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Support For Impeachment Is Higher Than Trump’s Approval Rating


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According to the current round of ballot, more Americans believe that impeachment process ought to begin versus President Trump compared to individuals support the head of state. Less compared to 5 months right into his term as well as the Head of state is already approaching a historically reduced authorization ranking and the public prepares to be eliminate him. Depressing. Ring of Fire's Farron Cousins discusses this. Subscribe to the Ring of Fire for much more:

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  1. Posted by Spunky1991, at Reply

    This fat orange orangutan won’t make it 4 years.

    • Posted by Daniel Large, at Reply

      +Johnny the Boy I think they all get put under the microscope. It is true that the news outlets align themselves with particular perspectives but the diversity of media outlets means that all voices are heard. Also there are matters which are simply factual, not matters of opinion. I have seen outlets that are favourable and critical of Obama. To the extent the press is less flattering about Trump in comparison to Obama is probably because Trump is more of an erratic mistake maker.

    • Posted by OutlawRebel117, at Reply

      Spunky1991 I can’t wait till he’s gone.

  2. Posted by Kim Hill, at Reply

    Trump I have only 3 words……bye bye bye

    • Posted by Kim Hill, at Reply

      +Young Turks 😂😂😂 I love y’all

    • Posted by Young Turks, at Reply

      +Kim Hill We thank you for your support. For ad-free content and access to all of our pro-Muslim propaganda, please become a member. With support from loyal viewers like you, we can help advance Jihad in the west. Just say yes to Islam.

    • Posted by Johnny the Boy, at Reply

      Young Turks LOL! What are you going to do now that your source of revenue, the Islamic Republic of Qatar is being blockaded by the other countries in the Gulf? I’m sure their first priority will be to keep funding ISIS, but that won’t leave much for yourselves and Al Jazeera.

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      +Young Turks Troll
      You know who else is in favour of Islam? Trump. He just gave Saudi Arabia billions in weapons.
      30 day plan ehh? … yeah right.

  3. Posted by ProjectSoul, at Reply

    Let me think of a joke…


    • Posted by ProjectSoul, at Reply

      Not copy and paste btw…

  4. Posted by ibkillah, at Reply

    I say don’t impeach him yet. Let him screw up some more so that his worshippers hang their heads in shame.

    • Posted by Pondok Indah_12310, at Reply

      Well let’s keep it real it’s not like he’s gonna get impeached any time soon now so yeah your wish may just come true.

  5. Posted by Nik Fab, at Reply

    He will be impeached.

    • Posted by Ancient History, at Reply

      Nik Fab the young turks need to be banned from youtube because the term young turks is guilty of killing 1.5 MILLION armenians in 1915 and you scum support this channel? then you wanna tall bad about trump you scum first look at your own deeds befor you talk down on someone else.

    • Posted by Shawn D'Plorable, at Reply

      keep dreaming cuck. 2 Scoops. 2 Genders. 2 Terms.

    • Posted by Gollum Trump-Agent-006, at Reply

      We have tried the “noob president” angle. Next we will push the “sickie” and then dementia – with a Hillary smear thrown in. Perhaps Hillary sneaked into WH kitchen and messed with the spice rack. Something with pizza in the mix.

  6. Posted by REX10, at Reply


    • Posted by Cthulhu Comes, at Reply

      REX10 Funny cuz since he is a democratically elected President removing him without evidence would effectively destroy our democracy.

    • Posted by Chance Oden, at Reply

      Did you not know that Impeachment is part of democracy? Maybe retouch on High School because I am pretty sure you are wrong Cthulhu.

    • Posted by miapdx Portland, at Reply

      REX10 That’s what he was sent to do. At first I thought his mission was to destroy the GOP. But now it seems he’s out to destroy America. And being very successful.

  7. Posted by dcon9995, at Reply

    Trumpanzees getting triggered and chimping out in the comments section as usual I see.

    • Posted by Trumptard Terrorizer, at Reply

      seriously? why its a trumptard crossed with a chimpanzee, of course..

    • Posted by James Eslick, at Reply

      Dcon9995.  TYT clowns: We are actually laughing at you and your fake news. Impeaching Trump is a liberal crackpot dream.

    • Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply

      I was wondering that myself, seems like more Trumptards on here then anyone else…

    • Posted by Onza Vl, at Reply

      +Trumptard Terrorizer what a wanker

  8. Posted by Diesel Lover, at Reply

    I dont know about yall, but I find this really hard to masturbate towards

    • Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply

      Do guys really need to masturbate everyday?

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      Diesel Lover, I bow to your obviously much better knowledge of porn sites, I admit that I am an amateur when it comes to such things, I prefer getting laid myself. lol

    • Posted by james smith, at Reply

      You have fun with that. I like that swirling action myself.

  9. Posted by Ancient History, at Reply

    anyone who supports the young turks must have a very low IQ level, the young turks term was used in 1900 to 1920s in between the years in 1915 the young turks caused a genocide of armenians 1.5 million was killed by this evil young turks and yet you hypocrites support this channel cenk the coward face who denies armenian genocide, indeed the genocide did happen facts don’t lie, now you cowards who speak down on trump should first do your own research on who you supporting by supporting young turks you are million times worse then trump, thr young turks guilty of mass murder, and rape and you support them? you disgraceful human.

    • Posted by Leanne Sawka, at Reply

      Someone is named Apple. It doesn’t mean they actually are an apple…

    • Posted by Jeff corsiglia, at Reply

      Ancient History The young turks brought democracy to Turkey, over throwing the Ottoman monarchy. There’s more than one group of people who called themselves young turks. The term is used for anyone who is. leading a revolution. Your the. Idiot that needs to educate yourself.

  10. Posted by RandomRobin, at Reply

    His days are numbered, and it isnt 4 years.

    • Posted by Septimus - Prime, at Reply

      He has to do something really embarrassing in order for that to happen. Without concrete evidence that Russia aided him, we can’t touch him at this point.

    • Posted by Septimus - Prime, at Reply

      Prolly 20 actually, prepare to be driven outta your homes all the working class & others who don’t have jobs.

  11. Posted by ferox965, at Reply

    I hate Trump probably more than TYT does. However…he will not be impeached. Instead of squawking about impeachment, Democrats need to totally retool themselves, and detool themselves as well. Actually, I would say it’s time for multiple parties. and along with that, a guaranteed spotnin public debates.

    • Posted by Maxine Waters, at Reply

      it’s whatever it takes to get the beast out of the hot seat sugar

    • Posted by ferox965, at Reply

      Maxine Waters One can hope…up here in Canada, it’s pretty terrifying to watch…I worry about my American friends and family. Be safe.

    • Posted by Septimus - Prime, at Reply

      I want that to happen too, but I don’t wanna get people’s hopes up.

    • Posted by ferox965, at Reply

      Kerry Bellio I didn’t say I didn’t want him impeached…both him and Pence (who I think is even scarier…he’s radicalized…) need to go. I have many friends who are conservatives, but they are not radicalized like the Republican party seems to be now…I worry for all of you…stay safe.

  12. Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

    The idea that Trump’s approval rating is tied to him dropping bombs is quite unsettling.

    • Posted by Kimberly Menjivar, at Reply

      Sinessa thats pretty dark

    • Posted by Main Man B-Fuzz, at Reply

      It worked against the “muh russian” narrative.

  13. Posted by Willie Gardner, at Reply

    I consider myself to be left leaning however i can look this objectively. Now the Approval Rating is bad there is no doubt about that but the impeachment statement, cant really say that percentage is high enough. The reason for that is that we already know most of U.S. did not vote for him so the ones that did not vote for him are obviously more likely to want him impeached/do not want him in office. now if that number were to hit 60%+ then that would be telling. I would be in the camp of impeachment myself but i am also capable of being realistic and a bit unbiased.

    • Posted by jake williams, at Reply

      Also. I am very right leaning and conservative. But do you people on the left really want a Trump impeachment? His Predecessor will be Pence who will push for the same policy agenda which you despise. Not only this. But he will do it more effectively. You will end up losing either way.

    • Posted by jackson laspia, at Reply

      It depends on the person a lot. At this point Trump is such an embarrassment that some people would rather have Pence. Although I disagree with conservative/right wing views, I don’t have problems with them if people can back up their views and can concede when they’re wrong.

    • Posted by jake williams, at Reply

      Also. The Republicans would be committing political suicide by impeaching Trump. Not only would they piss off the Republican base and potentially lose there seats in the mid terms which would be catastrophic. But there donors. I don’t think it would go down well with Mercers, the Adelsons, or the Koch brothers if Trump were impeached.

    • Posted by Andrew Hodges, at Reply

      Ok so it’s just normal that that most people who didn’t vote for a President want him to be impeached! and why 60%

    • Posted by Lasse Idsøe, at Reply

      “I’ll wait for everyone else to change, then I’ll change too.”
      That sounds very much like something a typical politician would do.

  14. Posted by mmzen, at Reply

    Why do presidents approval ratings always go up when we bomb foreign lands

    • Posted by Mythology Squirrel, at Reply


    • Posted by Lying Williams, at Reply

      Fake polls, fake news, propaganda, propaganda, propaganda. TYT = MSM = FAKE NEWS

  15. Posted by Matthew Lawson, at Reply

    yung Turks believing the polls again? how did that workout for you during the election?

    • Posted by Matthew Lawson, at Reply

      +thisnotjesus not salty. Happy. You’re being lied to by media like this one. Don’t be so gullible

    • Posted by spiderfan1974, at Reply

      Matthew Lawson How does that math work? enlighten me. How is 79,000 bigger than 2.9 million?

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      +Matthew Lawson lol, okay we’re do you get your news from? What is true news.

    • Posted by thisnotjesus, at Reply

      +Matthew Lawson your not awnsering my question.

  16. Posted by ProteanView, at Reply

    The problem is, these same polls claimed Hillary would win in a land slide.

    • Posted by Sinessa, at Reply

      +Heroic Kekistani Warrior
      Well, yeah, it does. It means one candidate got more votes than the other.

    • Posted by Mythology Squirrel, at Reply

      Polls stated:
      A) Hillary would get slightly more votes that Trump (And look, it worked)
      B) Trump had a 1 in 3 chance of winning (And look, he won)

      The election was within the line for error of the polls.

  17. Posted by Ben Davies, at Reply

    Same polls that predicted Hillary would win ???

    • Posted by Wini Olivache, at Reply

      Ben Davies Troll alert!!

    • Posted by Cyber Robert, at Reply

      oh shut the hell up. I guarantee you that had the opposite happen (Hillary lost popular vote but won electoral college) you conservatives would’ve just bitched and moaned about how you guys had your victory “stolen” a lot harder than what libs are doing at this moment. I mean how many people on your side said that they were planning to shoot up Hillary supporters if Trump lost?

    • Posted by Evan Howatt, at Reply

      I think the difference is that Clinton campaigned on the “when they go low we go high” thingy, but when they lost all the Clinton supporters “went low”. They always think they are mature and better than the others but the result exposed the hypocrisy (especially in regards to Laci Green lol). I’m sure the conservatives would have complained, yes, but the liberals actually DID whine and moan and whatnot, showing that they behave just like conservatives supposedly would have. Shows that their whole “when they go low we go high” thing went out the window.