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Ted Cruz Grovels Before The Mercer Family… And So Does Trump.


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The Mercers are billionaires that money Republicans like Ted Cruz to rig the financial game in their support. Ted places on a cring facility. Oh and also incidentally the Mercer family has Trump also. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, breaks it down. Tell us exactly what you assume in the remark area listed below.

" Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) lavished praise on his single champ, mega-donor Rebekah Mercer, in a fawning access in Time's "100 Most Prominent Individuals" list.

Rebekah Mercer and her billionaire financier papa Robert were the driving contributors behind Cruz's White Residence run until diverting their assistance to Donald Trump when he secured the GOP election.

They're additionally part owners of Breitbart News as well as a multitude of other traditional enterprises.

" Rebekah Mercer is a warrior and also a patriot," Cruz wrote of his benefactor in a short tribute released Thursday. "She is the little girl of a fantastic mathematician as well as tremendously effective financier, and honored with her very own deep knowledge as well as user-friendly understanding, as well as it would have been easy for her to have settled right into a life of comfort as well as ease."

" Yet Bekah cares way too much concerning freedom and also our nation to do so."

The Mercers' investments assisted "sustain a political revolution," he proceeded, adding: "Bekah has helped change the world of politics."" *.

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  1. Posted by Don The Con, at Reply

    The Mercer crime family is a disgrace to humanity and must be brought to justice

    • Posted by J Hijinks, at Reply

      Graham6761. Either his lawyer is telling the truth and Alex is a fraud or he is lying because he knows the judge will think he is unfit to raise his kids because of his behavior and delusions he shares on his show. So Alex Jones is either a fraud or has to hide his real self from a court in an attempt to keep his kids.

      Either choice shows that Alex is not a source of actual news or coherent opinions.

    • Posted by kharnak crux, at Reply

      also note: ALL Ashkenazi jews.
      like most of the cabinet now too.

    • Posted by SnakeEyes724, at Reply

      Its not there religion Its the fact that Money is there religion just like that orange idiot!

  2. Posted by Thomas MacKelly, at Reply

    *The trump voter has failed America.* They are now being thrown to the side for bribes.

    • Posted by Allan White, at Reply

      amy jenkins: seriously? . you are an excellent example of american exceptionalism.. LMFAO your mother must be so proud of you….

    • Posted by Frieda, at Reply

      +The Deep North:  I think you missed +Smallz 101’s sarcasm.  If you click “Read More”, you’ll get the joke.

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      Frieda Yeah I totally missed that. His post was actually a parody of a typical mindless all-caps troll post… The comments section are so heavily inundated with those that I now make it a point to pay as little attention to them as possible… and thus didn’t bother to click “Read More”. My bad.

    • Posted by Seeking It, at Reply

      And what about The DNC, they hate Corporate and Billionaire money RIGHT.

    • Posted by Blair Schirmerx, at Reply

      +Thomas MacKelly *Nope. **_A system that gave us Trump AND Clinton failed America._*

      In truth, there was no one worth voting for with any chance of winning. If you want to blame the people who allowed that system, fair enough. But blame Trump voters specifically? This would have been nightmarish in merely a different way, had Clinton won. All you’ve done here is fall for the divide and conquer strategy that has served the country’s owners so well, for so long.


  3. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    Ted Cruz is more cuck now than man. Twisted and beta.

    • Posted by mellamosean, at Reply

      Diva Artist yes, I think Trump is a threat while in the presidency, where did I say otherwise?

    • Posted by mellamosean, at Reply

      Charles Hollom I’m still subscribed, and I’ll watch videos occasionally. I watch TYT politics more, and I watch Kyle from secular talk, who actually acts similarly to Cenk sometimes, but it hasn’t bothered me to much yet.

    • Posted by T W, at Reply

      I see what you did there, lol.  Star Wars – Obi Wan

  4. Posted by LincDN, at Reply

    I just love the flowing tears of all the republicucks

    • Posted by Wild Man, at Reply

      LincDN crooked hillary LOST! MWAHAHAHHAHAHA!!! I just LOVE the flowing tears of all you libtards! LMAO! TRUMP 2020! YEEEEAAAAAHHHH!

    • Posted by cfG21, at Reply

      LincDN how many members of trumps cabinet dropped out or were fired?

  5. Posted by Jay Kay, at Reply

    👍 Like this if you hate Donald Trump! 👍

    😎 #BringInBernie 😎

    • Posted by Áine, at Reply


    • Posted by Jay Kay, at Reply

      Áine #Yes !!! 😉

  6. Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

    Repulicunts are the biggest sellouts.

    • Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

      Kazlin143 Yeah, you only agree with news that presents alternative facts. Your conservative news outlets don’t acknowledge climate change. 98 percent of the scientific community agree it is real. Republicans are the only people that don’t acknowledge it. Your leaders are paid by fossil fuel companies to deny climate change and you choose to be willfully ignorant and agree with them. You guys are jokes.

    • Posted by Kazlin143, at Reply

      Fabricio Larios there you guys go again pulling numbers out of thin air and twisting things to make you look like you know what your talking about. us conservatives put out numbers that are facts and you refuse to accept them. progressives need to be stopped before they even start they are a cancer to the Constitution and the declaration of Independence. Facts don’t go well for a progressive because they can’t stand against them. If your a Democrat you should be ashamed of yourselves for allowing the progressives to get a foothold in your party.

    • Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

      Kazlin143 It is impossible to have an intellectual debate with you when you won’t accept facts or reason. I cite public information, Super PACs are required to report their donors to the Federal Election Commission on a monthly or semiannual basis. Go look it up yourself and you will see who donates to Republicans. Wait, my FACTS conflicts with your worldview and you will just discredit my facts or label it as fake news. I believe I just wasted my time. Learn to think for yourself.

    • Posted by Fabricio Larios, at Reply

      Kazlin143 cancer to the constitution? Conservatives don’t believe in separation of church and state. Their fairytale commandments are seen as superior to the constitution. Progressives believe in science and the idea that if we can waste trillions on war and the military industrial complex, why can’t we afford to educate and provide for our citizens. The preamble of the constitution begins with, We The People and not We The Donors. You allow your representatives to sellout America and the people.

    • Posted by Kazlin143, at Reply

      Fabricio Larios where dose it say separation of church and state on the founding documents? you believe in science untill it shows you something you don’t agree with lol like gender identification and etc.

  7. Posted by wild zubat appeared, at Reply

    Money ruined our democracy
    👾👾👾👾Triggered 👾👾👾👾

    • Posted by Nerak Karen, at Reply

      you ruined the caves though

  8. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    Money out of politics is the only way we’ll get rid of clowns like Ted Cruz.

    • Posted by L0re Online, at Reply


    • Posted by Flash, at Reply

      eliw 6965 I’m in Texas, Ted Cruz is up for reelection, me and just about everyone in my family is going to be voting against him.

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      ^ Woo!

    • Posted by Jenna Ramos, at Reply

      Flash me too in San Marcos! Can’t wait to vote him out lol

  9. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    the founding fathers would punch trump and practically every memeber of congress in the face if they could once they’ve seen how much the corperations have taken over

    • Posted by Rip Sumrall, at Reply

      I think a duel would have been called for!

    • Posted by Generic Scout, at Reply

      Mostly just tar and feather.

    • Posted by judyleasugar97, at Reply

      Ironically many of the founding fathers went bankrupt trying to win the war against England and found this country. They made real sacrifices for us. It’s utterly disgusting what has happened to our government.

  10. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Are these your heroes, Right Wingers?

    • Posted by Lu Sapphire and the Muffin Button Band, at Reply

      **blink blink**
      …because orange is avarice…
      Why did I not notice that until now?

    • Posted by Satanic Satanist, at Reply

      Hal Jordan didn’t Sinestro end up becoming this like giant monster thing after he was a yellow lantern in one continuity, or am I remembering it wrong and he just worked with it?

    • Posted by FionaOfMountLawley, at Reply

      The expansion of the Green Lantern Universe pre-dates this though, I remember hearing about it back in 2010-2011, before all this. Spooky.

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Satanic Satanist
      Sinestro never became a monster in the visual sense, but he very much is one. He enslaved his home world, is responsible for why GLs are now allowed to kill, and nearly ended Earth, due to his plans where he manipulated and exploited Cyborg Superman, The Anti-Monitor, and Superboy Prime. These plans are why GLs are now allowed to kill. He did this for he viewed the GL Corps as weak, and he wanted to make them stronger by allowing them that ability. Sinestro is a genius, but is sociopathic in his ways. You’re probably thinking about Parallax. Each of the emotions has a beast that represents it. Parallax is the one for fear. Sinestro once took Parallax inside of himself, making himself almost unstoppable.

  11. Posted by John Morris, at Reply

    Man, Cenk sure has a way to lay it all out perfectly.

    • Posted by Jeremy Merrifield, at Reply

      +John Morris… I thought he was going to say ” Alas poor Yorick ” for a moment. Sir Lawrence Olivier would have been proud of this performance
      Although “Alas poor America ” might be better

    • Posted by W:E:I:R:D:O !, at Reply


    • Posted by Kevin Ellington, at Reply

      These solo cenk rants are becoming the only tyt videos I can watch all the way through.

    • Posted by Zeal Ren, at Reply

      He really does! Its the whole reason i got into TYT.

  12. Posted by Gotta Go Fast, at Reply

    Ted is such a cuck!

  13. Posted by Dumdumdumdum Dum, at Reply

    That lady makes me think of Megamind

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply


  14. Posted by Lady pilliwick, at Reply

    Ted Cruz so needs to be put out to pasture….he’s flat out evil

    • Posted by CButtonshaw, at Reply

      Evil no. Sycophant YES!

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      The Zodiac Killer ~

    • Posted by I'm Insane, at Reply

      If you ask me he should kill himself the little weasel

  15. Posted by Manc26, at Reply

    Dumbfuck trump supporters complaining about TYT not covering what happened in Fresno and Paris: CHECK THEIR LIVESTREAM YOU MORONS! THEY COVERED IT

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      Clackers, dumb as a bag of spanners – no shocker there.

    • Posted by Meaty Clackers, at Reply

      +Vanessthebest lol honestly though they have 3 million subscibers and they cover there story over a live stream of like 200 viewers lmao what a bunch of cowards

    • Posted by ngaiflex, at Reply

      Manc26 Lol .. like you even think Trump supporters are interested in Truth and sense. All they want is to deflect. That’s their life ….

  16. Posted by vinnythewebsurfer, at Reply

    2:22 needs to have its place on the sound board.

    • Posted by Diva Artist, at Reply

      I was about to post 2:22 LOL that was a CENK VID MEME CLASSIC! BEEECH! HAAAHHAAHaaa

    • Posted by Absenthius, at Reply

      Yes, make this happen TYT. BEEETCH

  17. Posted by jxsilicon9, at Reply

    You pay a hooker like Ted Cruz millions. He’s got to throw in anal.