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Tarantino Makes Harvey Weinstein Confession


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Poise Baldridge, Mark Thompson, and Simone Boyce, the hosts of The Young Turks, simplify. Inform us just what you think in the comment section below. Sign up with TYT:

" Quentin Tarantino, the Hollywood director most carefully linked to Harvey Weinstein, has actually understood for years concerning the producer's claimed misconduct toward ladies and now really feels ashamed he did not take a stronger stand and also quit working with him, he stated in a meeting.

" I recognized sufficient to do more than I did," he stated, mentioning a number of episodes entailing famous starlets. "There was even more to it than just the normal reports, the typical gossip. It had not been secondhand. I recognized he did a couple of these points."

" I wish I had actually taken responsibility of what I heard," he added. "If I had actually done the work I ought to have done after that, I would certainly have had to not deal with him."

Allegations of unwanted sexual advances and also assault by Mr. Weinstein were divulged this month in The New york city Times and The New Yorker, which prompted various other ladies to share their accounts of his supposed abuse, triggered criminal examinations, roiled the home entertainment globe and triggered a social media activity of women from other industries as well as histories informing their tales."

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Hosts: Grace Baldridge, Mark Thompson, Simone Boyce

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  1. Posted by BattyRagDoll, at Reply

    The fact that it has to ‘get safer’ for people to come out about this stuff, shows that we still have a big problem with victim blaming and shaming, and victims and those who know are still vulnerable when they’re trying to do the right thing.

  2. Posted by psychoabattoirhorror, at Reply

    Everyone at FOX News knew about Ailes and Bil O and none of them came forward/ Faux outrage from the Right

  3. Posted by Ashley Thomas, at Reply

    I’m a film tech in New Zealand and I knew Harvery W was a predator from his on set actions.
    He took a toxic cloud around him….. and always had 2 deperate starlets trailing him.
    I also saw three other US Producers behave the same way.

  4. Posted by André Ws, at Reply

    At least he has the balls to admit errors he made. Love him and his movies

  5. Posted by Diane DNaturalLady, at Reply

    They also need to do better by these kids. They are the most helpless. Who’s speaking out for them?

  6. Posted by Bert Stir, at Reply

    It’s easy to pass judgement now that Harvey Weinstein has lost his power and respectability.

  7. Posted by Felippe, at Reply

    I totally understand why he kept quiet, his career was on the line and this man could have ended it. He might not have even been held accountable. I think it’s more important to commend the people who come forward than it is to demonize those that remained quiet. You can’t win every fight or stop every injustice, you have to pick your battles and I think everyone is guilty for not always stepping up to be the hero when they have the opportunity.

    • Posted by Red, at Reply

      We wouldn’t have had Tarantino films, they’re are all Wienstien made. Tough situation.

    • Posted by basquat76, at Reply

      Oh please, Tarantinos career was never on the line. The biggest young filmmaker in the world. He could have easily gotten his movies made without the help of Weinstein. Stop making excuses for him.

  8. Posted by Cats, at Reply

    Tyt does not know or care That the woman also have this bind thats why they didnt come out earlier. The ladies actors also know but did not say anything, specially the ones who maybe got lucky.

  9. Posted by jawadad802, at Reply

    While shaming Tarentino, I wonder how will Grace react to the women who weighed the pro’s and contra’s and bed the creep anyway and thus got their big breaktrough while their sisters who rebuffed the creep are now working in a starbucks…are they more or less to blame then Tarentino…?

  10. Posted by Cain k Carter, at Reply

    What about Bryan singer, Bryan Peck and Dan Schneider.

  11. Posted by todshi, at Reply

    Judging from the title of this piece, I thought that Tarantino saw going to say that Weinstein sexually harassed him…

  12. Posted by j Scarborough, at Reply

    So… he’s sorry (after the fact) that he didn’t say anything when he knew it was going on. I bet Harvey isn’t the only sexual predator he knows about. Let’s see him come forward with that information! Otherwise, his “I should have said something” is meaningless.

  13. Posted by Jason Faulkner, at Reply

    What was Harvey Weinstein like as a PA? Anyone remember?

  14. Posted by Kano Reese, at Reply

    Wait! When was Bill Cosby convicted of Rape?! Cause the guy on the panel said it like he was already in the system as a rapist(which he isn’t)!

  15. Posted by che zus, at Reply

    this is actually a tough one. my favorite movies are natural born killers, inglorious basterds, django unchained, serenity and cloud atlas (the yellowface controversy is justified, but given the structure of the movie, i can cut them a break). two of them are directed by tarantino, one was written by him. so i’m quite biased towards tarantino.
    but he is one of the main forces behind weinstein’s success, i.e. he helped him to get to the position he abused. he should have stopped it, and was one of the few people who were actually powerful enough to do so.
    it’s a permanent stain on some of my favorite movies… sad.

  16. Posted by Mr. Thong Song, at Reply

    Interesting, you’re only required to say something if you’re a man. Don’t hold “wahmen” to the same standards, that’s victim-blaming. Western men to the princesses rescue once again. Save me daddy, you cis-scum.

  17. Posted by way2jaded1, at Reply

    Ain’t they supposed to have a biscuit in the middle that they eat when they have finished?

  18. Posted by TYT Are Ballbag As Fuck And Race Baiting Dildos, at Reply

    This guy in the red plaid shirt sucks. TYT should fire him.

  19. Posted by AZAEL_ES, at Reply

    Come on it’s Ok now women come out with all of the issues and if the men knew they are monsters!!! Come on all of them were victims, and if you think the men were part of the issue remember that women that were raped and molested and get money and a carreer also have the guilty for the follow women. But again all were victims.

    Not becuase you are men you are perfect or have a high moral stand, for me it’s to expect more from a men that a women and to me that’s again saying the women are less,