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Teen Admits She Lied About Black Men Gang Raping Her


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It takes a special kind of racist to walk into a church half nude and compose a tale about black males raping you. Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, and also Aida Rodriguez, hosts of The Young Turks, review. Inform us just what you believe in the comment area listed below.

" A teen that asserted she was dragged into timbers by three black guys in ski masks as well as raped has confessed the story was incorrect, police state.

Breana Harmon Talbott produced a media frenzy after strolling right into a church in simply her t-shirt, bra as well as undergarments, before explaining a ferocious sexual assault.
But police in Denison, a city in Texas, say the 18-year-old confessed was all a lie during doubting as well as have given that billed her.

" The case rapidly gathered local attention due to the seriousness of the alleged criminal activity and also rumours swiftly start to draw out of control through social media sites," claimed Denison cops chief Jay Burch.

" [However] nearly right away, Ms Talbott's story and also accusations began to untangle. Within only a day or 2, investigatives had uncertainties regarding most of Ms Talbott's allegations."" *.

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Hosts: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Aida Rodriguez.
Cast: Cenk Uygur, Ana Kasparian, Hasan Piker, Aida Rodriguez.


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  1. Posted by Jonny S, at Reply

    why is it always black men that are the boogyman? they always try to make the bad guy a black man.

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      FreeDog70 you the one claiming I have head in the sand! Meaning you disagree with what I am saying!
      You are deflecting and becoming argumentative! This is not a constructive platform for debate!
      Unless you come up with a refutable claim, I’m done responding….

  2. Posted by castile1996, at Reply

    Lucky for her fiancé… he just avoided marrying an 18 year old psycho chick.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      She may be mentally ill but libtards will try to make it a racial story.

    • Posted by Jerry Junior, at Reply

      Marco Polo YOU’RE making it a racial story.

    • Posted by Sidney Yannick, at Reply

      Marco Polo wtf how is this not racial ??

    • Posted by rencrow, at Reply

      He definitely dodged a bullet.

  3. Posted by Supreme_Black_Soldier, at Reply

    wow nothing new. this has been going on for ages. KKK lynched countless innocent black men for such accusations. Some white women got issues. Serious issues bro.

    • Posted by Ramon Sayans, at Reply

      This women don’t have “issues” they are just doing their part in supporting white supremacy

    • Posted by Beverly Barnes, at Reply

      Hi Ramon , truer words were never spoken.

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      Because no black woman does this. Well there was the case of the block female stripper who made false claims against that Lacrosse team at Duke University.

      The was the case of that young black girls who made false claims against her father.

      Then there was the famous case of Tawana Brawley who made false claims.

      Oh no, it’s only white women who do this. SMH.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      The black libtards did dozens of fake crimes over the past 8 years. Then the white/jew libtards gott extremely butthurt and cried about it.

    • Posted by Raul Rogel, at Reply

      Jim Heeren its cause they have white wifes havent you seen the skit by key and peele lol im just jking though

  4. Posted by Syed Gilani, at Reply

    What’s the point of doing this? America seems to be the only place in the world where these things occur more often then other countries. Americans seriously have huge mental health issues.

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Plus in the 80s and 90s there was not so much reverse racism!
      Today every white man is a devil to minorities!

    • Posted by Jay Zenitram, at Reply

      My guess is that she’s been cheating on her bo with a black dude and she just found out she’s pregnant. Just  wild  guess.

    • Posted by DjDedan, at Reply

      patently false – white men have been considered devils for the last 600 years… you think black people didn’t think that during slavery? you think black people didn’t think that during jim crow? or after MLK’s assassination? you think black people didn’t think that during the crack epidemic that was fueled by IRAN-CONTRA? or after world war 2, when black vets returned from fighting for freedom to be confronted with redlining? Or rodney king? or trump? You either don’t know history or are trying to deliberately mislead… because face it white men aint exactly paragons of morality in the american context so i can’t honestly fault a black person for making that generalization, i may not agree but i can’t fault it in the past or present…

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Yeah like people don’t lie and act like assholes in other nations. Stupid libtard logic at its best.

  5. Posted by GhettoBoxMan, at Reply

    She needs to go to prison for the same amount of time that a real rapist would of been in for so she knows how damaging a false report is.

    • Posted by James Howlllett, at Reply

      Well said. All blacks are criminals really!

  6. Posted by rabbit, at Reply

    women who lie should recieve the sentence that those they lied upon werr to recieve

    and not every black man want a white female

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      We don’t even know if this story is true. TYTards have a long history of making false allegations and fake reporting.

    • Posted by Mike C, at Reply

      Marco Polo
      I have no reason to doubt the validity of this claim but I looked it up and here is a link!
      people are individuals and I try not to judge groups by the actions of a few or even many!
      I always try to treat people how I would want to be!

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      I was believing the USA Today story until they included the part about white nationalist groups. It had no relation to the crime and should not have been in the news report. After that I knew it was absolutely fake news and propaganda. You libtards are quite sneaky, sinister little devils.

  7. Posted by TheRealSerio, at Reply

    White people are the biggest liers

    • Posted by Illifornia2000, at Reply

      including southern European culture and yid culture.

    • Posted by Scorpa, at Reply

      Powda – learn to be less of a bed-wetter.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Nah, the jews and dark devils are the most prolific liars on planet earth.

  8. Posted by Veruc, at Reply

    I’m glad TYT is finally admitting that women do in fact invent rape allegations.

    • Posted by Mhi kl, at Reply

      I haven’t seen the stats; and stats can be so manipulated, eh. But I do know the ones we are fed are wrong.
      We are so indoctrinated with lies and deceptions most just accept what is reported.
      In a small town in Germany during the 2nd WW, someone was killing healthy new born Jewish babies died just after birth. It wasn’t until after the war an investigation took place and the graves raised. The babies had died from someone gently pressing down on the soft part of their heads which caused them to go into stress and die.
      There was only one person in attendance, one the job, at every occurrence of the murders. It was a female nurse. Talks took place of changing her under nuremberg rules; but the crime was so heinous, seen to be such an anomaly, the murderer was not pursued to those courts.
      One Jewish woman, knowing that something wrong was going on with so many dying babies had delivery at home and her baby survived. After the war, she brought her daughter to Canada and there, about ten years ago, raised the facts of the horrors. Only then did the world become aware of this crime against humanity.
      Very few men or women commit cruel crimes such as taking another human being’s life; but all, regardless their gender, must be held accountable. No excuses made. Planed, perpetrated murder is murder of the worst nature.
      Namaste and care,

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      This girl was only doing what the feminist rape culture instructed her to do. They can’t put the genie back in the bottle.

    • Posted by Jasmine Wills, at Reply

      You mean feeble, psychopathic, and racist white women invented rape allegations.

  9. Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

    Unfortunately, it was statistics that made her false claim believable.

    • Posted by Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive, at Reply

      The Young Turds maybe ..maybe not , but it’s foul to lie about rape .

    • Posted by RationalMinded, at Reply

      And you know this because you’ve spoken to her personally, or? Must’ve been statistics that made the false claims of black rapists believable when people still owned slaves. Give me a break.

    • Posted by JB JG, at Reply

      +acceptjesusorburn I would not say any race is subhuman. But some people think they are born more virtuous than others based on race yet completely ignore the atrocities their ancestors have committed and people who look like them commit even today. Ultimately it’s about the individual but we forget that.

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +Darien Norman Constitutional Progressive true true

    • Posted by The Young Turds, at Reply

      +acceptjesusorburn thats ehat they wanna imply

  10. Posted by Gabriel DeJoseph, at Reply

    She must have read To Kill A Mockingbird 😰

    • Posted by dothedeed, at Reply


  11. Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

    Notice how none of these MRA youtubers are reporting on this story, but they’ll talk about BLM all day.

    • Posted by Biscuit Eater, at Reply

      騎士熊 anybody who makes a false police report IS charged for making a false police report

    • Posted by Hal Jordan, at Reply

      Astrid _
      Too true, mate.

    • Posted by MRostendway, at Reply

      +Hal Jordan If you ignore all the videos where they are discussing this then yes none of them are.
      You have the youtube search bar btw if you were actually interested in seeing that they actually are.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      BLM has disappeared since Trump became president. It’s great news. Ha Ha !!!

  12. Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

    I know alot of white people think black men are dangerous, but damn……know we can rape a white women without even touching them! Gee…..i wonder how many black men in prison today because of a piece of trash like this woman in this video!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +Amen Knowtech 😁😂😅😃😅 nice one!

    • Posted by Jamie Cox, at Reply

      +welshgit I also believe i erased my comment to you, because i realized after the fact that you weren’t talking about me. If i didn’t erase it……my apologies!

  13. Posted by eliw 6965, at Reply

    It’s sad that she blames black men, because regardless of the conclusion people will just believe her lies.

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      Jessica Ridgley
      Then you need to work out the percentage after adjusting for population.

    • Posted by userasdf, at Reply

      Biggsy DaBoss and the socioeconomic status of the perpetrator

    • Posted by Vana Phill, at Reply

      White women are ALWAYS believed!

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      We need to have an investigation to find out what the hell is going on. Everything tytards say has to be verified by independent grand jury.

    • Posted by Jessica Ridgley, at Reply

      Even if you include per capita, white males still make up the Vast majority of child molesters in America. Here’s a link http://childprotection.lifetips.com/cat/63573/sex-offender-statistics/index.html
      It saddens me that people from both sides find it hard to accept responsibility for their immorality. Yes I am referring to white males too. Stop making excuses for them

  14. Posted by Trevallo Smooth, at Reply

    exactly why white women get no play in my book. white women crazy is super next level straight jacket type sheeeeit

  15. Posted by GuiltySpark347, at Reply

    Remember the cop who said a black man shot her when she accidentally discharged her weapon on herself . The people in this country are beyond pathetic.

    • Posted by emawerna, at Reply

      Probably a similar case here.  This is what I guess: She had a mental episode and ran off into the woods for a couple of hours.  She thought her life would be “ruined” unless she came up with a lie to excuse her absence.  The lie just spiraled out of control.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      Remember the fake Sandy Hook Hoax and the fake WMD’s in Iraq. Yeah there are a lot of pathetic people out there.

  16. Posted by Mac J, at Reply

    white bitches been doing this for hundreds of years

    • Posted by YogGroove, at Reply

      Mac J. Feminists

    • Posted by Grace from Space, at Reply

      Mac J Wait…what???

    • Posted by Kim Ric, at Reply

      This is ALL about supremacy, whites know inside that most of these stories are LIES, how can they keep their position in society if they deny it? If they give in to truth they fail. PERIOD!!! It’s the same old song that they proudly dance into eternity.

    • Posted by J Briggs, at Reply

      have u heard of the duke lacrosse case?

  17. Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

    False Flag Operation by a white privileged white woman, which is a goal to incite a race war on Blacks. They do the same to Natives with pipeline propaganda, to Natives/Latinos from the South of the Border with their drug cartel and illegal immigration BS. #EndWhitePrivileges

    • Posted by Biggsy DaBoss, at Reply

      Thomas Oklahoma
      I guess the Duke Lacrosse false rape claim (by a black woman) & the Tawana Brawley cases never actually happened.

    • Posted by Thomas Oklahoma, at Reply

      False flag Operations and Propaganda = Right Wing Tactics.

    • Posted by Kim Ric, at Reply

      Yes, that happens ONCE in a while. It’s not right. But baby. white people play it to the hilt! The evil doing of the youngest babies on earth is sickening! Spoiled brats who want it all at ANY cost. They found a way though guns and steel to get what they wanted, Evil as can be.

    • Posted by Marco Polo, at Reply

      No stupid tommy boy. This is another fake hoax by libtards trying to get sympathy and hate on white people. They just did the same thing with the synagogue threats and the libtards were guilty. LOL !!!