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Summer Fails vs Back to School Fails | Try Not To Laugh Challenge


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It's almost completion of summer, which could be a complete disappointment however you can depend on AFV to make you laugh! We wanted to show you some even more incredible summertime fails to remind you of the trip, yet I additionally wish to reveal you some amusing back to institution fails because we're going back to institution. So I chose to simply do both! These are the funniest summertime stops working vs back to institution fails. You're gon na enjoy this funny youngsters compilation. As a matter of fact, we're mosting likely to test you to try not to laugh throughout this entire compilation. All the best, due to the fact that some of these falls short are quite amusing. If you don't laugh, you could too be a robotic! Allow's see if you could defeat this laugh difficulty.

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  1. Posted by Krishnan Kandiyil, at Reply

    Ha ha awsome

  2. Posted by Ricko Bass, at Reply


  3. Posted by sinon Chan, at Reply

    ITS SUMMER !!! Summer !
    Kid Falls with his (Whatever thing its call)
    Me:Its School time!!!!

    • Posted by dylan is a birb, at Reply


    • Posted by sinon Chan, at Reply

      +dylan is a birb thank you

  4. Posted by The Silent Stoner, at Reply

    So did you guys steal Simone Giertz’s content for this vid, or was it properly submitted to your show?

    • Posted by Roland Dawson, at Reply

      Oooooh. 👀

    • Posted by ERIE Berry Marshall, at Reply


  5. Posted by Denis Gauthier, at Reply

    classic!!!! 😂

  6. Posted by BudiPlot, at Reply

    which has a better fail?


    I’d choose summer

  7. Posted by hello i hate people, at Reply

    People: first
    Me: **TRIGERD**

    • Posted by Walambedabadubuda, at Reply


  8. Posted by U GOT NO JAMS, at Reply

    It’s summer but I didn’t do anything….

  9. Posted by Саня Скиллет, at Reply

    Полная жесть

  10. Posted by Monkee Nez, at Reply

    Umm when did Simone submit her video to AFV…

  11. Posted by dylan is a birb, at Reply

    Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!

    • Posted by Simon Kirbycraft, at Reply

      Nice profile pic.!

  12. Posted by Chistine Cataraso, at Reply

    Yeah boiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  13. Posted by Ronnie Smith, at Reply


  14. Posted by Dennis Antalek, at Reply