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“Stupid Watergate” Plot Thickens…


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Trump aimed to toss Deputy Attorney general of the United States Rod Rosenstein under the bus by pinning the Comey shooting on him. It backfired. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Inform us what you assume in the remark section below.

" Trump had actually claimed he acted based on the recommendations of Rosenstein and also Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Yet as Rosenstein was thrust into the spotlight shortly after news of Comey's dismissal broke, he was taken aback and even intimidated to surrender, inning accordance with an unrevealed person close to the White Home that was pointed out by The Washington Blog post.

The Justice Division refuted on Thursday early morning that Rosenstein had endangered to surrender. But Rosenstein was mad that the White Home had executed Comey's termination the method they did, according to CNN." *.

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  1. Posted by Daniel Smith, at Reply

    It’s like Watergate, but stupid.

    • Posted by Corry Kuipers-Crijnen, at Reply

      Daniel Smith ook

    • Posted by Silviu Vasile Dumitrescu, at Reply

      It’s like… nothing else before. Either stupid or clever.
      Say this not even being a US citizen, learned only out of books and papers, about the great top-level bluffings in the recent history. I lately come to suspect that in the depth of his mind he’s asking for impeachment. And I sincerely liked the man in the campaign, the ideas, the message…

    • Posted by Ken Sexe, at Reply

      Don’t feel bad…many people did because he is great at sending a populist message and getting people to believe it. Interesting about your idea about him actually wanting to be impeached…had not thought about it.

    • Posted by Dan Lebofsky, at Reply

      We need to start suffixing the Trump scandals with “a lago” instead of ‘gate’. ‘Comey a lago’ for instance.

  2. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    Keeping my fingers crossed that Trump’s “presidency” ends just like Richard Nixon’s(only much much much much sooner).

    • Posted by Justin Huang, at Reply

      Spunky1991 How about June 14th, in front of his entire black tie birthday party at Maralago. That one night alone would be worth the 200k membership fee just to see the look on his face turn from orange to fluorescent red as he gets dragged away by the FBI with media cameras to cover every angle.

    • Posted by CURTIS LAWSON, at Reply

      Why because you are getting deported lol

    • Posted by FeydRautha Harkonnen, at Reply

      CURTIS LAWSON yup! This false desperate narrative of libtards is getting almost boring. Not quite enough to have lulz with killaries! Still. Jewtune is cancer for cuntz

    • Posted by thrawn_84109, at Reply

      DWokquail this name calling is hurtful and unhelpful. Our fellow countrymen should not be our mortal enemy.

  3. Posted by Rah-Burt Jayyy, at Reply

    So many Russian trolls in the comments already-Putin is paying overtime!

  4. Posted by Oscar Martinez, at Reply

    *Trump supporters some how would find a way to defend Trumps actions.*

    • Posted by Rumi900, at Reply

      +OhManItsCaiti – You say “i don’t think its a problem if he worked with russia …” Wow! You actually wrote that? You’re saying that it’s okay for Russia (or any other foreign entity) to covertly influence a US election if it helps get your chosen candidate into office. Wow! I simply can’t believe anyone actually put such a treasonous and anti-American statement into words. And, what’s more, this wasn’t just a local election. This was the election of the President. Even as I type this I simply can’t believe I actually read what you said.
      Maybe we should just hand over the country to Putin and let him manage all our affairs for us?

    • Posted by Rumi900, at Reply

      +Tristan Williams – You say “… I haven’t seen any corruption on the part of President Trump.” I’m 68 years old. So I lived through Nixon-Watergate. This is almost deja-vu. Trump’s latest action, firing Comey, is eerily reminiscent of Nixon’s actions when the FBI investigation started getting close to the truth about him. Back in Oct 1973, Nixon ordered the head of the FBI to fire Cox, the special investigator overseeing the investigation. The Attorney General, Elliot Richardson and William Ruckelshaus, acting head of the FBI, both resigned rather than carry out the order.
      Personally, I find it difficult to believe Trump and his campaign colluded with the Russians. Back in 1973, few Americans believed Nixon was crooked, either. But there’s a big difference between my opinion and the law.
      The President is attempting to shut down the FBI investigation. And that should be deeply troubling, no matter what your political persuasions.
      What I also find troubling is that many Republicans in the house are just going along with it. Back in 1973, unlike today, the vast majority of Republicans stood up for the truth rather than just caving in to wishes of their Republican President. Today, despite their rhetoric, most of the Republican house currently appears to care more about staying in power than about and kind of honesty and integrity.

    • Posted by Oscar Martinez, at Reply

      *Please name 3 policies from the Trump administration that benefit Americans.*

    • Posted by Tristan Williams, at Reply

      +Oscar Martinez Is it not a fact that Cenk is a leftist? Where is one shred of evidence that Trump or anyone in his administration is guilty of any wrong doing? I keep see speculation, but no evidence. I keep seeing this vast leftist propaganda machine claim that it’s an investigation in Trump campaign collusion with the Russians. I still have yet to hear any of these people explaination on how he colluded. Not once have our government explain how the Russians interfered with our election. Can you answer any of these questions?

  5. Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

    Responsibility, accountability, transparency.

    Trump can’t even spell these words much less know what they are.

    • Posted by dart arkana, at Reply

      lol, it sucks to be you.
      I hated trump from the very start.
      that doesn’t make me a Clinton supporter. I hated both candidates.

    • Posted by monks9098, at Reply

      Diva Artist lmao, nobody cares dude. We’re wondering why trump is covering up severe corruption. If he has nothing to hide, he should of let Comey finish his investigation

  6. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    Alot of people keep saying “who cares, the Russians didn’t influence my vote” Even if you were a staunch Trump supporter, many were undecided. If she would have won Michigan and Florida she would have won the election. He won Florida by 1%.. he won Michigan by 0.8%. If Hillary’s emails weren’t hacked and the Russians didn’t interfere… She would be president and this isn’t fair… How would you like it if a foreign country hacked into the Republicans and Donald and exposed EVERYTHING?

    • Posted by I got abs you probably dont, at Reply

      Should’ve picked Hillary I didn’t vote for him BUT I DAMN SURE would NEVER vote for Hillary. You should throw away any devices you’ve logged into that account with

  7. Posted by DR GREEN, at Reply

    Majority of trolls are not even trying to defend Trump anymore…probably just praying for a terrorist attack in europe so they can change the subject..

    • Posted by Affram Antar, at Reply

      DR GREEN LOL so true or maybe trump getting assassinated somehow?

    • Posted by yellow dog, at Reply

      Affram Antar yeah some of us LEFT WING liberal 2nd Amendment folks may have to do something about that

    • Posted by monks9098, at Reply

      Nick Evans suurrrre bud, why would you fire the person investigating you for corruption if you have nothing to hide?

  8. Posted by Aedan Jordan, at Reply

    i think spicer is the white house source

    • Posted by TheTaskmaster, at Reply

      that would be the final cherry on top. what a twist!

    • Posted by Christopher Richardson, at Reply

      Aedan Jordan so Spicer is just Bruce Wayne-ing it? I like that idea, it’s funny

    • Posted by Rest of the World, at Reply

      Dude wtf?? No Spoilers!!

    • Posted by Lacey Noel, at Reply

      That would be amazing!!

  9. Posted by Liam Lane, at Reply

    Before you call it fake news, why not do the research for yourself – oh wait, that would be too easy for you fools.

    • Posted by Liam Lane, at Reply

      First off, give me prove that he lied under oath to Congress to protect Hillary, and I say more about it. Next Comey might have said there won’t no Russian connections, but that was in the past. As Deathclaw21, there’s something called learning new information, which might have changed his mind about it.

      Lastly is the way Comey got fired, that should send alarm bells to you., first is that Comey didn’t even know that he was fired until he saw it on the TV. What kind of person does that, not only that but the pathetic reasons that we hearing for him getting fired. And as Turks News said, Trump THANKED Comey for how he dealt with Hillary, but now he is getting fired for it. Sounds strange to me…

      I’ll just wait and see what happens, but the way he did things with Comey isn’t going to go down well for must people, he is the HEAD of the FBI, so before firing him, they needed to make sure there was someone to take over for him. And do so with as much info as possible, and not investigate him for a week only. Needs to be months of HARD work and information before you do so.

      But you’re a Trump supporter most likely, and you’ll disagree with me either way. All I ask is prove…

    • Posted by Eric Washington, at Reply

      u tubbe Too bad the wizard of oz isn’t real. You are in desperate need of brain

  10. Posted by 2SidedTech, at Reply

    damm. The plot thickens everyday.

    • Posted by Tomas Viane, at Reply

      Yes, nobody is interested in Game of Thrones any more.

    • Posted by GroundlessSource, at Reply

      2SidedTech — this is why his herd voted for him. They didn’t care about leadership, intelligence, wisdom. All they wanted was to be “entertained!” So they elected the side show anomaly.

  11. Posted by Andy Timmons, at Reply


    • Posted by foreverwantingpie, at Reply

      Andy Timmons what-ergate?

    • Posted by Tomas Viane, at Reply

      Hahaha. Exactly.

    • Posted by remmi lost, at Reply

      I don’t think that tyt gets how much they lie, they all thought comey should be fired, it would be nice if these guys would tell the truth, but they lie and twist

  12. Posted by anon ymous, at Reply

    Spill the beans, Comey! Help us Comey, you’re our only hope!

    • Posted by mike lomez, at Reply

      Derek L. Mitchell He knew what the hell he was getting into when he took the job tho

    • Posted by Derek L. Mitchell, at Reply

      Yes he did and I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. He should’ve quit after the first when he had to defend the size of the inauguration crowd.

    • Posted by I got abs you probably dont, at Reply

      Derek L. Mitchell Which turned out to be much bigger than most the liberal channels said. They took footage from after. He had that many supporters so that’s scary but hillary sucked worse and was crooked also

  13. Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

    I want him to locked up in same prison along Mexicans and Muslims !

    • Posted by Bramblestar9339, at Reply

      Serkan Ister I want him to get fucked in prison

    • Posted by Serkan Ister, at Reply

      Bramblestar9339 he is an ugly ! I don’t think anyone wants to rape him sorry!

    • Posted by MyVale13, at Reply

      Serkan Ister I agree!!!!

  14. Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply

    LOCK HIM UP!!!

    • Posted by Agent Fungus, at Reply

      bo0tsy: LOL. I guess you’ve never seen the photos of him in his golfing duds. Ballistic vests do not have fat rolls.

    • Posted by Nothey Justus, at Reply

      Agent Fungus you should probably delete this threat against the president

    • Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply

      Agent Fungus
      😂😂😂 You just seriously made me laugh so hard!!

    • Posted by Superior Being, at Reply

      He’s like the worst fart ever, lingers for ages and stinks.

  15. Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

    I refuse to call this “Watergate” or call Joffrey Trump “Nixon” or “Nixonian” because Nixon was never this stupid or crooked. (And that speaks volumes of the lying orange)

    • Posted by R. A. S., at Reply

      +Susan Raezer no, we are talking about the lying orange, you know, the idiot who hates America and everything we stand for, a.k.a. Dumb Joffrey Trump

    • Posted by remmi lost, at Reply

      Alvin what is that proof, do tell us all we want to know

    • Posted by remmi lost, at Reply

      I love stupid people, makes me look smarter then I am, u guys have no proof of anything, yet u all think there is, also, I say u idiots should go live in Germany, where u have the government u like

    • Posted by Forsaken407, at Reply

      If the FBI is looking into it that means they have reason to look into it understand the fbi

  16. Posted by AndroidDoctorr, at Reply

    Impeach the orange manbaby

    • Posted by remmi lost, at Reply

      I think the idiots at tyt for lying to all u losers that actually believe these idiots that change there mind about anything, just to try to sound smart, but they fail

    • Posted by blackattackcat, at Reply

      remmi lost: Ever go to school much??

    • Posted by Alvin Sawdust, at Reply

      blackattackcat – sure did. Din’t see you there.

  17. Posted by Spone Mr, at Reply

    if you still support Tramp after this then you should be considered a traitor.

    • Posted by Spone Mr, at Reply

      Tyrel Goldberg , i think they are hiding under the bed in shame or too busy beating their spouses in frustration.

    • Posted by Chris Newton, at Reply

      Guess I’m a traitor then. I watch these videos for the entertainment purpose. They are quite funny.

  18. Posted by Audrey moghdam, at Reply

    Time for impeachment

    • Posted by Michael Kahr, at Reply

      Pence lied too, he should be impeached as well.