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STUDY: Youth Isn’t Everything


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It sucks growing older. Especially for ladies. Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell, and Brett Erlich, the hosts of The Young Turks, tell you why. Tell us exactly what you believe in the remark area below.

" Older task seekers don't require data to tell them that it's a harsh market out there, where services with significantly short-run investment perspectives favor lower expenses over experience.

However if hard proof can aid them battle discrimination with the justice system, here's some.

A record released by the Reserve bank of San Francisco found noticeable and organized patterns of age discrimination, especially for females.

" We report on new evidence from a field experiment screening for discrimination in hiring against older workers near retirement age," claimed David Newmark, a professor at the College of The golden state at Irvine as well as a visiting scholar at the San Francisco Fed. "The evidence points to such discrimination, particularly versus older females."

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Hosts: Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell, Brett Erlich

Cast: Hannah Cranston, Francis Maxwell, Brett Erlich


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  1. Posted by Cisco Blue, at Reply

    Damn im early better make a joke

    President Donald Trump

    • Posted by dafttool, at Reply

      Cisco Blue That’s not a joke; that’s a campfire horror story.

    • Posted by Harry Christofi, at Reply

      +dafttool But unfortunately a real campfire horror story lol

  2. Posted by Caroline, at Reply

    Hello everyone it’s my birthday today 😘

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      +se7en .. I don’t know if I should say thanks ?

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      +sexyvita88 Thank you!

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      +gordon Freeman I don’t want a short life dude

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      +cold heart Thank youu

    • Posted by Caroline, at Reply

      +Red-Army 1945 Shut up

  3. Posted by Jackie Chun, at Reply

    Says old people…

    • Posted by Nata Smth, at Reply

      well yeah old people have been young and old so they have more insight..

    • Posted by Jackie Chun, at Reply

      Nata Smth, yeah look at what their insight has given us, Donald Trump, unaffordable healthcare, unaffordable education, climate change, not that it matters to them since they committed generational theft by leaving us their $20T bill

  4. Posted by Ted Wigs, at Reply

    Fully functional erections, however, are in fact EVERYTHING. Just ask Hannah.

    • Posted by Walther Fillstein, at Reply

      I asked her. She just sloppily read something off of a paper and called it ‘news’

    • Posted by Ted Wigs, at Reply

      Now that’s just rude.

  5. Posted by GFG News, at Reply

    Watch my most recent upload!!! Thanks!

    • Posted by TempleFork10, at Reply

      GFG News Nothing sadder than another Youtube channel jumping on other channels trying to get views.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      nothing sadder than TYT regurgitating other outlets news to get views

    • Posted by TempleFork10, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger Hey Genius, what do you think the majority of news outlets do on YouTube. Name one Youtube news channel that has original news content. also, you miss the entire point of TYT…they provide analysis of news stories. Try again kid.

    • Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

      TYT provides distortions, mischaracterizations and twisting of the facts. it is not analysis. Cenk and company are obvious leftwing smear merchant guttersnipe trolls

    • Posted by TempleFork10, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger You just going to randomly spout unsubstantiated assertions without any evidence? Try again kid, your schtick is old hat.

  6. Posted by Peter Tremblay, at Reply

    Appearance is for the weak of mind!

  7. Posted by Fluffy Bunny, at Reply

    Menopause natures cruel joke on women.

  8. Posted by sheepnoisebah, at Reply

    wrong hannah, you won’t be able to report on university topics anymore

  9. Posted by HK Tepochcalli, at Reply

    oh crap. you got a blind host.

  10. Posted by Canadian Trump Supporter, at Reply

    STUDY: Over 95% of SJWs have a mental illness

    • Posted by Roy King., at Reply

      SJW ???

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      There are republicans in North Korea too. This explains a lot. /notbuyingit

    • Posted by Leeny Callahan, at Reply

      Having a mental illness is no more an insult than having diabetes, cancer, arthritis, etc. Using it as a way to insult or discredit someone adds to the already abundant stigma surrounding mental illness. So my brain works differently than yours. So what?

    • Posted by takethegate, at Reply

      Experts at rejection pretend projection doesn’t apply to them.

    • Posted by Ted Wigs, at Reply

      Study: Hannah looks hotter with the lights off 100% of the time

  11. Posted by TehMorbidAtheist, at Reply

    Youth may not be everything, but it’s definitely up there.

  12. Posted by Gogeta68, at Reply

    If she’s old enough to cross the street, she’s old enough to slop the meat

  13. Posted by DrZarkloff, at Reply

    I am 62. It took years to become my best friend.

  14. Posted by Saintly Oswald, at Reply

    Bullshit propaganda. It just keeps getting worse. Get used to it.

  15. Posted by Rachel K, at Reply


  16. Posted by IshtarNike, at Reply

    My twenties are sucking balls so far. I hope the vag comes along some time soon 😉

  17. Posted by Abc it is easy as one two three, at Reply

    I can’t believe that i still were subscribed to this channel.

  18. Posted by BryanAndProud, at Reply

    i’ve never realized how handsome brett is. DAD

  19. Posted by Fan Wang, at Reply

    Ok the mix half white hair Old Turks started to realize they NOT young now?