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Teacher Arrested For Questioning School Board (VIDEO)


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"Stop resisting," states the fascist to the worker. Ana Kasparian, John Iadarola, and Michael Shure, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Tell us exactly what you assume in the comment area listed below.

The tale:
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" Louisiana middle school teacher was transported out of a school board conference in manacles on Monday evening after she asked about whether it was suitable to be offering the institution district's superintendent a raising even as rank-and-file instructors haven't gotten one in years.

Neighborhood news terminal KATC reports that Deyshia Hargrave, a teacher at Rene Rost Middle Schools in Kaplan, Louisiana, participated in a Vermilion Parish Institution Board conference on Monday to ask inquiries about how the board could vote to enhance the superintendent's pay although that lots of college staff members have actually worked for years without a pay rise.

Hargrave was educated that she was not expected to ask questions at the conference, as this was just meant to be a forum for public feedback. Nonetheless, board members tried to address her concerns.

When Hargrave was called on a second time as well as continued to ask another question, nonetheless, an Abbeville city marshal who was on responsibility at the meeting strolled over to her and asked her to leave the area." *.

Hosts: Ana Kasparian John Iadarola, Michael Shure.

Cast: Ana Kasparian John Iadarola, Michael Shure.


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  1. Posted by hudsle, at Reply

    Silly woman. She thought she was in a Democracy where questioning authority is a guaranteed right. She didnt realize this was a country run by a reality show hist with a 4th grade vocabulary, mentality , intelligence. Shes the wrong gender, tax bracket, and level of hotness to be allowed such a right.

    • Posted by Wasyl Kurek, at Reply

      DininDalael This. Don’t drag Trump into this. Otherwise, you’re going to delude yourself into thinking that everything is fine once Trump goes away.

    • Posted by Carl Millholland, at Reply

      She wasn’t a 10.

    • Posted by systematic101, at Reply

      Do you seriously think this started with Trump? This goes back far before Trump. It’s also not about her gender. Income bracket, I’ll give you that.

    • Posted by systematic101, at Reply

      Edward Sponenberg
      The pre-established rules can not violate the constitution in a public forum. The constitution overrides any rules or laws. She’s has the right of the 1st amendment and their rules violate that right.

    • Posted by Joangela Van Sichem, at Reply

      hudsle hahaha nice sarcasm! XD but yeah this is wrong….

  2. Posted by William Cortelyou, at Reply

    So, town hall meetings aren’t a place of public discussion? When the hell did that happen? Even if questions aren’t on the agenda, every board always takes them and always has. That’s the whole point they are held as such and not in a private board room. What the hell is happening in this country?

    • Posted by Izella McQueen, at Reply

      William Cortelyou . School board members don t like for the public to be in their meetiings.

    • Posted by caca, at Reply

      This is nothing new.

    • Posted by Dick Fuckington, at Reply

      The rich protecting their wealth, that’s what is happening.

  3. Posted by Jhon Oudeis, at Reply

    send to jail wow is there a lawsuit against the police department or School board? who wants to be a teacher now I mean with all this going on….

    • Posted by Steve M, at Reply

      Jhon Oudeis I hope she files one, if she lets them get away with it, they’ll only continue

    • Posted by Dorothy Zink, at Reply

      She should sue the police dept., the policeman personally, the school board and the individual on the board who had her arrested for false imprisonment, kidnapping, abridging her civil rights, and the kitchen sink. Call the ACLU.

    • Posted by collegeman1988, at Reply

      Trump’s become the role model we all should aspire to be, so there really won’t be a need for teachers or a well educated public anymore. Idiocracy is here.

  4. Posted by Hoodoo Man, at Reply

    The strange thing about this video is that someone is arrested for expressing an opinion. And on top of that is that some black guy who is also probably oppressed as well physically abuses a women who did nothing but express an opinion. This country is so totally messed up. We should be ashamed at what we have become. It is time for a revolution. We need to fix this. America has become the worst example of corruption and abuse in the entire world. That is not the America I want to live in. We used to be a beacon of truth and justice. Now we are just an example of lies and injustice. Shame on us.

    • Posted by Rockness Monster, at Reply

      You totally missed the point Reece!

    • Posted by Noiseless Sounds, at Reply

      he was definitely taken his frustrations out on her.

    • Posted by Milton Hart, at Reply

      When has this country been a beacon of truth and justice, LMAO!

    • Posted by Hoodoo Man, at Reply

      Well never really. This country was founded on Genocide and Slavery. But I was trying to be kind. I messed up there. Sorry. I got carried away. It was an in the moment kind of thing. I apologize. I am not perfect. I am just a spurt not yet an expert. I make mistakes. But I also love this country. I just don’t love what it has become. Or what my vision of it being has become. So at times I say stupid stuff like that. Again it was not the correct thing to say. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

    • Posted by jaydeeh77, at Reply

      👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 I feel the same way!

  5. Posted by Danny Bailess, at Reply

    that bailiff public official whatever he was assaulted her plain and simple she was complying walking outside and he pushed her to the floor

  6. Posted by DjGrimmace, at Reply

    Watch, because she got arrested, they are gonna consider that a criminal record. She is then gonna get fired because shes a “criminal.” Sad.

    • Posted by collegeman1988, at Reply

      DjGrimmace In the current political atmosphere of today’s America, it wouldn’t surprise me if she lost her job for expressing her first amendment rights.

    • Posted by DjGrimmace, at Reply

      People get way too offended and escalate was too quickly these days. I think it’s actually a detriment to the human race.

    • Posted by G Horn, at Reply

      DjGrimmace Correct. This arrest will change the rest of her life. She’s now in the system.

    • Posted by Andi Amador, at Reply


      It’s worse than that. She was arrested for commenting in an open comments session.

      That is a situation where speech is not only allowed, it is invited.

    • Posted by Coe Hart, at Reply

      That wad the first thing I was concerned about.

  7. Posted by It doesn't matter who we are, what matters is our plan., at Reply

    For questioning out of her class then, m’lord? Peasants…

    • Posted by Arnold Slater, at Reply

      She failed to follow the rules of procedure during the forum.

      I can only assume you have never attended a government meeting.

  8. Posted by ssabucca, at Reply

    Ummm…how the hell was she arrested? For what? Having an opinion? What would the “Charges” actually be?

    • Posted by Big Red, at Reply

      TheUltimateBeing01 Lol you have a right to speak whenever you want a gov affairs ? can i go to the house and senate floor and speak whenever ? you know nothing

    • Posted by Daisy Contreras, at Reply

      Even the way she was voicing her opinion was not in an aggressive way..This sucks.

    • Posted by systematic101, at Reply

      Ronald McDonald Trump
      Can’t trespass in this situation. They had no grounds to kick her out to begin with. With no violation of the law resisting arrest would make 0 sense.

    • Posted by Big Red, at Reply

      systematic101 You don’t know the law lol, can i go to the senate or house floor and ask a question ? lol

    • Posted by systematic101, at Reply

      Big Red
      This was an open forum. The senate isn’t. Seems it’s you who doesn’t understand the law.

  9. Posted by Jose Nunez, at Reply

    They should put cops back to school and get a degree in law, oh wait, they don’t pay teachers enough to deal with power tripped psychopaths.

  10. Posted by Bike Life, at Reply

    America is falling.

    • Posted by Dave Long, at Reply

      America is a Freemasonic experiment designed to fail.

    • Posted by Jason Smith, at Reply

      With no parachute

    • Posted by American Scumbag, at Reply

      Bike Life we already fell, you are witnessing the destruction from our slide after impact.

    • Posted by Em Em, at Reply

      already failled

    • Posted by Dark Fortress Pictures LLC, at Reply

      Bike Life It already has!

  11. Posted by rocky19421, at Reply

    How can any American citizen watch something like this and NOT take a knee for the National Anthem. Our veterans did not fight to see the erosion of our own rights in our own country. This whole country should be out in the streets demonstrating…..

    • Posted by dudley benoit, at Reply

      That is because when it was only happening to African Americans or melonated people, these neanderthugs kept quiet or made every excuse in the book to not speak out against injustice. The chickens are coming home to roost. Welcome to the club.

    • Posted by jdski 892, at Reply

      He’s not right this has nothing with military vets

  12. Posted by Joy G, at Reply

    Every story I see just emphasizes how morally bankrupt many of our public officials are, which is especially dangerous if those officials are law enforcement. We might as well be living under mafia rule.
    The dystopian future of past fiction is upon us.
    The days of living in blissful ignorance is over and some people are very unhappy to wake up.

    • Posted by TCt83067695, at Reply

      Joy G the bloody revolution is coming soon for these fools

    • Posted by Joy G, at Reply

      We can only hope.

  13. Posted by Black Lanner, at Reply

    another cop on payroll who deserves to be fired

    • Posted by HerkimerSnerd, at Reply

      On the public payroll no less.

    • Posted by SLOTMANIAC, at Reply

      Black Lanner surprised it was a black cop

    • Posted by Kathleen Dunlap, at Reply

      SLOTMANIAC not surprised, cops do as they are told.

  14. Posted by Dj Tzonev, at Reply

    United States of Fascism.

    • Posted by handyhippie65, at Reply

      they said it would come draped in the flag, and carrying the bible. the conservative voters not only did nothing to stop it, but held the door open for fascism, and put it on a pedestal as something to aspire to. the founders would be utterly ashamed of what has become of the free country they envisioned. as we all should be for allowing it to happen on our watch.

    • Posted by Daryl Summers, at Reply

      I think ‘Fascist States of America’ has a better ring to it.

    • Posted by Julien Stevenson, at Reply

      No, they said that fascism would come under the cloak of antifascism (Winston Churchill)

  15. Posted by Jennie Hughes, at Reply

    Militarized police defending the crooks.

    • Posted by AnDCaster, at Reply

      Jennie Hughes yup crooks control everything..

  16. Posted by gj Beaudry, at Reply

    Damn right!!! How dare the lowly teacher question her bureaucratic leader!!!??? I’m ashamed to live in this society!!! When teachers (and doctors) are valued less than movie/rock stars, jail/prison guards, politicians, athletes, and FOOTBALL/BASKETBALL COACHES (THE HIGHEST PAID STATE EMPLOYEES ARE USUALLY STATE COLLEGE COACHES!?!) WTF people? When are we going to say “NO MORE”???? REVOLUTION!!!!!! NOW!!!!!!

  17. Posted by fire refines, at Reply


    • Posted by ND7652, at Reply

      HELL YEAH !!!

  18. Posted by Matthew Lewis, at Reply

    Well I think she’ll be getting a lot of Money when she Sue’s the Marshall’s Office for False Arrest and the School Bord for ordering it. This is Disgusting in a so called Democracy this can happen.

  19. Posted by Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez, at Reply

    Breaking Bad along with stories/reports like this are great indicators that teachers need to be paid more and get way better benefits. A teacher is the first person outside of a family to have a major impact on a child’s life.
    My mom works in education for a school system where she lives and I’m an on call Ed-tech for a local school system near where I live and it’s disheartening to see the way those who are higher up look at treat the teachers and the rest of the staff. The teachers and the support staff are the most important people there and they deserve to be treated as such.

    • Posted by kiraPh1234k, at Reply

      Marco Juan-Pedro Sanchez While I agree that teachers are important and deserve respect, I would have to say that the first person outside of the family to have a major impact on the child’s life would be the child’s doctor.

      This story is crazy, even if there was no arrest. Why the hell is a superintendent getting a raise that is equivalent to the entire salary of some of his teachers?