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Ted Cruz Owned. Again.


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Ted Cruz thought he was going to instruct Sally Yates a thing or more regarding the Constitution. Then he obtained trashed. Cenk Uygur, host of The Young Turks, simplifies. Inform us just what you believe in the comment section below.

" It is rarely that you see one woman destroy a state's whole delegation to the United States Us senate, however Sally Yates did the Republic a terrific service on Monday afternoon by demonstrating that Texas has actually sent to Washington an amazing set of deuces. Initially, she put John Cornyn silly as regards her refusal to impose the head of state *'s original traveling ban, the concern over which she had actually been terminated. He pronounced himself let down, as well as she handed him his head. Via The Washington Message: …" *.

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  1. Posted by John O'Malley, at Reply

    I love watching Cruz get emasculated.

    • Posted by Twilight Gardens presentations, at Reply

      BOOM when she laid down that knowledge!

    • Posted by Anne Goodin, at Reply

      John O’Malley priceless moment!!!

    • Posted by Buddysimo Simonetta, at Reply

      Anne Goodin i love the part where he reminds her of why she was fired! what a ogre

    • Posted by Anne Goodin, at Reply

      Silviu Vasile Dumitrescu : sally Yates spoke of the unconstitutionally of the travel ban!!!

  2. Posted by Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you!, at Reply

    You simply don’t talk like that to the zodiac killer

    • Posted by Roger Faint, at Reply

      Oh! That is the most punchable face everyone was talking about. Forgive my ignorance because I AM NOT an American.

    • Posted by joseph4861, at Reply

      She just did.

    • Posted by james hickman, at Reply


    • Posted by Tretre38, at Reply

      Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! 😂😂😂

    • Posted by Struggle Gaming, at Reply

      Say What Again i Dare you i Double Dare you! what.

  3. Posted by Beyond Tribalism, at Reply

    Ted cruz is inherently owned. He is a GOP slave.

    • Posted by Jim is the man, at Reply

      Ted only likes the part of the Constitution that lets him attack Sally Yates for standing up for the Constitution.

    • Posted by athews1976, at Reply

      You mean LITERALLY owned.

    • Posted by The Deep North, at Reply

      Ted Cruz is born to be owned!

    • Posted by Mark Watney, at Reply

      you mean outtherely

  4. Posted by Labyrinth9000, at Reply

    Calling it, Cruz is going out of office 2018.

    • Posted by Aritul, at Reply

      seal869 Unbelievable.

    • Posted by Ted dibiasi, at Reply


    • Posted by Scott Ilcken, at Reply

      Cruz most likely will not be outed in 2018. Too many red counties throughout the state of Texas. I am an independent and live in one of the few blue counties in the state.

    • Posted by Pablo Cruise, at Reply

      Labyrinth9000 — ahhh nope. America is full of dummies. In fact, drumpf will be reelected. Sad but true.

  5. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Man, the Zodiac Killer sucks now. He’s a shell of his former self.

    • Posted by gm92845, at Reply

      Hal Jordan His father killed JFK.

    • Posted by Ana Kasparian's feet, at Reply

      He should go back to killing xD

    • Posted by Doe Bob, at Reply

      It sure would be nice if someone did figure out the mystery behind the Zodiac Killer though.

  6. Posted by Omar Itani, at Reply

    Ted Cruz is a 5 year old in an adult man’s body. Why can’t people just be decent?

    • Posted by hudsle, at Reply

      Well, that makes him a year more mature than PGOTUS. So hes got THAT going for him I guess lol

    • Posted by Ruben Lopez, at Reply

      Omar Itani apparently that seems to be the criteria for most of today’s Republican party..Time to vote in 2018 and vote in some adults..

  7. Posted by iam3316 airdi, at Reply

    cruz got schooled by sally.

    • Posted by John Bliss, at Reply


    • Posted by _Ljtost _, at Reply

      I especially love the fact that Cruz was also super condescending to Comey in the hearing on Thursday but Comey didn’t have the balls to go after his GOP friends like her

  8. Posted by Scottie Stimpson, at Reply

    ~ 2020 ~

    • Posted by Morhy Soumahoro, at Reply

      Bernie Sanders is a pathetic socialist, it’s upsetting that so many people are infatuated to his vilification of business owners and people who are financially successful. (-_-)

    • Posted by sprybug, at Reply

      Oh, you mean the millionares and billionaires who actively rig the game in their favor, Morhy. You mean those guys? When they buy politicians to give them more tax cuts, less regulations, and shift the burden even further on the little guy? Those guys, Morhy? Those poor souls *sheds a fake tear* Who ever will look out for those guys?

    • Posted by Rob Robberson, at Reply

      sprybug Don’t act like you actually care, Rick.

    • Posted by 44slack, at Reply

      Scottie Stimpson Sanders will be about to die in 2020. Socialists do get old tied and then give up the ghost.

  9. Posted by rouge1ful, at Reply

    its not hard to own ted cruz, you can insult his wife and he’ll do nothing about it.

    • Posted by Ryne Green, at Reply

      rouge1ful actually that’s no true, you can insult his wife and he will talk tough, afterward he endorse you for president and call people for their support for you

    • Posted by kingjohnson2034, at Reply

      rouge1ful lol he a straight 😺

    • Posted by Alexander Marchitelli, at Reply

      He’ll actually help you win the presidency if you insult his wife.

    • Posted by kingjohnson2034, at Reply

      Alexander Marchitelli lol

    • Posted by AJ, at Reply

      How does he go home at night? Trump told him his wife is ugly and his dad killed JFK. Next thing you know he is phone banking for Trump and tweets pictures of him and the family at the white house with Trump.

  10. Posted by My Low, at Reply

    Ted Cruz has a very punchable face.

    • Posted by Michael Williams, at Reply

      nah…McConnell has a face for slapping.

    • Posted by Lo Murray, at Reply

      My Low I don’t like talking about people but he really does. Every time I look at him, I get so disgusted. A guy explained why when people look at Ted Cruz, they instantly don’t like him and want to punch him in the face. His nose and lips. Look it up. I’m sure it’s on youtube. He explained it perfectly.

    • Posted by I'm A Squirrel! Don't Hate!, at Reply

      @My Low I bigly agree.

  11. Posted by Should've picked Hillary, at Reply

    I thought Cruz was better than this… after Donald talked about your wife, after he talked about your father, after Donald and his supporters called you “lyin Ted”… you still bow down to him? SAD!

    • Posted by Samir Saweras, at Reply

      Ted Cruz DOESN’T have any balls.

    • Posted by Neeno, at Reply

      He is a massive GOP cuck.

    • Posted by Brian Kenney, at Reply

      Ted Cruz is a worm

  12. Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

    I’ve never understood how texas came to believe in this guy, doesn’t he just look like slime?!

    • Posted by lets chat, at Reply

      yea I get you. all I know is I’m in Californi… but Texas has some of the worst history when it comes to LAW, politics, discrimination. and crazy people.

    • Posted by Gangrel Aussie, at Reply

      +lets chat Wonder how much lead they’ve got in their water …

    • Posted by sidy akins, at Reply

      Gangrel Aussie, I am from Texas and live there, and honestly I am ashamed of this man call Ted Cruz.

  13. Posted by Aesithair Runekafi, at Reply

    She owned him so bad she still has the receipt.

    • Posted by Raff Zh., at Reply

      he did precisely that. that is why the 1st travel ban had to be withdrawn

    • Posted by Raff Zh., at Reply

      the reissued travel ban doesn’t explicitly say christians from those muslim-majority countries should be favored. Trump can sign whatever he wants, and he did what turned out to be a BUNKER under judicial review. Yates didn’t stop him from doing anything. She didnt even know it was out there. She just wouldn’t defend it in the court.

    • Posted by Lord Crimsiden, at Reply

      This happened on the original travel ban so the reissue isnt even a factor in this argument . The original travel ban was unlawful ( and so was the reissue consider both got rejected ) Overall even if he didnt word the travel ban like an idiot the fact remains that he was promoting a muslim ban throughout his campaign that is enough to assume the intention of this ban was to keep muslims out of the U.S His statements before and after he became president making this obvious . If you straight out fire someone cause hes black and the court says you cant do that then you change your reasoning to be oh I mean its cause hes lazy a month later the court isnt going to just accept that . All and all it was a idiotic ban and the ppl defending it are equally idiotic

    • Posted by ToldYouSo, at Reply

      +thiagocrimson Darling to prove assault she first has to prove harm done. That means she has to actually prove a crime has been committed and then she can prove with my comment that it was me who did it. As long as no one rapes that girl I’m perfectly fine. If someone does I could be in trouble but one would assume the girl would rather finger the real perpetrator than me, a stranger that commented on the internet. If for some reason she prefers to put it on me I’m screwed but I highly doubt that will ever happen.

  14. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    Sally Yates is no joke! she’s a democrat known as a republican by the Democrats, and by the Republicans she’s known as well……a democrat! she’s one of the most unbiased people I’ve seen as a politician!

    • Posted by Lord Crimsiden, at Reply

      Shes unbiased like a person of the law should be . She would be the most fair and balanced president we have ever seen if she ran .

    • Posted by Claystead, at Reply

      +Lord Crimsiden
      Should her running mate be FOX News?

    • Posted by I Am Ma'am I Am, at Reply

      Jamie Cox
      Partially bc she’s not a _politician_ 😉

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +I Am Ma’am I Am not in the true sense, but she is in politics on pernicious level though! Lol

  15. Posted by Chad Atchison, at Reply

    This, ladies and gentlemen is what it looks like when someone who thinks they are smart, actually talks to a smart person lol.

    • Posted by ToldYouSo, at Reply

      +Gizen Zirin Intent in the legal system means two different things. In the case of a crime being committed with intent it means on purpose, knowingly as opposed to accidentally or without knowledge. That’s not what is argued in this case. This case is not a criminal case but a case of the legislation being constitutional or not. And here intent cannot matter. If it matters it means that the same law if introduced by another person would suddenly be constitutional. And that is absurd. A law cannot be both constitutional or unconstitutional depending on who introduces it.

    • Posted by ttp513, at Reply

      +ToldYouSo “The legal argument is textualism vs intent”. Says who?? Who says that it is ONLY whether intent has to be taken into account or not? I would rather take it from people who are actual lawyers who know about this case than some random guy who has been strawmanning his arguments all up and down this motherfucker like comparing Row v Wade to this scenario, and taking up a bullshit argument about it, really?? Here…from a real lawyer, the executive director of the ACLU that states what is the ACTUAL problem with the ban…

      “The executive order does a couple of things. It’s a moratorium on all refugees. It prohibits the entry of Syrian refugees. It bans the entry of individuals from seven countries. That includes even green card holders. That includes individual who have lawful visas. And then it carves out an exception for minority religions. Taken together, the four components of the executive order we think violate the due process protections of the Constitution, the equal protection clauses of the Constitution, violates some federal statues — the Immigration Nationality Act. We think it also violates some of our international treaties and conventions, and violates the First Amendment. The First Amendment is one of the core principles of our Constitution. It prohibits the government from either favoring or discriminating against any one particular religion.

      And here you have Mr. Trump saying that we’re going to exclude individuals from predominantly Muslim countries, and then he carves out an exception for minority religions. The executive order is a smoking gun that violates the First Amendment. This will be a case that will be broached before the U.S. Supreme Court. But ultimately that what underscores it is that our courts serve as a check and balance on the power of the executive.”


  16. Posted by alexander woodsum, at Reply

    Cruz is such a sleaze, I can’t stand listening to him talk.

    the worst was when he was “asking questions” to Neil Gorshich.

    • Posted by Thomas Scherrer, at Reply

      I believe he was sucking him off, actually.

  17. Posted by anjoskold, at Reply

    I am a law school graduate from Yale and I must say that this TYT video is on the spot. Ted Cruz is a clueless crook.

    • Posted by Colleen McMahon, at Reply

      Donald Trump Parodies Alan Dershowitz is NOT a liberal. It shows how radically far right you are if you think he is. It would be a stretch to call him a centrist at this point.

    • Posted by Shadowtechnik, at Reply

      Donald Trump Parodies troll go to hell

  18. Posted by Susan B, at Reply

    she was well aware of the provisions of the statute, so she opened the moon door for him. i almost choked on my water when she said the provision she cited trumps the earlier provision

    • Posted by Donald Trump Parodies, at Reply

      lol it doesn’t though because the Executive Order is not discriminatory on it’s face…. The supreme court is going to overturn the ruling. I guarantee it. I’m an attorney.

    • Posted by Komemba Lohese, at Reply