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Surprise Pets | Best Pet Reveals


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These youngsters obtain so delighted when they learn they're getting a brand-new pet dog! Have a look at these wonderful and hilarious video clips from AFV!

Surprise Pets|Best Pet Reveals


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  1. Posted by Joanne Mooney, at Reply


    • Posted by Joanne Mooney, at Reply

      First comment

  2. Posted by keep silence, at Reply

    hmm good

  3. Posted by victor cuevas, at Reply

    Shakes it “DON’T SHAKE IT!!!”

  4. Posted by Monty Rock, at Reply

    “Its a real puppy!” 😂

  5. Posted by Katie Grande, at Reply

    I do hope they put air holes into the boxes. Some of those pets seem like they’ve been in there for a while…

  6. Posted by Abbz World, at Reply

    lol. These are SO cute. XD

  7. Posted by Julia Fyvie, at Reply

    Omg the snake one was hilarious

  8. Posted by Maria Griffin, at Reply

    Puppies for Christmas are one of the worst gifts parents can give their young kids. Not only is Christmas a chaotic time to introduce a teething, piddling puppy into a house, young children get bored of their “Christmas gifts” easily. Parents should only get a puppy if they want to take care of it, because that’s what will end up happening.

  9. Posted by Why?, at Reply

    Kids concern me that they’ll kill the pet in the box. Either that or their high pitch death screech.

  10. Posted by Latino Heat, at Reply

    Damn son i miss my doggo”