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Surgical Mesh: Patients Have Become Guinea Pigs


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The U.S.A.'s Legal representative Mike Papantonio talks about the story about medical mesh that is being dental implanted in the bodies of countless individuals daily. It's not a story the business media would certainly ever before inform you. In fact they cannot inform you since their business advertisers the people that make these item will not allow them to do investigatory exposés about just how hazardous medical mesh truly is. The marketing dollars are simply as well large. Learn more concerning the Hernia Mesh lawsuits by visiting

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  1. Posted by Luna vampire, at Reply

    How long will it take when corporations stop hurting people and start actually helping and caring people?

    • Posted by 5000g, at Reply

      they will never stop unless forced to do so by law and or litigation.

      “profit before people” is their motto.

  2. Posted by rahkeid d, at Reply

    Sacrifices must be made to help better medicine

    • Posted by Gage Acosta, at Reply

      rahkeid d So, can we experiment on you without consent?

  3. Posted by butt mcnugget, at Reply

    This seems a bit alarmists. I’m gonna have to look into this.

    • Posted by pisse3000, at Reply

      butt mcnugget Then he’s done his job. Always do your own research.

  4. Posted by Giovanni Carter, at Reply

    if russia is so bad why is tyt using a journalist from rt?

    • Posted by Giovanni Carter, at Reply

      kill yor idols i just wish tyt was consistent with there argument with what they argue

    • Posted by kill yor idols, at Reply

      Giovanni Carter That’s the method of doing deception my friend. Inconsistent reporting, flip flopping, preaching peace, love and understanding. While in the background they are asking for more and more money and setting into perpetual motion the key to your enslavement. I’m pretty sure if we dig deep we’ll find out that RT is bankrolling tyt as well.

    • Posted by Giovanni Carter, at Reply

      kill yor idols that would be pretty funny

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Because “CLICK BAIT” Is their bread and butter. You never really believed anything they ever said did you?

    • Posted by Giovanni Carter, at Reply

      havocmaster69 no

  5. Posted by Victor Coleiro, at Reply

    Wow, this makes me so angry. when I spoke to a surgeon ~ 12years ago to get my hernas repaired , he told me he would use the mesh. When I went home , I started having concerns about him using the mesh, I wondered about it;s effects in my body – would it break down/leach, cause cancer etc.. I decided I wanted to have the hernias reparied the old fashioned way and scheduled another meeting with the surgeon. I told him about my concerns and asked him if he could do the surgery by just sewing the holes closed, which is the old way of doing it. He went into a rage at me.. He even got another surgeon to come in and tell me it was safe. In the end I said I still wanted the surgery done the old way. Boiling with anger, he said if you want it done the old way , find someone else I’m not doing it . He knew I had no choice as that would mean going back on the waiting list. So I was forced into the mesh surgery. And now I see this video. You can imagine how I feel now

    After some time, I refklected back at why he would get so angry about me not wanting the mesh. I had a sneaking suspision it was becuase of some luctrative deal he got by using the mesh. For some reason I got that impression.

    • Posted by Sartorius988, at Reply

      Victor Coleiro so is ur mesh doing well or not? how come you forgot the most important detail of your story?

    • Posted by Victor Coleiro, at Reply

      So far, but my concern then as this story also points at – is the long term risks. That said, I hope nothing does happen and this turns out to be a non issue

  6. Posted by Pallas AnitaSarkeesian, at Reply

    Pharmaceutical companies are at the level of fossil fuel when it comes to power and corruption. Only high finance is higher on the pyramid of overall evil.

    • Posted by liedetector101, at Reply


  7. Posted by Michael Ravenport, at Reply

    You better believe that most of the “guinea pigs” are black.

    • Posted by Zintenka Brimem, at Reply

      havocmaster69 Y’know, when people call you guys racists and bigots… you shouldn’t really complain when you’re being a racist and a bigot.

      And you shouldn’t complain when companies don’t want to hire you either and people gravitate away from you… then ya go on a mass murdering spree shootin’ up schools and hospitals with pregnant women and babies inside.

      Really, racist comments don’t even effect me as much as it used to, it just makes me irritated at this point. Probably due to my developing nihilism from learning of shitheads like you.

      Do yourself a favor, hon and go grab your daddy’s shot gun. Pop it in your mouth and pull the trigger, I promise that it shoots out candy.

    • Posted by Rock Johnson, at Reply

      Michael Ravenport Any evidence to support that claim? Or are you just trying to play the victim?

  8. Posted by Darnell Hendeason, at Reply

    Sounds like another company trying to throw salt.

  9. Posted by Harry Bawls, at Reply

    Maybe we can have a real life Deadpool! 😎

  10. Posted by helix1234, at Reply

    this is bullshit. and the tyt complains about right wing propaganda lawl. (4th yr medical student here btw. im not a conservative either)

    • Posted by helix1234, at Reply

      okay. you’ve obviously had experience using this mysterious “mesh” product in repairing hernias right? I’m sure you’ve got more surgical experience and published more academic papers than me. my sincere apologies.

    • Posted by Gage Acosta, at Reply

      Wow. You’be had papers published in an accredited journal?
      Can you link me to one of them?

  11. Posted by Vamphaery, at Reply

    For those interested, some actual research:

    It would appear that mesh hernia repair (at least for ventral hernias) has a VERY small increase in positive outcome over suture alone… however, it adds significantly increased risk of SSI (wound infection) and seroma (fluid collection.)

    Those are potentially much more serious complications than simply having a hernia recurrence, barring specific circumstances where the herniation itself is dangerous for a variety of possible reasons.

    And this isn’t even taking into account the autoimmune issues being posited here.

    On the other hand:

    … for incisional hernias (hernias caused by incompletely healed surgical wounds, which are not the same thing,) mesh appears to be a far superior probable positive outcome vs suture.

    Obviously I’m not a physician. Just leaving this here for reference purposes.

    • Posted by Harry C, at Reply

      youteub akount did you read the studies the guy above you posted? lol it’s totally supporting what he is saying lol…dam you are dumb and obviously know nothing about medicine.

    • Posted by Vamphaery, at Reply

      Honestly, with all due respect, imo you’re *both* being unnecessarily hostile and non-constructive.

      I doubt any of us are qualified to interpret the data I posted, which was just intended for reference. That said, my layman’s reading of the studies is that there are situations where mesh is preferable and better for patients, and situations where suture alone is desirable.

      As always, it’s probably the case that taking a holistic, situational view of each individual patient, their individual risk factors, the individual morphology of their specific hernia, its magnitude and location, etc. should be the driving factors in determining which approach is ideal. With thorough follow-up to correct for any complications from either one.

      As such, the real risk to patients is if there is indeed a corporate or other agenda that advocates one approach over the other independent of patient by patient needs and risk factors.

      As an individual person… I’d opt to avoid mesh personally, unless it was an incisional hernia. The data suggests that would be the better choice for an incisional hernia, but, again… what do I know?

    • Posted by youteub akount, at Reply

      Vamphaery there’s a reason why I went to school. I know statistics, I know a lot about a wide range of topics, I can interpret the paper just fine.

      You are 3 times less likely to have another ventral hernia after using mesh, compared to the structure repairs. However, you have higher chance of getting seroma (twice as high) and slightly highere chance to get an infection.

      But this study only investigates these three consequences, it doesn’t adress any of the concerns the lawyer talks about in the video.

      All information is available here:

      Apparently degradation is non desirable and it occurs in meshes right now for example.

  12. Posted by EntrerPrime, at Reply

    In Canada, many of these have been recalled and there is a class action lawsuit.

    • Posted by trevmarps, at Reply

      EntrerPrime I live in Canada and litterally just had a mesh used for a hernia last month..

  13. Posted by Chunk Oooger, at Reply

    if you liberals expect totally free healthcare then expect to be used like guinea pigs

    • Posted by MrMusiclover41, at Reply

      Chunk Oooger What is YOUR agenda? Who paid you to make this lie cloaked as a comment?

    • Posted by Thugzbunyyy, at Reply

      Yea because healthcare is totally free. stfu retarted cuckservative.

    • Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

      Oh yes because private healthcare will definitely stop that…

  14. Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

    i find it hilarious that TYT fans don’t realize that this guy is a lawyer who pays TYT to do these videos and attract law suits

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      J Briggs
      I find it hilarious that a child-raping pedophile like you is all up on his high horse about people asking for evidence for his claims.

      …see, I can make claims based on nothing more than assumptions too!

      (Not saying you’re wrong, but you’re simply assuming your conclusions here. There are other possible explanations that can’t be completely ruled out )

    • Posted by sdrawkcabgnipytmi, at Reply

      J Briggs
      I never said it wasn’t an add. My comment was in response to your claim that TYT gets paid for this, which is basically an assumption. But… I did just take a look at the guy’s website and I think you’re probably right.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      Well it’s an obvious assumption to make lol. Why would TYT, a multimillion dollar company, randomly let lawyers advertise on their website for free? Cmon dude ur smarter than that lol

  15. Posted by Titurel, at Reply

    Why is this BS on the Young Turks??? Spam

    • Posted by Ethnic Shitposter, at Reply

      I find it very informative and I’m not particularly a fan of TYT.

  16. Posted by tyrongkojy, at Reply

    PLEASE stop talking about science. Like, in general. Even when you’re right, you don’t really know why you’re right. This is new, and doctors aren’t sure as to how to use it yet. MOST however, ARE. This is almost (but nowhere near) and bad as your GMO coverage.

    • Posted by DemonLordChaos, at Reply

      tyrongkojy you’re right that he has no idea what he’s talking about but it’s important step to knee jerking experts to correct him and publish more correct versions.

  17. Posted by kg062007, at Reply

    What the hell is up with these super out of place videos? Let hillbilly bob lawyer advertise somewhere else.

    • Posted by MrMusiclover41, at Reply

      So having an interest in a person’s health is “out of place?” What is YOUR problem, kg062007?

    • Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

      Then go swallow some polypropylene mesh

  18. Posted by Smoke, at Reply

    Wow, America is messed up.

    • Posted by Ian Bevis, at Reply

      very messed up and it wont change until we start taking better care for each other

    • Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

      Smoke yeah but these trolls care more about how TYT has this Lawyer on stating this issue.

  19. Posted by Megan Schmit, at Reply

    TYT what are you doing? Where are the facts? Aren’t you being just as bad as corporate news by allowing this alarmist lawyer promote himself for a quick kick back for you? You are supposed to be better than this. Unsubscribed.

    • Posted by Ricardo Gaitan, at Reply

      Megan Schmit lmfao yes unsubscribe. Don’t get a mesh

    • Posted by Megan Schmit, at Reply

      Shaun Varga some mesh’s may be harmful, but this video doesn’t actually critically explore that. It just throws together “scary science” words and unexplained graphics.