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Ted Cruz Gushes All Over Neil Gorsuch


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Ted Cruz could have a male crush on Neil Gorsuch. Cenk Uygur as well as Ana Kasparian, the hosts of The Young Turks, show you the evidence. Inform us what you believe in the remark area below.

" Throughout his confirmation hearings, Gorsuch has actually consistently conjured up a Supreme Court justice who also came from Colorado. Justice Byron White, who was chosen by Head of state John F. Kennedy, spent 3 decades on the bench prior to retiring in 1993. White, that was likewise a running back who two times led the NFL in rushing, passed away in 2002.

Gorsuch clerked for White, as well as talking on Tuesday afternoon, attributed the late justice with teaching him how you can be a judge.

" He really was my youth hero," Gorsuch stated in feedback to an inquiry from Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), who praised White while asking it. "And to really get picked out of the stack to spend the year with him … continues to be the benefit of a life time. And also it has every little thing to do with why I'm here. I wouldn't have actually come to be a court however, for enjoying his example and also the humility with which he came close to the work."

White was among 2 justices– along with William H. Rehnquist, that would certainly later on function as chief justice– who dissented from Roe v. Pitch in 1973. That landmark abortion rights judgment turned up early in Gorsuch's hearing, due to the fact that Head of state Trump, that chose Gorsuch, pledged to have Roe overturned, though Gorsuch stated he made no promises or commitments prior to being chosen."

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  1. Posted by Oldman Jenkins, at Reply

    Just when you didn’t think Cruz could get any creepier.

    • Posted by Rachel Schmied, at Reply

      *leans in* “what was Byron White wearing under those robes?”

    • Posted by George kush, at Reply

      Oldman Jenkins imagine having to kiss and sleep with that creep

  2. Posted by Can I suck your Dick please?, at Reply

    Trump supporters are the scum of the earth

    • Posted by Volcanorebel1, at Reply

      Yea, you are

    • Posted by datnigga mimo, at Reply


  3. Posted by juan gomez, at Reply

    Neil Gorsuch should be careful, Ted Cruz is capable of kidnapping him, put in a deep well and make him rub lotion on his body and then ask him to put the lotion on the basket all this while dancing naked.

    • Posted by Stardog32, at Reply

      Brandon Black Greatest troll prez ever

    • Posted by Julio Barbosa, at Reply

      Ted Cruz gives buffalo bill the chills

    • Posted by hans jensen, at Reply

      cruz is not buffalo bill hes the friggin Zodiac killer

    • Posted by I Am Pagliacci, at Reply

      … that’s one mental image I could have lived without…

    • Posted by Gabriel Swee, at Reply


  4. Posted by Pedophile, at Reply

    I have a man crush on Ted Cruz’s lovely daughter

    • Posted by 21st Century Trolls Are Amateurs, at Reply

      Pedophile *Looks at name*


      Yeah, welp, that about sums it up. lol

    • Posted by Henry Townshed, at Reply

      Pedophile lol, nice b8 m8

    • Posted by jt, at Reply

      not cool!

  5. Posted by Sam Berkshill, at Reply

    I actually am not bothered that much by the other republicans. My main problem is with Donald Trump.

    • Posted by Jake Mcbasketball, at Reply

      Sam Berkshill Believe it or not, Donald Trump is the most left leaning conservative that you’re going to get.

    • Posted by phoenixwing50, at Reply


    • Posted by phoenixwing50, at Reply

      Jake Mcbasketball lol Trump isn’t a conservative, so that’s why.

    • Posted by Bobby Owens, at Reply

      Sam Berkshill Trump is a Liberal Republican

  6. Posted by El Paxton The Great, at Reply

    The title of a porno literally nobody wants to see.

    • Posted by Sam Sheth, at Reply

      except conservatives stuck in the closet.

    • Posted by Leku, at Reply

      El Paxton The Great lol

  7. Posted by daniel henderson, at Reply

    Who’s the pitcher and who’s the catcher?

    • Posted by Daniella Holona, at Reply

      daniel henderson gorsuch is definitely the pitcher.

    • Posted by SlickTone 6, at Reply

      Libtard soprano wannabe

    • Posted by Vanessthebest, at Reply

      ^ No it’s Trump who is the soprano having no balls. We all saw on the statues.

    • Posted by Laurence Evans, at Reply

      SlickTone 6 Confederate Flag…check. Using the word “libtard”…check. My respect for your right of life reaching negative levels. You’re not an American scumbag.

  8. Posted by Sonoma Calling!, at Reply

    That’s probably the one same sex union I wouldn’t be for.

    • Posted by xxX_p0nutSlayer42069_Xxx, at Reply

      Sonoma Calling! That alone is enough for me to turn on the issue of same-sex marriage.

  9. Posted by daniel henderson, at Reply

    Ted Cruz wants to go deep inside and just leave the right-wing nuts hangin’ out!!

    • Posted by Right-Wing Maniac, at Reply

      daniel henderson Ted wants to bust all kinds of nuts!!! ALL KINDS!!!

    • Posted by N8 austin, at Reply

      daniel henderson Ig Ted Cruz watches HodgeTwins😂😂😂

  10. Posted by Ake Hilding, at Reply

    Soft porn for Republicans.

  11. Posted by Max B, at Reply

    Ted’s thinking: I’ll finish my fathers work by starting with the assassination of that booty!!!

  12. Posted by Super Saitama, at Reply


  13. Posted by Mark Broadhurst, at Reply

    TYT spends more time on this non-story than people getting killed in the UK?
    gotta push that narrative.

  14. Posted by Jamie J., at Reply

    Nothing triggers the gag reflex like Cruz and his slimy lust fest! BARF🙊!!

  15. Posted by Adam Briceland, at Reply

    funny he doesnt answer democrat questions but he answers dumb ones like this

  16. Posted by Well Yea, at Reply

    is that part 2 of that video can I find it in pornhub? lmfaoooo

  17. Posted by lis martin, at Reply

    When a first date goes well! OMG!

  18. Posted by Bandon Lim, at Reply

    Wait wait are the republicans for real?

  19. Posted by God'sPotential, at Reply

    Neil Gorsuch is pretty honest, no wonder why people respect him.