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Taylor Swift Suing Alleged Butt Groper


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Taylor Swift is suing a guy she declares grabber her butt. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Inform us what you assume in the comment section below.

" Taylor Swift is readied to take the stand to encounter the radio DJ she alleges gotten to under her skirt in 2013 and got her butt backstage throughout a photo op.

BuzzFeed Information will certainly remain in Denver to cover the test when it begins with court option on Monday.

Right here's a rundown on exactly how we got here.


The instance was fired up in 2015, when the video jockey, David "Jackson" Mueller, took legal action against Swift, criticizing her for harming his track record and also for the loss of his $150,000-a-year work at radio station KYGO after she brought the searching allegations to his employer. Mueller– that cohosted a program called Ryno and Jackson– keeps he was wrongfully accused."

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Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian


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  1. Posted by Amir Fahmi, at Reply

    Jew are planning to send Americans to war & death for Israel.

    • Posted by Curt Christensen, at Reply

      Amir Fahmi
      take your meds, you bigot

    • Posted by Robert Acosta, at Reply

      Amir Fahmi Ok like we do not know this ok.

    • Posted by Chris Boulter, at Reply

      Love this comment, unrelated to the OP, unrelated to the video, and implying anybody self-identifies as a regressive…

  2. Posted by merciless, at Reply

    so she stood theyre and aloud him to grope her without flinching then said something to his employers later instead of him right at the moment?

    • Posted by Pam Gifford, at Reply

      You saw a second in time you honestly don’t know what happened after that photo

    • Posted by Andrew Kim, at Reply

      merciless why is the onus on her when the guy committed the wrongful act?

    • Posted by James Earl Cash, at Reply

      She obviously enjoyed it. She just don’t want to admit it.

  3. Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

    Why does modern society sexualise and degrade women, via sexual clothes, for the sake of “empowerment”?

    Teen/preteen girls post half – naked selfies of themselves online all day long, and all the boys/men out there DROOL over their pics. It’s a pedophile paradise.

    Clothing companies market sexual clothes, and lingerie style clothes to little girls and children. Ads sexualise little girls in order to sell products. Movies, entertainment, and everything else depicts little girls who dress sexually, act precocious and provocative, and spend all day trying to increase their sex appeal. Even bikinis and thongs are sold to these girls.

    There are even child beauty pageants, in which little girls are dressed up like prostitutes and made to dance.

    All this modern day sh*t does is promote pedophilia.

    Is it any wonder so much rape/sexual assault happens?

    In it’s warped view of “empowering” women, modern society has degraded and debased them.

    Share your thoughts.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + Sir fap alot

      But once they SEE the pictures, wanking will no longer be enough to satisfy them. They will go out and do it in real life.

    • Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

      Ash Benamti
      A lot of serial killers have blamed porn for becoming rapists/murderers.

    • Posted by QWERTY 123, at Reply

      + jxsilicon9

      Many of them became what they are because of porn.

  4. Posted by MP USMC SRT, at Reply

    Who cares about some millionaire celebrity that has white girl privilege.

    • Posted by Marcus McLean, at Reply

      this isn’t about the money… it’s about whether or not an assault happens.

      yes, even rich white women can be sexually assaulted.

    • Posted by MP USMC SRT, at Reply

      Marcus McLean this wouldn’t be a story or news worthy if it happened to a common citizen. I can prove it. Show where TYT has reported this same situation with a common citizen. Don’t worry I’ll wait.

    • Posted by Jason Messinger, at Reply

      Not enough privilege to not get molested. For that you need white guy privilege I guess….

    • Posted by Kaddywompous, at Reply

      Is this a joke?

  5. Posted by SJP, at Reply

    I work in computer forensics. The idea that spilling coffee on a laptop “destroys” data on that laptop is utterly absurd. I know of a laptop pulled from a burnt out aircraft wreck, with top and bottom plastic casing all charred and fused together, stinking of unburnt fuel and STILL all the data of the hard drive in that laptop was recovered. This data survived the massive impact of an aircraft crash and subsequent fire. This is an extreme case and a successful outcome from something like this is rare (heating a spindle based hard drive to Curie point will erase data), but coffee spilled on a laptop? No, sorry, data WILL be salvageable.

    • Posted by Sean Hayes, at Reply

      Sounded like he just threw the laptop out ’cause it was damaged. I had a screen break once & threw out the whole laptop.
      Though I could be absolutely wrong ’cause this story is the least important thing in the history of ever so I didn’t pay attention.

    • Posted by John Johnson, at Reply

      lol, a lot of people don’t have the slightest clue to what is in a computer. I remember when I was in school. A teacher yelled at some guy for having a juice box in front of a computer.

  6. Posted by tonedog77, at Reply

    What an elitist pig, not rich enough from robbing her tweenage fans now she has to rob random old broke DJs as well. What a low life she is.

    • Posted by Congested Nose, at Reply

      he’s not broke, he was earning 150k a year. And HE’s suing her for “reputation damage”, in other words, he’s trying to rob Taylor of HER money. The only low lives here are you and the guy that decided to sexually assault a woman.

    • Posted by 01man01truck, at Reply

      Wow. Didn’t know this amount of ignorance could fit into once sentence.

  7. Posted by peter, at Reply

    He was just being “presidential”.

    • Posted by Beep Beep Imma Dragon, at Reply

      Poor Taylor Swift tho 😢

    • Posted by Bryan Skarlet, at Reply

      She wants to pal around with Trump supporters, than expect things to get a lil rapey.

    • Posted by Jesus Christ, Part Deux, at Reply

      redwhitebluedude – Most of those complaints are in Trump’s own words. If this was year zero when I was around, it would be fine, but it’s the modern era. What he did isn’t acceptable – and he brags about it. I’ll show him no mercy at the gate.

  8. Posted by Sam Josiah, at Reply

    She’s awesome for this, she knows her status and is using it how she should, not allowing a lowlife to try and keep some dignity for committing assault. I hope it ruins his life twice over.

    • Posted by Adam Gerson, at Reply

      Ruins his life is a bit of a stretch.

    • Posted by Aes Sedai, at Reply

      Adam Gerson, not his life but definitely his career

  9. Posted by Le Slo, at Reply

    pretty sure you would be able to notice the folds in her skirt if it had happened

    • Posted by Delovely 1, at Reply

      Again like they said 4 times in the vid….that is one piece of evidence…

    • Posted by Natasha V, at Reply

      And look at her skirt on her hip, it’s folding up. He did push it up.

  10. Posted by TheLegendaryLinx, at Reply

    Dumbass! If you’re getting 150k a year as a DJ, why the F would you do such a boneheaded move. Now you want 3 million for sexually assaulting someone. Dude had your chance to just go away, now you will see jail time.

    • Posted by nikada vise, at Reply

      because he has a penis which seems to lower intelligence …….and destroys common sense

    • Posted by Cass andra, at Reply

      SixOfNine she has more evidence then him lol. Kinda funny right? If he was innocent he would do all he could to bring that evidence to light not hide it.

    • Posted by GTVS, at Reply

      Prove he did it

    • Posted by Jim Reilly, at Reply

      TheLegendaryLinx He won’t see any jail time as this is a civil trial; he is not being charged and prosecuted. He will suffer financial penalties if the jury finds in Swift’s favour. But he’s not going to suffer loss of liberty in terms of any jail time, unless of course the DA decides to press charges in the criminal courts – or unless the penalty he suffers in the civil case sends him to debtors prison, which I don’t think exit anymore.

  11. Posted by Yan Toha, at Reply

    He 100% did it, I don’t have a doubt in my mind.

    • Posted by Christopher Conkright, at Reply

      Should change your name to indecent man

    • Posted by Decent man, at Reply

      Christopher Conkright I call sluts out. That’s what makes me so decent.

    • Posted by Christopher Conkright, at Reply

      Decent man I see one of those. Righteous sinner. Scream the loudest about what “others” are and doing because you do it yourself. To each their own

  12. Posted by LiveTheDream24, at Reply

    You can see in the picture at least that he clearly did not lift up her skirt. And if he is supposedly grabbing her butt in the picture why is she not reacting to it what so ever? Now that doesn’t say anything about what happened after the picture was taken but from that picture it looks like nothing more than circumstantial that his arm is where it is. The destroyed evidence is pretty suspicious however.

    • Posted by Ewannie MDH, at Reply

      Garth I know. She wouldn’t have to counter sue if he didn’t decided to sue her first. That persons comment suggests that she only decided to sue him now after all this time when actually she is only defending herself.

    • Posted by James Humbert, at Reply

      No dude, you can’t see that, if you hand is up, that little lift for you hand will not lift the dress up to the point where yoiu would see from the front, he groped her, as is the case in nightclubs all the time, women are heavily groped, it is a problem. I did security and even the security dudes get fired for groping. Ladies protect your goods.

    • Posted by prettymonsterofevil, at Reply

      Natasha V Does it even matter if the skirt was up or not? Just the fact that he is clearly in the picture touching her backside is enough to get him fired just like if he had done so to any other employee at his job. There are laws against that. It’s still sexual harrasment.

    • Posted by Garth, at Reply

      Ewannie – ok I get your point now. Yes youre right.

  13. Posted by Mehra Ahsan, at Reply

    Wow that’s dark. Sexual harassment is so prominent in our society that it won’t spare anyone. From the highest to the lowest walks of life. What a disappointing society.

    • Posted by Trickius, at Reply

      And we STILL get people blaming her.

    • Posted by Mehra Ahsan, at Reply

      +Trickius well, that’s society. Whether it’s blaming a rape victim for wearing immodest clothing, or making jokes about sexual harassment. Human beings and net culture sucks.

    • Posted by Jayell, at Reply

      The proof is not definitive. Rape and molestation claims are very dangerous to both parties, so immediately jumping to conclusions is foolish on both parts. Remember, Taylor Swift got caught lying about Kanye about his verse about her on the song “famous”, so she isn’t very credible. I’m not saying he’s innocent, all I’m saying is that he isn’t guilty yet.

  14. Posted by Mephistahpheles, at Reply

    Burden of proof? Ha. Woman makes allegation. Man is guilty unless he can prove well beyond a reasonable doubt it’s completely false. Even then, his life is screwed.

    • Posted by Mephistahpheles, at Reply

      “Show a burden of proof that he is innocent….” Exactly the problem. In theory, a person is innocent until proven guilty. In cases of sexual assault, it’s reversed. In this instance, sure, there’s indications he’s guilty of something….which is FAR from what is normally necessary to convict a person, and the sentence is inevitably more than determined by courts.

    • Posted by Seth the Wicked, at Reply

      He sued her so the burden of proof is on him to prove his case.