiates do nothing for me, besides give me a stomach ache and make me feel like I’m going to puke my guts out, and have a number of times. But as a pain killer, did nothing at all, even when I didn’t puke it up. Pot on the other hand works wonders for me.

  13. Posted by Bernice Panders, at Reply

    As someone who has had Fibro, MS, chrons, severe TMJ & dental pain, 8 failed back surgeries, and disabled since childhood, I have been on painkillers 15+ yrs, but had total renal failure about 6 yrs ago, and then started using cannabis. I have been on EVERY painkiller a few times, and I was horribly addicted to Oxy. I went through horrific withdrawals over a hundred times, and because a PA forced me to stay on Tramadol for 6 full months, when I told her it was not helping & it actually caused severe constipation, which turned chronic, and I have to take a softener & that Rx drug Ana mentioned, likely until I die.
    Cannabis has been a godsend. I was unable to take hardly any pills after my renal failure, including painkillers, and have had unbearable nausea since too, so when I started MMJ, I was shocked how insanely well it controls ALL SYMPTOMS instantly. I have to take a bong hit as soon as I get up, or I would be having seizures, vomiting, unable to handle the pain. I want to some day not have to take ANY RX DRUGS, but for now, I have severe full body chronic pain & am starting the long process of having almost all my teeth extracted at the local free clinic, I really hate to have to take pain meds, but I need that pain control, only temporarily!

    • Posted by Deftones Dsm, at Reply

      Bernice Panders EXACTLY. sadly for alot of us severe pain sufferers opiate addiction is a fair trade off. so we at least can try and live our lives. the ignorance of people on this subject is agrivating. i do believe we’d be better off with natural opiates not this big pharma processed stuff. stay strong my friend.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Deftones: But wouldn’t it make sense for doctors to at least TRY marijuana before moving to opiates? There is such a (profit driven) stigma attached to pot that they will give you drugs that are potentially far, far worse for you under prescription – but pot is off limits. It makes NO sense.

    • Posted by Gothead420, at Reply

      @Jim is the man: Thats just the situation here in Germany:
      when you have e.g. MS, doctors will give you anything but the medicine that you need, only because they have no idea as a whole about Cannabis as a medicine…

  14. Posted by Gregory W Trump SS Colonial Militia, at Reply

    I don’t think it’s fair at all that the TYT network gets all its videos monetized while the Alex Jones channel on youtube gets zero videos monetized.

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply


    • Posted by Steven Ushman, at Reply

      snowflake cry about it and find a safe space under alex jones tighty-whiteys when he strips down for some reason. cause that proves his point?

    • Posted by Gregory W Trump SS Colonial Militia, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer (((TYT))) no doubt about it.

  15. Posted by Angelica Figueroa, at Reply

    No shut up. opioids are far superior for pain relief. i WISH doctors would prescribe it like they used to , but no, morons who make the choice to abuse the medication fucked it up for normal people

    • Posted by Devin Johnston, at Reply

      it’s not only people who abused the medications, we’re talking about incredibly addictive drugs, comprable to the strength of heroin.

  16. Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

    George Soros has ties with the mexican cartel, that’s why TYT promotes weed and open borders so much. Not to mention their ties with ISIS

    • Posted by davidgomez79, at Reply


    • Posted by Duncan Pinderhughes, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer

      legalizing weed means you can grow your own which would be devastating to the cartels.

      Hold this L.

    • Posted by Kirk Johnson, at Reply

      Promoting weed legalization is actually BAD for the cartels. What the hell are you smoking??

    • Posted by Bongwyre2112, at Reply

      TYT is for legalizing pot. IF YOU LEGALIZE POT IT TAKES IT OUT OF THE CARTELS HANDS, THIS IS WHAT TYT HAS BEEN TALKING ABOUT, AS WELL AS KYLE on SECULAR TALK. The reason the cartels have so much power is because we make it illegal to have it. If it was legal, companies would make it. Don’t you know anything about this subject????

  17. Posted by Saffron Blaze, at Reply

    Berkeley? If I disagree with the findings do I get called a racist?

    • Posted by spooder man the cuck slayer, at Reply

      offff courrse!!!

  18. Posted by Savage-American Imperialist, at Reply

    *Study:* TYT is cancer.

    • Posted by Steven Ushman, at Reply

      Fact: you’re gonna die.

  19. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    I can’t wrap my head around the idea that it’s still a crime to ingest a plant that is less toxic than aspirin….

    • Posted by John D'oh, at Reply

      +Bruce Wayne What caused your mental illness?

    • Posted by Larry Vanhaze, at Reply

      cannabis oil is extracted from a plant.Triple faceplant