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Ted Cruz Booted Off Stage Mid-Speech (VIDEO)


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Ted Cruz currently recognizes just how Jeb Bush really felt throughout the key. John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, and also Mark Thompson, hosts of The Young Turks, talk about. Tell us what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" It's just so … wonderful.

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz was functioning himself into a lather, rallying the troops at the Freedom as well as Faith Union's yearly meeting in Washington on Thursday, when all of a sudden a voiceover disturbed him– equally as he remained in the middle of a significant time out.

Here's Cruz's face when the commentator cut in to introduce the company's southerly local director, Virginia Galloway" *.

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Hosts: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson.

Cast: John Iadarola, Jayar Jackson, Mark Thompson.


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  1. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    he’s a freaking political sell out, because he swore up and down that he would never support Donald Trump! so what is he doing… supporting Donald Trump!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Trollop 7 why must you always play these Tit for Tat rebuttals! I’m neither Democrat no Republican because I don’t trust any political figure, but Bernie had to support someone and it sure in the world wasn’t going to be Trump! So he had to pick in his mind that which he thought was the lesser of two evils as so many Americans did!

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      @Trollop: Did Hillary say Bernie’s wife was nuts and his father was involved in killing JFK? I must have missed that.

    • Posted by Elpresador's Race Card, at Reply

      Trollop 7 Waahhhh

    • Posted by Trollop 7, at Reply

      Jim is the (old) man: _”Did Hillary say Bernie’s wife was nuts ….”_
      No. Far worse. Even once it was clear that she bilked out of the nomination, she insisted that he publicly endorse her using words from a script that she’d had specially drafted for him.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Far less offensive, Trollop. It wasn’t a personal attack. Cruz, like the rest of the kowtowing Republicpukes, has no spine.

  2. Posted by Tiffany, at Reply

    What kind of complete idiots cheer for getting rid of the environmental protection agency and education?!

    • Posted by havocmaster69, at Reply

      Liberals they will cheer for anything.

    • Posted by James Salvatore, at Reply

      At least liberals are in favour of education and healthcare for all unlike you right wingers.

  3. Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

    Can we boot him back to Canada where he’s from???

    • Posted by Rosie Watson, at Reply


    • Posted by Flash, at Reply

      spooder man the cuck slayer That doesn’t make sense, conservatives are the ones who want to live in a theocracy so send them there.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      He’s an illegal alien – he wasn’t born here and his mother was a Canadian citizen (in order to get health benefits). His father was an Cuban who fought alongside Che and Castro in the Revolution, then snuck into the USA illegally.

    • Posted by Martha Holt, at Reply

      +Jim is the man That would make Hoser Cruz a Canadian anchor baby 👶 ⚓️

    • Posted by Specific Nerpo, at Reply

      Spooderman you moron, those countries have conservative ideals, why would we ever want to go there? and btw it would make a hella lot more sense if we sent Republicans to those places.

  4. Posted by fam alam, at Reply

    Ted Cruz looks like he’s wearing a mask mad from another person’s​ face

    • Posted by Golgotha_Mythos69, at Reply

      Slayer: Dead Skin Mask

    • Posted by Странно Хрипы, at Reply

      Zodiac killer and Leather face

  5. Posted by 42 Belvedere, at Reply

    Abolish the IRS? What agency is going to collect taxes, the taxes that pays for Cruz’s salary?

    • Posted by Whaledog, at Reply

      42 Belvedere Thank you…I’m glad someone is thinking.

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      The Treasury would have a very limited role in managing the simplified tax collection.

    • Posted by Whaledog, at Reply

      orochimarujes what do mean?

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      The idea is to get rid of nearly all tax loopholes, tax breaks, exemptions, regulations, deductions ect. and replace it with simpler universal rates. A difficult task perhaps, but with all those complications gone the IRS would have so few responsibilities that it’s current budget, number of employees, and legal power wouldn’t be justified. The remaining taxation responsibilities would be transfered to one of the Treasury Department’s offices.

    • Posted by Whaledog, at Reply

      orochimarujes You are not going to rid of all tax break or tax loopholes. because the rich buy influence on Capitol Hill they pay for the Senators they paid for the congressman and they will keep their tax loopholes and they will keep their tax breaks.

  6. Posted by King Axolotl, at Reply

    I heard that three million illegal Russian immigrants were boated into Texas to vote for Trump!

    • Posted by orochimarujes, at Reply

      The sordid trail of Russian interference knows no bounds.

    • Posted by t y, at Reply

      King Axolotl sh! That’s the plan for 2020

  7. Posted by Don Duffy, at Reply

    here in canada we hate ted cruz

    • Posted by nocalsteve, at Reply

      What’s not to hate?

    • Posted by unbiased, at Reply

      Don Duffy Here in America ,most of us HATE HIM MORE

    • Posted by jdy fjgj, at Reply

      Don Duffy what’s your return policy?

    • Posted by Don Duffy, at Reply

      no deposit no return..lol

  8. Posted by Jimmy Owens, at Reply

    When Republicans say small business they really mean they want to protect big businesses

    • Posted by scrubjay93, at Reply

      and when they say “reduce regulation” they mean they want to gut environmental protections that keep corporations from wholesale destruction of entire ecosystems.

  9. Posted by Nancy the cat, at Reply

    Cruz is a sticky, slimy weasel and I don’t know who would take him seriously.

    • Posted by scrubjay93, at Reply

      Weasels are cute and playful. Ted Cruz maybe more like some sort of nasty tapeworm?

  10. Posted by JoeKickass324, at Reply

    Pretty disgusting, why are these people cheering? Abolish IRS? no epa? more guns? CFPB? Flat tax? No federal education system?

    • Posted by scrubjay93, at Reply

      Because they are uneducated. That’s why they want to destroy our educational system. I was reading the comments of conservatives yesterday and discovered that many want to get rid of physical colleges altogether so they aren’t “hotbeds of radical leftists” sucking up their Christian tax dollars and move to 100% online learning for college.

    • Posted by Adrian Myers, at Reply

      The only part I agree about Ted is guns, but other than that I don’t really give a care about him.

  11. Posted by jensen1901, at Reply

    Ted Cruz = possibly the only person most Americans hate more than Trump

    • Posted by jon reich, at Reply

      I hate Trump more, only because he’s occupying the white house. But yeah, Ted Cruz sucks hardcore balls.

  12. Posted by Jake Tibbs, at Reply

    he’s such terrible public speaker. his hand motions are so forced and his voice is so nauseating. he’s a joke.

  13. Posted by DNAsGhostzHouze, at Reply

    Ted Cruz is cutting WWE promos because he thinks he’ll be running against The Rock in 2020…

    • Posted by Ryw316, at Reply

      I just want those two in the ring.

  14. Posted by Ryw316, at Reply

    Lindsey Graham’s quote: “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.”

    • Posted by Gales99, at Reply

      LOL, funny cos true.

  15. Posted by Marty Gray, at Reply

    The trumpster never publicly apologized to ted cruz’ wife and father, yet ted humiliated himself by supporting the crass-chief-of-state.

    • Posted by gap949, at Reply

      Marty Gray Wuss !

  16. Posted by Barbara Ellison, at Reply

    This guy needs out of politics before some idiots get him in the white house

    • Posted by N.G.H. Calmarena, at Reply

      @Barbara E A little letter with love……